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**Debut/ RAW #1 Roleplay**

WRESTLER NAME: Autumn "Krissie" Brown
DOB: June 13, 1979
HOMETOWN:  Los Angeles, California
HEIGHT: 5'7"
RECORD: none as of yet
THEME: I Wanna be bad- Willa Ford
QUOTE: Who says blondes have more fun?
FINISHER: Dragoncorkscrew
DESCRIPTION: a regular corkscrew just w/ an added flip 
TRADEMARK: hurricanrana
DESCRIPTION: you grab the person's head w/ ur feet and flip him into the mat
MANAGER: none as of yet
STABLE: none as of yet
NUMBER: no clue
TITLE: none as of yet
PEOPLE MENTIONED: divas, men, commentators
NEXT MATCH: against Dawn Marie
NAME: Kristina
AGE: 15
MSN: none
YAHOO: vicegm_raw_diva
*A red CLK320 Cabriolet pulls into the U.S. Air Arena in Landover, Maryland. Dressed in black skin tight leather pants and a pastel pink halter top, Autumn "Krissie" Brown gets out of her car and makes her way to the locker room. Her curly light dark brown hair flies behind her as the lights make her hazelnut eyes glisten as she walks.*

King: Well-hell! Who's this fine-assed Diva making her way into our little arena.

J.R.: Well that fine women you are staring at is the new addition to RAW my thick headed friend. Don't they tell you anything?

King: Why do you ask?

 *As Autumn walks down the hall many a faces greet her, since she's new and are trying to be polite. Autumn thinks to herself, 'I could get to REALLY like it here,' and she smirked as she opened the door to the locker room.*

--------------------- Commercial Break ------------------------

 *Within a matter of minutes, Autumn is walking out of the locker room fully change. Her light dark brown hair is now completely straight and she has on a pink matching tank top and miniskirt. She casually walks to the curtain and awaits her music.*

~I Wanna Be Bad, by Willa Ford blasts over all the PA systems in the arena.~

King: Oh JR she's coming out! WooHoo! Puppies!!!!!!

J.R.: For god sakes King. Hold yourself together!

 * Then out from behind the curtains, Autumn "Krissie" Brown strides out on the the ramp way, platforms and all. Yet, as the music plays, she walks to the rhythm of the beat. She gets to the end of the ramp and slowly climbs into the ring.*


 * She leaned on the rope for a couple of seconds before walking over to the south right turnbuckle to grab a microphone.*

J.R.: Well I wonder what's on her mind, since it's her first day here?

King: Oh! I know, she need's a manager. OH OH! Pick ME!

J.R: King, will you cut that out! I'm trying to listen!

Autumn "Krissie" Brown: " Well let me just say that I am soo glad to be here in the WWF 2K4!  I would just like to tell Dawn Marie to watch her back, because well I intend to win my first match here! So if you're watching Dawn, I hope your ready to get your a$$ kicked!

~ I Wanna Be Bad by Willa Ford comes back on the PA system~

* Autumn then presumes her way out of the ring and onto the ramp way. She then continues to walk down the hallway into the locker room, where she sits patiently watching some tv.*

  **************END of Roleplay******************


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