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The Keepers of Lingusia Campaign

The Keepers of Lingusia is now available for download or in soft cover format at!

The Keepers of Lingusia is now available for download in PDF format at e23!

Welcome to the Keepers of Lingusia Campaign page! I'll be using this spot to gather supplemental articles and material to complement the print/PDF version of Keepers of Lingusia (see above link). This site will serve as a hub for additional content to the "official final" version of KOL now available, as well as provide new updates on the future Warlords of Lingusia book I am now planning. This site was made possible by the fans of KOL from way back when (as well as all the players who have enjoyed games in Lingusia) who wanted to see this content avialable on the web. A lot of collectors(especially of T&T)have also been looking for the original, long out of print KoL supplement I published back in 1987-88 for Tunnels & Trolls, and also because, as the years go by, it seems to me that I'd rather just be happy with the idea that this material is at least out there, rather than locked up in my own personal game master files. Eventually, I mght get the additional 800+ page sof content I have from the old campaigns archived or in some collected print form....but we'll see.

I've run dozens of campaigns over the last 26 years set in the world of Lingusia. I've had countless player groups, convention one-shots, and prolonged campaign arcs over many, many years, all set in the same world, each building upon the last while advancing the story that much farther. The end result has been a progressive exercise in world-building, a past time which many gamers who prefer to GM enjoy doing, I suspect. Indeed, the habit of creating a whole universe from the strands of fantasy is as exciting form GMs as it is for players to build their ubiquitous heroes in said setting. For my own purposes, I hope there are those of you out there who will enjoy a chance to see what my own home-built creation of twenty-six years gaming goodness has brought forth. Enjoy!

The House Rules for Castles & Crusades
These rules are in the back of the Campaign Book, but I have placed them here for C&C officionados who don't want to wade through all that other stuff.

Lingusian Bestiary for Castles & Crusades

The Map of Northern Octzel City's Northern Stretch
The Map of Octzel City's Southern Stretch

The Heroes of Lingusia: AD&D 2nd edition stats for several recent heroic personalities that appeared in the last KOL campaign


The Middle Kingdoms: Octzel and Jnril (My preferred map side left)
The Middle Kingdoms: Hyrkania and the Inner Sea (my preferred map side right)
Eastern Hyrkania
Western Hyrkania
Eastern Octzel
Western Octzel
Cretea and Thracyllia
Cymeer and the Northern Eastlands
Zued and the Southern Eastlands
The Southern Great Plains (nothing to see here, move along now...)
The Hubinde Lands and Sendral
The Inner Sea Region
The Free City of Malas
Yllmar, Hettanar and Dra'in of the Middle North
A Small Map of the World of Lingusia
Left Half of the Map of the World
Right Half of the Map of the World
Zarn, Autrengard and the Northern Wilderness
Karan, Vagendar's Woods and Zymhar
These are all hand drawn maps, so please excuse my art, but they are the collected cartography of 27 gaming years, so I hope you can get some mileage out of them!

A note about the art on my site: There's a lot of fantastic art available on the web, and some sites (like Wikipedia) have provided guidelines on how to use such art for illustrative purposes without violating copyrights. Over the years I have accumulated a vast trove of fantasy art on my PC, which I use regularly in gaming for illustrative purposes, but unfortunately, I have not catalogued these works by source, so I don't generally know who to credit them to (except for obvious ones by famous artists like Brom or Ditillio). Some of this art can be found in my pdf files on site, but it is intended only for illustation and not for sale or profit. If you see an illustration that should be removed, please let me know; I don't want to step on any toes, I just love the art!

Copyright Disclaimer: All contents of Keepers of Lingusia, the maps, and PDFs are copyright 2008 by Nicholas Bergquist, all rights reserved. Permission to duplicate for personal use is granted!