Session 17:
Bump in the Night

[JadedDM]: Ruebon 6th, Darkday; 10 bells.  Although early, the overcast skies block the sun considerably, making this morning cool and dim.  The party (Gaheris, Jasmin, Aidan and Eskar) arrive at the Peur mansion, an impressive two-story building at least five times the size of Gaheris' home.  The drapes on all of the windows are pulled closed, preventing anyone from looking within.  Lord Tyler stands at the double front doors, looking anxious.  He is flanked by two guards as he awaits the party's arrival.

[Eskar]: Eskar stays toward the back of the party, remaining out of sight and hopefully out of mind of Lord Tyler. He sneaks looks at the mansion, clearly impressed.

[Aidan]: Aidan takes a look around as he steps closer to the front doors, pulling his cloak tighter around him.  "No Tainted Hands or Meschior?  Interesting."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin seems to be almost somber as she looks over the mansion. "The Tainted Hands might all ready be inside, and Meschior is busy with his temple."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris leads the way, approaching the nervous noble.  Lord Tyler seems a bit relieved to see them.  "Ah, you've arrived at last."

[Aidan]: Aidan gives Lord Tyler a quick bow of his head, though he looks a bit less calm after Jasmin's words.

[Jasmin]: Once in front of Lord Tyler, Jasmin gives a small curtsy to him. "Good morning, Lord," she says politely.

[Eskar]: Eskar pulls the goggles from his eyes up onto his forehead and coughs. He looks down, and checks that his weapons are secure on his belt.

[JadedDM]: Tyler :  "Yes, indeed.  Hopefully it w-will be a good m-morning, if you are successful.  The Tainted Hands are all r-ready inside; I've evacuated everyone else."

[Jasmin]: "Is there anything we should know before we begin?"

[JadedDM]: Tyler :  "Yes!  P-Please do not destroy anything!  The ghosts have b-been wreaking havoc as it is."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin raises an eyebrow curiously before giving Lord Tyler a charming smile. "We shall try our best."

[JadedDM]: Tyler nods and snaps his fingers.  The two guards both open the double doors and stand aside.  "I will w-wait here for you."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin bows her head before she steps up to the double doors, then steps inside the mansion.

[Aidan]: Aidan scowls at the open doors for a moment, takes another quick look around before following Jasmin inside.  "I'm sure the Tainted Hands will be more destructive than we could be."

[Eskar]: Eskar follows right behind Aidan, not leaving much of a gap between himself and the man.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris walks with them, saying nothing.  The party enters a very spacious room with a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.  Two staircases, one on either side, ascend to a balcony on the second floor.  There are sturdy, double doors made of oak on the right, left, and between the staircases on the south (the party has entered from the north).  The guards close the front doors behind them.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks over her shoulder as the doors are closed, then turns her attention to Aidan. "This would be a good time to let us know how to deal with ghosts," she says softly.

[Aidan]: "Well... Loreleii told me these will likely be invisible...  And I suppose you three will need magical weapons to attack them...."

[Eskar]: Eskar looks around and draws his sword. He moves over to the door on the right and presses his ear against it, cupping his free hand around it to amplify sounds.

[Jasmin]: "So then my swords will work against them?"

[JadedDM]: Gaheris:  "Magical, huh?"  He digs around in his pack and removes a satchel of arrows with blood red tips.

[Aidan]: Aidan takes a look at her swords.  "I suppose so.  Also, I should warn you, Loreleii told me that some undead can kill instantly.  She said poltergeists will usually try to scary people away and throw things, though."

[Eskar]: Eskar abandons his efforts and looks on the group. He sighs and munches down a piece of charcoal.

[JadedDM]: Suddenly, from all directions, the party hears sounds:  disturbing whispers, rattling, and creaks.  They seem to be coming from up above, to the left, and to the right.  These sounds persist for a few seconds and then die down just as quickly and unexpectedly.

[Eskar]: Eskar opens the door on the right immediately at the sounds.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks up towards the right. "Well, lets get this over with," she says as she starts moving up the stairs towards her right.

[JadedDM]: The doors swing open at Eskar's touch, but nobody is on the other side.  He sees what appears to be a dining hall.

[Aidan]: Aidan looks around suspiciously even after the sounds die down.  "Silver weapons and positive energy should work as well, actually."  He begins to walk towards the right and stands near Eskar.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris:  "Swell.  That might have been helpful before we got here."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin pulls out Radiant Star and Scalebiter. "Positive energy?"

[Aidan]: "Well, unfortunately, I had less than a day to find anything at all.  If you had wanted information earlier, then you should have looked it up yourself."  He nods to Jasmin.  "I had assumed Meschior might be able to fill that position."

[Eskar]: Eskar just sighs. "We are having what we have. Nothing but to try, and fast. Before the others." He moves on into the next room to inspect it.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris nocks an arrow and heads to the south, pushing open the doors between the stairs and entering.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin follows after Gaheris with a small shrug, and simply just takes in the mansion.

[Aidan]: Aidan follows after Eskar, looking back towards Gaheris and Jasmin.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin and Gaheris enter what appears to be a hallway, stretching from west to east.  They are in the center.  There are blue tapestries on either side of the door they just entered with geometric designs.  The velvet curtains have been pulled over the windows, making the hallway seem dark.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin gives Radiant Star a small shake so that it lights up the hallway. She takes a moment to look around before she starts walking east.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan and Eskar enter what appears to be a dining hall.  This is a long room stretching north to south.  There are doors to the south and the east, as well as the western doors they just entered from.  A narrow oak table stretches across the room, allowing at least 20 people to sit and eat.  Right now, though, the table is cleared.  Several chairs are knocked over and a golden candleholder on the table is tipped over.  Velvet curtains have been drawn over the windows.  A small chandelier hangs from the ceiling, right over the table.

[JadedDM]:  Gaheris watches her depart, and then heads west himself.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin glances over her shoulder towards the departing Gaheris. "By myself," she mutters as she continues going to east. She looks for doors that she might be able to enter.

[Aidan]: Aidan looks around at the mess.  "Did it sound like those sounds came from this room?"

[Eskar]: Eskar looks and then at Aidan. "I am thinking this is clear."

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin reaches the end of the hallway, and finds a pair of double doors to the north.  On either side of the doors is a pedestal with a blue vase on it.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin glances over the vases on either side of the door before she reaches out to open the double doors.

[JadedDM]:  The double doors to the south move.  Someone is turning the door knob on the other side.

[Eskar]: The duergar nods. "Aye."

[Aidan]: "I suppose we can move..."  Aidan turns towards the doors as they move.  "Hello?" he calls.

[JadedDM]:  As Jasmin turns the knob to the doors, she hears a muffled voice on the other side say, "Hello?"

[Eskar]: Eskar moves in between Aidan and the door, sword drawn.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin raises an eyebrow. "Hi," she says cheerfully, not having a clue as to who is on the other side. "I'm going to open the door now, so you might want to get out of the way."  She opens the double doors and steps inside the room.

[Eskar]: Eskar sighs, having been standing facing Jasmin with his sword drawn. "You are going in a circle."

[Jasmin]: "Apparently," Jasmin says, looking and sounding amused. "I'm going to circle back, and head up the stairs. Gaheris went down the hall."

[Aidan]: "Well," Aidan says, "Perhaps it's best that we all stay together."

[Eskar]: "We should not be leaving Gaheris alone." Eskar looks doubtful, and starts into the room Jasmin came from.

[JadedDM]: There is a crash in the room Jasmin just left, like something shattering.

[Aidan]: Aidan looks suspiciously at the room behind Jasmin, moving closer cautiously.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin turns around quickly upon hearing the crash before she dashes down the hallway she just came from.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin finds that the left vase by the door has been knocked over.  It hit the ground and broke.  There is no sign of anyone nearby.

[Aidan]: Aidan sighs before picking up his pace and running after her.

[JadedDM]: They enter a hallway's end, with the drapes pulled over the windows here, as well.  A nearby blue vase has been knocked over, and shattered.  There is no sign of anyone else nearby.

[Jasmin]: "I all ready hate this," Jasmin says as she points to the vase with Radiant Star.

[Eskar]: Eskar bends down to examine the vase.

