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Alien 2 Board Info Site

*Currently only 7 prototypes of the Alien 2 Board are available, more to be released in August* Instant boot-up No delay in firing the marker once the on/off switch has been activated. Trigger sampled asynchronously The Alien 2 Board does not "sample" the trigger as other boards do. The instant the trigger is depressed it leaps into action at the speed of light in less than 200 nanoseconds. If you fired a laser down the field at the same time the trigger was pulled, the Alien 2 board would begin firing your gun BEFORE the light made it to the player you were about to shoot, nothing is faster. Built in accessory port This will trigger a hopper or other feeding device. Simple trigger programming No need to remove the grips to make slight corrections in programming. The board has a built in tournament lock to eliminate the trigger programming. 9volt battery operation Easy to find and never needs recharging. Multiple firing modes Standard Modes: Semi Auto Full Auto Auto Response AFA Modes (board must be in semi for these to be selected): 1 = No enhancements (default) 2 = AFA 1 (AntiTriggerBounce drops slowly) 3 = AFA 2 (ATB drops rapidly and shots are added) 4 = AFA 3 (First 3 shots are semi, the 4th shot is full auto until the trigger is released. If the trigger is released for more than 1 second the cycle starts over again.) 5 = AFA 4 (limited rate of fire tournament mode) The first 3 shots are standard semi then on the 4th shot the gun will ramp to 15bps as long as the trigger is being held. If the trigger is released for more than 1 second the cycle starts over again. 6 = AFA 5 (Full auto first shot then smooth ramping) 7 = AFA 6 (Full auto first shot then fast ramping) To change a firing mode the tournament lock must be turned off on the board. You must then enter program mode by turning the gun on while holding the trigger. It is then necessary to pull the trigger 7 times to enter register 7 (afa) and finally select the AFA mode you wish to use. Before the new mode can be used the gun must either be turned off and back on or you must enter register 1 mode 1 for the board to reset itself. We have made this slightly difficult for a reason. Unlike many other custom board manufacturers we do not produce "cheater" boards regardless of your teams status in the industry. Ultra fine "anti trigger bounce" settings More trigger control that any other board in the industry. Anti Bolt Stick You control the dwell increase and the time it takes to activate. Dual EYE capable Reflective or Break Beam. You get more options with an Alien 2. Life Time Upgrades It takes only a minute for us to exchange your board with with the newest OS. No need to purchase upgrades.