Session 41:


[JadedDM]: Dymin 8th, Lightday; 666.  Time and weather are unknown.  The two rival parties have managed to survive the night, not only against any wandering threats but also against each other.  Beryl woke first and her men quickly briefed her on the situation, although she was not happy with it.  Psyche awoke this morning (or what you assume was morning), and has just finished studying her spells.  Charr has stayed in his mandolin for the time being, 'recharging', whatever that means.  The tension is thick enough to cut with a dull knife, but so far, the uneasy truce has been maintained.

[Lon]: Lon looks uneasily at Christophe for a few moments.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks up from her spellbook now that she is done with her spells and glances around the room quietly before putting her spellbook up. "Do you all think we can work together to get out of here?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo sits at the chair at the desk, although he has turned it around to face the others.  "Of course," he says.  "We really have no choice, after all."

[Viarra]: Viarra closes her own spell book and rubs the bridge of her nose and forehead.  Her eyes dart towards Psyche when she speaks, but Viarra remains silent for the moment.

[Christophe]: Leaning against the wall, Christophe stares back at Lon, but remains silent.

[JadedDM]: Tugh stays near Psyche, occasionally glancing nervously toward Christophe.  "You strong enough to travel, boss?"

[Psyche]: "I think so." Psyche slowly pushes herself up. "What do we know so far? I don't know what any of you have found out while I've been out of it or what has happened for that matter."

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "Yes, as I am now reassuming command, I need a proper briefing, as well," she insists.

[Viarra]: Viarra glances between the two women when Beryl makes her statement. 

[JadedDM]: Brigin:  "Well," he starts up, since Marcus doesn't say anything, "there's a locked door nearby.  And...a passageway to the south.  And the spider monster is dead."

[JadedDM]: Marcus leans against the wall, his glaive at his side, while crossing his arms.  He says nothing, but keeps an eye on Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Yes.  I'm sure you remember the locked door quite well, captain."

[JadedDM]: Beryl sneers at the priest and crosses her arms.

[Psyche]: Psyche crosses her arms, glancing over to Beryl for a moment before glancing to Adolfo. "What happened with the locked door?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "It is trapped."

[JadedDM]: Tugh:  "Was trapped," she adds in.  "But it's still locked.  We can't budge it."

[Psyche]: Psyche nods slightly. "So we need to find its key then," she says, sighing a bit. "I'm going to have to see the door soon, but we need to first decide who is going to lead this...large group here. It is obvious none of us really trust each other at the moment."

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "The Bloodguard follow me.  And Adolfo is still under our employment."

[Psyche]: "And my group follows me, but your men are going to need our help getting out. We need to work as a team in this."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Miss Psyche, even though our teams may work together, I see no reason why we need to assign a leader of both.  I'm sure we can coordinate with two leaders, one for each group."

[Viarra]: "Adolfo has a point," Viarra says, stifling a yawn.  "We could fight all day over who leads whom where, but, I think this solution is probably the most diplomatic." 

[Psyche]: Psyche nods to Adolfo. "Agreed."

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "Adolfo, is this locked door really worth further investigation?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "If Solnack thought it necessary to lock it up, despite his confidence that nobody could ever make it inside his lair, I would guess he must have something valuable inside."

[Psyche]: "Are there other rooms that need to be explored?"

[JadedDM]: Tugh:  "We were about to explore the southern passage, when we heard a scream.  That's when we came back here."

[Psyche]: "A scream?"

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "I thought nobody else was down here?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "We cannot say for sure."

[JadedDM]: Brigin shivers.  "Maybe another...experiment?"

[Lon]: "We'll just have to be careful."

[Psyche]: "It’s possible, but Lon is right. We will have to be careful. Either way, we can't stay in here all day, so let’s get moving. I want to stop by this door and look it over before we move off to the southern passage."

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "Adolfo, let's go.  Brigin, flank."  She stands, adjusts her belt, and then walks out, with glaive in hand.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo taps his axe and it becomes illuminated again.  He walks out with her.

[JadedDM]: Marcus and Brigin both snap to attention.  As Brigin walks out, Marcus glances to Psyche.  "You still owe me, you know that?"

[Psyche]: "Christophe, Lon, you two please lead." Psyche then turns to Marcus. "What exactly do you think I owe you? We picked you for a reason...Marcus, was it?

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "I was demoted and sent on this hellish expedition because they found me, drunk and naked, and tied up, in the stables.  Now, I wish I could say it was worth it, but from what I remember, nothing actually happened.  So the way I see it, you still owe me a tumble in the hay to even things out."

[JadedDM]: Tugh groans.  "Is that all men think about?"

[Christophe]: Christophe stands there, holding the handle of the hand axe tightly. "I'm not walking ahead of that little piece of cruk." He nods at the goblin.

[JadedDM]: Marcus glances down at the goblin and gives a sardonic smile.  "No.  Sometimes I think about money, violence, and power, too."

[Lon]: Lon walks to the front of the room, waiting quietly.

[Viarra]: "We'll go ahead," Viarra volunteers, getting up to go to the front of the room.

[Psyche]: "Well, you aren't going to get any of that from me, Marcus. I'm sorry for what we did to you, but we needed you. The fact you are still alive is kind of amazing though." Psyche turns to Christophe. "No, Viarra. Christophe is going to be in front, due to the fact he we need his protection. Tugh will stand by me."

[JadedDM]: Marcus snorts.  "We'll see about that."  He turns and walks out, nearly shoving Lon out of the way to get by.

[Lon]: Lon looks mildly at Marcus walking off.

[Christophe]: Christophe doesn't move an inch. "Order me again, wizard... put the green-skinned snotling in front. It'll give us a better warning sign."

[Psyche]: "Better warning sign when we accidentally kill her when she doesn't find a trap? I promised her she would get out of this alive, and I'm going to try and hold that promise." Psyche sighs. "I don't know what happened while I was out, but I can tell it wasn't good whatever it was. I'm asking you to please just take point. I'll make sure she doesn't do anything to you, okay?"

[Christophe]: Christophe nods. "Yes... it would be a better warning sign." He shoves his way through Psyche and Tugh similar to Marcus and leaves the room.

[Lon]: Lon leaves after Christophe.

[Psyche]: Psyche glances to Viarra and Lon, "I hope someone explains this to me sometime." Psyche then takes Tugh's hand and walks out of the room.

[Viarra]: "Later,” Viarra promises. 

[JadedDM]: The party exits the room and heads down the short corridor that leads to the locked door.  Marcus and Brigin stand guard, facing the party, keeping their eyes on them in case they try anything.  Adolfo and Beryl examine the stone door.

[Psyche]: Psyche walks over to where Adolfo and Beryl are to examine the stone door along with them.

[Lon]: Lon walks past the Bloodguard and into the corridor directly in front of the door, giving Psyche, Adolfo, and Beryl plenty of space.

[JadedDM]: The stone door has an indention carved onto it, shaped like an oval with four dots on the left and four on the right.  Otherwise, it is without features.

[Psyche]: "We have a theme going on here. The key to this door is probably a spider."

[Lon]: "I thought it looked a little like one."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "A spider?  I have not seen any, other than that wretched beast."

[Psyche]: "I saw a spider, but I'm not going back in that room to get it." Psyche shudders.

[Lon]: "I'll go get it," Lon volunteers.

[Psyche]: Psyche glances over her shoulder to Lon. "That room almost killed me. Who is to say it won't do it to you too?"

[Lon]: "I'll stay clear of the moss," Lon says.

[Viarra]: "I'll go with him, just in case anything happens.  We were in that room for some time before you found the brown moss,” Viarra points out.

[Christophe]: Christophe simply shakes his head.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "You will need light."

[Psyche]: Psyche pulls out some glowing moss from her pouch. “Shirak!” she says before the moss vanishes to create light shining upon her staff.  Psyche then hands Viarra her staff. "That should work."

[Viarra]: "Thanks."  Viarra flashes a smile at Psyche and heads out to Lon in the corridor. 

[Lon]: Lon walks in the direction of the kitchen, calling out behind him, "We'll be back soon."

[Viarra]: "We really should be careful,” Viarra whispers to Lon, once they're a bit away.  "That spider, as I recall, was close to where Psyche... found the moss."

[Lon]: "We'll have to manage," Lon replies.

