Session 10:
Number Six


[JadedDM]: Saffir 10th, Flameday; 10 bells. The party has met up again at the library before their mission, to discuss final strategies and prepare for what may be their last fight.

[JadedDM]: The five of them sit around a table. Meschior speaks up first. "After doing some research with Loreleii, we have learned that if this man is indeed a cleric of the Devourer, then his greatest power is the ability to bend and confuse people's minds and perceptions. The texts read they can 'warp sights and sounds.'"

[Daufer]: Daufer is silent for a moment as he digests the information. "Is there no way to combat such power?"

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks up from studying the table's grooves upon hearing Meschior. For probably the first time a bit of fear seems to show through her eyes. "I'm not sure I like the sound of that."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "I guess it means we can't fully trust our senses."

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "I can ask for Renos' blessing, to give us a slight edge."

[Jasmin]: "A slight edge?"

[JadedDM]: Meschior nods. "I am afraid my lack of training recently has left me behind. But I will do what I can to help."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin nods. "I guess anything to help. Did you learn anything else?"

[Daufer]: "The main problem is that horn," Daufer says. "If we can get it out of his hands, it'll be four against one."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Also, we need to actually find him."

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "I think I can help in that matter."

[Jasmin]: "Help in which matter? The horn or the finding him part?"

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "Locating him. Using the map Loreleii provided, I can call upon Renos to help me sniff out the man's evil. If he is an agent of the Dark Lord, than he will be unable to hide the black aura over his soul."

[Daufer]: "One problem solved," Daufer says.  "Gaheris," he says, "Would it be possible for you to shoot the horn from his hands, before he has a chance to sound it again?"

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Yeah, if I can get a clear shot."

[Jasmin]: "Which means I have to be out of the way for him to do it."

[Daufer]: "He only needs a clear line of sight," Daufer says. "You could still charge from his flank."

[Jasmin]: "So what is the general plan here then?"

[Daufer]: "We go to the mines, locate him with Meschior's help," Daufer says. "Approach cautiously. Then we strike."

[Jasmin]: "What about that...demon thing you did to me with the grue? I really just want any advantage I can get with someone that can have access to controlling my mind."

[Daufer]: "Hmm. They may be of some help, but..." Daufer begins. "It's possible that he may still be able to trick your mind."

[Jasmin]: "Maybe, but at least it is something. I still have that fire breathing potion too, so that might be helpful."

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "Renos' blessing may help with protecting our minds."

[Daufer]: "Use the potion first," Daufer says. "During that time, I shall call the Dark Lady's blessing upon you."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin glances over to Meschior. "I'm counting on Renos and you for that one." She smiles faintly to him before looking back to Daufer. "So you want me to use it right away?"

[Daufer]: Daufer nods.

[Jasmin]: "If that is the case, then I would suggest everyone stay behind me when I do it. I don't want to accidentally hit any of you."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris stands up. "Well...let's go make history."

[Daufer]: Daufer stands as well. "Agreed."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin pushes herself up from her chair.

[JadedDM]: Loreleii: "Be careful," she warns, casting a glance to Meschior.

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "The gods are with us," he says, smiling.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin smiles faintly to Meschior before she turns to Gaheris. "Gaheris?"

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Yeah, kitten?"

[Jasmin]: Jasmin bites her lower lip gently before she wraps her arms around him quickly.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris pats her back awkwardly. "Geez, kitten, come on. You live for this kind of thing."

[Jasmin]: "It's for luck. You need it after all," she says in a huff before she makes her way for the door.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris shrugs. "Let's go then." He follows her.

[Daufer]: Resting his maul on his shoulder, he shrugs and follows after them.

[JadedDM]: The four leave the library and head to the mines. The air seems charged with energy, as if the gods really are looking on, wondering who will walk out of the mine alive. Gaheris gives the papers he received from the Viscount to the guards, and they let them inside.

[Jasmin]: Once entering the mines, Jasmin pulls out Radiant Star for light. "So where are we heading?"

[Daufer]: "How deep inside the mines do we have to be," Daufer says, "Till you can locate him?"

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "The large chamber, in the center. I can get a reading best there," he reasons.

[Daufer]: "You have the map," Daufer says. "Lead the way."

[JadedDM]: The four head through the main corridor, turning south at the first fork. Gaheris smirks. "It's ironic, isn't it?"

[Daufer]: "What?" Daufer replies.

[Jasmin]: "What is?"

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Our first real job was in these mines. And now, after everything, we're back here."

[Daufer]: "I believe our first job was actually in the cellar of the Mirthful Miner," Daufer says.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin giggles lightly at Daufer. "So this would have been our second job."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "If you can count that as a real job. But that hole leads to the mines, so same thing," he says.

[Daufer]: "If I recall, gold exchanged hands," Daufer says and shrugs.

