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You have reached the kingdom of Bretonnia a land destroyed and then left completely. your nose curls at the scent of destruction you see burnt trees everywhere and rubble of fallen buildings near the center of the valley you are in.The soil here is all black no grass grows for miles.You notice that there are no birds in the sky and no ground animals in sight.
You see two tents in the distance and decide to go down for some answers.
You go into the largest of the tents and see a jester siting writing something down on a pad. "sorry you startled me" says the jester shoked "ah youve noticed it all right well its soon to go were rebuilding entierly" says the jester somehow knowing what you were going to ask. "your wondering how this happend arn't you well a tall man with silver hair and black robes came here long ago nobody knows why but he destroyed the kingdom and left.The only living men were me and the prince and he has gone long ago to avenge this place.anyhow i am busy at the moment" the jester has a sad tone to his decide to go out.


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below is the link to my school presentation i dont care if you visit it but it has nothing to do with bretonnia.
The reason it be here is because im using my page here instead of doing the complicated site making thing.

School presentation

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