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As you enter this enchanted land of wonders the first thing you will notice is the dark and deadly looking forest filled with creatures of various sorts. The forest is covered in shadows hiding enemies, friends and victims alike. Some experience a feeling of dread and overwhelming need to escape quickly. Weapons become a must here.

Leaves fall to the ground with gentle grace as you depart the cold shadows of the unknown. Lavishing green and brown wonders befall the eyes in the brightly lit sunshine. Flowers surround the wonders of the land in a brilliant array of colors and styles. Children can be seen running around dancing and playing as the gentle wind blows. At night the scenery appears romantic and peaceful, but can be deadly as the creatures find a way to slip out unnoticed to most.

As you walk along the lands the sound of water falling reaches your ears and the breeze crossing the lake flows over and through you giving off a calming effect. The lake is large enough to take out several small boats for fishing or relaxing. The water is blissful, sparkling blue. As your eyes follow the lake they wonder onto three streams of water connecting and falling off a mountain creating a waterfall. The streams can be seen from half way up the mountain and you can see where they connect before they fall.

The mountain is tall with a warm friendly look on the side with the lake while the side next to and continuing on through the forest takes on a dreary look that sends shivers down your spine. It is almost as though the mountain knew what lived around it. The thought is creepy, but a real possibility.

The village has several wooden houses separated all over. A few were brave enough to live next to the forest while most were on the beautiful lands of green. The lake is near some with boats and home made fishing poles in front of them. Children are swimming around splashing and laughing. The place seems so at peace it is unreal. Shops are placed around the village giving it a friendly look. Deciding to spend the night you stay at the hotel and now the real fun begins for you. What your destiny holds is up to you ... and the creatures that surround you.

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undecided server room, but if you wish to play there you may join us here:

port #6667

#BloodRaivyn and #Coliseum

This game is owned, created, and ran by Lucian and Katarina Raiyne we would like to thank you for playing here.

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