[JadedDM]: The four reach the entrance of the central chamber, after crawling over the partial cave-in. The only source of light is Jasmin's sword. The tool sheds stand in the center, and there are paths to the northeast, southwest, and southeast.

[Jasmin]: "It wasn't a big amount of gold, so Gaheris doesn't count it."

[Daufer]: "That man was searching one of these tool sheds, wasn't he?" Daufer says.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks around the central chamber before looking to Meschior. "I think it is time for you to show us some of Renos' power."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Yeah. I wonder what for. Mining tools?"

[JadedDM]: Meschior nods to Jasmin and heads to the center of the room, his hand on his holy symbol.

[Jasmin]: "It would make sense if he is trying to open a portal to the Abyss. He might have to...dig a bit." Jasmin shrugs slightly.

[JadedDM]: Meschior closes his eyes and begins to pray. "Renos, Guardian of Fire. Impart to me, your humble servant of the flame, the knowledge which I seek." He turns to the northeast and stares in that direction quietly.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin watches Meschior curiously as he works his prayer.

[JadedDM]: After a few moments, he then turns to the southwest and stares in that direction, his hand holding his holy symbol forward.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris crosses his arms. "I feel like we're divining where water is," he mutters.

[JadedDM]: Finally, the acolyte turns to the southeast and stares. He grits his teeth, as if experiencing some sharp pain.

[Jasmin]: "I think he found him," Jasmin points out as she watches Meschior. Finally, she takes a few steps towards the acolyte. "You okay?"

[JadedDM]: Not taking his eyes off of the passage, Meschior stoically nods and lowers his holy symbol. "This way." He heads in that direction.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin follows after him quietly.

[Daufer]: "Hold, Meschior," Daufer says.

[JadedDM]: The acolyte pauses and looks back to Daufer.

[Daufer]: "Don't go in the front," Daufer says. "Leave that to Jasmin and me."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin stops only to look over her shoulder to Daufer.

[JadedDM]: After a moment's thought, he nods and stands aside for the two to pass him by.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin places her free hand on Meschior's shoulder before she moves forward once more.

[Daufer]: Daufer follows.

[JadedDM]: The four enter the passage, which quickly branches off again. One way leads south, to a dead end. The other way leads north, and branches off to the east.

[Daufer]: "Which direction?" Daufer says.

[JadedDM]: Meschior checks both ways, but grunts when he looks to the south. "Overwhelming...evil...."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "It's just a dead-end."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin slowly moves towards the south. "There has to be something there."

[Daufer]: Daufer runs a hand across the wall. "Are you sure about this, Meschior?"

[JadedDM]: As Daufer does this, however, his hand passes right through the wall, as if it were not there. The wall ripples, like water, and then comes to a still after a few seconds.

[Daufer]: Daufer shows surprise as his hand falls through the wall. He brings it back quickly to grip his maul.

[JadedDM]: Meschior watches the wall with awe. "Warp sights and sounds," he repeats.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "An illusion then. Clever."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin stares at the wall in amazement for a few moments before she removes her pack and pulls out the potion she is going to need. "Well, let’s go through and see what waits for us on the other side." With that said, Jasmin moves to stop through the wall.

[JadedDM]: Jasmin steps through the wall, causing it to ripple again. Then she is gone.

[Daufer]: Daufer shakes his head. "Always eager." He steps through after her.

[JadedDM]: Jasmin and Daufer find themselves in a long corridor. They can look behind them and see Gaheris and Meschior through the wall, but they apparently cannot see Jasmin and Daufer. After a moment, the other two join them. At the far end of the corridor is a doorway. Light is shining through it. Voices are heard in the distance. Meschior quickly mutters a prayer to Renos, and a soft light briefly surrounds the four and then vanishes.

[Jasmin]: Upon hearing the voices, Jasmin moves towards the door to just get a peek inside at first.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris grabs her arm before she gets too far. He points at her sword with an annoyed expression.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks to Gaheris sharply then has the light of her sword go out. Once done, she then moves to take the peek.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris quietly follows after her, pausing when they reach the door. He strains to listen.

[Daufer]: Daufer moves as much as he can in his armor and follows after the two.

[JadedDM]: Meschior comes last. As they reach the door, they can hear two people arguing.

[JadedDM]: "We do not appreciate failure, Number Six. You know this," says the first voice. It is a horrible, gravel-like voice. It reminds the party of someone rubbing two stones together. It doesn't even sound human.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin winces as she listens to the voice, though she manages to keep quiet as she listens on.

[JadedDM]: "You told me to watch out for the Tainted Hands and I did. Nobody said anything about this...this...'Shadow Bats' group," replies the second voice, the man-in-black from the sound of it.

[JadedDM]: "That is not our responsibility. You assured us despite your...race," he says, speaking the last word as if it were an insult, "that you could handle things. Now everything is falling apart."

