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The D20 System Resource Page

Well, D20 is almost a thing of the past; as games go out of print, gamers line up in to three camps: the first group won't even touch a "dead" system. The second group will cling to the dead system like it's their child and never let go. The third group profits off of all this on Ebay in a few years when nostalgia and collectibility kicks in!
As one of the latter, I just want to say that I enjoyed my time with D20, but am glad to see that 4th edition does so much more of what I want for the fantasy RPG genre.
In the mean time, enjoy what is still here (see below), or look for some of it in the D20 edition of Keepers of Lingusia elsewhere on the site (too lazy to make a link right now.)

D20 System Campaign Backgrounds:
The Aichwod Campaign

A Bestiary of Beasties
Featuring Kattachi scorpion men, Velboshia Tomb Guardians, and more to come!

Scenarios and Adventure Ideas:
The Sunk of Tarsus: A D20 System Solo Adventure!

Queen Scorpions and Lady Nymphs: A D20 System Solo Adventure!