[Aidan]: Aidan scowls at the room around them, then begins chanting as he pulls some powders from his component pouches.

[JadedDM]: The vase was probably fairly expensive, made of clay and had artistic designs on it.

[Eskar]: Eskar gets back to his feet and continues down the hall, presumably after Gaheris.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin watches Eskar move down the hall, then turns her attention to Aidan.

[JadedDM]: Eskar moves down the hall, coming to double doors in the center, with blue tapestries on either side of it.  They bear the same designs as the vase.

[Aidan]: Aidan finishes his chant and moves his hands about him, then casts pinches of two different powders about him.  He looks around the room once he's finished.

[Eskar]: Out of silly suspicion, Eskar checks behind the tapestries.

[JadedDM]: Eskar finds stone walls.

[Eskar]: The duergar shrugs and moves through the doors, intentionally leaving them open.

[Aidan]: Aidan scowls and looks at Jasmin.  "Nothing.  We should move quickly... I'll be able to see whatever is causing this while my spell is active, but it won't last long."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin shakes her head as she starts walking down the hall towards the double doors that Eskar is near. "That just leads to the main room, Eskar."

[Aidan]: "Should we go after Gaheris?"

[Jasmin]: "Gaheris can take care of himself," Jasmin says almost bitterly as she moves through the double doors. "Like I said, I'm going upstairs."

[JadedDM]: Eskar swings the doors open and Jasmin barges back into the main room.  However, there is someone else there.  Not Gaheris.  Rather, it is Kricket.  He holds up his rapier, but lowers it upon seeing them.  "Ah, so you did make it after all."

[Aidan]: Aidan steps quickly after the two, scanning the room before giving Kricket his attention.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin stops in mid-step upon seeing Kricket. "Were you hoping we wouldn't make it?" she asks.

[JadedDM]: Kricket:  "Well, it's quite dangerous here.  Not sure what it is we're facing exactly, but...whatever it is, it can be sure to be nasty."

[Jasmin]: "All ready faced it once?"

[JadedDM]: Kricket:  "Perhaps.  Have you?"

[Eskar]: Eskar continues down the hallway west.

[Jasmin]: "Maybe," she says, looking over her shoulder as Eskar moves off.

[JadedDM]:  Eskar leaves the rest of the party and returns to the hall.  At the far west end, it looks identical to the east end--complete with double doors and a pair of blue vases on pedestals.

[Aidan]: Aidan turns back as Jasmin looks, then moves back into the hall and after Eskar.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket notices the two depart.  "Your friends are in a hurry, it seems."

[Eskar]: The grey dwarf trudges down the corridor, slowing so Aidan can catch him. He heads for the doors at the west end of the hall.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan catches up with Eskar at the end of the west hall, which looks just like the east hall's end.  There are double doors to the north and two pedestals with blue vases upon them.

[Jasmin]: "It seems like it," Jasmin says, sounding amused once again. "It is a big mansion, so it is probably going to take some time."

[Aidan]: Aidan quickens his pace as he catches up with Eskar, sparing only a moment to look at the vases before he moves to open the double doors.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket, however, seems to be in no hurry.  He casually walks up to her, sheathing his rapier.  "How have you been, my dear?  I haven't had the pleasure of seeing you since the ball incident."  He kisses her hand.

[Jasmin]: "Have you missed my company that much, Kricket?" Jasmin smiles faintly at the older man as she sheathes Scalebiter. Radiant Start is still giving off its light.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan pushes open the doors to reveal a room stretching north to south, very similar to the dining hall.  This looks to be a waiting room of some sort for visitors.  There are double doors to the right and left, as well as the ones they just opened to the south.  At the far north is a fireplace with chairs and a couch facing it.  The fireplace is empty.  There is a mural on the west wall of a red dragon killing a gold dragon (both have riders).

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "I have," he says, his eyes shining.  "I do hope you will reconsider joining us, however."

[Aidan]: The mage scans the new room as he waits for Eskar to take the lead.

[Eskar]: Eskar wanders over to the mural and considers it for a moment. "I am recognizing this... But... Oh well." He heads for the door on the West wall.

[Jasmin]: "Why are you keeping the offer open?" Jasmin asks as she casually, slowly starts to walk past him towards the stairs off to her right.

[Aidan]: Aidan follows Eskar to the west door.

[JadedDM]:  Eskar quickly moves on, pushing open the west doors.  This appears to be servants' quarters.  It's a very large, spacious room with a number of windows, all draped.  There are about fifty beds crammed into this room, all messed up.  Gaheris is in here, examining one of the beds.  He quickly turns his arrow at Eskar when he swings open the doors.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "I have hope that you will change your mind."

[Aidan]: Aidan peers into the room and steps into it.  "Hello, Gaheris.  Anything unusual?"

[Jasmin]: Jasmin steps up on the first step before she glances over her shoulder to Kricket, her free hand moving to rest upon the banister. "If I did join, which my answer is still no, what would you do with me?"

[JadedDM]:  Gaheris slowly lowers his arrow.  "No, not yet," he says.  He examines under a bed.

[Eskar]: The dwarf stares at Gaheris, and then furrows his brows. "You are checking for more than ghosts?"

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "I think my first act would be to take you out for a night of celebration."

[Jasmin]: "A night of celebration. Now would that be just the two of us, or would you invite your sons as well?"

[JadedDM]:  Kricket grins.  "That would be up to you entirely, my dear."

[Aidan]: After making a quick scan around the room, Aidan notes the lack of extra doors.  "None for us, either.  Besides a shattered vase, at least."  He looks to Eskar.  "Perhaps we should turn back?"

[Jasmin]: "I don't think you would be able to handle me all by yourself." She smiles brightly towards him. "Speaking of by myself, are you really going to allow me to go up these stairs alone?"

[JadedDM]:  Gaheris picks up a pillow and tosses it to the mage.  "Look at this," he says.  The pillow appears to have been torn to shreds.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "You wish an escort, my dear?"

[Eskar]: The duergar nods to Aidan and turns to go before stopping when Gaheris throws the pillow. "Why torn? Someone is having a very bad dream?"

[Aidan]: Aidan steps to the side as the pillow falls near him, and then bends to pick it up and examine it.

[Jasmin]: "Two are better than one."

[JadedDM]:  Kricket nods.  "As you wish.  I could never say no to a lady."  He walks up to the stairs with her.

[Aidan]: "Is there something in particular I should see?"

[JadedDM]:  Gaheris:  "You're the expert.  Is that something a ghost would do?"

[Jasmin]: "I'm sure you've said no plenty of times, Kricket. I think you just like me," she says teasingly before she moves up the rest of the stairs.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "It is difficult not to like someone so charming and beautiful, yes?" he asks as they ascend to the balcony.  There are two doors up here, one on either side.

[Aidan]: "Well, if Lord Tyler is afraid of torn pillows, perhaps.  I have heard that they might be more interested in throwing things and making noises and such, though."

[Jasmin]: "I'm just a commoner. I'm nothing like the nobles you mingle with." Jasmin moves to the door on her left, as if she knew where she was going, and slowly opens it.

[JadedDM]:  Gaheris shrugs.  "I'll continue looking," he says, turning back to the beds.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket chuckles.  "There is nothing at all common about you, my dear."  Jasmin enters the door with Kricket right behind her.  It takes her to a single, narrow hallway with another door on the end and a second door to the north.

[Aidan]: "Perhaps it's not ghosts that we're looking for, then.  Still, best to be prepared for the worst."  He turns to Eskar again.  "Back the way we came, then?"

[Eskar]: Eskar tugs on Aidan's sleeve, and heads all the way east back to the Dining Hall to explore the last door there. "I am thinking that maybe now ghost? Maybe person?"

[Aidan]: "I think I might agree," Aidan says as he keeps up with the dwarf.  "At least we might find something more suited to our talents."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin glances down the hall, taking note of the doors, and then walks down to the door to the north. "You certainly do know all of the right words to say, don't you?" Jasmin asks. "I wonder how much you actually know about me."

[JadedDM]:  Eskar and Aidan return to the waiting room, but now find that the fireplace has been filled with wood and lit.  However, there is no sign of anyone around.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "Not nearly as much as I would like to," he admits, following her north.  They find themselves in a study.  The walls are lined with bookshelves.  There's a fireplace, empty, and a leather-bound chair for curling up with a good book.  There are doors to the right and left.

