Trillium Leagion

Discription:Physical power is not what I have in mind for my leagion... I'm looking for more of a spellcaster/power magic force for the Trillium Leagion.Hammerdins, Sorceress's Necro's sure seems to get the job done... Trillium's Leagion is not willing to adapt to any new classes so no begging or whining permitted...I'm one who likes to be cheap and I hope my recruted like to be the same because thisIs what my clan is all about.. I want this leagion to be serious but also enjoyable at the same time... there might be leagion training and learning from each in this leagion so be willing to lend a helping hand..lazyness and rudeness not tolerated.. Read the rules under this and if there are not followed you will only have 2 chances then you will no longer be in Trilliums Leagion..They are not much but I expect them to be followed..Be Sides these rules and requirements I want to be the first to welcome you to Trillium'sLeagion And I hope we have fun as a Leagion..


1.)rudeness to fellow members NOT TOLERATED!!

2.)must be willing to lend help to fellow members

3.)any kind of bad-mouthing the Leagion will result in Leagion banning

side fun things to do

1.)We will have challanges in such things as Hell Baal runs

2.)Haveing people choices in side things we do

3.)Tournament Dueling Games For Fun..(No whining) And (NO BRAGGING)... Just duels and nothing more so dont take it seriously

Standers And Requirements:

1.)must if hammerdin do around 6k-8k MINIMUM..

2.)Sorceress requirements range since there is 3 kinds or types.. Must be good no matter what skill tree type...

3.)Necromancers only exceptions are P&B

4.)If poison necro..Must do 3-4k minimum.. (Not sure About Range in damage)

5.)If spear/spirit necro.. Must do 4-5k minimum/maximum

6.)Must be Paladin,Sorceress, Or necromancer..No exceptions made

7.)must messure up to at least 3 or more of these expectations to be recruted


SonOfSin (leader)