[JadedDM]: "I will take care of them, Number One. You have my assurances of this," answers the man in black.

[Daufer]: Daufer gives Gaheris and Meschior a puzzled look, wondering if they have any idea what is going on.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks about ready to just walk right on in, but she manages to control herself by looking to Gaheris and the others.

[JadedDM]: "See that you...what?" says the first voice. "What was that?"

[JadedDM]: "What? I didn't hear anything," says the man in black.

[JadedDM]: "No...nothing. Nothing at all," replies the first man, a hint of amusement in his voice. "See that you take care of the Shadow Bats, Number Six. If you do not, then we will take care of you."

[JadedDM]: There is a sound, a sort of 'whoosh' and then only silence.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin frowns faintly at the voice only to take a few steps back away from the door.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris looks to the others. He readies his bow and nods.

[Daufer]: Daufer reaches for something in his belt pouch.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin takes a hold of the potion with her free hand, looking to the others as if to ask if she can just charge in yet or not.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris nods to her.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin finally just opens the door the rest of the way and steps inside. "Well, if it isn't the mysterious man in black," she says cheerfully.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris is right behind her, arrow drawn and nocked.

[Daufer]: Daufer follows as well.

[JadedDM]: The lair is fairly spacious, at least fifty feet across, and well-decorated. A thick rug covers the floor, and several tapestries line the walls for warmth and color. On the room's left side, there is a single bed with black sheets, and a painting hanging over it depicting souls being tortured in hell. On the right of the bed is a desk and mirror. On the left side of the bed is a simple chest. Only the left side of the room is illuminated by a few burning braziers. The right side is completely darkened; not even Daufer's infravision can pierce it. The man in black stands by the mirror. He whirls around when Jasmin enters.

[JadedDM]: Number Six: "What? No, how did you...?" He stops. "He knew. He knew and he said nothing. This is my test then."

[Jasmin]: "Yeah, I caught that he knew that we were here. I'm not sure how you couldn't have noticed that," Jasmin says with a smile. "So who are you, Number Six? We all ready know we are going to fight you, but I would at least like to see your face before I do."

[JadedDM]: The man pauses, and then pulls back his hood. "I am called Santeria." He is human, a little over six feet tall. He has short, greasy black hair and a goatee, and beady brown eyes. He looks almost rat-like in appearance. "And I must commend you on finding me. The Tainted Hands never came close."

[Daufer]: "You dropped this," Daufer throws a coin at the man's feet.

[JadedDM]: Santeria bows down to pick up the coin. "And you were able to find me with just this? Amazing. You’re wasting your talents as mere Slayers."

[Jasmin]: "Do you even know what our talents are, besides the fact that we know how to do a little research?"

[JadedDM]: Santeria: "I know you were smart enough to find me out. Oh, I admit. I was not as careful as I could have been. But still, you are to be commended. And because of this, I wish to reward you. I offer you the chance to join me. In return, I can promise you wealth...power...and pleasure," he says, looking to Jasmin at that last word.

[Daufer]: "Your small god is nothing," Daufer says simply.

[Jasmin]: "How can you offer us all of this?"

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "All in return for our souls," he says.

[JadedDM]: Santeria: "With Kulak, all things are possible."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin takes a few steps closer to Santeria, slowly and rather seductively. "What makes you think I would want any of that? Or any of us for that matter?"

[JadedDM]: Gaheris lowers his bow slightly. "What kind of wealth?"

[JadedDM]: Santeria smiles, but reaches for the horn tied on his belt as she approaches. "You see? Everyone has their price. So what will it be? Everything you've ever wanted...or death?"

[Daufer]: "Gaheris!" Daufer shouts.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris, remembering where he is, quickly lets loose the arrow. It flies forward, striking the horn squarely. The horn breaks and falls to the ground. Santeria swears and backs off, cradling his hand.

[Daufer]: Daufer reaches back into his belt pouch and procures a strand of white cloth and lays a hand on Jasmin, chanting words to a prayer.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin glances over her shoulder to Gaheris with a smile before turning back to Santeria. "You could offer me all the pleasure in the world, but it wouldn't be worth it for me. I like to fight for my pleasure." With that said, she uncorks the fire breathing potion and takes a swig.

[JadedDM]: Santeria: "A pity," he says, rubbing at his hand. "But I do not need the horn to defeat you. I have another pet at my disposal. Tira!" And when he says this name, you hear a growl come from the darkness, behind you all.

[JadedDM]: Two glowing green eyes look at the party from the darkness as the figure emerges. At first glance, it appears to be a puma or panther, but it is much larger--at least 10 feet across. Its muscles are sleek and powerful, particularly in all six--yes, six!--legs. And from its shoulders protrude a pair of tentacles, tipped with rough, horny edges. The monster roars as its tentacles wriggle in anticipation of battle.

