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This will explain how the Battle System.



            This Rpg will work under a turn base.  Characters will go one after another until. One person dies or forfeits.


  1. Starting a battle
  2. Attacking
  3. Evading
  4. Parrying
  5. Ranges
  6. Power struggles
  7. Recharging Sp
  8. Transforming
  9. Weapons
  10. Battle Types




When both parties agree to battle. To start a battle you must first state the following stats. 

·        Hp

·        Sp

·        Speed


Whoever has the highest Speed will go first and sets range. . If that is tied then it is higher Strength. If that is  tied then its endurance. If that is tied it’s a coin toss.




            You have to attack to inflict damage  in order to win. To attack just display the move and its parameters.

-         JohnDoe – Super Slash – Atk (3) –That’s how much damage it will do – Sp (2) – How much Sp it will consume –


After that , display any stat changes. This goes from the opponent as will.

-         JohnDoe – SP 48/50

-         Sallylue – Hp 107/110 –note* is shows she has taken the hit, if u dodge, parry or power struggle the last attack, this isn’t needed-


AB principles – Ab very simple. Its as simple as, the number of Ab is the number of moves you can do per turn. You cannot do the same move more than twice during a single turn.


TENSION – Tension is how many turns it takes before u can do a special. EVERYONE HAS 2 SPECIALS! 2 SPECIALS PER MATCH!




            One way to escape damage from an attack is to evade. Evading is simple. If someone attacks you, just type evade.

-         JohnDoe – Super Slash – Atk (3) Sp (2)

-         JohnDoe – Sp 48\50

-         SallyLue – Evades


Every character has there own number of evades. So keep track and use wisely. When u evade you forfeit all  action for that turn.





            Another way to escape damage is Parrying. Parrying is similar to evading put has an extra factor. Parrying negates an attack and allows u to counter in the same turn

            -    JohnDoe – Super Slash – Atk (3) Sp (2)

-         JohnDoe – Sp 48\50

-         SallyLue – Parry

-         SallyLue – Faithless Stab – Atk (5) Sp (3)

-         SallyLue – Sp 47\50


Everyone has 2 number of Parries . So keep track and use wisely. –Note* you cannot parry a special-





            An Important Factor is Ranges. Attached to every move will come its range. Range is either Far or Close. You can only  use an attack that is close , when you are in close range. Same goes for an attack of long range. Ranges can be changes easily.

-         JohnDoe – runs from long rang into close rang against Sally


Now that’s just one way of doing it. You can do it however you like. As long as its comprehendible 

Now another major rule is when a distance is changes. It cannot be changed again until after 1 turn in that range. Might sound alittle  confusing, buts hers an example

-         JohnDoe – Rushes into close range

-         SallyLue – Faithless Stab – Atk (5) Sp (3)

-         SallyLue – Sp 47\50

-         JohnDoe – Hp 105\110

-         JohnDoe – Super Slash – Atk (3) Sp (2)

-         JohnDoe –Sp 48\50

-         SallyLue – Hp 107\110

-         SallyLue – Goes back to long range.


Sally didn’t rush back into Long Range. She had to wait a turn. I hope this makes it easy for everyone to understand. –Note* , changes range forfeits action during that turn-





            A power struggle lets you over throw an attack of your opponents. You can power struggle any attack  as long as yours is stronger. Damage is subtracting factor. Take your attack power and subtract your opponent and that will be the damage it does. A power struggle is direct damage and cannot be avoided in any way. Every character has 1 Power struggle for the match.

            -JohnDoe – Super Slash – Atk (3) Sp (2)

            -JohnDoe – Sp 48\50

            -SallyLue – PS - Emerald Slice – Atk (20) Sp (10)

            -SallyLue – Sp 40\50

            -JohnDou – Hp 93\110


     John Doe took 17 damages  , 20 - 3 .....easy right




            Sp wont last forever. So When your running low on Sp you have the option to recharge it. Recharging increases SP 25% of normal . You can only recharge when you Sp isn’t full. If you do , you go thru SP overdose. 25 % of your Sp will be deducted from your HP.






            If you character has a transformation you can use this option. Transforming can do anything from give a new move, to increasing stats. Transforming will not be available till higher ranks, so until then I will leave it at this.





            Weapons can be used to increase attacks of your moves. The increase depends on Your class and weapon choice.





Any type of battle is allowed. From 1 on 1 , team matches, to handicaps.