[JadedDM]: Lon and Viarra return to the kitchen with no difficulty by retracing their steps.  The room is still rather chilly.  There are metallic piles of dust scattered about the floor and an old, wooden table in the center with a chair.  On the table is a bowl of moldy, cold soup.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo turns back to the others.  "Even if what we are searching for is in this room, there's still the matter of getting out of here."

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over the group left behind. "What exactly are you doing down here, Adolfo?"

[Lon]: Lon looks around the room, "Now, where'd that spider go?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "I am under the employment of the Bloodguard to help guide them on this expedition."

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "Yeah, some guide you've been so far."

[Viarra]: Viarra nods in agreement.  "You don't happen to have any rope on you, do you?" Viarra asks, somewhat belatedly. 

[Psyche]: Psyche raises an eyebrow at Beryl for a moment. "For all we know, the way out could be behind this door."

[JadedDM]: Lon spots the spider on the floor by the back wall.  It's black and about the size of his hand, but it does not move at all.  The patch of mold is directly above it.

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "I'm not so optimistic."

[Lon]: "Hmm…" Lon studies the situation for a moment, before trying to reach the spider with his staff.

[Psyche]: "There is still the southern passage to consider as well. I doubt Solnack built this place without some kind of exit."

[JadedDM]: (How close does Lon get to the spider?  His quarterstaff is about 7 feet long.)

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Considering the dubious entrance, I have to wonder."

[Psyche]: "It kind of makes sense, considering that he was a mage."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Then you should be able to deduce something, as you are of the same profession."

[Psyche]: "Yet I'm not exactly evil. But it is possible that he got in and out by using teleporting spell. That way he didn't have to bother with an exit or entrance for that matter."

[Lon]: ((Actually, I do have a question.))

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Can you also teleport then?"

[JadedDM]: (Yes?)

[Lon]: ((Is the north wall the side that's 25 ft or 20 ft?))

[JadedDM]: (The north wall is 25')

[Lon]: ((And the table's in the middle?))

[Lon]: "Looks like I'll have to get closer," Lon says. "Unless you want to try?"

[JadedDM]: (Yes.)

[Psyche]: Psyche shakes her head," No, not yet. I do have a scroll with the spell upon it, but it is a bit more advanced. If I tried, it could go terribly wrong."

[Viarra]: ((How long is Viarra's whip?))

[JadedDM]: (About 5 feet)

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "So we may be stuck here, is what you are saying."

[Viarra]: "Here."  Viarra fingers the whip at her belt.  "At least let me tie this to you, first, so in case you get too close, I can try to pull you away."

[Lon]: Lon patiently waits for Viarra to finish tying the whip around him. "Alright, I'm ready." Lon inches towards the spider.

[Psyche]: Psyche nods.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "So this place will become our tomb.  Nice."

[Viarra]: Viarra keeps a firm grip on her end of the whip and studies Lon as he moves. 

[JadedDM]: (How close does Lon get?)

[Lon]: ((Can we try moving one foot at a time?))

[JadedDM]: (Yeah.)

[Psyche]: "I don't think it would be wise to memorize a teleporting spell every time one left and returned though. He could very well have a device that teleported him out, much like a crystal teleported us in.”

[Lon]: Lon takes an uneasy step forward, reaching the staff out before him.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Why would that be unwise?"

[JadedDM]: (But how far away from the wall is he now?)

[Lon]: ((8 ft now.))

[JadedDM]: Lon inches closer, but his staff is still about a foot short of touching the spider.

[Lon]: Lon takes another step forward.

[JadedDM]: Lon is now just close enough so the tip of his staff can touch the spider.

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "It sure is taking them a long time."

[Psyche]: "It takes time to cast spells, you know this. We can't be rushed when we cast. If this place, for example was crumbling on top of him, it would be foolish to stand around and chant when a rock could crash down on top of him. "

[JadedDM]: Adolfo furrows his brow.  "That seems a very unlikely scenario."

[Lon]: ((How much of the moss covers the north wall? All of it? A few square feet?))

[JadedDM]: (The mold is a patch that covers about 5-6 square feet in the center portion of the north wall, right above where the spider lies.)

[Psyche]: "It is, but it is an example. It just makes more sense to make a device that can teleport you to and from. "

[Lon]: Lon moves forward a couple of inches and tries to use his staff to knock the spider away from the center of the wall.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo shakes his head.  "Must all wizards so thoroughly complicate everything more so?"

[Lon]: ((I know, this is so complicated.))

[JadedDM]: The spider tumbles to the right, clattering, before coming to a rest ten feet away.  It now sits upside down, its legs in the air.

[Psyche]: Psyche smiles faintly, shaking her head. "Not everything."

[JadedDM]: (And time consuming, yep.)

[Lon]: ((So, the spider is still against the wall?))

[Viarra]: Viarra's shoulders sag with relief when Lon manages to get the spider away from the wall and well clear of the moss. 

[JadedDM]: (Yes, but now it’s ten feet away from the patch.)

[Lon]: Lon motions for Viarra to follow and moves to the northeastern part of the room.

[Viarra]: Viarra follows, though she keeps a firm grip on the whip. 

[Psyche]: Psyche looks down the corridor. "Where are they?"

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "Perhaps they are dead."

[Christophe]: Christophe seems to shrug at this idea.

[Lon]: Again, Lon attempts to reach the spider with his staff, this time from against the wall.

[JadedDM]: The spider again clatters, but this time to the south, coming to a stop on its side about ten feet away.

[Viarra]: ((So, now the spider's back under the moss?))

[Lon]: Lon, giving the moss a wide berth, walks to the spider and picks it up.

[Lon]: ((I thought it's in the center of the room))

[JadedDM]: (Uh, no.  It's now about 2 feet away from the east wall, and ten feet away from the north wall.)

[Lon]: ((Well, center, north-south-wise))

[JadedDM]: The spider is cold to the touch.  On closer inspection, it appears to be made of onyx.

[Lon]: Lon gives a slight gasp upon touching the cold surface. "Okay, let's go now."

[Viarra]: "Let’s,” Viarra says as she unties Lon. 

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "Well, if they ARE dead, we should continue on.  Or at least send another to find out."

[Psyche]: "Give it a little bit longer."

[JadedDM]: The two rogues hurry back, spider in hand, back to the others.

[Psyche]: Psyche lets out a small sigh of relief upon seeing the two. "You got it?"

[Lon]: Lon holds out his hand. "Yes, we got it."

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "About time.  Did you take a side trip to Rabbah?"

[Lon]: Lon pointedly ignores Beryl, looking only at Psyche.

[Psyche]: "Go ahead and put it up to the indention. See if it works." Psyche takes a few steps back so Lon can have some room.  She glances over to Viarra. "May I have my staff back?"

[Viarra]: "Oh, right."  Viarra offers the staff to Psyche.  "Thanks again." 

[Psyche]: "Thanks." Psyche takes the staff from the bard only to lean upon it as she watches Lon.

[Lon]: Lon walks up to the door and holds up the spider.

[JadedDM]: Holding up the spider does not seem to do anything.

[Lon]: Lon tries to fit the spider into the indentation on the door.

[JadedDM]: Once locked into the indentation, you hear a whirling sound, followed by a click and a very loud 'thump.'  Then silence once more.

[Psyche]: "Someone try to open the door. It sounds as if it has been unlocked."

[Lon]: Lon pushes against the stone door.

[JadedDM]: The door slowly slides open, scraping against the stone wall loudly.

[Viarra]: Viarra stands on her tiptoes to peer over everyone's shoulders and into the recently unveiled room. 

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "Out of the way, kid," she says, pushing Lon aside and entering.  Inside the 12’ x 12’ room are five chests, all open.  Four are filled with gold, silver, and white dust.  The fifth has sparkling gems within.  There are also four dark green gems on the ground near some metallic dust, a light crossbow with bolts, and a cache of six potions in glass vials.  At the back of the room is a three foot high tunnel.  It looks like something dug its way in (or out).

[Psyche]: "She's going to get herself killed," Psyche mutters.

[Christophe]: Christophe looks over the chests from outside the room. "Hm... not what we're looking for."

[JadedDM]: Beryl kneels by one of the chests and scoops out some dust.  "What is this?"