[Eskar]: Eskar looks at it dumbfounded. He moves over to the fireplace, inspecting it.

[JadedDM]:  Stepping closer, Eskar can see something moving around in the fire itself.

[Aidan]: Aidan looks around the room, looking for other doors nearby.

[JadedDM]:  There are doors to the west (where they came from), the east, and the south.

[Jasmin]: "That is vague," Jasmin says as she moves into the study. "What would you like to know?" she asks as she walks towards the right door.

[Eskar]: Eskar makes a noise akin to yelping and grabs for a poker or clamps or other such fireplace tools to get at something in the fire.

[Aidan]: Aidan looks concerned as he moves closer to Eskar.  "What happened?"

[JadedDM]:  Kricket blinks as Jasmin moves onward without even looking around.  He tries to keep up.  "Well, what qualities do you look for in a man?" he asks slyly as they enter another short corridor.  There are some glass doors to the north and another door to the far east.

[JadedDM]:  Eskar grabs a nearby fire poker next to the fireplace.

[Jasmin]: "This isn't going to turn into some attempt to hook me up with one of your sons is it?" she asks, while moving to the glass doors curiously.

[Aidan]: Aidan rubs his eyes for a moment.  "So much for seeing any ghosts," he mutters.  He peers into the fireplace at the thing Eskar has spotted.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "Why should they get all of the fun?" he teases.  The glass doors are draped in velvet curtains.

[JadedDM]:  Looking closely, Aidan can see something squatting in the fireplace, too.  But he cannot make it out.

[Eskar]: Eskar tries to get the thing out of the fireplace somehow.

[Aidan]: Aidan makes a face.  "What is that?"

[JadedDM]:  As soon as Eskar jabs the poker into the fire, a gout of flame erupts from the if the fireplace itself were spitting at him.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin runs her fingers down the velvet curtains with a small smile, as if she likes the touch of them. "Spontaneous men. I like the unpredictable when it comes to men. The more spontaneous, the more attracted I am."

[Aidan]: Aidan steps back quickly.  "Okay.  That's not very pleasant."

[Eskar]: [1d20] -> [3] = (3)

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "I would expect nothing less from you."  He touches the curtains himself and then draws them forward a bit.  "Ah, a balcony."

[Eskar]: Eskar drops the poker to pat at his beard as he spins out of the way of the fire a bit too late. "Trouble. Maybe Ghosts after all."

[JadedDM]:  During the chaos, they hear insane snickering as something small and leathery leaps out of the fire and behind the drapes of a nearby window.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin moves to open the glass doors now that he has mentioned that it is a balcony. "Isn't this an odd place for a balcony?" she asks. "Of course, I don't happen to be in mansions a lot, so what do I know?"

[Eskar]: Eskar rushes to make sure all doors are shut before approaching the thing behind the drapes. "I am not thinking that was funny."

[Aidan]: Aidan raises an eyebrow and, leaving Eskar to pat himself down, moves cautiously towards the drapes the thing ran behind.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "I imagine it's rather romantic at night," he says as they step out.  The balcony looks over the city, giving a nice view.  Or it would be nice, were it not for the grey, dull skies this morning.

[JadedDM]:  Now and again, Aidan sees something wriggle from behind the curtains.  It appears to be climbing them.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin takes in the view quietly for a few moments. "I've never had a lot of romance, so it is a little hard to imagine."

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "Perhaps you just haven't found the right man," he suggests.  "Ah, gargoyles," he says.  On either side of the stone railing is a small gargoyle.  They are ugly, goblinoid-looking creatures with bat-like wings and grotesque expressions.

[Aidan]: Aidan scowls at the creature and grabs at the curtain, stepping back and pulling on it to look at the opposite side.

[JadedDM]:  More laughter, and suddenly the curtains are cut loose.  They fall over Eskar and Aidan.  They hear something moving on the ceiling and then hear a door open and close south of them as they struggle with the heavy drapes.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks up to the gargoyles curiously before she wrinkles her nose. "Someone should speak to Lord Tyler about his tastes," Jasmin teases. "I don't think we are going to find much else out here."

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "Agreed.  He opens the glass doors and stands aside like a gentleman, letting her in first."

[Eskar]: Once free of the drapes, Eskar rights himself. "Maybe not ghosts. Maybe it is so small to see... And quiet." Eskar says this while charging at the southern door.

[Aidan]: Aidan grumbles as he fights his way free of the drapes, then follows after Eskar.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin smiles pleasantly towards Kricket as she steps back inside the hallway. "As for finding the right are probably right."

[JadedDM]:  Aidan and Eskar hurry to the southern doors and step through.  The moment they do, a vase nearly crashes into them, smashing up against the wall.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "You shall someday.  If you have not all ready," he says.

[Eskar]: Eskar looks around for something small and probably flying, ignoring the vase.

[Jasmin]: "Have not all ready?" Jasmin asks curiously as she moves back to the study.

[JadedDM]:  Whatever threw the vase has gone missing again.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "You never know.  You may have found him and just not realized it yet."

[Aidan]: Aidan yells a curse as he steps back away from the falling vase.  He looks around after he gets over the shock.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin seems rather amused at the idea even as she finally starts to take in the study. She walks over to the fireplace and chair semi-curiously. "How could one not realize it, I wonder?"

[Eskar]: The dwarf signals Aidan to continue down the hall as he checks behind some drapes from an angle at which they are unlikely to fall on him.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "I've seen it before.  Sometimes you feel a way without even knowing about it until it is too late."  He sets his hand on the chair's back end and squeezes it.

[Aidan]: Aidan looks behind them into the room they just came from for a moment, and then continues slowly down the hall, looking about him as he goes.

[JadedDM]:  Eskar checks each curtain diligently, but finds nothing more out of the ordinary.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks over to Kricket in that instant, as if realizing something. "You are speaking about Liam's mother, aren't you?"

[JadedDM]:  Kricket blanches but quickly recomposes himself.  "Ah...well, perhaps."  He walks to a bookshelf and begins looking at the titles.

[Eskar]: With a sigh, the duergar gives up and heads for the dining hall.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin smiles as she watches the older man before she looks over a few of the bookshelves herself. "Shall we move on?"

[JadedDM]:  Kricket nods.  "As you wish."

[Aidan]: "This is quickly becoming very frustrating," Aidan sighs as he moves with Eskar.  "Perhaps we should find the others and tell them what we saw."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin runs her fingers through her hair before she moves to the door that they didn't take.

[JadedDM]:  The pair returns to the dining room.  However, they now find that the candleholder is standing up again and lit.

[Eskar]: Eskar growls and calls out. "Alright thing. Come out, I am being tired of you."

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin and Kricket enter what appears to be Lord Tyler's bedroom.  There are two single doors:  the one they just entered from and one to the south.  The room houses a double bed stuffed with goose down and dark blue linen.  An oak armoire, a dresser, and a full-sized mirror are also found within.  All of the windows are draped.

[Aidan]: "At least it had the courtesy to light the candle.  It seems to like flame, doesn't it?"

[Jasmin]: "Oh, to have a bedroom like this," Jasmin says almost dreamingly as she moves to plop down on Lord Tyler's bed, as she'll probably never get the chance to again.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "You realize, were you to join us, you could afford such splendor," he says, fingering the bed sheets.

[Eskar]: Eskar nods. "I am thinking there is maybe one or more and that is all. It was cutting the wall sheets... you know... covering the window? And the pillow is cut. I am thinking it has claws and makes fire. You know such a thing?"

[Jasmin]: "Probably, but you three spend your time at the Wolf Blaze Inn. I wouldn't exactly call that...splendor." Jasmin stretches her arms over her head, simply enjoying the feel of the linen under her for a little while.

[Aidan]: "Not very especially, no.  It sounds vaguely familiar, though.  Perhaps the others might know...?"

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "Only because we choose to.  The boys worry if we get a house of our own, we will be tempted to settle down and retire."  He strokes his beard.  "I, on the other hand, wouldn't mind a nice mansion like this."

[Jasmin]: "You aren't actually considering becoming one of those boring, nobles are you?" Jasmin asks as she pushes herself up.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket laughs.  "Perish the thought.  But just because we're adventurers doesn't mean we can't have some of the good life, eh?" he asks, sitting down on the bed himself.

