Whether male or female, pirates make a living looting from others. Despite their seemingly black-hearted natures, these scoundrels, crooks and liars live by their own rules, and are controlled by their greatest desire–freedom! They lust for life and are willing to do whatever it takes to become rich in wealth and love. Brave and adventurous, pirates face starvation and abysmal, filthy living conditions. And, of course, they must live with the sea's treachery and deceit, a force not even a pirate can control! Scary and scarred, the pirate is unpredictable, fiery and treacherous. And, like all thieves, they are scoundrels and liars at heart!

Captain JD "Blood Bath" Black

Horror stories run abundant about the seas, ports, and harbors. An evil, dark-hearted scoundrel was on the loose, wreaking havoc upon any who make the mistake of crossing the Black Swan's path. Pillaging and plundering were only the lesser of the crimes against the heartless captain. Just the very nickname of "Blood Bath", should be descriptive enough of what's left in the wake of the captain and the Black Swan's blood thirsty crew.

"Ye 'ad t' be t'ere matey. A site I'll nae eva ferg't. She came a swingin' frem 'er ship, she did. A cutlass between 'er teeth, 'n a pistol grasped in 'and. On 'er feet she be a landin', 'n came up fig'tin'. T' t'ing t'at made me blood run cold, were t'smile 'pon 'er lips. 'er blue eyes be as cold as t' deepest fat'oms o' t' ocean. I be swearin' she be deat' 'erself. She was enjoyin' 'erself.I cin still 'ear 'er laughter. It be s'ortly afta t'at, I jumped overboard. Rat'er take me c'ances wit' t' sharks, iffen ye ken w'ot I be meanin."

Jeremiah "Bloodbath" Wiggins

"She were a site fer t'ese ole eyes o' me, ay, t'at she were... 'er tig't vest 'ugged t'em busoms... sae much so, I could see t' grand swell o' 'er breasts. t'en t'ere be 'er long flowin' mane, pitc' as eve it were, w'ippin' in t' wind 'bout her. She made me pause matey, in me wantin' way,'n I swear I were droolin'. Next t'ing I ken, she be near atop o' me, I were lucky tae get away wit' me life, I tell ye. Yet, I be tellin' ye now it were worth it fer one look at 'er, me matey. Ev'n iffen I 'ad died, t'would o' been wit' a smile 'n me face."

"Mad Dog" Bartholemew Smythe

(The Black Swan and all SL's in association are copywrited by the player of Captain JD Black © 2002 - 2005 )

Ahoy me maties. Dare ye t' meet wit' the crew o' the Black Swans, 'r step ova the t'res'old o' the Dockside Tavern & Inn? Arrrggg, ye yella bellied sap suka ye. Click on a link above t' navagatate ye way 'bout the world o' pirates.




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