[Daufer]: ((Uh...))

[Jasmin]: (shit.)

[Daufer]: Daufer finishes the last word to his prayer and immediately, vigor comes to Jasmin's limbs, allowing her to move more easily.

[Daufer]: [1d8] -> [2] = (2)

[JadedDM]: Santeria: "Tira, my precious. It is feeding time."

[JadedDM]: The displacer beast is behind you, Santeria is in front. He begins to prayer as the creature roars once more. Actions for Round 1?

[Daufer]: Daufer puts his hands together and concentrates.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin takes a drink from the potion and lets the fire fly towards Santeria.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)

[Jasmin]: [1d10] -> [9] = (9)

[JadedDM]: Daufer's turn.

[Daufer]: From Daufer armored frame, a black shadow arises, darker than even the shadows below the mines. Its sweeps forward and through Jasmin's back.
[Jasmin]: Despite the fact she knows it will help, Jasmin fights off the shadow. So while her eyes glow red for only a moment and her muscles do seem to bulge, the shadow seems to slip back out of her and vanishes away.

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria completes his prayer to his dark god, pointing at the party.

[JadedDM]: (I need a saving throw from Jasmin.)

[Jasmin]: [1d20] -> [12] = (12)

[JadedDM]: Jasmin and Meschior are suddenly completely paralyzed, unable to move or act.

[JadedDM]: Meschior's turn.

[JadedDM]: Meschior is unable to move.

[JadedDM]: Tira's turn.

[JadedDM]: The creature moves forward, whipping a tentacle at Gaheris and Daufer, but both are able to duck in time.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: He fires an arrow at the displacer beast, but it merely scrapes its third leg.

[JadedDM]: Jasmin's turn.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin can't move.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris fires another arrow at the best, this one grazing a tentacle.

[JadedDM]: Jasmin and Meschior are paralyzed. Santeria begins praying again. Actions for Round 2?

[Jasmin]: Jasmin pretty much stands there as she can't move.

[Daufer]: "Gaheris, take the priest," Daufer says, "I'll handle the creature!"

[Daufer]: Daufer attacks Tira.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [3] = (3)

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Right!" He unsheathes his sword and heads to the priest.

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria finishes his prayer, and his hand starts to glow with a dark energy. He reaches for Gaheris, but the thief is able to dodge.

[JadedDM]: Daufer's turn.

[Daufer]: [1d20+1] -> [12,1] = (13)

[Daufer]: [1d10+3] -> [5,3] = (8)

[Daufer]: Daufer gives a mighty swing, hitting Tira's left shoulder.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris stabs right into Santeria's outstretched hand, causing the priest to cry out in horrible pain.

[JadedDM]: Tira's turn.

[JadedDM]: The creature, angered, whips both tentacles toward the hobgoblin. He deflects one with his hammer, but the other strikes him across the chest.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 3?)

[Daufer]: Daufer attacks Tira again.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)

[Jasmin]: Jasmin stands there, powerless to do anything other than watch Gaheris and the priest.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: He thrusts again with his short sword, but the priest ducks and then hops over his bed, putting space between the two.

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria attempts to grab Gaheris again with his glowing hand, but the thief proves nimble once more.

[JadedDM]: Tira's turn.

[JadedDM]: The displacer beast lashes out again, this time striking Daufer's stomach.

[JadedDM]: Daufer's turn.

[Daufer]: [1d20+1] -> [8,1] = (9)

[Daufer]: The pain from his wounds prevents Daufer from counterattacking. He can only grit his teeth against the pain.

[JadedDM]: Daufer's turn.

[Daufer]: [1d20+1] -> [3,1] = (4)

[Daufer]: Daufer gives another weak swing, which the beast dodges nimbly.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 4?)

[Daufer]: Daufer attacks Tira.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria finishes another prayer, and suddenly Gaheris is plunged into darkness.

[Jasmin]: "Mmmfph!" Jasmin manages to make some sort of sound upon seeing Gaheris in trouble, but she is still powerless to do anything.

[JadedDM]: Daufer's turn.

[Daufer]: [1d20+1] -> [20,1] = (21)

[Daufer]: [2d10+6] -> [10,7,6] = (23)

[Daufer]: Daufer lands a solid blow on the displacer beast's head, crushing its skull and spraying blood.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Blinded, Gaheris lashes out wildly with his sword. He nicks him by lucky chance, but that's all.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris is blinded, Meschior and Jasmin are paralyzed. Actions for Round 5?

[Daufer]: Daufer attacks Santeria.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria prays to his dark lord and points at the hobgoblin.

[Daufer]: [1d20] -> [1] = (1)

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris lashes out again, missing Santeria by a mile. "Damn it, I can't see anything! Are we winning?"