[Eskar]: "Maybe..." The dwarf shrugs.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin runs her fingers through the linen. "Having some of the good life isn't a bad thing, just as long as it isn't the only thing you want I guess," she says with a small shrug. "I like nice things, but I wouldn't want to be pampered all the time."

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "No?  Even if you had a man who wanted to pamper you?"

[Aidan]: Aidan sighs and steps forward to examine the candle a moment, then moves towards the nearest door.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin seems to consider this for a good minute or two before answering. "Even with a good man, I wouldn't want it all the time."

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "But now and again wouldn't be so bad, eh?"

[JadedDM]:  Aidan heads to the east door then.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin nods in agreement. "I've not driven by that want though," Jasmin stands up from the bed only to walk over to the mirror to look into it.

[Eskar]: Eskar follows.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket takes a moment to lie down as well.  "Hmm, that is rather soft."

[Aidan]: Aidan grabs the East door's handle, and then slowly pulls it open, looking into the room behind it as he does.

[JadedDM]:  They enter what appears to be a kitchen and larder.  This large room is where the servants prepare meals and where the food is stored.  There is a maze of blood stained counters snaking the room.  A number of kitchen utensils and plates have been strewn about carelessly.

[Jasmin]: "Don't fall asleep now." Jasmin continues to look over herself in the mirror, almost with a critical look.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket sits up.  "Odd...we haven't run into anyone yet."

[Aidan]: Aidan's eyes widen as pulls the door open completely.  "I don't believe we've been in here before."

[Jasmin]: "I was thinking the same thing," Jasmin pulls her gaze from the mirror towards the other door in the room. "Matter of fact, it has been oddly quiet."

[Eskar]: Eskar looks around with obvious paranoia. "I hope there are none here." He digs about half-heartedly for a knife that looks like it might be made of silver.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket:  "Hope the boys are all right."

[JadedDM]:  Eskar goes through the drawers, and does find a set of silver utensils in one of them.  They look brand new, never used.

[Jasmin]: "Ah, the father worried about his sons. How sweet," she teases, though she seems to study the look on his face.

[Aidan]: Aidan slowly makes his way around the room, inspecting the blood on the counters.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket stands up.  "I should probably go and look for them.  Make sure they aren't getting into mischief."

[Eskar]: The duergar sheathes his sword and takes a silver steak knife, tucking it into his belt. He looks around for anything that is scratched or on fire.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin giggles lightly. "Go on. You don't have to keep me company. I can take care of myself," she says, moving towards the untouched door.

[JadedDM]:  The blood stains are quite old from what Aidan can tell.  As they are looking around, they hear something clatter, as a dozen utensils fall to the floor on the other end of the room, behind one of the counters.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket bows politely to her, and then exits the way they came.

[Aidan]: Aidan looks up quickly at the noise and walk towards its source.

[Jasmin]: With a snicker, Jasmin opens the door once Kricket leaves.

[JadedDM]:  The door does not open.  It is locked.

[Eskar]: Eskar stays back so that he can observe the situation properly.

[Jasmin]: "Oh, come on," Jasmin tugs on the door a few times just to see if it will budge at all.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan finds a set of utensils lying on the floor in a pile.  He catches some movement from the corner of his eye.

[JadedDM]:  The door is not jammed, merely locked.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin moves from the door, and walks to the armoire, looking for a key that could open the door.

[Aidan]: Aidan turns away from the pile, looking for whatever had moved.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin opens the armoire and finds many fancy clothes; tunics, leggings, cloaks and gloves.  No key, however.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan finds it is just an overturned pan.  He realizes the movement he saw was a reflection of something up above in the pan.

[Jasmin]: Jasmine moves from the armoire, to the dresser still searching for a key.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin searches through the dresser, although many of the drawers are also locked.  No key in the ones that are unlocked, however.  Some parchment, ink vials, and quills only.

[Aidan]: Aidan looks up.

[JadedDM]:  He sees a creature crawling along the ceiling slowly.  It kind of looks like a cross between a lizard and a bat, but is just over a foot in size.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks over the rest of the room before she finally moves out of the room the way that she came. She walks back towards the main room where the stairs were, and heads to the door that she didn't walk into before.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin finds this door is also locked.

[Aidan]: Aidan raises an eyebrow and moves to follow its path along the ceiling, a hand moving slowly towards his component pouch.  "Hello?"

[Jasmin]: "All these doors are locked now? For someone who wants us to find a ghost, he isn't making it very easy," she says to herself as she moves down the stairs. She walks to the doors that Gaheris and she had previous walked through, and then turns west down the hall.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin returns down into the main hall, and descends the staircase.  Nobody is about.

[JadedDM]:  The creature Aidan sees looks down at him, hisses, and then starts to scurry toward the west door.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin grips Radiant Star and moves through the doors that Gaheris and she had gone through before.

[Aidan]: Aidan quickly tries to pull a vial of molasses from his pouches and chants an incantation.

[JadedDM]:  As Jasmin walks under the chandelier, she hears something creak up above.  Suddenly, the entire thing comes crashing down on her.

[Jasmin]: [1d20] -> [20] = (20)

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin nimbly leaps out of the way just before the chandelier hits and shatters.

[Eskar]: Eskar presses his back against the door, hoping to rob the critter of the ability to get to the door. He draws his sword. "Stop. What are you?"

[JadedDM]:  The creature responds by spreading its wings and leaping at Eskar.

[JadedDM]:  (Roll initiative.)

[Aidan]: [1d10] => [2] = (2)

[Eskar]: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)

[Jasmin]: Jasmin lets out a small scream as the chandelier just misses her. "What in the...?"

[JadedDM]:  Creature's turn.

[JadedDM]:  The creature leaps at Eskar, claws flailing, but he's able to keep it off of him and toss it aside.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan's turn.

[Jasmin]: After taking a few moments to compose herself, she looks up from where the chandelier fell to see if she can see anything.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin doesn't see anything unusual.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin shakes her head before she walks around the chandelier to the door that she was trying to get to.

[Aidan]: Aidan finishes his incantation and gestures at the lizard-bat, the spell emptying his vial of a drop of molasses.

[JadedDM]:  Immediately, the creature begins to slow down considerably, as if moving through molasses itself.  It's only half as fast now.

[JadedDM]:  Eskar's turn.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin enters the large hallway once again.

[Jasmin]: As Jasmin has all ready walked east, she now walks west. Though, she is being just a little more careful now after the chandelier almost tried to kill her.

[Eskar]: [1d20] -> [1] = (1)

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin reaches the end of the west side, and finds that one of the vases has been shattered.

[Eskar]: Eskar's sword hits something expensive that he wasn't counting on and is knocked from his hands. He curses and pulls the knife out.

[JadedDM]:  (Round 2 actions?)

[Jasmin]: "Matches the east door," she mutters to herself as she carefully opens the door.

[Eskar]: Eskar attacks with the silver knife and continues to guard the doorway.

[Aidan]: Aidan steps forward and begins another spell's incantation.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin enters a waiting room of sorts.  It's a long room, stretching north to south.  There are more double doors to the west and east sides.  To the far north is a lit fireplace, a couch, and a number of chairs.  A mural depicting a red dragon killing a gold dragon is on the west wall.  Liam is examining the fireplace.

[Aidan]: [1d10] => [6] = (6)

[Eskar]: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)

[JadedDM]:  Aidan's turn.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks over the room curiously before she quietly walks up behind Liam. Once behind him, she looks over his shoulder to the fireplace. "Anything interesting?" she asks softly.

[JadedDM]:  Liam turns to face her.  "Oh, you.  I thought you were father."  He looks back to the fireplace.  "Look at this."  He indicates the nearby window.  The curtain has been torn off of it and now lies on the ground.

[Aidan]: Aidan stretches his fingers into strange positions as he finishes his chant, finally casting a hand at the creature as bolts of energy leave his fingertips.

[Jasmin]: "Oh, you. Well, nice to see you too," she says with a smirk before she looks towards the window and curtain. "All the windows in this place are usually covered," she says, moving to gently pick up the curtain from the floor.

