Captian Jacquotte Delahay Black

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Captian Jacquotte Delahay Black
Captain Jacquotte Delahay Black
Whether male or female, pirates make a living looting from others. Despite their seemingly black-hearted natures, these scoundrels, crooks and liars live by their own rules, and are controlled by their greatest desire–freedom! They lust for life and are willing to do whatever it takes to become rich in wealth and love. Brave and adventurous, pirates face starvation and abysmal, filthy living conditions. And, of course, they must live with the sea's treachery and deceit, a force not even a pirate can control! Scary and scarred, the pirate is unpredictable, fiery and treacherous. And, like all thieves, they are scoundrels and liars at heart!

Hair the color of the darkest night, Her 5 ft 7 frame was lean musculature and curves
She could be charming, in an alarming sort of way. Clothed in a swashbucklers wear
Tri-corn hat resting upon a scarfed head.  To gaze into her eyes would give the sense of sinking into the coldest depths of the ocean Devilment intermixed with amusement could be  easily noted in those glimmering, dark blue colored eyes. The smile upon her lips was almost a mocking snear, or an amused smirk  She's an expert with pistol and a rapier, At thirty three years of age, she's beyond proving herself to be as dangerous as any male pirate. Fearless in battle, she was always a member of the boarding party. A ruthless mistress of revenge at sea and on land, and no ship nor town near the coast  was safe from her wrath. With a rapier in one hand and a pistol in the other, she is  a fearsome sight to behold.


"Ye 'ad t' be t'ere matey. A site I'll nae eva ferg't. She came a swingin' frem 'er ship,
she did. A cutlass between 'er teeth, 'n a pistol grasped in 'and. On 'er feet she be a
landin', 'n came up fig'tin'. T' t'ing t'at made me blood run cold, were t'smile 'pon 'er lips.
 'er blue eyes be as cold as t' deepest fat'oms o' t' ocean. I be swearin' she be deat'
'erself. She was enjoyin' 'erself.I cin still 'ear 'er laughter. It be s'ortly afta t'at, I jumped overboard. Rat'er take me c'ances wit' t' sharks, iffen ye ken w'ot I be meanin."
Jeremiah "Bloodbath" Wiggins

"She were a site fer t'ese ole eyes o' me, ay, t'at she were... 'er tig't vest 'ugged t'em busoms... sae much so,  I could see t' grand swell o' 'er breasts. t'en t'ere be  'er long flowin' mane, pitc' as eve it were, w'ippin' in t' wind 'bout her. She made me pause matey, in me wantin' way,'n I swear I were droolin'. Next t'ing I ken, she be near atop o' me,  I were lucky tae get away wit' me life, I tell ye. Yet, I be tellin' ye now it were worth it fer one look at 'er, me matey. Ev'n iffen I 'ad died, t'would o' been wit' a smile 'n me face."
"Mad Dog" Bartholemew Smythe

In the misty ocean breeze,
 we set to sail the open Seas, tonight.
Stalking our prey from an eye scope away,
till the captain will say, attack with all our might.
Terror on the water,
feared by all who sail and together,
we'll never fail.
Hey! Our destiny, so hail, hail,
Terror of the Sea.
We pledge allegiance one and all,
with Ali Raja in the  morning sky.
 We rape and we kill, we take what we will,
we live by the sword and by the sword we'll die.
Terror on the water,
feared by all who sail and together,
we'll never fail.
Hey! Our destiny, so hail, hail,
Terror of the Sea.
Make the prisoners walk the plank
and laugh about their ships we sank, to Hell.
We stab and we slash,
as we swing  from the mass,
make a cannonball splash,
for all shipmates who fell.
The Black Swan
The Black Swan was said to be manned by the dead and her captain to be a demon.  
Like a plague they swept over the seas and along the shorelines, wreaking death and
destruction in their path, leaving bodies and buildings broken in their wake.  

The Black
Swans notoriety came when JD took over the helm. The Black Swan wasn't always a
pirate vessel, under the command of her father, the ship was used for pirateering.  
Captain Horatio Black was an astout and avid seaman who flew under the flag of his
lordship, the King of England.  The Black Swan was named after his beautiful wife
Saraphina.  The daughter of an upstanding noble who held position in the courts of the
King.  His pet name for his beautiful wife was Swan, and with their surname
proceeding, the birth of the Black Swan came about.  