[Viarra]: "I still wouldn't turn any of it away,” Viarra says as she watches to see how Beryl fares in the room. 

[Psyche]: Psyche slowly moves into the room to look at the dust that Beryl is messing with.   "It looks like the...rust that we saw in the other room. Whatever it was, it must have just fallen apart."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "How odd."  He steps inside.  "And it looks like this place had trouble with pests," he says, pointing to the hole.

[Viarra]: "Hmm,” Viarra noncommittally says as she steps into the room and makes a beeline for the crossbow.

[Psyche]: "I wonder if we could make that our way out."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Unless it leads to whatever dug it."

[Psyche]: "True." Psyche frowns before looking over to the dark green gems on the ground. "What are those?"

[Viarra]: "Green gems?" Viarra suggests while she inspects the crossbow and bolts. 

[JadedDM]: The crossbow looks to have been exceptionally crafted.  There is a spider emblem carved on its handle.  A small leather pouch holds ten bolts.

[JadedDM]: Beryl now turns her attention to the chest full of gems.  "Now this is promising."

[Viarra]: Viarra fingers the spider emblem thoughtfully for a few moments and tests the trigger. 

[JadedDM]: The crossbow seems to be operational, as far as she can tell.

[Psyche]: Psyche carefully walks over to look over the potions.

[JadedDM]: There are six potions total.  Each one is a glass vial that holds a lavender liquid.

[Psyche]: [1d20] -> [4] = (4)

[JadedDM]: Beryl stands up.  "Brigin.  Carry this chest here."  She beckons the young man forward.

[Psyche]: Psyche gently reaches out pick up one of the glass vials.

[JadedDM]: Brigin walks over and closes the chest before lifting it up with a grunt.

[JadedDM]: The vial appears ordinary.

[Psyche]: Psyche lets out a small breath. "These are healing potions," she finally offers to the others as she opens the vial to take a drink.

[JadedDM]: Beryl then picks up the four dark green gems, one by one.

[Psyche]: Psyche picks up the vials of the healing potion and places them within her bag. "You know, considering that we are the ones that opened the door, shouldn't we get a bit of those gems?"

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "We can discuss such things once we're out of here."

[Psyche]: "Well, if everyone is done in here, let’s head to the south passage. That is one area we haven't explored yet."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Nothing here I am interested in.  Let's move on."

[Psyche]: "Christophe, would you lead the way please?"

[Christophe]: Christophe stares down the mage. "If you're truly finished scurrying about the room like a greedy rat...?"  He turns to leave.

[Psyche]: Psyche narrows her eyes at Christophe before she follows after him.

[JadedDM]: The party heads west and then turns at the south passageway.  This corridor is wider than the others, close to 12 feet across.  It's also considerably longer, as the party walks down it.

[Psyche]: Psyche remains quiet as she walks down the hall.

[Viarra]: Viarra hums a little tune as the party makes their way down the passage, her eyes eagerly taking in all the sights. 

[Christophe]: Christophe slows to a halt. "Hmm... we haven't explored here yet. Perhaps Lon and Tugh should check for traps before we continue down this passage..."

[Psyche]: Psyche pauses in her steps. "Tugh, Lon, go ahead and check."

[JadedDM]: The two thieves share a look, and then proceed forward.  Lon checks the immediately area, while Tugh checks a little further ahead.

[Christophe]: Christophe coughs loudly, attempting to clear his throat. "Ugh... so musty down here..."

[Psyche]: Psyche glances to the older man before she just shakes her head.

[JadedDM]: Tugh:  "Bwa!" she cries out, apparently seeing something the others do not.

[Christophe]: Christophe withdraws his crossbow. "Hmmm?!"

[Psyche]: Psyche jumps backwards, her eyes widening. "What?!"

[Christophe]: "I see a pair of glowing eyes!" As soon as the bolt is loaded he prepares to pull the trigger.

[JadedDM]: A creature about five feet long and three feet high at the shoulder emerges from the darkness.  It has a strange tail that appears armor plated and ends in an odd-looking bony projection that resembles a double-ended paddle.  Two prehensile antennae are located under the thing's two eyes.  The hide is rough, covered with lumpy projections.  It's yellowish tan on the underside and legs, but rust red on the upper back.  It smells like wet, oxidized metal.  The creature approaches cautiously, sniffs at Tugh with its antennae, then walks right by the stunned goblin, ignoring her.

[Christophe]: Christophe lowers his crossbow and slowly steps to one side. "Damn..." he mutters under his breath.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "By's a rust monster!  Watch out!"  He takes several steps back.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "A what monster?"

[Psyche]: "A rust monster?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Fool!  It destroys anything metal it touches!  Including weapons and armor!"

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Oh, shit."  He backs off, as does Brigin and Beryl.

[JadedDM]: The creature approaches Lon and tilts its head at him.

[Psyche]: "Lon, get away from it."

[Christophe]: Christophe hastily slips by on the other side of the hallway, to get on the other side of the creature.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Kill it, quickly!  Or else it will strip us of our entire arsenal!"

[Viarra]: "How do you kill it?" Viarra asks as she backs away. 

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Like you would anything else, woman.  But without metal!"

[JadedDM]: The creature sniffs at Lon, and finding him of no interest, now proceeds toward the others.

[Psyche]: "Use your staff, Viarra," Psyche says before she begins chanting the words to a spell.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 1?)

[Viarra]: Viarra loads up her crossbow and takes aim.  "I don't intend on getting that close to it." 

[Christophe]: Christophe stands on the other side of the creature, near Tugh, waiting to see the outcome. "I don't have any non metal weapons to attack with..." he says to deaf ears.

[Viarra]: "Do you want my staff?"  Viarra asks. 

[JadedDM]: (Initiative.)

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [4] = (4)

[Christophe]: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche waves her arms in the air as she chants before her hands start to glow black. Once her spell is complete she walks towards the monster and reaches out to touch it.

[Psyche]: [1d20] -> [11] = (11)

[Psyche]: Psyche somehow manages to miss the creature though.

[JadedDM]: Lon's turn.

[JadedDM]: Lon comes up behind the creature and smacks it from behind with his staff, causing the insect-like creature to cry out.

[JadedDM]: Viarra's turn.

[Viarra]: [1d20] -> [12] = (12)

[Viarra]: Viarra takes aim at the creature, but the bolt whizzes over it.  "Shoulda worshiped a war-god," Viarra murmurs to herself. 

[JadedDM]: The creature scuttles forward toward Brigin, who backs away.  "Get away!" he calls, swinging his glaive at it.  The blade strikes him, and then turns to dust, which the monster quickly begins to munch on.  Brigin looks downcast as he gazes at the tip of his weapon.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 2?)

[Viarra]: Viarra will reload and fire again. 

[Psyche]: Psyche once again tries to touch the monster. "Everyone with metal get away from it! Don't try to fight it!"

[Christophe]: Christophe continues to watch on, unable to attack.

[JadedDM]: (Initiative)

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)

[Christophe]: [1d10] -> [4] = (4)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.  You get a +2 to hit since you're coming up behind it.

[Psyche]: Psyche reaches out to touch the creature again with her glowing black hand.

[Psyche]: [1d20+2] -> [13,2] = (15)

[Psyche]: [4d6] -> [6,5,4,4] = (19)

[Psyche]: Psyche places her hand on the rough hide of the creature. A white mist seems to flow from the creature into her hand before the creature falls limp before Brigin's feet.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  " it dead?"

[Psyche]: "Yes, it's dead."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo steps forward.  "My thanks.  That thing can eat anything metallic, even magical items.  I dare not risked my axe and armor."

[Psyche]: Psyche bows her head slightly to Adolfo. "You're welcome."

[Viarra]: Upon hearing the all clear, Viarra looks down the passage way to see if she can spot her errant bolt. 

[JadedDM]: Viarra spots the bolt lying on the floor, near the wall.

[Psyche]: "Tugh, Lon, are you all right?"

[JadedDM]: Tugh shrugs.  "Yeah.  It didn't touch me."

[JadedDM]: Lon nods, as well.

[Psyche]: "Do either of you see anything else down the hall?"

[JadedDM]: Tugh looks down the passageway.  "Looks like a bend up ahead."

[Viarra]: Viarra quickly, carefully retrieves the bolt and adds it to her pouch. 

