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The 13 Original Clans

These are the clans that existed as is before the Dark Ages and Renaissance where two clans were reduced to almost nothing and two new ones replaced them.

Assamites - One of the independents, Assamites are widely known as assassins and are hired as such. They use the opportunity presented to practice diablerie (the forbidden practice of lowering one's generation by drinking a vampire's blood). They do it so they can reach the status of their Antediluvian founder and even Caine himself. In recent nights, a curse that was put on them by the Tremere, has been lifted by those within the Assamites to allow them to once again commit diablerie. Unfortunately, it caused them to become more addicted to kindred blood now more than ever. But there are those whom have moved away from the stereotypical assassin and have shown to be more than such, showing that some are scholars and adept blood magic users.

Brujah - Part of the Camarilla, the Brujah has an interesting origin indeed. The clan calling themselves thus may not be who they're supposed to be. Rumors have spread in recent nights that they descended from someone else in the same line. A Methuselah who is believed to had diablerized Brujah himself to make a new line in itself. Most scoff at the idea, saying that Brujah is their true lineage and that they represent what Brujah was really like, an emotional intellectual.

Cappadocians - A clan that have been destroyed in nights past, the Cappadocians study death in all it's forms, from religious to one on one experiences. Their Antediluvian, Cappadocius, has thrust them into a more religious study of things, especially those involving God Himself. Cappadocius felt that he and the clan should be closer to God, and to do so Cappadocius felt he had to "diablerize" God. Sadly, he would never realize his dream, as Augustus Giovanni (a mortal necromancer who lead his family of merchants and was Embraced into the clan) diablerized Cappadocius and lead to the wholesale slaughter of the rest of the clan, effectively destroying each and everyone of them. Well, that's what the Giovanni claim.....

Followers Of Set - Another of the independents, the Setites are of corruption. Believed to be descended from Set himself, they spread their influence in hopes to make the world ready for Set's return. They also believe that their history and existence predates that of Cain and Abel suggesting that Set was the one true being who has started vampirism and jump-started the creation of all 13 clans.

Gangrel - Formerly part of the Camarilla, the Gangrel are the only Kindred that follow their inner Beast. They also claim have close ties to the Gypsies. As rumors have it, they both descended from the same line supposedly. The clan recently left the Camarilla for mysterious reasons, though some say it's because it's the fear that the Antediluvians do actually exist. Most left, yet some still reside with the organization.

Lasombra - One half of the founders to the organization called the Sabbat, the Lasombra are the heart of the group. The use their power of the darkness to become grand manipulators and using others in the biggest game of all, the Jyhad. They believe that while they are descended from Caine as well as the others, the also felt that there were previous "Cainites" who prowled the night some believing they were either other vampires of another type of early human before Caine came up, slew them all and then was cursed with vampirism. Others believe that Caine and Abel represented nothing more than the hunter/gather and the farming societies that were forming.

Malkavians - Another clan of the Camarilla, they are nothing but lunatics. The harbor a madness the frightens many of the other Cainites. Recently, they have started to show signs of a darker edge to their madness. This madness is believed to bring wisdom and with it, possible workings of the the Jyhad.

Nosferatu - One of the ugliest clans in the Camarilla are also the most informative about the other clans and their secrets. Most hide in the sewers. Many within the clan have various views on the clan origins, all ranging from a believer of Caine to government conspiracy. In recent nights, they have been hunted one by one by creatures called the Nictuku. Rumors say they are actually most of the 4th generation Methuselahs blood bound to Nosferatu himself. They go out to hunt all the Nosferatues because the founder feels he sinned by creating the clan itself....

Ravnos - Another of the independents, the Ravnos are deceivers and thieves of the highest order. They are mostly nomadic and have long standing. Most seem to believe that their origins do not belong to Caine but suspiciously to those the Kindred have called Cathayans (better known as Kuei-jins). Recent events within the clan has caused others to worry that perhaps Gehenna is just beginning. The clan's Antediluvian woke up and was very very hungry. It took the help of many of the other supernatural beings in the world to stop it. Once they did, the clan went mad for 3 days, fighting and killing others in their own clan and others. By the end of the third day, the Ravnos as a clan was reduced to almost 100 with no powerful elders.