[Aidan]: [3d4+3] => [1,3,1,3] = (8)

[JadedDM]:  Looking closely, it appears something tore through the curtain from the top.

[Jasmin]: "I wonder what did this...and why," she says out loud, and more to herself than anything else.

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "Ghost?"

[Aidan]: The bolts slam the slow-moving creature into the floor with a crash.

[JadedDM]:  Eskar's turn.

[Eskar]: [1d20-2] -> [16,-2] = (14)

[Jasmin]: "I don't think a ghost could tear through a curtain."

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "Know a lot about ghosts, do you?"

[Eskar]: Eskar curses as the knife makes contact with the creature only to bounce off. "This isn't working."

[JadedDM]:  Creature's turn.

[JadedDM]:  The creature slowly bites at Eskar, but he's able to avoid it.  It then goes for the doors.

[JadedDM]:  (Round 3?)

[Eskar]: For lack of better things to do, Eskar tries to hold the thing down with his body, motioning Aidan to help.

[Aidan]: Aidan takes a glance at his staff, then decides to assist Eskar.

[Aidan]: [1d10] => [3] = (3)

[Jasmin]: "Sure. Why not?" she says with a small shrug. "I just don't think a ghost did it is all."

[Eskar]: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "Then what?"

[JadedDM]:  (Both of you make attack rolls with a +8 bonus.)

[Eskar]: [1d20+8] -> [2,8] = (10)

[Jasmin]: "Maybe the same thing that tried to kill me with a chandelier in the main hall. I did hear someone walking up above, I thought."

[Aidan]: [1d20+8] => [7,8] = (15)

[JadedDM]:  Working together, the two pin the creature down to the floor.

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "The chandelier?"

[Jasmin]: Jasmin gives a small nod. "I heard some steps, and then the chandelier fell."

[JadedDM]: Liam:  "You were lucky you weren't hurt then.  That thing was quite large."

[Eskar]: The duergar concentrates fiercely before becoming a very large dwarf. He looks at Aidan. "Go. Get Jasmin or Gaheris. I wait here."

[Aidan]: Aidan gets up slowly, and then runs out of the room and towards the room where he last saw Jasmin.

[Jasmin]: "I was able to leap out of the way just in time. Being a dancer helps from time to time." Jasmin smiles faintly, letting the curtain drop from her fingers. "Your father was with me earlier. He said he was coming to look for you and Cardel."

[JadedDM]:  Aidan hurries into the dining room to the west, but finds nobody inside.

[JadedDM]:  The creature chatters and babbles in some strange tongue while struggling in vain.

[JadedDM]:  Liam nods.  "I'm glad you're all right then.  I ran into Cardel upstairs.  I think he's still up there."

[Aidan]: After gasping for a moment, Aidan runs towards the room where he last saw Gaheris.

[Eskar]: Eskar holds it down, not letting it get an inch of space. "Can you be speaking my language?"

[JadedDM]:  Aidan proceeds west then, into the main entrance hall.  To his surprise, he finds the chandelier has fallen and crashed to the floor.  He sees no blood or any sign of a body, though.

[JadedDM]:  The creature does not respond in any way Eskar can understand.

[Jasmin]: "Upstairs where? I was just up there. The door in Lord Tyler's bedroom is locked, and the door on the west is locked upstairs."

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "Last I saw him, he was on the east side."

[Aidan]: Aidan moves to examine the chandelier, then heads for the room with the stairs and climbs them to the next floor.

[Eskar]: Eskar just sits tight, waiting.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan climbs the stairs to the balcony up above.  There are two doors, one on either side of him.

[Aidan]: Aidan takes the left door.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan finds himself in a small hallway.  There are doors to the north and east.

[JadedDM]:  The creature squirms.  The spell on it wears off, but this doesn't help it any in escaping.

[Aidan]: Aidan hesitates, listening as he moves to stand closer to the two doors.

[Jasmin]: "Well, I guess I'll leave you to do whatever it is you do," she says with a small smile. "Thanks for the concern by the way." Jasmin kisses his cheek before she moves back into the hallway that she came from.

[JadedDM]:  He can't hear anything unusual.

[Aidan]: Aidan takes the east door.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin returns to the hallway where the shattered vase is.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin walks back to the doors that she walked in front, and steps back into the main hall once again.

[Eskar]: Eskar calls on the patience of his ancestors and race to sit there pinning the thing down. "Just be calm. We may not kill. Only if you stay still."

[JadedDM]:  Aidan enters what appears to be a nursery, although it looks abandoned and neglected.  There is dust everywhere, and the only thing of note in the small room is a half-built cradle that looks about ready to fall apart.  There is another door to the north.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin returns to the main hall where the fallen chandelier lies.

[Aidan]: Aidan steps carefully through the dust towards the north door.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin walks around the fallen chandelier to move up the east side staircase.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan enters a bedroom that looks equally dusty and neglected.  It holds a double-bed stuffed with goosefeathers and dark blue linen.  There is an oak armoire (one of the doors on it has come loose and is swinging slightly), a broken full-sized mirror, and a dresser with missing drawers.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin finds herself on the balcony once again.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin glances around then walks to the door on the right only to carefully open it.

[Aidan]: Aidan looks at the broken furniture for a moment, and then looks around for any other doors.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan spots a door on the left.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin heads into the east door, reaching a hallway with three more doors.  One to the north, one to the south, and one to the east.

[Aidan]: Aidan inspects the furniture briefly before moving on.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin grips Radiant Star for a bit of comfort as she moves to the door on the east.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan enters a new room, this one containing a number of impressive items.  The walls are decorated with weapons and shields.  There are stands and shelves containing a number of trophies and cultural artifacts.  The floor itself has an owlbear skin rug!  There is one door, to the west.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin enters what appears to be a nursery.  However, it looks abandoned and neglected.  It's covered in dust and the only thing of interest is a half-constructed cradle in the center.  The wood on the cradle appears to have rotted a bit from the years.  There is a door to the north.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin slowly walks over to the half constructed cradle curiously. "Planned to have children maybe?" she asks herself.

[Aidan]: Aidan walks carefully through the room, taking in all the items.  He steps over to the west door.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan steps into a hallway.  There are glass doors to the north, covered in drapes.  To the west is another door.  Just as he enters, Cardel comes wandering through the glass doors.

[JadedDM]:  As Jasmin examines the cradle, she hears something move from under it.

[JadedDM]:  Eskar is left to his own devices for awhile.  Eventually, the door opens again.  But this time it is not Aidan, nor Jasmin or Gaheris.  Rather, it is Liam.  He spots the oversized dwarf quite easily.

[Eskar]: Eskar looks at Liam expressionlessly. "Morning."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin frowns faintly, yet she pushes the cradle a little to the side to see what is under it.

[Aidan]: Aidan stops in the doorway, looking towards the room past Cardel and the glass doors.

[JadedDM]:  Liam, his bow still over his shoulder, casts the dwarf a strange look.  "What are you doing?"

[JadedDM]:  Something small and leathery bounds out from under the cradle, between her legs, and behind the curtains of the windows to the south.

[Eskar]: Eskar looks at the creature then back to Liam. "Waiting."

[JadedDM]:  Cardel turns to the mage in surprise.  "Oh, it's you.  The mage guy.  Airellian or something, right?"

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "Hoping the ghost will come to you, is that it?"

[Jasmin]: Jasmin walks to the curtains the thing decided to hide behind. She points her Radiant Star at the curtains as she pushes it back to get a better look at whatever the thing is.

[Aidan]: "Yes," Aidan says flatly. "Sure."  Aidan walks over to the west door and opens it as he talks.  "And how are you, Cadmus?"

[JadedDM]:  The curtains come down on top of her, draping over her.  She hears the creature skitter to the north.

[JadedDM]:  "Cardel," he corrects absently.  "Looking for a ghost.  I think it was scared off when it heard the Tainted Hands arrived."

[Eskar]: The duergar furrows his brow momentarily then shrugs. "Seems silly to run, you are seeing. Ghost will come. It is like hunting in the caves."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin groans as she struggles with the curtains. She pulls them over her head, and moves towards the door that is to the north. "Probably just a rat anyway," she mutters in annoyance.

[JadedDM]:  Liam shakes his head.  "Only a dwarf would be lazy enough to sit on his rear end and wait for his quarry to find him."

