Dockside Tavern and Inn

Dockside Tavern & Inn
The Dockside Tavern & Inn
Inside the tavern you see the original wooden beams and joists, which still bear the marks of the axes that were used to shape and mold them. The brick and stone are also exposed, which lends Dockside a cozy, tavern-like air. A massive fieldstone fireplace. Floor to ceiling windows. The tables in the booths are suspended from the ceiling by thick chains in a fashion similar to that of ships of the time, where tables could not be stationary, lest the roll of the waves tip over the plates and mugs. (The tables bring to mind the old joke, "If it's the Captain's Mess, let him clean it up!") There are also tables outside, offering a pleasant view of the river and its traffic, which ranges from cargo vessels to passenger ships, from private yachts to tall ships. Dockside offers seafood as well. One particularly delightful special is the Potato and Onion Crusted Salmon. The crust is light and rich, the salmon delicate and flaky. This is served with zucchini, baby carrots, yellow squash and broccoli. If you prefer, you can go a more traditional route, with scallops, oysters, deviled crab or "U-peel-um" shrimp

Honey mead, golden ale, rum and poteen flow freely. Only the lower level, one can drink themself into oblivion. There are rooms above used to pass out in or find a nights delight. Everything a seafarer could ever ask for is provided. It's a place for drinking, relaxing after a long voyage, or for tending to business dealings. Though most business dealings tend to end up into a brawl, sometimes with fist, others with a blade, even an occassional flint lock to bark out it's blast when drawn. Here intermingles all walks of life. From the warf rat to the noble lord. Even a lady or two who have decided to risk their reputations on a single evening of fun. Blackmail, theivery, murder ... just a few of the crimes committed by the vast majority that linger in the tavern or the shadows within and out.

The tenders here are Veronica Hansford, a sometimes timid lass. Though she's been known to get fiesty a time or two with patrons who get out of line. Also tending is Jim, aka Jim Dandy. A burly man who gave up life on the sea to tend bar at the Dockside. His fate was delt when he met the wench he now calls wife. The anchor of many a mans life, a woman. (Jim is NPC (nonplayed character - You play interactions of service with these individuals. You can not kill, maime, or harm them in any way). Also servers Jennie and Grace.) The buxom women who worked as servers, would move from table to table to tend to ones need of drink, or just a good grope.  The upper levels offered women for hire, escorts if you will, to scratch that itch which may have grown and needs saited.

The Outdoor Bar

As you climb the four steps that lead up onto the porch of the tavern, you'll find yourself walking through an outdoor bar room. You could continue inside, or remain out to enjoy a drink or meal offered. The old wooden tankards would be utilized, so that if stolen, it was no lost cause. No glass bottles for anyone to grab either, only kegs of ale, whiskey, rum and house wine provided outside. Which was generally enough for those who frequented this side of town. What was even better yet, if a drunk passed out, they didn't have to carry them from the bar, nor clean up the mess of stomach's contents dumped on the floor. Jim had utilized an old sail of the Swan's, to make a canopy that pulled over the deck like formation of the porch. Tables and chairs set a safe distance apart. Most drinkers were hit and run. Buy a drink, then run back to their duties. It wasn't their fault half the dockhands were getting drunk, with all so easily provided.

During the evening, the outdoor bar would provide a wonderful view of the harbor and the setting sun. At night, the full sky of stars and moon when available, as a canopy hung over the spanse of the harbor and ocean beyond. An almost romantic setting, for the area in which it rests. Minstrels would set up their performance area in a small place set off to one side of the deck like porch. The street before the tavern would become a dance floor during the evenings. Giving a twist on the term "Dancing in the street."

Dockside Tavern and Inn

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The Dockside Tavern rests within the warf town at the Shark Ilsand main port.

The largest port is in Shark Island.  It was one of the busiest places for the number of ships ported in slips along the piers, merchant ships that came to do business from other lands and many lands anchored their own fleet of warships to be maintained there. Shops and diners lined the boardwalk along with areas of entertainment. Also here were found not only sailors but some of the more unscrupulous personage not necessarily of the lands but coming in from others. More guards were stationed here to keep peace but one was wise to walk carefully and watch their purse. It was also one of the most aesthetic places  with the call of sea birds that flew high above or those walking along the beach in search of clams. The boardwalk was in constant motion between visitors and merchants. Sunsets played off the waters to mirror their streaking rays of reds and golds tipping the crests of the ever flowing tides to dance diamonds for the riches of the ocean depths that laid beneath. Andre Bovee cargo ships were docked here along with Ekaterina Von Draseks' merchant and passenger ones.

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(Circa:  16th - 17 Century.)  
 Tavern Menu

Prices by the glass

Traditional or Herbal Tea.....2 copper
Coffee.....2 copper
Hot/cold cider.....2copper
Spring water....Free
Ales..Golden, light, dark, ginger-root, mead....1 silver
Wines...Red, white, burgandy, port, mulled....2 silver
Liquors...House/Irish Whiskey, Regular/spiced Rum, scotch, cogniac, brandy....3 silver

All meals 5 silver and include one beverage

-Stuffed shoulder of mutton, fried potatoes with onion.
-Swiss venison steak, potatoes stewed in butter and herbs
-Beef steak, covered with saute'd mushrooms ad onions, baked potatoes smoothered in saute'd onions, bacon and butter.
-Baked Duck in an orange sauce, wild rice.
-Perch in a yellow sauce, creamed potaotes
-Baked Pheasant in a lemon sauce, wild rice.
-Salmon in a dill sauce, potatoes stewed in butter and herbs.
-Baked Quail, creamed potatoes.
-Pheasant cooked in a red wine sauce, with shallots and button mushrooms, garnished with toasted flake almost and grapes.
-Fillet Steak Medallions, served with creamy brandy and green peppercorn sauce, potatoes stewed in butter, mushrooms, onions and herbs.
-Salmon Darn, poached in white wine and served with a creamy lemon sauce, Broccoli spears in a butter sauce, baked potatoe.
-Shank of Lamb served with a cranberry and mint gravy, Asparagus tips, Baked potatoe.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Boiled Cabbage
Fried GreenTomatos
Fried Squash

Leek, chicken, beef vegetable, mushroom, broth, onion.

custard, apple, ruhbarb, cherry, and peach pies
Candied pears
Candied apples  

Per Night
Single w/shared bath: ........ 5 silver
Double w/shared bath: ......... 8 silver

Single w/private bath: ....... 3 gold
Double w/private bath: ...... 5 gold

By the Hour: (Single rooms only w/shared bath) ...... 2 silver
With addition of company: ........ 1 silver/each