Salubri - A clan that almost died out long ago. They were driven into the "endangered species" list thanks to their battles with the Baali and the coming of the Clan Tremere. Tremere with the help of the rest of the mages of House Tremere wanted immortality. They did so through rituals and the blood of a Tzimisce and Saulot, Antediluvian to the Salubri. After that, the Tremere began to hunt down the rest of the Salubri and convincing others that the Salubri were nothing more than demon worshippers. People believed this and, of this current time of age, still do. As of now, rumor has it that seven to 100 Salubri are still in existence. They were the only clan to have never been cursed by Caine himself (as opposed to the Tremere and Giovanni who have brought curses upon themselves).

Toreador - If the Nosferatu are the ugliest clan, then the Toreador are of beauty. They are all of beauty, either viewing it or making it. As part of the Camarilla, they share the Ventrue's love of high society. They help promote culture and enjoy the company of mortals. Though in recent nights it has been revealed that some old things about the clan's lineage were lost only to be recently revealed, such as that they were originally the "Clan of the Blossom" suggesting a lily, that "Toreador" was not meant as a name but as a description and that they are of the line of Ishtar, she who is the clan founder as well as a bull dancer.

Tzimisce - They are the soul of the Sabbat, as they are the other half of the Sabbat founders. Some are masters of Koldun magic or their main clan discipline, Vicissitude. Rumors has it that they were using Koldun long before Vicissitude entered into their clan. Some say that it was taught to them by something evil for some unknown reasons, and some reported cases that this so called discipline is something else entirely. And some say that the Koldunic Sorcery is the source of the evil that was given to them by a demon named Kupala....

Ventrue - As the leaders and founder of the Camarilla, they shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the Masquerade and the constant battle with the Sabbat for control of key cities. They feel that the Camarilla is both their honor and their penance.

The Recent Additions

These two clans came into being very recently in an immortal's sense and replaced the Cappadocius and Salubri.

Giovanni - Originally a family of merchant princes, some were Embraced by Cappadocius and had it's first taste of vampirism. Augustus Giovanni took advantage by diablerizing him and gaining Antediluvian status. He's one of the third generation still active and not in torpor. They make up the last of the independents.

Tremere - Once known as House Tremere of the Order Of Hermes, they are now vampires of powerful blood magic as they serve the Camarilla. Centuries ago, Tremere and his cabal wanted a taste of immortality. Capturing a Tzimisce and using it's blood gain them a taste of vampirism, but Tremere wanted more. Acquiring knowledge from an unknown source, learned the location of Saulot and destroyed him for his blood. Tremere gained Antediluvian status and passed the curse to the rest of the mages of the House. Things have been difficult but they have survived as a clan. Yet in recent years, Tremere has been acting strange, like he wasn't himself. Rumors have spread that Tremere has started to appear as a giant worm to reflect the Tzimisce's power of flesh crafting. Others rumors say that Tremere has grown a third eye, like Saulot used to have....


Antitribues are "bloodlines" that have turned their backs upon the parent clan. Most clans have an antitribu. The exceptions are the Tzimisce, Giovanni, and the Tremere. The Tzimisce never claimed to have one while the Tremere antitribu was destroyed a few years ago. The Giovanni just would not allow such a thing to pass, though they already have strong family bonds to begin with. The only bloodline with a antitribu are the Salubri. With the death of Saulot many centuries ago and death of many Salubries forced them to split. What was left of the main bloodline try to survive as much as they can due to their bad reputation. The other half joined the Sabbat as the antitribu. The only antitribu of the Camarilla is the Lasombra antitribu who feel the Camarilla is a better tool to help win over the Jyhad than the Sabbat, but the main clan wants nothing but their death.


Bloodlines are groups of vampires that have either diverged from a parent clan that share some traits but may posses one or two things different from the main clan, they have no Antediluvian founder, or were created out of nothing.

