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Welcome to the #BnGRolePlay Website

Drawn by Silphiel, CG'd by MVEAlpha.

Where we bring to you the insanity that isn't in #BobAndGeorge.

Update Time: 4/13/02

Phew, a lot has happened since last month, and now I have some overtime to work on this. As I have said last update, I'm working on the Logs and #bng RP sections. I'm currently revamping most of the site before I do this however.

We've grown quite a bit since early March. We have a RO guildparty, a bunch of M:TGO players, a gameshow channel, and a AD&D/SWRPG channel. And I'll bet there's more to come.

Though there's a lot to do for me, I'll try to keep the site in check at least once a week ^_^; I rarely have extra time now to do anything. Ja for now!

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