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Damien Wallace, Lydia Johnson, Michelle Daniels and find out.
Annie & Rachel Blake (Unfortunately), Lydia Johnson, Mia James, Charlotte Wilde
Michelle Daniels, Lydia Johnson, Lexie Clayborn, women and drinking
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Damien arrives at the school and he sits in the secretaries office waiting to get his program and locker combination. He's sitting on a chair with his headphones on listening Sean Paul's Like Glue but the secretary tells him to take it off. He does as he's told but starts to mock the secretary when she's not looking. The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson gets out of her 2003 Silver Sebring Convertible she walks into the school. She's dressed in a white tee shirt and khaki pants with black flip flops. Her sunglasses are over her head. She has a pink coach bag. She puts her keys in her bag as she reaches the front office not noticing the people in the office.

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] You wouldn't be Damien....would you?

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Yeah...that's me. Damien Wallace.

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] Well then I guess I'm you're guide |begins to laugh a bit| for today...I'm Lydia Johnson...Nice to meet you |extends her hand to his|

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Really? |grabs her hand and shakes it| I'm damn glad this school gave me a gorgeous guide at least. My last school didn't.

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] |Blushes| Thanks...we never get such hot transferres until you showed up. |Winks| Where you from?

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Well I grew up between Baltimore and San Fran. My parents aren't exactly the best of friends anymore if you know what I mean? What about you?

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] Well...I was born in New York...lived there until I was 5 then we moved to California until I was 8 then we moved to Atlantia Georgia until I turned 12 then we moved back to California...My parent's are in the movie business....It's really just my twin brother Dylan and I....

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Wow! Quite the life! |starts walk beside her| I moved here to live with my older sister. She thought it would be best because moving back and forth between two people blows. So now I'm here, In San Diego.

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] Well I'm glad you moved here. My parent's are never home they're always filming movies....

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] OH trust me, I'm not home a lot. To tell the truth, trouble follows me around. I don't know how it's possible but it just does.

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] Really? Are you a troublemaker?

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] 6 months in juvenile prison last year and a record that'll make a mans head spin.

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] |her eyes widen| Wow...Umm...Wow...|Looks at the floor then back at him|

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Don't worry. When people hear that they do the same thing you just did. |he laughs a little| So don't feel left out.

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] I'm sorry...I usually don't react that way...

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Hey, like I said...don't worry about it. I'm still living? Trust me you'll get over it to.

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] It's already forgotten...|Laughs|

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] That's great. |he smiles at her| Um...we've like blown all my guide time on talking. The bells about to ring. I'll see you around...Lydia right?

[:|:|The Sexy Blonde Bombshell Lydia Johnson|:|:] Yeah...|Smiles| I'll see you around...

As Lydia walks away a light bulb flashes in Damien's head. Mostly himself telling himself to...'hit' that chick. He walks to his locker focused. When he gets there he opens it up and looks around, inside. Wow...someone knows how to really clean up for the next person to use it. He takes out a napkin and digs his hand inside the locker he grabs something and pulls it out. It just happens to be a used condom. He rushes to the garbage can and tosses it away after squeeling like a little bizzatch. Everyone in the hall stares at him as someone walks up to him. He stares at her and is almost taken by her beauty.

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Is everything all right?

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Fine...just didn't know this school was filled with a bunch of freaks. Not saying that's a problem. Definitely a quality I could get used to.

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Well, all right then...|She turns to walk away.|

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] BUT! I do need help finding my next class. It's a Trig class...I have no idea how to read this schedule..

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Trig? |She takes his schedule and looks it over.| That's with me.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] With you? Oh really?! Well maybe you can help me out with the work too. Triangles a man insane. |he smiles|

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Yeah, I know. I hate it, too.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Not the difficult to hate. Damien Wallace by the way. |holds out his hand|

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Tia Daniels. |She shakes it.| But I go by Michelle.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Ahhhh...|he lifts her hand up and kisses| Beautiful name for such a beauty. Ok I lack in the charm department I know but...I had to say it.

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Well, the compliment is greatly appreciated.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] um...Michelle...been here long? Like, in this school?

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Yeah...This is where I'm from. Not the school, San Diego.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] That's great. This place is lovely! I love it! Better than where I used to live.

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Where are you from?

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Baltimore...

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] B-More. It's nice out there...

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] It...has it's ups and downs.

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Every town does.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Yeah well, San Diego's definitely got a good up with you.

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Keep those coming...I very much enjoy them.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Anything for the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on...|starts following her to the class|

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] You must've been the ladies man back at your school, huh? All the girls wanted to get with you.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Um...not really. Not my last school. But the one before that ... definitely.

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Yeah, looking at you I can see why.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Wow...looks like you've got some charm yourself. The guys here most crawl all over you.

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Hardly. Everyone knows who I wanna be with, unforutnately, I made the mistake of chasing after him for so long and now I'm trying to get over him.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] What is this guy blind? Who is he? I hear some guy named Tracey James, Jr.'s got a rep...not a good one with women but a rep. Is it him? Cos I can knock him on his ass for yah...

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Naw, it's not Tracey. I love him like a brother, but I wouldn't touch him.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Didn't know he was actually liked. Met him prior to school it wasn't But who is this guy?

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] He's the reigning pimp. A good majority of the girls in this school either have or would drop their draws for him.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] Oh crap really!? That's crazy. I've been there. You don't gotta talk about it if you don't want to. |finally reaches the door to the class but stops and stares at her| Don't wanna push the issue.

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Oh...You mean Adam? I thought you were talking about Tracey! Adam's my best friend's good friend. His dad is dating my mom which is why he doesn't wanna date me. That and because I'm apparently high maintenance.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] offense but the guy sounds like a prick to me. I mean I'd give a shitload to date you. Well class starts in about 5 seconds. You gonna be at the dance later?

[:|:|The Westcoast Hummingbird Michelle Daniels|:|:] Yeah...Maybe I'll see you.

[:|:|Tall Dark & Handsome Damien Wallace|:|:] You can count on it...

Michelle walks into the classroom followed by Damien. She takes a seat and ironically he takes a seat behind her...