Now Horatio was a greedy man
as well, and when not serving the King openly, he would use their flag to attack other
vessels, claiming their cargo for his own, which would be sold upon the open market
for profit.

  It was during one of these campaines that his wife gave life to a what many  
thought a fragile baby girl.  The birthing was not an easy thing for the delicate,
pampered woman and as life was given to Jacquotte Delahay Black, death came to
Seraphina.  Horatio was devistated with his loss and it took several years before he
even attempted to see the child his wife died to provide him.

 By time JD was at the
tender age of seven, she was soon sailing beside her father upon the Black Swan and
learning the ways of the sea as well as the ship.  Like a fish to water, is how the
young girl took to the trade.  The crew came to adore the young girl that always looked
 to be a young lad in the appearance of dress.  Each would take turns in teaching her
skills, the use of the sword, proficency of a flint lock, how to wield a dagger, the use of
 a whip and hand to hand fighting.  Rough housing was how she grew up at her fathers

 Now the death of his wife did alter the man in full, soon his attacks upon the sea
 were nondescriminatory.  It mattered not who's flag was flown, if they crossed paths
with the Black Swan, the ship would soon after be found at the bottom of the sea.  It
was when JD had turned twenty that life was altered yet again, a devistating turn that
would happen with their porting in the harbor of an island known as Azores.

 The crew
ran ashore to enjoy the leave they were given, while Horatio visited the merchants to
rid of items he had gained, that could not be traded in other places for fear of being
found out.  Something went wrong, to this day she still knew not the whole story.  A
ruckus upon shore, with the involvement of a few crewmen and her father, as per usual,
 arrived to save the day.  But that day was not saved, many were captured by the
Warlords men who over seen the lands, several, including her father, managed to
escape and the ship set out to sea immediately.  But the trouble ended not there, the
men who went ashore became ill and began to die slowly.  It was like a plague
infected the ship and in turn isolated the massive vessle.

 The sails were dyed black
and raised to ward off others, a sign that the plague was rampant aboard.  The only
ones who came down with the infliction, were those who went ashore and were
involved in the squirmish.  JD had returned early, to look over thier bounty and prepare
it for trade when all hell broke loose, thus perhaps the only reason she was even
spared the cruel fate of the others.  Within a matter of weeks there after, she was the
one ordering the bodies of friends, men she had known all her life, to be cast overboard
 and buried at sea, including that of her father.  None questioned her actions when she
 took over the helm, now her outlook on life was altered by a death as was her fathers.
 More ruthless they had become, more agressive in their actions. No life was spared of
 any they crossed, especially if they were of noble birth or held a royal position, their
deaths were long and torturous at best.  The men would be bound and forced to watch
as the crew had the time of their life with their women, then watch as their throats were
 slit and fed to the frenzied sharks that swarmed about theships hull.

 The black sails
left to capture the wind was a tribute to her father and an ominous sight to any who
had the misfortune of seeing them upon the sea.  The Black Swan was now a
representation of death and destruction.  JD Black was looked upon as the Reaper of
the sea.  A demon they claimed, a heartless captain who was ruthless, but what many
 never counted upon was that the notorious captain was not a man, and that was the
one thing that aided in her avoiding capture for so long.  The Captain Black on postbills
 was described as a man, none could fathom the leader of brutality could be the figure
of a woman.
Sometimes business required a certain form of dress code. Not easy to gain a fat nobles eye in the usual. Quite the lady she could become, when needed.
A day in the Capt'ns life

Wanted Dead or Alive!
Hunting for a man who is guilty of such haneious crimes. Imagine their surprise if they ever learned the truth. Captain "Blood Bath" Black has more curves than the mountain paths. What better way to escape capture than to hide behind the ruse of a noble woman, or honest merchant and tavern owner. None would ever dream that such a sweet face could have caused such dasterdly crimes. It's just not in a woman's nature ... yar har ... fools!

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