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Proles This legendary pen&paper rpg game leaves you disconcerted (Proles as a web page!)
Bugsmite Fantasy PC roleplaying game (beta testing, screenshots. Become a tester and you'll be mentioned in the credits!)
Pantasy 2Medieval fantasy PC game; another mystical journey.
ProlesENG.doc Bizarre but popular roleplaying game (zipped Word doc in English)
ProlesFIN.doc Proletaarinen ja ruokoton tieteisroolipeli, vanha versio (In Finnish, Word document)
Random Number Generator Cyberpunk pen&paper roleplaying game in post-apocalyptic "dark future" (under construction)
Pagan Generic fantasy pen&paper rpg.. link not working, they say
Rogue Bastard Bastardized (some features shamelessly ripped off from other systems!). Very basic and non-graphical.

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