Crew of the Black Swan

Crew of the Black Swan
Crew of the Black Swan
Carlotta Basinstoke
Ship's Assistant Cook Black Swan I
Manager of the Dockside Tavern
First Mate Black Swan II
Captain Black's right hand man
Mr. Jack "Black Dogg" Dunlap
Mr. Talanis "Sabre" Blades
SN: XxshadowreathxX
Salem "Frenchy" De La Court
Ships Cook Black Swan II
Cook of the Dockside Tavern
SN: Salem DeLaCourt
Julian Blackwood
Navigator of the Black Swan II
SN:  SurrealXImagery
Veronica Hansford
Tender at Dockside Tavern
Caton Amistad
Gunner's Mate Black Swan II
Deckhand- Black Swan II
SN: II Ravyen II
Mad William "Bloody Bill" Flint
Gunner Black Swan II
Security Black Swan II
SN: Segreti Mortali

Anabelle O'Rourke
Navigator of the Black Swan I
SN: My lady pirate
Zachary Tinney
Black Swan I
SN: Zachary W Tinney
Mr. Stephen Dill
Ship's Pilot Black Swan I
Mr. Lawrence Doliver
Ship Surgeon
Mr. Charles Flynn
Open-/-Friendly Affiliations
Personal and-/-or Business wise

  Captain of the Amsterdam

Jack Flynn
Captain of the Cruel Mistress
Flying Colors of Captain JD "Blood Bath" Black

Captain of the Devils Fury

Bart "Bloodbeard" Adams
Black Swan's Saftey Port in the Caribbean

Captain of The Crimson Flower

Captain of the Revenge


Robert "Salty Bob" Marley
Captain of The Crimson Tide
Owner of the Salty Dog Inn

Deckhand on the Black Swan I
Keiji Satoru - The Ronin
SN: Keiji Satoru
First Mate Black Swan I
Mr. Edward Fabin
Navigator Black Swan I
Mr. Felix Helsin

(Always seeking muns for crew members. Be it one of the NPC's shown, or one of your own creation to be put in place of an NPC charc. Do have limits on what's accepted. Must be human! No exceptions IE: No anthro's, ect. Send email to either Captain JD Black for more information on how to become a part of this near realistic Pirate SL.)