[Aidan]: "Ah, I'm sure."  Aidan turns towards the glass doors.  "I suppose you haven't seen anything, then?"

[Eskar]: "When you are getting to be old as me, you will understand. Wait a many tens of years."

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin enters the room ahead and finds it looks remarkably similar to Lord Tyler's bedroom.  Same bed, same armoire, same dresser and mirror...however, everything is suffering from neglect.  There is dust everywhere, the bed is unmade, the mirror is broken, the dresser is missing drawers and the armoire is missing a door.  The only other door is to the west.

[Eskar]: "Are you to be seeing any of my friends?"

[JadedDM]:  Cardel:  "Just a lot of boring, rich people stuff," he says, scratching his head.

[JadedDM]:  Liam snorts.  "Oh, so you care?  Perhaps if you weren't sitting on your hands, you'd realize Jasmin was nearly killed by a falling chandelier."

[Aidan]: "I see.  Have you run into anyone else?"

[Jasmin]: Jasmin runs her fingers over the dusty dresser and armoire as she moves to the door to the west curiously. "Probably locked."

[JadedDM]:  Cardel:  "Not from your team."

[Eskar]: "It is sounding like you care to me. You did not seem to like her at the ball. How come?"

[JadedDM]:  The door is not locked.  It takes her into a display room.  It contains a number of impressive items.  The walls are decorated with weapons and shields.  There are stands and shelves containing a number of trophies and cultural artifacts.  The floor itself has an owlbear skin rug!  There is one door, to the west.

[Aidan]: Aidan raises an eyebrow.  "I see.  Well, I suppose I'll leave you to your search, then."  Aidan moves to go through the west door.

[JadedDM]:  Liam frowns.  "I...have nothing but respect for Jasmin's abilities."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin's eyes widen in surprise. "What is he doing with all of this stuff?" she asks herself as she slowly walks to the west door, though she is taking in everything around her as she moves to open the door.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan departs, entering a study.  This room holds a small library.  The walls are lined with bookshelves.  There's a fireplace (empty) and leather bound chair for curling up with a good book.  Nobody is here, though.  There is a door to the south and west.

[Eskar]: The duergar shrugs. "I am just being curious why you didn't act how you say.... happy? To have her there with you. You are lucky I am thinking."

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin finds herself back in the hallway with the glass doors and balcony.  But this time Cardel is there.  He looks to her and grins.

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "Lucky...indeed.  I am often told that by my brother and father.  Lucky to live in their shadow.  Lucky to have Cardel's leftovers."

[Aidan]: Aidan closes the doors behind him, then heads for the west door.  He stops before passing through it, though, and begins chanting and gesturing while pulling a forked twig from a component pouch.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin seems almost confused at first, but upon seeing Cardel the confusion melts away. "Oh, happy to see me are you?" she asks.

[Eskar]: "It is that which bothers you." Eskar nods. "I see. Was she asking them before you? I can be asking about you if you want."

[Aidan]: Aidan nods to himself and continues on through the door.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel is wearing his typical adventuring gear, which is nothing more than a helmet, boots, bracers and a loincloth.  His massive axe strapped to his back with a harness.  He steps toward her slowly.  "I was wondering when we would come across each other."

[JadedDM]:  Liam coughs.  "It's no concern of yours."  He looks around.  "I've wasted enough time.  I should continue searching."

[JadedDM]:  Aidan finds himself in a bedroom, almost identical to the last one.  But this time, it's kept well maintained.  The blankets on the bed are mussed slightly, as if someone had been lying there recently.  There is a door to the south.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin takes a few moments to look him over, but finally ends up focusing on his eyes. "Why is that?"

[Eskar]: "If you are wanting. I am just talking with you. You are interesting, you see, I don't know why you stay with them if you don't like them."

[Aidan]: Aidan takes the south door.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel shrugs casually.  "Have you thought about joining us yet?"  He stands close to her, his eyes drifting over her body.

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "They are my family," he says simply.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan finds the door is locked.

[Jasmin]: "I've all ready told your father no, Cardel. Surely he told you."

[Eskar]: "I am understanding now. I did not think humans cared about that."

[JadedDM]:  Cardel moves even closer, gently pressing up against her.  "Perhaps it's easier to say no to him than to me?"

[Aidan]: Aidan raises an eyebrow, then backtracks to the library and takes the south door there.

[JadedDM]:  Liam doesn't answer, but begins searching the kitchen idly.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan finds himself in a small hallway, with doors to the south, west, and east.

[Aidan]: Aidan heads west.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan finds that door locked, as well.

[Eskar]: Eskar coughs "Can you be doing me a favor?"

[Aidan]: Aidan scowls at the door, and continues on south.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin gently runs her fingers down his chest. "I don't think you can convince me to say yes."

[JadedDM]:  Liam looks up.  "What?" he asks skeptically.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan enters a lounge.  This small room looks to be used for relaxation.  There is a liquor cabinet, a grand piano, and an easel for painting.  There is a painting, half-complete, still on the easel.  There are no other doors.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel:  "Maybe not...but I can have a great time trying."

[Aidan]: Aidan grumbles and heads off at a run back through the hallway and through the east door.

[Eskar]: "I am needing to find Jasmin, if you see her tell her to come here? I will give you my ideas in exchange." The duergar looks uncomfortable.

[Jasmin]: "We are in the middle of a hallway, Cardel. Besides, do you really think this is the best time?" Jasmin asks, sounding highly amused.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan has returned to the second-story balcony, where the stairs are.  Looking over the railing, he sees the shattered chandelier.  To the south and east are doors, and the two staircases leading down.

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "Why can't you find her?"

[JadedDM]:  Cardel gestures behind him.  "There's a pretty nice bedroom right down there," he says, reaching down to stroke her face.

[Eskar]: Eskar looks confused then answers. "Because I am waiting here. For the mage. He is telling me to stay here, and I don't want to get lost."

[JadedDM]:  Liam:  "I just saw her not long ago in the waiting room."

[Aidan]: Aidan pauses at the staircases for a moment, looking down below him, and then moves on through the south door.

[Jasmin]: "I know. I've all ready been in there once," she says, as she takes a step back from him. "Why is it you are so...attracted to me now? You wouldn't give me the time of day when I was just a nobody."

[JadedDM]:  Aidan enters a guest bedroom.  It only has two single beds, a desk and chair, and a couple of chests by the beds.  It also contains a full-sized mirror and two nightstands with unlit candles.  Kricket is here, examining himself in the mirror.  He turns to face Aidan when he enters.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel:  "I remember we had a pretty wild time once before."

[Eskar]: "Well if you see her. Please be to telling her." Eskar looks at the door. "I am thinking that something not ghost is here. I am finding scratched pillow. And lit fires. There that is my idea."

[Aidan]: "Oh, hello," Aidan says.  "I thought you and Jasmin might still have been chatting."

[JadedDM]:  Liam shakes his head, clearly not understanding Eskar's so-called 'ideas.'  He turns to depart.

[Jasmin]: "It took you awhile to remember," she says as she makes an attempt to brush past him.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket shakes his head.  "No, I last saw her in Lord Tyler's bedroom."

[Eskar]: Eskar shrugs and makes no other comment.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel doesn't allow this.  He takes hold of her as she passes by.

[Aidan]: "Hm.  How long ago was that?"

[JadedDM]:  Kricket shrugs.  "Twenty minutes or so."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks down at his arm once he grabs her. "Not letting me go are you?" she asks in almost a purr.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel:  "Not this time," he says, pulling her in for a rough kiss.

[Aidan]: "I see.  Thank you," he says politely, then calmly closes the door he entered through before running towards the nice bedroom he had run into.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan returns to the balcony, heads west to the hallway, north into the study, and then finally west back into the bedroom.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin returns the kiss for a few moments before she tries to push him away. "I don't respond well to just being taken."

[Aidan]: Aidan opens the door to the bedroom, looking around for anyone, or signs of people passing through recently.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel shrugs, as if this is no concern of his, and scoops her up in his arms before walking towards the bedroom.

[JadedDM]:  Nothing looks different from the last time he was there.

[Aidan]: Aidan curses, then makes his way quickly back to the room with the stairs, and heads back down.