[Daufer]: Daufer lowers his maul and looks about the room and shakes his head.  Daufer wonders why he is pointing a dangerous weapon at his good friend, Santeria.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin nearly seems to growl upon hearing Gaheris.

[JadedDM]: Santeria: "Hurry! That madman has betrayed us. He seeks to kill us! Finish him off!" he says, pointing to the blinded thief.

[JadedDM]: Daufer's turn.

[Jasmin]: "Mmmmphf!" Jasmin tries to scream.

[Daufer]: Daufer looks at Santeria, cocking his head to one side.  Why is his good friend asking him to attack another friend?   "Gaheris, stop it, this man is our friend," Daufer says.  "There's no longer any need for fighting.”

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Daufer! Daufer?! I can't see! He's trying to trick you!"

[Daufer]: "You're wrong, Gaheris," Daufer says. "You're the one being deceived, can't you see?"

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Daufer, what the Abyss are you talking about?"

[Jasmin]: Jasmin makes another sound of annoyance.

[Daufer]: "Everything will be okay, you'll see," Daufer says. "Just stop fighting, and everything will be fine."

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 6?)

[Daufer]: Daufer moves to Gaheris.

[Jasmin]: "Mmhm," Jasmin manages to get out hoping that perhaps that Gaheris will hear her.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [4] = (4)

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: An evil gleam in his eye, he reaches Gaheris first. He reaches into the darkness and grabs him with the glowing hand. Gaheris cries out in unseen pain.

[JadedDM]: Daufer's turn.

[Daufer]: "You didn't have to do that!" Daufer says. He goes to Gaheris and tries to tap the sword out of his hands.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin tries to scream out again, but it is only muffled. Tears start to fall down her cheeks, which is not something she is quite used to.

[Daufer]: [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21)

[Daufer]: The sword is jarred from Gaheris' hands and clangs a few feet away.

[JadedDM]: Santeria: "Give up! You can't hit what you can't see!"

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Readying his bow, he nocks an arrow and takes a deep breath. "But I can hit what I can hear." He turns to Santeria and fires twice. The first arrow nicks his shoulder, but the second hits him square in the left leg. He cries out and staggers, and tries to yank the arrow out.

[Daufer]: "Gaheris, stop, I thought we were friends?" Daufer says.  Why must friends attack each other?

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "He's no friend of ours! He's a damn priest of the Devourer! Your enemy, Daufer!"

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 7?)

[Daufer]: Daufer stands within Gaheris' line of sight.

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Pulling the arrow from his leg, he stalks over angrily to Gaheris, knife in hand. The thief hears him coming and dodges the attack, though.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin tries once again to cry out but it is still muffled. Though she certainly sounds frustrated and rather upset.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris fires two more arrows, but they miss Santeria by quite a distance. One hits the bedpost and the other strikes the painting.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin tries to make enough muffled noise to get Santeria's attention. She knows she probably can't do it, but she can't just stand there and do nothing like she is right now.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 8?)

[Daufer]: Daufer stands between the two.

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria: "Take his bow from him, Daufer. Then we can talk some sense into him," he says, remembering to stay calm.

[Daufer]: That's a good idea. That bow's dangerous, it could hurt one of his friends.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris fires another two arrows. One grazes Santeria. The other one is so wildly out of aim that it grazes Daufer.

[Daufer]: Daufer grunts in pain.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 9 of the most pathetic battle I've ever run?)

[Daufer]: I'm about to die. I better heal myself.  Daufer chants words to a prayer.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria sidesteps around Gaheris, coming up behind him. He strikes at his back with his dagger, like a serpent. Gaheris is cut slightly.

[JadedDM]: Daufer's turn.

[Daufer]: Daufer finishes the words to his prayer, and a dark light coalesces around him.

[Daufer]: [1d8] -> [1] = (1)

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris fires two more arrows. The first misses. He merely grazes Santeria with the other.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 10 of the Battle That Never Ends?)

[Daufer]: Daufer goes around behind Gaheris and grabs his arrows.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)
[JadedDM]:  Daufer’s turn
[Daufer]:  [1d20+4] -> [10,4] = (14)

[Daufer]: [1d4] -> [1] = (1)

[Daufer]: Daufer manages to grab a single arrow out of Gaheris' quiver.

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria stabs again with his knife, but the wound in his leg causes him to trip and stumble. He hits the ground with an 'oof!'

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris hears Santeria flop. He fires another arrow, missing. He then concentrates, fires a second--which is also his last sheath arrow--and strikes Santeria in the small of the back. He cries out in agony.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 11?)

[Daufer]: Daufer purloins some more arrows.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)

[JadedDM]: Daufer's turn.