[Psyche]: "All right, let’s keep moving then." Psyche turns from the Bloodguard and Adolfo to continue on down the hall. "Tugh and Lon, go ahead and stay ahead just in case there are traps up there."

[JadedDM]: The party moves on, walking down the hall and turning to the east when they reached the bend.  They enter a room, 25' x 20' in size.  Book shelves line the walls, throughout.  A table and chair sit at the center, although the table is bare.  To the north is a small pedestal with a glass case over it.

[Christophe]: Christophe eyes the pedestal from afar. "Hmm..."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo looks around.  "This must have been Solnack's personal library."

[Psyche]: Psyche looks around the room curiously, her eyes falling on the pedestal.

[JadedDM]: To the east of the room is another corridor leading onward.

[JadedDM]: Beryl snorts.  "Just a bunch of books."

[Psyche]: Psyche takes a few steps forward closer to the pedestal to see if she can get a closer look as to what might be inside.

[JadedDM]: Looking through the glass, Psyche sees another book.  This one has a black tomb and writing on the cover she does not recognize.

[Psyche]: "This might be Solnack's spellbook."

[JadedDM]: Marcus glances around the room.  "And these others?"

[Viarra]: "And why put it under glass?" 

[Psyche]: "Probably just books about his experiences or other various things."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Books and wizards go together and wood."  He shrugs.

[Psyche]: "He probably put it under a glass to protect it. If I'm to get a hold of this, I will need to dispel any spell put upon it or find a way to trigger the spell without getting hurt myself."

[JadedDM]: Brigin carries the chest of gems to the table and sets it down on it, before wiping his brow.  "Whew.  Heavy."

[Psyche]: "Everyone, move down to the next corridor please. Tugh, do you still have your lasso?"

[JadedDM]: Tugh:  "Uh....yeah?" she says hesitantly.

[Psyche]: "Do you think you could get it around the glass case and pull it off?"

[JadedDM]: Tugh:  "Why does that strike me as a bad idea?"

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "It's just a book.  Who cares?  It's not what we came for."

[Psyche]: "No, perhaps it is not what we came from, but it wouldn't hurt to learn what he has in that book."

[JadedDM]: Beryl shrugs.  "This room is full of books.  Pick one."

[Viarra]: "It might help us find a way out." 

[Psyche]: "Yet this is the only one that has spells in it. The only one that will be any use to us."

[Christophe]: "How do you know that's the one with spells in it? Maybe it's just a decoy from Solnack to sucker in the inevitable looters who've come to ransack his library?”

[Psyche]: "There wouldn't be a point when we can protect our own spells if we wish to do so with a trap."

[Christophe]: "Uh huh... sometimes I wonder if things go straight in one ear and out the other with you..." he wanders over to the edge of the room and peers into the open corridor to the east.

[JadedDM]: Christophe can't see much in the darkness, other than a corridor that heads east.  He cannot see where it leads.

[Psyche]: "We can place a trap on the spellbook itself, if you remember that book I got in the arena." Psyche shakes her head. "Tugh, go ahead and try to pull the glass case off with your lasso. Everyone, before she does, I suggest you move on down the corridor for safety."

[JadedDM]: Tugh:  "But what about me?  I don't want to be in the room if that thing goes off."

[Christophe]: Christophe smiles from the edge of the room. "Oh yes... remember your deal, Psyche.... she's got to come out of this one alive, remember?"

[Viarra]: "Just have her get the lasso around the thing and pull it off yourself,” Viarra suggests as she heads into the corridor.

[Christophe]: Christophe steps outside of the room and watches from around the corner, a smirk on his face.

[JadedDM]: Beryl frowns.  "Adolfo, men...let's go.  Before these idiots blow themselves up."  She heads to the corridor.  Adolfo follows, and Brigin grabs the chest and tails after them.

[Psyche]: Psyche sighs softly and just walks over to the glass case before she gently reaches out to touch it.

[JadedDM]: Nothing happens.

[JadedDM]: Tugh's eyes widen at Psyche's act, and she quickly hurries out of the room with the others.

[JadedDM]: Marcus is now the only one left in the room with Psyche.  "You sure you want to be messing with that?"

[Christophe]: Christophe watches the goblin scurry out of the room. "Some loyal sidekick you are..."

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over to Marcus. "Not really, but it could be useful later on. It is worth the risk." Psyche takes a deep breath, and decides to use her staff to just knock the case over.

[JadedDM]: (I need you to roll a 1d20 with a -4 modifier.)

[Psyche]: [1d20-4] -> [19,-4] = (15)

[JadedDM]: The staff smashes into the glass case, breaking it and sending several shards to the ground.  Almost instantaneously, a beam of green light is shot from the pedestal and strikes Psyche, engulfing her.  She feels her mind slowly being wiped of all thought and memory, as if she were growing stupider by the moment.  The mage fights with all her might to resist, and she's able to mentally block the magic, saving her mind.

[JadedDM]: Marcus steps forward, and then stops himself, unsure of what to do.  "By the hells...?"

[Psyche]: Psyche drops to her knees placing her hands on her head as the green light engulfs her, yet she really doesn't seem to be in pain. Before long she looks up slowly, staring at the pedestal in front of her. "That is one way to go about things," she mutters softly.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Are you...uh....?"

[Christophe]: "Huh... well, that was different."

[Viarra]: "Are you okay?" Viarra finally calls out from the hall.

[Psyche]: Psyche glances over to Marcus curiously for a moment then smiles. "I was lucky, but I'm okay." She pushes herself up, staring at the book before giving the book itself a small tap with her staff.

[JadedDM]: Nothing happens.

[Viarra]: Viarra peers into the room to confirm Psyche's statement, and then hovers around the door to make sure that Psyche stays okay. 

[Psyche]: Psyche frowns, glancing to the others for a moment then back to the book. "Maybe I should leave it alone after all that."

[JadedDM]: Marcus crosses his arms.  "What exactly happened?"

[Viarra]: "After all that?"  Viarra shakes her head.

[Psyche]: "Mages protect their spells, especially their spellbooks. Most mages don't want anyone to get a hold of their things, so they place magical traps upon them. That spell, I'm not sure what it was, but it was like it was draining my mind."

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Vicious.  I guess the drow reputation is well earned."

[Viarra]: "But, with it half exposed like it is, we can't just leave it for some poor, unwitting soul to stumble on." 

[JadedDM]: Adolfo enters the room, only a few steps.  "Some god must have an eye on you, Psyche.  A very patient god, I might add.  I hope this is not your normal procedure."

[Lon]: Lon walks into the room as well. "Is there anything about getting out of here in this room?"

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over to Adolfo. "While I might have some power under me, Adolfo. I still have a lot to learn." Psyche walks over to the pedestal to look over the book. "I...I can't," Psyche frowns.

[Christophe]: Christophe coughs again as he steps into the room. "..... I hate dust."

[JadedDM]: Beryl returns with Brigin, who's still lugging the chest.  The captain gives Marcus a disapproving glare.  "I told you to fall back, Marcus."

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "I was in no danger."

[Viarra]: "If you can't, then, I will," Viarra says and strides over to the book. 

[Christophe]: Christophe immediately falls back to the corridor once again.

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "That's beside the poi--" she stops suddenly at Viarra's movement.

[Psyche]: Psyche moves away from the Pedestal so Viarra can have some more room. "Um, if you are sure."

[JadedDM]: The book looks the same.  It is rather thick, has a black cover and unfamiliar writing upon the cover.

[Viarra]: "You might want to clear the area,” Viarra says, rubbing her hands together and letting them over above the book. 

[Psyche]: Psyche frowns, yet knows that something could happen so she grabs Marcus’ arm gently to pull him back a bit.

[Viarra]: Her hands still above the book, Viarra takes a few moments to try to piece together the unfamiliar language. 

[Viarra]: [1d100] -> [66] = (66)

[Viarra]: Viarra squints at the cover and shakes her head in frustration.  Lowering her hands, she touches the book tentatively. 

[JadedDM]: Nothing happens.

[Lon]: Lon, still in the room and having instinctively winced when Viarra touched the book, approaches cautiously.

[Viarra]: "Want to take a gander at it?" Viarra asks Lon with a nod at the book. 

