Blades of Honor


11/21/04 well I had basicly quit Diablo2 for a while. now I've come back so we can kick ass again, so far, we have started Developing chars called "Saints" who are pvp characters and pretty much things to do for fun. nothing else other than that really


well its been a long while sence I updated so here we go ~Invec is declaired the winner of the hc tourny~ ~I've devloped a few more failing char projects and am working on a more or less sure fire one now~ ~the "Brothers of hell" have not been contacted for some time, but I'm sure they are still out there~


the hard core tornament strives on with Invec far in the lead with his holy fire Paladin, the level Requirement raised to lvl 12 and will raise again after the next round even higher.


first off I'd like to welcome Cole to the ranks of BoH now under The Boh "Imperial Knights" Leagion with his Barbarian Uhhh_Face, second, I changed my E-mail address to so its easyer for people to send me mail and such


my assassin has passes to 50 mark and is on her way up to the tops he damage is up deniably insane and her speed is sick! Invec and SoS are up in arms with their characters as well, along with us LiP and Deathwalker will be holding off the brothers of hell once I have full natalias on and get some of my items set the assault will officialy begin

08/02 Update

we are launching an Assault on the Brothers of Hell (other Boh) Clan, I'll start when I finish my assassin, the mission is to seek and destroy all the "broths of hell" members make them beg and suffer and all that gorey shit! (check the rivals page for details on why.. once I get it up..)


the HC torny is on hold as I have began my quest to gather runes on Ladder to make high lvl rune words


we have rivals know, "Brothers of hell" I belive the name was, there was a Bone necro fire sorc and trap asn, nothing to special and pretty easy to take I bet If I had been on a better comp I would have tryed my luck w/ a duel, LiP wasnt to successsful in his trap whore duel. I just need to analize and destroy them,


to day a level 9 only hard core dueling tournament was started, round one was between Tek's Elemental druid, Boh_Scorch, and Invec's Holy fire paladin, HK_Invec, in the end Invec walked away with the win


I've divided the clan in to 3 leagions to make sure the clan is not to much of a burden for me and to make sure theres no arguement about who the leader is, the leagions are Excaliber Trillium and Imperial Knights. more updates larer


I have got the website up to date and connected now I just need to work out a few details with SoS and Invec so they know whats all going on


I can use my Immortal King's set now, so I have to find a view for a good screen shot I'll probly get it taken with the anciants but you'll see when I get there


I'm doing some serious site updating right now, I was planing to wait untill I had my barb at lvl 76+ so he could have his full Immortal King's Set on him but I have some free time and he should hit 76 befor I start on the members protion of the site so far I've talked to SoS about what colors I should put on the site and I'm going to have Invec help me look for pictures to add to it soon.

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