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Memories of Childhood Spankings
Birthday SpankingBirthday spankings have long been a big part of tradition in the United States.

Originally based on superstition, the practice of spanking a child on their birthday was a real practice that dated back to Roman times.

Back in ancient Roman times there was a holiday in the spring which was termed "Lupercalia." On this day the Romans held the belief that young girls and women should be switched. This switching was said to bring to these ladies longer life and to increase fertility. The same also happened in parts of Germany, only instead of a switching, full blown whippings were given.

Because of this real traditions, somehow birthday spankings ended up a common tradition and ritual in America, especially among young school age children.

There has been more than one person who remembers, as a child, having to watch fellow classmates at school endure birthday spankings. It also is not uncommon for young children to want to see their fellow classmates get their birthday surprise.

There are even times when some of these children seek to eagerly participate in such "ceremonies." These spankings are usually meant to be fun and light hearted.

The birthday spanking ritual, as it happens today in America, typically involves one swat per year of age that a child has attained. These swats are said to be for all the things that the child did, but weren't caught doing. Additionally, extra swats to grow on, live on, be happy on, and get married on are also suppose to follow after the initial spanks. These, of course, date clear back to the Roman times when the switching use to be done to increase fertility and make for a longer life.