[JadedDM]: As Viarra touches the book, after a few moments the writing on the cover begins to squirm around the page, crawling of its own accord.  The letters reform to now read in Renosian.

[Viarra]: "Woah, Anguann have mercy."  Viarra sighs and glances at the book. 

[Lon]: Lon looks at the shifting writing on the book. "Uh..."

[Psyche]: Psyche watches the two. "What is it doing?”

[Viarra]: "It's translating itself,” Viarra says as she opens the book. 

[Lon]: "What's it say?"

[JadedDM]: Opening the book, she can see the words written inside are likewise shifting about, now reforming into Renosian text.

[Viarra]: Viarra flips through a few pages, looking for anything that might pertain to the construction of the cavern and, specifically, how to get out.  She glances at Psyche and starts to giggle, but just shakes her head.  "This makes no sense.  It's an old math book." 

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over to Viarra for a moment before she walks over to the book to look it over for herself.

[Viarra]: Viarra makes room for Psyche to see, but still keeps flipping through the pages.  "I guess Solnack was really attached to his old math teacher or something." 

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "As I said before...mages tend to overcomplicate things."

[Psyche]: "Why would someone put a trap on a book like this?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Perhaps, like Christophe said; to trick would-be raiders."

[Viarra]: Viarra shuts the book and leaves it on the pedestal, and looks around the library.  "The best place to hide something is in plain sight,” she muses. 

[Psyche]: Psyche shakes her head and begins to chant the words to a spell.

[Christophe]: "That was the point I was trying to make earlier, but it was blatantly ignored... as per usual." he croaks.

[Viarra]: "Well, it was worth the effort, in any event; at least now we know what it isn't." 

[Psyche]: "No, this book is magical. Let’s go ahead and continue on, but let’s bring the book with us."

[Viarra]: "All right,” Viarra says and puts the book in her backpack. 

[Psyche]: Psyche takes a deep breath and moves to walk out of the room.

[Viarra]: With a final glance around the library and a quick hop to readjust the backpack's straps, Viarra heads into the hallway.

[JadedDM]: The party moves on, leaving the library behind.  They enter the east corridor and travel a short distance before coming to the largest room they have seen yet.  It's about 30' x 60' in size.  In the center of the room is a table with something on it; some kind of body.  A small spherical crystal is suspended above it.  Near the entrance is a granite table with a flask on it, as well as a mask made of glass and some kind of spherical object.  There are several piles of metallic dust on the floor and a few other alchemical devices.  There's another granite table near the back, as well as another stone door leading north.

[Psyche]: Psyche gasps a little upon seeing the body. "How disgusting."

[Lon]: Lon walks up to the stone door and inspects it.

[Christophe]: Christophe walks near the piles of dust to get close to the centre of the room so he can get a closer glimpse at the crystal.

[Viarra]: Viarra stares at the crystal sphere above the body.

[JadedDM]: The crystal is held by some kind of metal arm attached to the ceiling, suspending the crystal over the body.  The stone door is featureless.

[Christophe]: "Hmm... is this what you came for, Adolfo?"

[Psyche]: Psyche looks up at the crystal curiously.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo shakes his head.  "This must be Solnack's lab, though."

[JadedDM]: Brigin sets the chest down by the door and sits on it.

[Christophe]: Christophe shakes his head and walks away from the crystal.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over the flask, mask, and the object near the entrance.  "Anything interesting about that door, Lon?"

[Lon]: Lon crouches down near the door. "About as interesting as anything else in this room," he says in a somewhat bored tone.

[Viarra]: "Is it locked?" Viarra asks. 

[Psyche]: Psyche joins Lon over near the door, looking for a way to open it.

[Christophe]: Christophe hacks and splutters again, doubling over a little as he does. "Brrr...." he pats his chest.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "This looks like standard wizard bric-a-brac.  It must be where he performed his experiments."

[Viarra]: Viarra shudders at the thought. 

[Psyche]: "Bric-a-brac?" Psyche glances over to Adolfo, laughing faintly before glancing over to Christophe. "Are you all right?"

[Lon]: Lon stands up as Psyche approaches and gives the door a push.

[JadedDM]: The door does not budge, however once Lon makes contact with it, the crystal overhead bursts into light and begins cackling with electricity.

[Christophe]: "Huh?" Christophe doesn't realize she is talking to him for a moment. "Uh... you know, I think I'm allergic to all these piles of metallic dust all over the place..."

[Viarra]: Viarra jumps at the sudden light and skitters away from the exam table. 

[Psyche]: Psyche turns slowly to look at the crystal. "I hate this place."

[Viarra]: "Yes,” Viarra agrees.  "Next time, please remind me that tromping around mad drow wizard's underground homes isn't a great idea." 

[JadedDM]: A soft humming sound is heard, which slowly increases in volume as if something were charging up.

[Lon]: Lon looks alarmed at the increasing volume of the crystal sphere. "Wh-what's happening?"

[Christophe]: "Get that bloody door open, already!" Christophe bellows.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "You probably just killed us all, you idiot!" he answers Lon.

[JadedDM]: The crystal then fires a steady but strong blast of lightning into the body below it.

[Lon]: Lon raises an arm to his face, covering his eyes from the glare of light.

[Psyche]: Psyche pushes herself against the wall upon seeing this. "Everyone get away from that body!"

[JadedDM]: Everyone was so fascinated by crystals, flasks, and doors that nobody thought to look at the body.  It stands a head and a half taller than most humans and looks like it weighs almost 350 pounds.  It is made from a ghoulish collection of human body parts, stitched together to form a single composite human body.  Its skin is the sickly green or yellow of partially decayed flesh.  It smells faintly of freshly dug earth and dead flesh.  It wears nothing but a ragged pair of trousers and upon its neck are two bolts.

[Christophe]: "You're the queen of unnecessary advice!" Christophe shouts as he attempts to get the door to budge.

[Lon]: Lon redoubles his efforts in trying to get the stone door to open.

[JadedDM]: The door remains stubbornly still, refusing to budge at all.  The lightning stream finally stops, although the crystal continues to give off light, illuminating the laboratory.

[Psyche]: "It’s...It’s a flesh golem," Psyche says while the others try to open the door. "We don't have a lot of choice here."

[JadedDM]: The creature's fingers twitch, and then it manages to sit up completely, sliding its legs over the table and standing up.  It moves a bit sluggishly, at first, but seems to improve with each passing second.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo readies his axe.  "I've heard of such beings.  Created by wizards to protect their masters, they are practically invulnerable."

[Christophe]: "Viarra.... now might be a good time to call upon your fiery friend..." he smacks the door in frustration.

[Viarra]: Viarra takes out her mandolin and begins to play. 

[Psyche]: Psyche begins the words of a spell.

[JadedDM]: Charr appears in a flash, sitting on the ground cross-legged.  He blinks, looks around, and then stands up.  "What the blazes?"

[Psyche]:  Psyche forms red energy from the palms of her hands while she chants. Once the energy seems fully charged, she shoots it out like a beam towards the golem. 

[Viarra]: "Oh, I'm just a little worried about that guy over there,” Viarra explains with a nod to the golem. 

[JadedDM]: Charr glances to the waking golem.  "Ahhh, blast it all."  He backs away.

[JadedDM]: The golem seems completely unaffected by the beam.  It turns its head toward the others and moans softly.  It then wiggles its fingers and seems to stretch, before moaning louder, as if annoyed.

[Christophe]: "Um... I think you really pissed him off, there..."

[Psyche]: "It really didn't do anything other than make him glow for a second," Psyche says with a frown.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 1?)

[Psyche]: Psyche looks at the ring upon her finger and concentrates on getting it to work.

[Christophe]: Crossbow out and firing.

[Lon]: Lon turns around, realizing the futility of trying to open the door, and holds his staff before him, staying to protect Psyche.

[Viarra]: Viarra slides a bolt into the crossbow with a gentle thump. 

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [6] = (6)

[Christophe]: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)

[Lon]: [1d10] -> [3] = (3)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)

[JadedDM]: Tugh's turn.

[JadedDM]: Tugh gawks at the creature for a few moments, and then bolts the hell out of there, heading back to the library.

[JadedDM]: Viarra's turn.

[Lon]: Lon shakes his head as the goblin turns tail and runs.

