Imperial Knights Leagion

Discription: The Imperial Knights Leagion is baced on the ability toFight and win, nothing should come in the way of an Imperial Knights Duties.

Requirements: One character must fulfill ALL of the requirements to join the Imperial Knights Leagion

1) You Must be the Character Class of an Amazon, Paladin or Barbarian

2) you must do 2000 Physical Damage

3) you must have a total of at least 500 elemental damage

4) you can the have minimum of 165 total resistances (65 resistance to all in hell)

5) can be no lower than Level 75


1) no arguing wining or bitching you'r sapose to be a warrior not a panzy learn to cope with your losses and learn from your mistakes.

group activities

the Imperial Knights Leagion will engage in group activities such as

1) Leagion Baal Runs / Cow Runs

2) Tornaments with in the leagion or team duels agenst the other leagions

3) training and trading sessions


B.o.H. (leader)