[Daufer]: [1d4] -> [1] = (1)

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[Daufer]: Daufer snatches some more arrows from Gaheris' quiver. "Stop Gaheris, you're making a mistake."

[JadedDM]: Santeria strikes again, this time slicing into Gaheris' backside.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris fires two of his flight arrows. Again, one misses and the other barely grazes the wounded Santeria.

[JadedDM]: Santeria: "You! Daufer. Go and tie the others up, in case they have sided with the archer," he says, realizing his prayer is nearly done.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round freakin' 12?)

[Daufer]: ((I don't have any rope, is there any around here?))

[JadedDM]: (Yeah, there's a little over by the chest.)

[Daufer]: Daufer retrieves the rope and begins tying up Jasmin.

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria scores another hit with his dagger.

[JadedDM]: Daufer succeeds in tying up Jasmin, who of course, cannot resist in any way.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' turn.

[JadedDM]: Again, Gaheris fires two flight arrows. And again, he misses once and grazes the other time. Santeria is starting to look pretty beat up at this point.

[JadedDM]: The paralysis wears off. Actions for round unlucky 13?

[Daufer]: Daufer moves to tie up Meschior.

[Daufer]: [1d10] -> [4] = (4)

[Jasmin]: Jasmin tries to move her toes, and finds that she can. She quickly starts to work on her ropes.

[JadedDM]: Santeria's turn.

[JadedDM]: Santeria stabs Gaheris again.

[JadedDM]: Meschior's turn.

[JadedDM]: Meschior blinks, suddenly able to move. He looks down at his hand, still holding the three magical stones still there. Seeing Daufer come toward him, he quickly hurls them at Santeria.

[JadedDM]: Two miss, but the third one strikes him right in the eye. Santeria falls backward, and hits the ground with a groan. All of his prayers fail.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris can suddenly see again. He blinks and looks around, trying to figure out what happened.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin groans in frustration as she looks over to the fallen Santeria.

[Daufer]: A cloud lifts from Daufer's mind. Looking at the priest with an angry light, he moves forward and kicks him in the chest.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris drops to his knees, exhausted and wounded.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin walks towards the door where no one happens to be and spits out the flame harmlessly.

[Daufer]: Grabbing the priest by the collar, he lifts him up to his face. "Hey, you alive, Devourer priest? You're worth less dead, you know."
[JadedDM]:  Santeria:  He groans, still barely alive.  “When the maw opens,” he says weakly, “you will all…wish you had not…turned down my offer.”  He breathes a rattle and then goes still.

[Daufer]: Daufer lets go of the priest's collar and looks around and starts attending to wounded party members.

[Jasmin]: After spitting out the fire, Jasmin stalks back into the room. "Would someone care to untie me?"

[Daufer]: Daufer begins chanting a prayer over Gaheris.

[Daufer]: [1d8] -> [7] = (7)

[JadedDM]: Meschior assists Jasmin.

[Daufer]: "Sorry, friend," Daufer says stonily. "This is all I can do."

[JadedDM]: Most of Gaheris' wounds, which are small cuts and lacerations, begin to heal up. "Thanks. Glad you snapped out of it."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks over her shoulder to Meschior. "Thank you," she says. Once she is complete untied she walks over to Gaheris and Daufer. "....I'm sorry."

[Daufer]: Daufer begins searching the room, not really careful with how he goes about it.

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "His power was great. He disabled us all. Only the grace of the gods saved us."

[JadedDM]: Daufer finds the chest to be locked.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris stands up. "And my amazing marksmanship," he says, dusting himself off.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks to Gaheris. "Amazing? When you did hit him, you barely managed to do anything to him. Of course, I couldn't do anything so you did better than me," she mutters with a sigh.

[Daufer]: "He was stupid and sloppy," Daufer says.  Daufer also uses a Cure Light Wounds on himself.

[Daufer]: [1d8] -> [6] = (6)

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Based on their conversation, I figure he was the weakest link of the chain."

[Daufer]: "Number Six, was it? So that means there are five more?"  Daufer moves on to the desk.

[JadedDM]: On top of the desk is a golden skull with gemstone eyes. There is also a small drawer under it.

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "At least the mines are safe now. And we can prove that the Duergar is innocent."

[Daufer]: Daufer throws the skull to Gaheris. "At least you got something out of it, hmm?" He moves to open the drawer.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin walks over to Meschior, and rests her head upon his shoulder. "The Drow will be here soon, so we should probably get out of here soon."

[JadedDM]: Inside the drawer are four gems. They are gray, green, brown and blue with circles on them.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris catches the skull and looks it over. "Hmm, yeah. This is worth quite a bit, actually."

[Daufer]: "Damn, no clues about their plan at all here?" Daufer says. He takes four gems and hands them to Gaheris as well.

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "Perhaps he was not as sloppy as we first thought."