[Viarra]: Viarra murmurs a prayer for a steady hand and lets loose with the crossbow. 

[Viarra]: [1d20] -> [11] = (11)

[Viarra]: The bolt firmly smacks into the golem's forehead, but bounces off, clattering to the ground. 

[JadedDM]: Charr's turn.

[JadedDM]: Charr:  "Damn primes...worse than Frilothan!"  He concentrates, and then fires two beams of red energy from his hands.  The beams arc across the room, then splash into the flesh golem harmlessly, having no effect.  "Blazes!"

[JadedDM]: Lon's turn.

[Lon]: Lon steps in front of Psyche, shielding the flesh golem from the mage.

[JadedDM]: Christophe's turn.

[Christophe]: [1d20+2] -> [18,2] = (20)

[Christophe]: Christophe fires his crossbow, the bolt zipping across the room and connecting directly into the massive forehead of the golem...unfortunately, the bolt bounces off harmlessly and clatters to the floor.

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche produces a small ball of flame in her hand before she throws it at the golem.

[Psyche]: [1d20] -> [8] = (8)

[Psyche]: The golem seems to slow down a little bit, but other than that it doesn't seem to harm it.

[JadedDM]: Marcus' turn.

[JadedDM]: Marcus comes up to the creature's side and stabs with his glaive, but this proves as effective as trying to stab a brick wall.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo's turn.

[JadedDM]: The priest runs up behind the golem and swings his glowing axe, cutting a slash across its back.  The creature moans in pain.

[JadedDM]: Beryl's turn.

[JadedDM]: Beryl tries a similar slashing attack, but the weapon bounces off the flesh golem.

[Psyche]: Psyche watches as the others try to make attacks on the golem, yet Adolfo seems to be the only one that is able to make some sort of progress. "We need to distract it so Adolfo can get his hits in."

[JadedDM]: Flesh Golem's turn.

[JadedDM]: The creature scans the room carefully, but its eyes seem drawn to the trunk of gems standing next to Brigin.  Moaning in anger, energy cackling around its neck bolts, the creature storms forward, shoving the others out of his way.  He grabs the helpless Bloodguard by the neck with both hands, raises him up into the air, and then squeezes until he hears a loud 'snap' sound.  Brigin falls limp, his face purple.

[Psyche]: Psyche's eyes widen. "What in the...."

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 2?)

[Psyche]: Psyche begins chanting the words to another spell.

[Viarra]: Viarra breaks out into song. 

[Christophe]: Christophe reloads the crossbow, this time aiming a shot at the crystal.

[Lon]: Lon continues to protect the mage.

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)

[Lon]: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)

[Christophe]: [1d10] -> [9] = (9)

[JadedDM]: Adolfo's turn.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo takes another slice at it, apparently causing it harm.  "Magical weapons hurt it!  If anyone has any, now would be a good time!"

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche kneels down so that her hands touch the ground while she chants. Slowly, she starts to rise, forming a red shield in front of her which soon vanishes once the spell is complete.

[JadedDM]: Viarra's turn.

[Viarra]: The song is a slow, haunting melody, but, when it finishes, Viarra appears to be a bit paler than when she first began singing.  Stretching her shoulders, she charges at the golem, trying to get her hands on him. 

[Viarra]: [1d20] -> [1] = (1)

[JadedDM]: Viarra trips over herself and falls to the floor face-first.

[JadedDM]: Lon's turn.

[Lon]: Lon stays near Psyche, standing between her and the golem.

[JadedDM]: Charr's turn.

[JadedDM]: Charr:  "Damn, woman!  You got all the grace of a drunken bauriar!"  He hurries to Viarra's side, protecting her.  He breathes a jet of flame out at the golem, but this just seems to slow it down a bit.

[JadedDM]: Christophe's turn.

[Christophe]: [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11)

[JadedDM]: The bolt strikes the crystal, shattering it.  The room is now plunged into darkness except for Psyche's staff and Adolfo's axe.

[JadedDM]: Beryl's turn.

[JadedDM]: Beryl backs away, watching in horror as Brigin swings in the air limply.

[JadedDM]: Marcus' turn.

[JadedDM]: Marcus goes on the defensive, backing away toward Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Flesh Golem's turn.

[JadedDM]: The creature flings Brigin across the room.  The body smashes into a granite table, sending a quarterstaff tumbling to the floor.  It moans again and now turns to Adolfo, the one causing him pain.  It swings with a fist, missing the priest, but punches him in the shoulder with his other fist.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 3?)

[Psyche]: "We need to at least distract the golem away from Adolfo!" Psyche calls out to everyone as she tries to produce another flame in her hand from her ring.

[Christophe]: Christophe slinks across the darkened room to retrieve the fallen quarterstaff.

[Viarra]: Viarra will charge the golem, trying to touch him again.

[Christophe]: [1d10] -> [3] = (3)

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)

[Lon]: Lon looks back at Psyche, and runs to attack the Golem in the back.

[Lon]: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche produces the small ball of flame in her hand before throwing it at the golem once more.

[Psyche]: [1d20] -> [14] = (14)

[Psyche]: Once again, it hits the golem, but it still has no effect.

[JadedDM]: Christophe's turn.

[Christophe]: Christophe picks up the quarterstaff and then moves in a semi-circle around the golem, so that he positions himself close to the corridor they entered this room from. He maintains a defensive stance.

[JadedDM]: Charr's turn.

[JadedDM]: Charr tries to keep the creature away from Viarra by slashing at it with his claws, but to no avail.

[JadedDM]: Viarra's turn.

[Viarra]: Viarra picks her self up off the ground, blows a stray hair out of her face and charges the golem again. 

[Viarra]: [1d20] -> [2] = (2)

[Viarra]: Viarra somehow fails to get in contact with the creature.

[JadedDM]: Lon's turn.

[Lon]: Lon charges at the flesh golem, shouting at the top of his voice in order to distract it from Adolfo: "'Hey, you disgusting thing, look at me!"

[Lon]: [1d20] -> [11] = (11)

[Lon]: Lon's quarterstaff merely bounces off the flesh golem's skin.

[JadedDM]: Marcus' turn.

[JadedDM]: Marcus defends Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo's turn.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo swings his axe again, cutting another gash into the creature's sewed together flesh.

[JadedDM]: Beryl's turn.

[JadedDM]: Beryl stubbornly attacks again, once again proving futile.

[JadedDM]: Flesh Golem's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche stares at Marcus, looking slightly confused.

[JadedDM]: The creature slams one fist into Charr, sending him flying across the room.  He smashes into the wall, and then sinks to the floor before his body dissipates and returns to the mandolin.  The golem then turns on Lon, striking him across the chin with its massive fist.

[Viarra]: "Charr!"  Viarra cries out, before remembering in relief the mandolin. 

[Lon]: Blood splatters on the ground as golem's fist meets his chin.

[Psyche]: "Lon!" Psyche cries out upon seeing the golem strike him.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 4?)

[Lon]: Lon continues to shout distracting things at the golem, going on full defense.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks around the room for something, anything that could prove to be useful in this situation considering that her magic isn't at all.

[Christophe]: Christophe grabs a couple of the gems with his free hand and prepares to chuck them. "Alright... here comes a distraction... but I can't promise I won't run for the hills if this bastard comes chasing after me..."

[Viarra]: Viarra will charge the golem again, hopefully with better luck this time. 

[Lon]: [1d10] -> [9] = (9)

[Christophe]: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [6] = (6)

[JadedDM]: Viarra's turn.

[Viarra]: [1d20] -> [19] = (19)

[Viarra]: Viarra finally manages to get her arms around the golem's arm, but, a surprised look crosses her face when she realizes that the spell had no effect. 

[JadedDM]: Christophe's turn.

[Christophe]: Christophe lobs a gem at the golem, slowly backing up as he does. "HEY! HEY!" he bellows. "Hey you stupid piece of cruk!!! RIGHT HERE!!!" He tosses another gem at the creature. "Come and get it you stupid bag of bolts! Get me if you can!" He continues backing up, trying to lead the creature towards the entrance of the room to give everyone a shot at its back.

[JadedDM]: This seems to get its attention, all right.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo's turn.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo manages to score a small cut in the creature's leg with his glowing battle axe.

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche turns her attention to Christophe as she can't find anything in the room that will be of any use.