[JadedDM]:  At a full run, Aidan goes through the study, the hallway, and back to the staircases where he reaches the main hall with the shattered chandelier.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin just looks stunned as she is taken to the bedroom. "Answer me this one question."

[JadedDM]:  Cardel kicks open the door to the study and begins walking through it.  "Yeah?"

[Aidan]: Aidan looks around the main hall, wondering at which door to choose.

[Jasmin]: "How long have you really known who I am?" she asks curiously, looking up to him.

[JadedDM]:  There is the door to the west (waiting room), to the south (hallway) and the door to the east (dining hall.)

[JadedDM]:  Cardel kicks open the bedroom door, and then uses his leg to push it close.  "Since father told me," he said, setting her on the bed.

[Aidan]: Aidan takes a look at the other two doors for a moment, and then walks back through the familiar east door.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin allows herself to be set down. "When did he tell you?"

[JadedDM]:  Aidan returns to the dining hall.  The kitchen is to the east, and the hallway to the south.

[Aidan]: Aidan sighs and returns to the kitchen.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel shrugs as he takes off his clothes.  "The night before the ball, I think."

[JadedDM]:  Aidan re-enters the kitchen, where an enlarged Eskar continues sitting.

[Eskar]: Eskar looks hopefully at the man. "Well?"

[Aidan]: "I've been all over, and I haven't found either Jasmin or Gaheris."

[Jasmin]: "Thought so," Jasmin mutters to herself as she watches him. "Do you really think I'm going to go through with this?"

[Eskar]: "What do we do?"

[JadedDM]:  Cardel:  "Can you honestly say you don't want to," he asks, getting into bed with her.

[Aidan]: "I've no idea.  I've run into both Cardel and Kricket, but I didn't particularly think I should tell them about that thing.  How is it, by the way?"

[JadedDM]:  The creature seems to have calmed down, apparently having worn itself out.

[Jasmin]: "Oh, I didn't say I didn't want to." Jasmin takes hold of Radiant Star and puts it up to his throat so he doesn't get too much closer to her. "How do I know this isn't just a mere distraction to keep me away from my friends?"

[Eskar]: Eskar shrugs. "It is fine."

[JadedDM]:  Cardel holds still.  "Look down," he says.  "You can see I'm being sincere."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin does indeed look down, but quickly looks back up to him. "Cardel, when aren't you like that?"

[Aidan]: Aidan sighs.  "Well, perhaps we can take it with us while we search.  Or I can blast it again, I suppose.  Do you think we should keep it alive for the time being?"

[JadedDM]:  Cardel: "Are you going to put down that sword now?" he asks.

[Eskar]: "I am wanting to keep it alive. But it has sharp claws. Find something that can be holding it. Maybe something in here?" Eskar looks around.

[Aidan]: "Hmm."  Aidan looks around the kitchen for a rope or something similar.

[JadedDM]:  There is no rope that he can find, mostly just plates, cloth napkins, and utensils, as well as frying pans and pots.

[Aidan]: Aidan picks up some napkins, then sighs, dropping them.  Suddenly, he lifts the hand bearing the gold ring with feral eyes, and turns towards Eskar and the creature, and begins to concentrate on the creature.

[JadedDM]:  Nothing visibly happens.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks towards the close door as if expecting someone to burst right on in. In a way, she almost looks like she is hoping someone will burst right on in, but in the end she lets the sword fall from his throat. Though, she leans in and kisses him passionately, as she can't say she doesn't want it.

[Aidan]: Aidan concentrates on the creature, attempting a mental command to have it wriggle and call out.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin and Cardel spend some time up there, alone.

[JadedDM]:  The creature continues to lie there, tired, underneath Eskar.

[Aidan]: Aidan sighs and drops the hand with the ring.  "Well.  I guess we could try tying it with napkins?"

[Eskar]: Eskar sighs. "This is going to be a funny story. But not now. Go find Jasmin."

[Aidan]: Aidan rolls his eyes and heads back out into the dining hall.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan returns to the dining room, and finds it unoccupied.

[Aidan]: Aidan heads back to the main hall.

[Eskar]: Eskar looks down at the creature, trying to get a better look at it for the first time. "I am to be sorry my friend. We may kill you. You don't seem that bad."

[JadedDM]:  Aidan finds it also unoccupied.

[Aidan]: Aidan goes to the west door and opens it.

[JadedDM]:  The creature hisses weakly.  It almost looks like a small goblin, except for the bat-like wings.  It's rather ugly, in a way.  It's bald and does not wear any clothes.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan has returned to the waiting room.

[Aidan]: Aidan goes through the south door.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan has returned to the long hallway.  He spots someone on the other side.

[Aidan]: Aidan heads cautiously towards the other person.

[Eskar]: "The more I am thinking about it, the more I am liking you. You are ugly though. I am wondering why you are here you see. Why make us kill you?"

[JadedDM]:  Moving quietly, the other person does not seem to notice him.  It is Kricket, casually strolling eastward.

[JadedDM]:  The creature grumbles something incomprehensible.

[Aidan]: Aidan stays where he is and lets Kricket continue.

[Eskar]: Eskar scratches his beard with a free hand. "If you can be understanding me, hiss once."

[JadedDM]:  Kricket continues on, reaching the doors at the end and heading through them.

[JadedDM]:  The creature grumbles further.

[Aidan]: Aidan walks over to the space Kricket came from.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan reaches the central doors in the hallway.  The blue tapestries are still present.

[Eskar]: "Oh well. This makes things hard you see, my friend. If you were to be talking I could just say not to come back instead of killing."

[Aidan]: Aidan heads through the doors.

[JadedDM]:  As Eskar sits there, he hears something enter from the dining hall.  But when he looks that way, there is nothing there.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan returns to the main room with the shattered chandelier and stairways.

[JadedDM]:  After getting it all out of their systems, Cardel eventually pulls away from Jasmin and rolls over, a big satisfied grin on his face.

[Aidan]: Aidan curses.  After a pause, he repeats the curse, shouting it.

[Eskar]: Eskar fumbles for his sword. "I was forgetting there were more than just you my friend. Trouble."

[JadedDM]:  Kricket comes running in from the dining hall.  He pauses when he sees Aidan.  "What?  I heard shouting."

[JadedDM]:  Eskar grabs his sword, but he cannot see anyone nearby.  He does hear something scrape against the floor to the right, though.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin stretches out a bit looking rather satisfied herself, but it only lasts a few moments before she is sitting up so she can get dressed.

[Eskar]: Eskar looks over there.

[Aidan]: Aidan shrugs.  "I tripped and fell.  Sorry."

[JadedDM]:  Cardel:  "In a hurry, are you?"

[JadedDM]:  He sees something scurry behind a counter quickly.

[JadedDM]:  Kricket sighs, lowering his rapier.  "You should watch where you are stepping then."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin glances over to Cardel curiously. "Aww, you want me to stay?" she asks teasingly.

[Eskar]: Eskar bellows loudly, very, very loudly for help.

[Aidan]: "I should, yes."  Aidan heads through the south doors.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel gets up, as well, dressing himself.  "May as well find that ghost, now that we've messed up Lord Tyler's bed.  Imagine the look on his face if he knew."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin laughs lightly as she gets dressed. "I suggest we work together, at least until we run into our groups."

[JadedDM]:  One of the creatures hops up on top of the counter, a butcher knife in his hand.  He looks different--slightly bigger with a white mohawk of hair on his head.  He's also wearing a belt with a couple of pouches tied to it.  A second one picks up a pot and pan and wields them like clubs.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan returns to the long hallway with the blue tapestries.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel nods.  "We work so well together all ready."

[Jasmin]: "I haven't even shown you half of what I can do," she says while picking up her swords.

[Eskar]: The duergar faces them all. "Look my friends. I am just wanting you to go. We don't have to fight"

[JadedDM]:  Cardel picks up his axe.  "Maybe you can show me when we're done with this job," he suggests.

[Aidan]: Aidan mutters another curse.  "Enough of this," he says to himself.  "I'll just kill the damned thing."  He heads back towards the kitchen.

[JadedDM]:  The mohawk one barks some order in his own tongue.  The second one responds by throwing pots and pans at Eskar.

