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Welcome to Chronicles Item Shop. Choose your supplies carefully. Any purchases must be emailed to me at Please label them RPG ITEM, helps me sort it out easier. thanks and have fun.



(these cannot be used during a battle)


Items/ Ailments -                       Effect                                                   Cost

Herb                                        Restores 20 HP                                    10G

Potion                                      Restores 50 HP                                    30G

Super Potion                            Restores 150 HP                                  100G

Alpha Potion                            Restores 500 HP                                  300G

Omega Potion                          Restores full HP                                   1000G

Water of Life                            Revives KO                                          500G

Phoenix Down                             Revives KO with full HP                   1000G



(You can choose any of these Weapons to start off with) You can use anything not in this list, this is just a helper. 



Weapon SHOP

          Any Class can use any weapon. The upgrades are different depending on what class you are in.

 Levels  AR-IF-OF  SD        PH-DH  VALUE
Lv.2 +3 +2 +8  3000 G
Lv.3 +5 +3 +10  5000 G
Lv.4 +7 +4 +14  7000 G
Lv.5 +9 +5 +18  9000 G
Lv.6 +11 +7 +22 11,000 G
Lv.7 +15 +9 +30 18,000 G
Lv.8 +20 +13 +45 25,000 G