[Daufer]: "Can you open that chest, Gaheris?" Daufer says. "Perhaps some information might be inside."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris heads over there and starts fiddling with the lock.

[Daufer]: Daufer moves over to displacer beast and begins cutting tentacles off the beast with the priest's knife.

[JadedDM]: It takes a bit of work, but he manages to pick the lock. He opens the chest and looks inside.

[Daufer]: After freeing the tentacles, he wraps them in a blanket from the bed.

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "Excuse me," he says to Jasmin, and he walks over to the body of Santeria.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin lifts her head to let Meschior move over to Santeria. "What are you going to do with those tentacles, Daufer?"

[Daufer]: "I don't know. We're Slayers, aren't we?" Daufer says. "We slay such beasts. Maybe they'll fetch a price at market.”  Daufer walks over to Meschior near Santeria's body. "Anything on this one," Daufer says contemptuously.

[JadedDM]: Meschior pulls off the man's holy symbol. It is grafted to his chest, so this takes some doing. "Proof," he says, showing him the symbol of a black sun.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris empties the contents of the chest into his pack.

[Daufer]: "Hmm," Daufer says. "Didn't the Karik Orcs worship a black sun?"

[Jasmin]: Jasmin crosses her arms as she watches the others. "I don't really remember, but didn't they worship a goddess?"

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "I believe so."

[Daufer]: Daufer shakes his head. "What'd you find, Gaheris? Anything of importance?"

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "About half a dozen potions...and this scroll. That was it."

[Daufer]: "So, we don't really know anything about what this man was up to."

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "If he was working in a group, we may not have heard the last of them then."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Yeah, well let's omit that little part from our report. Let the Drow think everything is fine, and they'll leave us alone."

[Daufer]: "I don't know if it's that simple," Daufer says. "They know about us. Since this one failed, another may just come to take his place."

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "We will have to remain ever vigilant then. The others may learn from his mistakes."

[Jasmin]: "So we will deal with it when the time comes."

[Daufer]: "I suppose that's how it goes."

[JadedDM]: Meschior: "For now, the hour grows late. We best head to the city jail and give the constables our proof."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin pulls out Radiant Star, and heads out the door quietly. She seems to be a bit...pissy right about now.

[Daufer]: Daufer unburdens the priest of any unnecessary weight and takes hold of his hands.  "We'll need to present the body for proof," Daufer says.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris nods, and makes his way to the exit, after Jasmin.

[Daufer]: Daufer begins the laborious process of dragging the body out of the mines.

[JadedDM]: The four quickly make their way to the Merchant District where the jail can be found. However, just as they are about to reach it, someone screams and points to the sky. A shadow covers them as a wyvern lands right there in the courtyard, a slim figure dressed completely in black riding on its back.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin stops dead in her tracks as she looks up towards the sky with almost a smile. She sheathes Radiant Star. "They're here."

[Daufer]: Daufer lets go of his burden and looks towards the figure in black.  "Yes, they are," Daufer says, almost a whisper.

[JadedDM]: The figure dismounts from its creature and scans the area with its piercing, red eyes from under its cowl. Making sure nobody dares to defy it, the person then pats the snout of the wyvern and heads inside the jail.

[Daufer]: "We better hurry," Daufer says. "Before they execute the dwarf."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks over her shoulder to the others. "We need to hurry if we are going to save that dwarf."

[Daufer]: Daufer picks up the limbs of the priest and continues dragging the body to the jail.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin leads the way to the jail as quickly as possible.

[JadedDM]: The four hurry inside the jail. The dwarf stands inside the nearest cell, his hands wrapped around the bars. The figure in black is speaking to the Viscount, whom looks rather nervous.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris turns to Jasmin. "Kitten...don't...uh, well just don't say anything. Let me do the talking."

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks to Gaheris as if dumbfounded. "But...I always do the talking."

[JadedDM]: The Viscount sees them coming. He's an average-looking man of about 24 years, with green eyes and long black hair that often covers his eyes. "Ah, these are the ones I told you about; the ones who claimed they could find the real culprit."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Trust me on this one." He waves the others to follow him as he approaches the Viscount.

[Daufer]: Daufer moves forward, dragging the body along.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin wrinkles her nose, but follows after Gaheris.

[JadedDM]: The Drow turns to face them. Removing her hood, she reveals her beautiful, but dangerously cold face. She stands only at 4'11", but the party somehow feels small in her presence. Her long white hair cascades down her shoulders and her glowing red eyes scrutinize the four. A silver broach, shaped like a rat, is pinned to her cloak. Gaheris and Meschior quickly drop to their knees in respect.

[Daufer]: Daufer quickly follows.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin studies the woman for only a moment before she drops to her knees in respect as well.