[Jasmin]: "We'll see," she says before moving for the door. "Wait. I'm going to let you go first. The last time I went first, I was almost killed by a chandelier."

[Eskar]: Eskar cannot help but bark out some laughter as he tries to shield himself from the pots and pans... with his shield.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel:  "Right," he says, walking past her and patting her rear.  "Wouldn't want anything to hurt that pretty face, right?"  He steps back into the study.

[JadedDM]:  The first two bounce off of Eskar's shield, but the creature is not discouraged.  He continues picking up kitchen utensils, plates, and pots and pans and hurling them.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin follows after him, giving his butt a poke with her sword. "I can't have that, now can I?" she asks playfully.

[JadedDM]:  As Aidan steps into the dining hall, he hears Eskar roar with laughter from the kitchen.  He also hears the clatter of pots and pans.

[Aidan]: Aidan raises an eyebrow and hurries into the kitchen.

[Eskar]: Eskar cannot help but find the whole situation very comical. He lets out another bellow for help.

[JadedDM]:  As the two walk through the library, Jasmin is surprised to find that the fireplace is now lit.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin takes hold of Cardel's arm before she points to the fireplace. "That wasn't lit earlier."

[JadedDM]:  Aidan rushes in to see quite a sight.  Another of the creatures, a bigger one with a white mohawk and a belt with pouches is carrying a butcher knife and standing on one of the counters.  He is egging on a second creature, which is hurling pots, pans and other utensils at the sitting dwarf.  One bounces off his shield, but another one smacks him in the face.  The creatures laugh manically at this.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel:  "Maybe Liam or father lit it.  Or one of your guys."

[Jasmin]: "What would be the point though?" Jasmin asks as she moves to inspect the fireplace.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin gets closer and sees something in the fire itself, moving around.  She can't make it out at this distance, though.

[Aidan]: Aidan scowls, chanting an incantation and contorting his fingers.

[Eskar]: His face now stinging the dwarf loses all semblance of comedic value. He tries bashing the original's head into the ground.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin moves closer to the fire to get a better look at the thing moving around.

[JadedDM]:  Suddenly, a gout of flame erupts from the fireplace, as if the fireplace were spitting at her.

[Jasmin]: [1d20] -> [12] = (12)

[Aidan]: Aidan finishes his spell, a bolt of energy shooting off towards the creature with the pots, and two shooting towards the creature with the knife.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin falls back on her behind as the gout of flame suddenly erupts in front of her face. She cries out more out of being scared than anything else, and her hand goes to her nose.

[JadedDM]:  Eskar grabs the head of the sitting one, and tries bashing it into the ground.  This seems to annoy it greatly.

[Aidan]: [1d4+1] => [4,1] = (5)

[Aidan]: [1d4+1] => [1,2,2] = (5)

[Aidan]: [1d4+1] => [2,1] = (3)

[JadedDM]:  A creature, small and leathery, leaps from the fire and runs toward the curtains.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin points to the curtains. "There! I saw that thing in another room."

[JadedDM]:  Cardel goes to the curtains, readying his axe.  However, the curtains fall over him.  As he struggles to get free, Jasmin spots the creature making a break for the east door.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin pushes herself up and runs for the east door, hoping to block the exit before the creature can escape.

[Aidan]: The knife-wielding creature is slammed back against the counter, and the pot-wielding creature is zapped uncomfortably.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin blocks the creature's way, so it skids to a halt right in front of her.  It's an ugly little thing, like a goblin with wings.  It's only about a foot and a 1/2 high.

[JadedDM]:  (Actions for Round 1?)

[Eskar]: Eskar continues to holler for help, and keeps sitting on the one he is and defending himself, resigned to the fact he can do nothing.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin points her sword at the creature. "A gargoyle," she says absently.

[JadedDM]:  The creature turns and tries to run out the other way, as Cardel attempts to cut himself out of the heavy curtains.

[Aidan]: Aidan begins casting another spell.

[Aidan]: [1d10] => [2] = (2)

[JadedDM]:  Pot Throwing Creature's turn.

[Jasmin]: As the creature tries to run, she tries to stab Radiant Star down upon it.

[Jasmin]: [1d20] -> [20] = (20)

[JadedDM]:  It hurls a plate and a kitchen fork, but both are blocked by the dwarf's shield.

[JadedDM]:  Aidan's turn.

[Jasmin]: [2d6+3] -> [4,1,3] = (8)

[Aidan]: Aidan contorts his fingers once more, repeating the incantation he spoke just a moment ago.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin stabs Radiant Star into the creature's back, causing the creature's skin to sizzle a bit. The creature cries out in a great amount of pain, but it still lives sadly enough.

[Aidan]: [1d4+1] => [1,1] = (2)

[Aidan]: [1d4+1] => [3,1] = (4)

[Aidan]: [1d4+1] => [3,1] = (4)

[JadedDM]:  Cardel gets out of the curtains, annoyed.  He raises his axe and brings it down on the creature as it attempts to run by him.  He cuts it in twain, his weapon having the same effect on it.

[Aidan]: This time, the knife-wielding Thing is zapped uncomfortably, while the pot-wielding Thing is slammed against the counter.

[JadedDM]:  The creature with the mohawk has had enough.  He mutters something and then slowly fades away.  The second one grumbles and tries to escape through the door Aidan came through.

[JadedDM]:  (Actions for Round 2?)

[Aidan]: Aidan tries to close and block the door.

[Jasmin]: "It did the same thing to me in the other room," Jasmin says as she looks down upon the gargoyle before finally rubbing the burn on her nose.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel swears.  "Damn it all...I should have known it wasn't real ghosts."

[JadedDM]:  Creature's turn.

[Jasmin]: "Really wanting a ghost were you?" she asks, laughing lightly.

[JadedDM]:  The creature rushes forward at Aidan, biting at him.  It latches its teeth on his arm and snarls.

[JadedDM]:  Cardel snorts, looking at the creature's remains.  "Better than an infestation of gremlins!"

[Aidan]: Aidan shouts in pain.

[Eskar]: Eskar, having had enough of these things, keeps a firm grip on the goblin he has and tries getting to his feet, swinging it around and around in circles.

[Jasmin]: "Well, we better search for the others," Jasmin groans in annoyance. "And this is a big mansion."

[JadedDM]:  Cardel grunts.  "We've fought gremlins before.  Where there is one, there are always more.  And they're harder to get rid of than giant cockroaches."

[JadedDM]:  (Actions for Round 3?)

[Jasmin]: Jasmin pats Cardel on the back. "Come on, big boy," she says, sounding amused. "Not as thrilling as I would like, but it works I guess," she says."

[Eskar]: Eskar moves over to Aidan and tries to pry the other Gremlin off of him with his free hand. He just holds onto the other goblin tightly.

[Aidan]: Aidan grabs the thing on him and runs towards Eskar.

[Eskar]: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)

[Aidan]: [1d10] => [6] = (6)

[JadedDM]:  Eskar's turn.

[Eskar]: [1d20] -> [19] = (19)

[JadedDM]:  Cardel nods.  "Where to?"

[Eskar]: Eskar grabs the second goblin, now swinging both in circles on either side of him. He grits his teeth and tries to smack them into each other right in front of him.

[Jasmin]: "I guess the next room," Jasmin says as she moves out of the library that they are in.

[JadedDM]:  The two creatures are smashed into each other.  They begin biting and wriggling to get free of Eskar's grip.

[JadedDM]:  Jasmin and Cardel head back into the hallway with the glass doors.  This time, Cardel keeps his axe at the ready.

[Eskar]: Eskar just tears them apart and gets a good idea, he keeps them at his sides, swinging in circles to keep them from doing anything. "Aidan. Door."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin keeps Radiant Star and Scalebiter at the ready as she moves through the hallway. She keeps her eyes and ears open for the little gremlins.

[Aidan]: "What about the door?"  Aidan asks grumpily, rubbing his new bite marks.

[Eskar]: "Open it. Going to be taking them outside."

[Aidan]: Aidan mutters and opens the door, stepping through it and holding it open for Eskar.

[JadedDM]:  Eskar steps out into the dining hall.

[Eskar]: Eskar looks wild eyed and slams both creatures into the ground, jumping on top of them as best he can.

[JadedDM]: Okay...we'll end it here, folks.

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