Baali - Originally a group of human tribesmen then turned into a vampire bloodline, the Baali are the oldest bloodline in existence and the evilest of any vampire clan or bloodline. As humans, they worshiped the Children that were birthed from the eternal Night. Some even practiced infernalism and wanted to bring damnation to the world. A passing Antediluvian on a personal journey came upon this tribe and saw the evil it was inflicting on the ancient city and had enough. The tribe used all they could, but they were nothing compared to the Cainite. He threw all of them into the sacrificing well the tribe used in their rituals once they were drained of their blood. The Antediluvian then left some of his own vitae in hopes of punishing them. He left as three out of the many humans drained dry tasted the Cainite's blood. The next evening, those three vampires rose up from the deep well and were very hungry. The Baali were born.

Blood Brothers - Conceived and created in crumbling Old World castles and chantries by the newly vanished Tremere antitribu and a few twisted Tzimisce sorcerers, the Blood Brothers are an artificially engineered bloodline of shock troops and servitors. The Blood Brothers are the dubiously successful result of extensive experiments in blood bonding, intended to create a cell of servants that thought and acted as one.

Caitiff - Not so much a bloodline, but more of a group of various vampires of many clans who were abandoned because of a mistake, frenzied Embraces, infatuations, or one night stands. They are simply known as the Clanless and are treated like trash. Excerpts from the Book Of Nod say that the Clanless and those of Thin Blood that have recently joined the ranks of the Caitiffs, are the harbingers of Gehenna. Most in the Camarilla feel that this is ridiculous, but recent events in India over the Ravnos has quickly began to changed their minds.

Daughters of Cacophony - Supposedly this bloodline is only about 400 years old, give or take a few decades. Many feel that they are descended from the Toreador though because of their special Discipline, others feel that the Malkavians had a hand in their creation. There are no known Daughters that are lower than 7th Generation, but most are 8th Generation or higher.

Gargoyles - This bloodline was created during the Middle Ages as something along the lines of slaves for the Tremere. They were vampires of certain clans, like Nosferatu and Gangrel, and used together with the help of Thaumaturgy to make this bloodline. In the present nights, there are now two types of Gargoyles, those that still are slaves to the Tremere and those that are free. Those that are free somehow found the will and the way to escape their masters.

Harbingers Of Skulls - Nothing is hardly known about this bloodline though rumors abound that since they know knowledge of Necromancy that they have some tie to the Giovanni, but many claim that they learned it elsewhere. Some say they have ties to the Samedi and if that's true (and that's a big if) then they might (big If there too) have connections to the Cappadocians of the past. The only other thing about them is a burning vengeance they have and though yet unknown as to who it is directed to, it seems to point to the Giovanni that they despise....

Kiasyd - The origins of the strange Kiasyd bloodline have been lost to the passage of centuries, but their affection for pomp and their curious powers lead some Cainites to suspect that their roots lie with the Lasombra. The most pervasive theory attributes their creation to unholy experimentation with the blood of the Fae and forbidden deals made with demons. Whatever the truth, the result is one of the strangest consanguinities of vampires in the world.

Laibon - Almost nothing is known about these vampires, other than they mostly reside in Africa and have the ability to tame their inner Beast. Only a few Ravnos and Gangrel know that some still exist for they are extremely rare in the modern nights.

Panders - Sabbat Caitiffs that are partially recognized as a "group" within the Sabbat.

Samedi - a mysterious bloodline that may own ties towards the Cappadocians but nothing is certain. Even though the Giovanni claimed to have killed every last of Cappadocians, some may have escaped the purge and survive towards the present day. The only clue is their Discipline of Thanatosis is similar tot he abilities that the Cappadocians harbored. They hold a hatred towards the Giovanni, much like the Harbingers Of Skulls do....

Serpents of The Light - Setite antitribu that trace their beginnings to the West Indies and not Egypt like the main clan does. They use corruption like the Followers Of Set do, but don't want to resurrect Set back. They want to destroy him and other Antediluvians.

True Brujah - These Brujah are believed to be descended from Brujah himself and that the clan currently calling itself "Brujah" is actually descended from Troile, a childe of Brujah, who diablerized Brujah and attained Antediluvian status. The only things that separates the True Brujah and the Clan Brujah is that True Brujah has the Discipline of Temporis in place of Celerity and that True Brujah are totally emotionless, unlike Clan Brujah who are prone to emotions that ofttimes leads them to frenzy.