[JadedDM]: Flesh Golem's turn.

[JadedDM]: Still a bit sluggish from the fire, the creature was about to raise a fist to Viarra when it noticed the gems.  It heads toward Christophe, swinging both fists.  The warrior evades the first fist, but takes the second one in the chest.

[Christophe]: Christophe holds the quarterstaff in front of him in a defensive position, but the golem manages to swing straight through it, sending the staff into the air before delivering a nasty chop to the chest of the warrior. "Agh... alright... this is your opening everyone," he sputters.

[Psyche]: Psyche takes a step forward upon seeing Christophe hit.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 5?)

[Psyche]: Psyche produces another flame in her hand to throw at the golem.

[Lon]: Lon charges the golem.

[Christophe]: Christophe retreats down the corridor.

[Viarra]: Viarra will attack with her whip. 

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)

[Christophe]: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)

[Lon]: [1d10] -> [3] = (3)

[JadedDM]: Lon's turn.

[Lon]: [1d20] -> [7] = (7)

[Lon]: Like before, Lon's staff bounces off of the golem's skin.

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche produces another ball of flame in which she throws at the golem again.

[Psyche]: [1d20] -> [19] = (19)

[Psyche]: Like normal though, it doesn't have any effect on the golem.

[JadedDM]: Christophe's turn.

[Christophe]: Christophe retreats back down the darkened corridor, clutching at his chest.

[JadedDM]: Viarra's turn.

[Viarra]: Viarra uncoils her whip from her belt and flicks it at the golem. 

[Viarra]: [1d20] -> [3] = (3)

[Viarra]: The whip slices through air, somehow missing the golem. 

[JadedDM]: Adolfo's turn.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo nicks the creature again, this time in the other leg.

[JadedDM]: Flesh Golem's turn.

[JadedDM]: Angered, the creature turns back on the party.  It unleashes both of its massive fists on the nearest person, Lon.

[Lon]: Lon takes a powerful hit from the golem, cracking several ribs, and splattering blood from his mouth.

[JadedDM]: The staff that Christophe dropped rolls to the center of the room.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 6?)

[Viarra]: "Does anyone have that potion of Undead Control?" Viarra asks. 

[Psyche]: "This is different from undead. It wouldn't work!"

[Lon]: Lon continues to try to distract the golem, despite the pain.

[Christophe]: Christophe stumbles through the dark into the library, feeling around and coughing again. "Tugh? Are you in here?" He hacks up some more. "Help me, please... I'm... not myself right now..."

[Psyche]: Psyche says a small rhyme while everyone is distracting the golem.

[Viarra]: Viarra will put herself in position to defend Lon. 

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [3] = (3)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [4] = (4)

[Christophe]: [1d10] -> [10] = (10)

[Lon]: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche says her small rhyme quickly.

[Psyche]: [1d20] -> [9] = (9)

[Psyche]: A red piece of cloth appears in her hand.

[JadedDM]:  Christophe hears Tugh whimper from under the table.

[JadedDM]: Viarra's turn.

[Christophe]: Christophe drops to one knee, apparently ready to break down. "Please... help me..." he reaches out. "I didn't mean to nick you earlier... I'm...." he groans in pain. "I'm under a.... magic spell of sorts..."

[Viarra]: Viarra keeps her whip at the ready and puts herself between Lon and the golem. 

[JadedDM]: Adolfo's turn.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo grunts as he cuts deeply into the creature's shoulder.

[JadedDM]: Lon's turn.

[Lon]: [1d20] -> [4] = (4)

[JadedDM]:  Tugh:  "Keep away!  You''ll lead that thing right to me!"

[Lon]: Wincing from the pain, Lon completely misses the golem.

[Christophe]: "No... no.... it's back there. It can't see in the dark..." He hacks again. "Help me up... my head is spinning. I've gotta try and save Psyche... I don't want her to die..."

[JadedDM]: Marcus' turn.

[JadedDM]: Marcus continues to defend Psyche.

[JadedDM]: The Flesh Golem looks down at Lon, and his protector, Viarra.  He swings his fists at her, but unfortunately, a whip isn't much for parrying.  He makes contact with both fists.

[Lon]: "Viarra!" Lon cries out.

[Viarra]: Viarra's mouth drops open in a silent gasp for air as she collapses near Lon, breathless. 

[JadedDM]:  Tugh:  "Yeah, right!"

[Psyche]: Psyche drops the cloth she just conjured, looking towards Viarra and Lon. "Viarra!"

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 7?)

[Lon]: Lon attacks the golem again.

[Viarra]: Viarra will try to gasp the words to a spell. 

[Psyche]: Psyche looks towards the staff in the middle of the room before she runs to grab it and then attack the golem.

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [2] = (2)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [7] = (7)

[Lon]: [1d10] -> [1] = (1)

[Christophe]: Kassaroff concentrates for a moment and then strikes with an energy weapon under the table.

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

[Christophe]: [1d20] -> [18] = (18)

[Psyche]: Psyche grabs the staff in the middle of the room then runs and swings the staff at the golem with all of her might.

[Psyche]: [1d20] -> [3] = (3)

[Psyche]: Psyche misses the golem due to her haste in the whole situation.

[Christophe]: [1d6+1] -> [1,1] = (2)

[JadedDM]: Lon's turn.

[Lon]: [1d20] -> [10] = (10)

[Lon]: Lon hits at the golem in a rage at his fallen friend, but his staff merely bounces off the golem's flesh.

[JadedDM]:  Tugh cries out at the top of her lungs as she tries to get away from the demented warrior.

[JadedDM]: Viarra's turn.

[Viarra]: The song is slow going as Viarra hisses out the words, but, finally it comes to its inevitable conclusion.  As the song ends, she violently knots a handkerchief and glares at the golem.  Two ghostly hands appear around the golem's neck, but, they may as well be scarves for all it seems to affect it. 

[JadedDM]: In the distance, you hear Tugh scream out.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche hears Tugh's scream and her eyes widen. "Viarra! Take the staff!"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo again nicks the creature, this time in the stomach.

[Viarra]: Viarra mindlessly holds her hand out for the staff Psyche is offering. 

[JadedDM]: Flesh Golem's turn.

[JadedDM]: The creature pounds both fists into Adolfo, knocking him backwards several feet.

[Psyche]: Psyche tosses the staff to Viarra.

[Viarra]: Viarra fumbles the staff, but, still manages to keep a hold of it, despite some painful looking hand work. 

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 8?)

[Christophe]: Kassaroff goes again at the goblin.

[Psyche]: Psyche motions for Marcus to follow her before she runs out of the room to find Tugh.

[Lon]: Lon looks in dismay as Psyche begins to leave the room. "What are you doing?!"

[Lon]: Lon will continue to distract the flesh golem.

[Psyche]: "I'm no use here!"

[Viarra]: Continue to distract. 

[Psyche]: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)

[Christophe]: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)

[Lon]: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)

[Viarra]: [1d10] -> [8] = (8)

[Christophe]: [1d20] -> [9] = (9)

[JadedDM]: Viarra's turn.

[Christophe]: [1d6+1] -> [2,1] = (3)

[Viarra]: Viarra lashes out at the golem with the quarterstaff, wincing as she did so. 

[Viarra]: [1d20] -> [12] = (12)

[Viarra]: [1d6+3] -> [5,3] = (8)

[Viarra]: The staff firmly connected with the golem’s head with a thunderous ‘smack’ and Viarra's lips rounded into a prefect 'o' as the flesh golem collapsed to the ground, apparently dead. 

[Lon]: Lon bends forward, clutching his knees, and trying to catch his breath.

[JadedDM]: Just as Psyche heads for the door, Tugh comes charging in, a couple of bruises on her.  Christophe is right behind her, carrying some kind of black staff.

[Psyche]: Psyche watches as Tugh runs past her and she stops right in front of Christophe. "Stop!" She screams at the older man.

[Christophe]: [1d20] -> [7] = (7)

[Christophe]: [1d6+1] -> [5,1] = (6)

[Viarra]: Viarra leaned on the quarterstaff that she'd just felled the golem with, watching the debacle in front of her. 

[JadedDM]: Just before the goblin gets clear, Christophe strikes her from behind, sending her sprawling to the ground.  She bleeds slightly from a head wound.

