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CELT, a land of legends guild.
CELT, a land of legends guild.

Celt's Symbol

(due to school this site wont be updated for a while) This is Celt's other homepage, this is a little larger and slightly more complex *space and usage wise*, it was made by kewl aka MasaMune, for Ath the leader of celt.

Celt has a few rules, and it has ranks also, to view them visit Celt's Guild Page by Ath.
Ok, before we go *to* much into this here is a list of important links, such as Ath's homepage, the MuDD homepage, then others shall be revieled in the LINKS section (PLEASE VISIT IT LOZA COOL STUFF!)


If you wish to talk to either me or Ath or alixa regrarding your entry into the guild, email me (the recruiter Kewl/MasaMune) at OR you could email Ath (the guild leader) at or alixa at