Ard-Greimne Carlus Basinstoke was a successful lawyer in Cork, Ireland. Married to his beautiful wife, Earlene Elsha Bainbridge-Basinstoke, a noble woman from Kilkenny.

They had six children together;

Arthgallo Byron
A valiant and strong warrior.

Eachan Cedric
He raised the finest of all battle horses in the lands.

Caireach Duana
A beautiful socialite who threw the most natorious parties around. Anyone who held status would be sure to make their presence to one. She could always be found surrounding by multitudes of suitors, hoping and praying they captured the young woman's eyes.

Glenna Isibeal
A beautiful woman who had hands of magic. Or so many would exclaim after tasting one of those items that came out of her bakery. From breads to sweets, many traveled across the lands to enjoy and savor one of her specialties. Her creations were recipies of her own.

Keena Aine
She'd follow her elder brother around like a puppy dog all her life. Intrigued by the use of weapons and the art of war. Over the years she had become an exceptional archer. One that proved useful many times and with the courage to equal that of any man.

Hoyt Evan
He spent all his waking hours in study, meditation and training. His devotion would prove him to one day be multiskilled Druid. Practicing not only in the priestly duties, but a poet at heart. The latter would often be seen when he was surrounded by the young, giggling women of lands at social gatherings.

It would be the death of Leogaire Bevan Bartley, and the hatred of his mother, Dureen Maeve O'Neil-Bartley, that would be the cause of his wife, Payton Arlene Dunall-Bartley, to seek out the hospitality of her dear beloved cousin, Earlene. After her husband's death, his mother would reclaim the family lands. Evicting the wife and children of her only son, and turning her back on them. She always blamed Payton for taking her son away, and then his death. Leo had died on his return from battle, when the small band he lead was ambushed. Not a single man survived. It would be with her three children, that she'd travel to Cork.

Caeoimhin Brant
He was studying to become a lawyer. An advocate for the unfortunate. A gentleman in true sense.

Elatha Christine
She was one with nature, loving all that it had to offer. A Druidess in every sense.

Adam Aron
He had yet to find his place in life. Enjoying to wander and travel the seas every chance he got. Never placing loyalty to any particular captain. He'd appear in one port on one ship, but would leave on yet another. A recent injury was the cause of his return, to recooperate fully so that he could begin his adventurous life again.

Life was good within the house, all busy with their individual tasks. Although, it would be through chance that a situation would occur. Earlene had preoccupied herself with all the social graces and gatherings, making sure her sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, were paraded before the wealthy and prominant families to be seen. Although in her zeal to see to the children, she began to neglect her husband and his needs.
It would be this, and the fact that Payton was still mourning the death of her one and only love, that the two would soon fine comfort in each others arms. The comfort would only be short lived, when Payton would find herself with child. The two set to the task of doing their best to cover up the situation. It would be his ruination if word was found that he had impregnanted his mistress.
Payton would refuse to name the father, which caused a scandle within the house. Earlene was not happy about a bastard child being born into their happy home. Yet, at the same time, she loved her cousin and would not see her out on the streets alone. The matter of the father would be dropped, and all prepared for a new life to join them.

Soon a girl would grace the family, and to be named Carlotta Estelle.

Ard loved his daughter, but it broke his heart that he could never openly claim her. Guilt ridden, he would spend every moment he could in her attendance. Earlene belived he was doing this out of the grace of his heart for the fatherless child.
When Carlotta was old enough, he use to dress her up like a boy, and take her to his firm to spend the day with him. If ever questioned, his reply would be, he was training the boy to be a clerk. Which he got away with, since women were not allowed in the legal offices of the lands, until Carlotta began to change into a young woman, much to his chargin.
Years passed, then suddenly Payton became deathly ill, with a serious case of pneumonia. Believing to be on her death bed, she confessed to her cousin the truth of whom her child's father was. Which perhaps wouldn't have been so traumatising, if it wasn't for the fact that she recovered from her illness.
Earlene, heartbroken and enraged, divorced her husband and laid claim to the family lands. Payton and Carlotta were forced to leave with him. Earlene permitted Payton's children to remain, for as long as they wished. Why should they be punished because of their mother's indiscreations.
Ard would book the three of them passage to England. There he purchased a plantation, it's soils rich to grow the tobacco that was planted upon them. His heart was not content, he missed his practice of law. It was then he began again, in Westminister, rebuilding his practice and caring for his family. It only took a few years before he was back to his old self. His practice was booming, as was the plantation.
To top it off, Carlotta had grown into a beautiful well rounded woman. A bit spirited, but level headed. Her interest in law had never ended, and she strove to follow in her father's footsteps. Only to be rejected over and over. It wasn't permissable for a woman to be seated in such a position. It was then her father would have her mother begin throwing parties and balls. To invite the finest families, to find a suitor for his daughter. Once he married her off, and she began to have children, her interest in law would cease to exist.........

Never try to crush the spirit of an Irish woman, it will only explode in your face.

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