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This section are the general Rules of the Rpg.


First off, lets all remember this is a game for everyone’s enjoyment so try and participate the best you can. Records of wins and loses will not be kept in this rpg because then that’s all people care about is there records. Be brave and fight people that you could lose to , you never know until you try. Its about having fun , were not getting paid for this. (I wish -.-‘)




            Training can be whatever you want it to be. Be creative and have fun. Training is best done in groups so  get a partner and RP.  We base experience off 3 factors.


Any one of these factors in good amount will get you good to great experience. Do something to make me go wow and gets a bonus points.




            You earn money 2 ways. One way is an allowance. Every Fighter will get so and so amount every week. The higher your RANK , the more money you get. The other way to get money is through battles. Winning or Losing will get you so money. Of course the winner gets a larger amount. If you die, you still get paid…..but u cant spend money if you dead…gotta wait til someone revives you.




            As far as Items go , you can buy forever much you can afford. Healing Items cant be used during a battle. They can be used after a battle to quickly Hop into another one. As far as weapons go, You can have and use any one of them. Of course if you stick to a weapon in your class. You will get extra atk power to your moves. But its still you decision.  Also , no refunds.




Battles can take place at any time as long as both parties are in agreement. A few ground rules for battles.

·        In case of sudden leave in the middle of the battle. If there had been an exchange of damage on either side. The leaving player forfeits.  Unless he has an excuse and makes arrangements for the battle to happen later. The player has 2 hours to send in the arrangement after he leaves.

·        You cannot under any circumstance fight the same person twice, within a 24 hour period.

·        A player is allowed to Forfiet if he feels he will lose. You cannot kill an opponent if he declares a forfeit. If you do an assassination squad will come after you and kill you.  You can specify a death match before the battle begins, but both parties must agree to it. Death matches hold alil more experience.




This is the Ranking Up section of the RPG. This section Is used to explain how ranking and stat increasing works. The RPG works on a Rank and Level System. 




            Every character starts on a general Rank. Rank E to be more precise. Every rank has levels with in it. When You Level Up, u will get a stat pack. You can use these pts to increase your stats. Increasing will effect your character.  When you rank up you will get to get new moves, and a plus 5 in every category. 





            Increasing stats will become vital. Every Stat has a value, that will never change.


Speed - Every plus 10 of speed will grant you a another evade. Also will increase SP by 10.

Strength – This effects attack power on a 1:1 ratio. Every plus one will increase your atk by 1

Endurance – The base for endurance is 5 which equals 110. Every plus one will increase HP by 5. 





            You can gain experience 2 ways. Through training or battling. Battling can be explained in detail in the Battle System page.  Training is anything outside of battling.

That can range from single workouts, teaching someone else in a practice battle. Free style Adventures and Journeys. Anthing goes in training. Its best to train with friends in some adventures. Remember have fun.