[JadedDM]: Drow: "This is the one?" she says, pointing to the body Daufer carries. Her voice is thick with an elven accent.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin opens her mouth to say something, but quickly closes it upon remembering what Gaheris said to her.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Yes, my lady. We found him hidden in the mines. He is behind the vermin attacks, as well as the grue incident. And we believe he had something to do with the greed demon, as well," he says, keeping his eyes on the ground.

[JadedDM]: Meschior lays the holy symbol at her feet, unable to choke out any words.

[Daufer]: "He was a priest of the Devourer," Daufer says for Meschior.

[JadedDM]: Viscount: "And now he is dead. It would appear, Lady Vonali, that the matter has been taken care of."

[JadedDM]: Vonali: "Rise. All of you."

[Daufer]: Daufer slowly rises to his feet.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin stands upon hearing the command.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris and Meschior do likewise, although the latter cannot seem to meet her gaze.

[JadedDM]: Vonali: "I am Vonali and I speak for my people. We are...pleased...with your work." She turns to the Viscount. "And fully expect that now that the problem has been solved, that the mines and smelter will open again immediately. You will deliver the quota by the end of the week. Or else we will have to return." Although the last part did not sound particularly menacing, the way she says it implies that they do not want that.

[JadedDM]: Viscount: "O-Of course, my lady." He bows deeply. "We will triple our efforts to catch up."

[Jasmin]: "My lady," Jasmin finally speaks, though she has a tone of respect. "What of the dwarf if I may ask?"

[JadedDM]: Gaheris' eyes widen and his teeth grind slightly as he stares at her.

[JadedDM]: Vonali: "That is not my concern." She draws up her cowl. "I shall return to my people and report what I have seen. Do not fail us, servant," she says to the Viscount. She then walks out.

[Daufer]: Daufer relaxes as soon as the drow leaves the room.

[JadedDM]: Once she is gone, it seems as if the light in the room has somehow brightened slightly, and the air is now easier to breathe. The Viscount wipes a handkerchief over his forehead. "Release the dwarf. Round up the miners. Tell them to work overtime. No breaks," he orders his men.  “And dispose of that body.”

[JadedDM]: His guards salute and hurry out to carry out his orders.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin can't help but watch the drow leave before she turns her attention back to the others with a simple shrug.

[JadedDM]: The cage door is swung open and the dwarf steps out. Immediately, his brother materializes nearby and embraces his brother happily. This throws him off and annoys him considerably.

[JadedDM]: Dwarf: "Blast it, brother! You're acting like some widowed sissy! Get a hold of yer self!"

[JadedDM]: Dermer wipes his tears with his beard and bows to the party. "Thank you so much! Dommer and I are forever in your debt. And you will be paid in full for your services."

[Daufer]: "A hundred gold each, plus mithril," Daufer says. "I believe that was what was promised."

[JadedDM]: Dommer grasps at his chest and he starts hopping around. "One hundred gold a piece! What the Abyss were you thinking?!" he shouts at his brother.

[Daufer]: "And the mithril," Daufer adds helpfully to Dommer's statement.

[Jasmin]: Jasmin looks over to Dommer. "It was either that, or you would have been taken care of by the drow. It is an even trade for what we had to do."

[JadedDM]: Dermer: "Yes...if we can secure some, we will give it to you. As for your money, here." He hands the hobgoblin a large sack of money he had strapped to his back.

[JadedDM]: The Viscount steps forward. "The city of Voxis is also grateful for your assistance. What did you call yourselves again?"

[Jasmin]: Jasmin turns her attention to the Viscount in which she smiles to him. "The Shadow Bats, my Lord."

[JadedDM]: Viscount: "Shadow Bats. I shall remember that name in the future. Good luck to you." He then leaves, as well.

[Daufer]: Daufer raises a brow. "That's it? I'm sure he would have paid the Tainted Hands at least something more than gratitude."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Don't underestimate gratitude. He is the most powerful man in the city. I'm sure that will be useful later on."

[Daufer]: Daufer shrugs. "I'm not greedy. I'm just noticing a difference.”

[Jasmin]: "So now what?"
[JadedDM]: Gaheris holds up his hand. "I vote we take a vacation. A long one."

[Daufer]: "Well, I for one, could use a drink," Daufer says.

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "I like that idea, too. Drinks on me."

[Daufer]: Daufer raises a brow. "In that case, I'll have a screamer shot, and maybe some of the old wine..." Daufer murmurs.

[Jasmin]: "I think I might have plans of my own," Jasmin finally says.

[JadedDM]: Dommer: "Now that we're damn near broke, I could use a drink, too."

[JadedDM]: Gaheris: "Let's all head down to the Miner then. We deserve it."

[Daufer]: "Yeah, come join us," Daufer says.

[JadedDM]: And so, the six went to the tavern and drank, and laughed, and had a great time.

[JadedDM]: (THE END!)

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