[JadedDM]: Also, the ground rumbles slightly as the stone door moves aside on its own.

[Christophe]: The glowing staff instantly disappears from Christophe's hands and he stumbles backwards.

[Lon]: Lon runs up and tries to tackle the older man to the ground.

[Psyche]: Psyche stares in dismay as she runs to Tugh's side, in which she tries to stop the goblin's bleeding.

[JadedDM]: Psyche is able to stop the bleeding, but the goblin remains unconscious.

[Viarra]: "What the unholy hell is going on?" she demands, looking between the warrior and the goblin.  

[JadedDM]: Adolfo gets to his feet, hefting his axe over his shoulder.

[Christophe]: Christophe lets out a low groan and doubles over, clutching at his head. "Uhnnn... oh, I'm going to be sick..."

[Psyche]: Psyche pulls out her pack and pulls out one of the vials that she took from that one room and gently pours it in the goblin's mouth.

[JadedDM]: Tugh chokes and sputters on the potion as she comes to.

[Christophe]: Christophe charges forward and grabs a hold of Psyche's robe. "We shouldn't have come!" he barely manages to get the words out through gritted teeth. "You should have killed me when I gave you the chance... It wasn't a.... test..." The warrior stumbles like a drunkard. "I've completely lost control..."

[Psyche]: Psyche's eyes widen at Christophe. "What?! What is going on?!"

[JadedDM]: Beryl, who has more or less ignored the chaos around her, heads straight to the room.  "The key!"

[Lon]: Lon tries to restrain the warrior. "Stop it! Get a hold of yourself!"

[Christophe]: "Get... the key... away... uhnn. Don't let... Ado ... uhh." The man appears to be dying right in front of their eyes. His voice is on the verge of collapse as he whispers to the mage. "Oh my friend...." Christophe tries to smile, but it appears to hurt too much. "I've really given you a royal screwing this time..." Christophe convulses once more and then remains completely still.

[Psyche]: "Viarra! The key!" Psyche continues to stare at Christophe. "What did you do?!"

[Viarra]: Viarra starts to call Christophe's name, but it dies on her lips and she charges after Beryl. 

[Lon]: Giving Christophe a last glance, he runs after Viarra. "Wait, Viarra, you're hurt!"
[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "What devilry is this?"

[Christophe]: Christophe appears to be dead.

[JadedDM]: Beryl picks up the key, which looks more like a dagger with a key-like blade.  She quickly whirls around and points her glaive at Viarra.  She's perfectly willing to let the bard impale herself if she wishes.

[Psyche]: Psyche shakes Christophe a bit. "Christophe....," she mutters, her eyes watering up. "Don't let..." she looks over to Adolfo. "What do you want the key for?"

[Viarra]: Viarra skids to a stop in front of the Bloodguard and goes defensive with the quarterstaff.  "Put it down, friend."  She smiles at the Bloodguard, "Come on, Lon.  It's worth it."  She hopes that he catches her subtext. 

[JadedDM]: Adolfo puts the axe away and conjures a ball of flame in his hand.  "Now, now, Beryl.  Be a good girl and hand that over."

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "So, you would betray me, too, Adolfo?"  She backs up into the smaller room that held the key, her glaive at the ready.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo glances at Psyche.  "The Overlord just wants another pretty treasure for his horde.  He has no idea what that key can do.  I need it to seal off all of the tears that have been appearing."

[JadedDM]: Marcus comes up behind Lon and Viarra, armed with his own glaive.

[JadedDM]: Tugh manages to sit up, still looking rather battered.  She looks at the seemingly dead Christophe with surprise, and manages to start crawling toward a corner.

[Psyche]: Psyche pushes herself up and moves over to the others. "You aren't getting that key, Adolfo. There is more to it than that."

[Lon]: "Who cares, as long as the Overlord doesn't get it?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Would you stand in my way, as well, Psyche?  A pity.  But remember, I have bested you once before."

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "Oh, the Overlord is getting it all right.  This is my ticket to a big time promotion."

[Psyche]: "There are bigger things at stake at the moment then a promotion. This key is not safe with either the Overlord or this priest."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "In the hands of the Overlord, the key is worthless.  Tears and rips to Zenan have been popping up all over Bloodtooth.  That key can seal them for good."

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "The key is in Bloodtooth, and the Overlord owns everything in Bloodtooth.  Therefore, this key is his to claim."

[Psyche]: Psyche stares at Adolfo. "What are you going to do with it after you seal the rips and tears?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it."

[Christophe]: Christophe inhales sharply.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks quickly to Christophe then back to Adolfo. "I'm not letting either you or the Bloodguard have it."

[Christophe]: His eyes slowly flicker open. The man who was deathly still just a moment ago begins to stand, pulling back his hood as he does....

[JadedDM]: Adolfo's eyes widen slightly, as if sensing something.  He backs away from Christophe slowly, the fire in his hand going out.

[Christophe]: Christophe's hood is now down, revealing what he was hiding for well over a month. The grey hair has returned to its original brown colour, the scars on his face have healed, the wrinkles around his eyes - vanished. For all intents and purposes, the man appears to be twenty years younger than he once was.

[JadedDM]: Beryl:  "Too bad!  The Bloodguard all ready have the key," she taunts.

[Psyche]: Psyche takes a few steps back upon seeing Christophe. "," she stumbles over her own words. "H-how?"

[Christophe]: He looks directly at Beryl, a crimson mist forming in his eyes. "The key...." He holds out his hand for her to surrender the artifact to him.

[Lon]: Lon's eyes boggle at the man, unable to comprehend what has happened to him.

[JadedDM]: Beryl frowns, pointing her glaive at the man.  "What....what is this?"

[Viarra]: If Viarra's mouth dropped wide open when she delivered the killing blow to the golem, it was even wider now. 

[JadedDM]: Adolfo readies his axe in self-defense.  "This...power?"

[Christophe]: Christophe's eyes widen, and the weapon he was using a moment ago, a cackling black beam of energy, forms in his hand. "The key.... Now!"

[JadedDM]: Beryl backs against the wall.  "Come and take it, fool."

[JadedDM]: Marcus inches aside.

[Psyche]: "Don't be a fool, woman," Psyche states to the Bloodguard, as she doesn't even know her name.

[Christophe]: Christophe releases a demonic wail and charges at the Bloodguard with vigour and strength the party has never seen the man demonstrate before.

[JadedDM]: Beryl nearly drops her weapon at the display, but quickly regains her bearings and prepares for his strike.  Marcus, on the other hand, gets the hell out of Christophe's way.

[Psyche]: Psyche backs away from the two of them. "He's been like this all along and I didn't even notice?"

[Viarra]: Viarra shakes her head, as baffled as Psyche. 

[Lon]: Lon finally gets his jaw working, "That's not Christophe! I-it can't be!"

[Christophe]: Before Beryl can even raise her weapon to correctly defend herself, Christophe is upon her, the black beam cutting directly across her neck in one clean, efficient slice. The Bloodguard drops to the ground, dead, as Christophe reaches down and clutches the key in his hand. He smiles victoriously.

[JadedDM]: Blood splatters everywhere gratuitously as her body falls.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "By D'lokka..."

[Psyche]: " us."

[Viarra]: Viarra dances out of the way of the blood, but, not before getting a healthy splash of it. 

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "No....I believe you both are wrong," he says cautiously.

[Christophe]: Christophe pulls a face at the mention of Azedeth. "Psyche.... oh my dear, gullible Psyche... hahahaha. I thank you for bringing me here. Unfortunately, I've led you all into a death trap." His eyes begin to glow with a deep claret. "To think... you imbeciles actually came down here without so much as a torch!"

[Psyche]: "Who...Who are you?"

[Lon]: "What's happened to Christophe?"

[Christophe]: Christophe smiles again. "By now you may suspect that there is only one way out of here." He tosses the key up and down playfully as dark tendrils of energy start forming around his body. His voice sounds different -- deeper, dangerously seductive. "I am sorry to inform you that there is no way out of this cavern. You are trapped in here like the rats that you are. This information probably won't stop you from frantically searching for an exit, and I am certain that it will mean the end of your short-lived truce with the Bloodguard." He nods at Marcus and Adolfo. "You will begin tearing each other apart, as you always have done, selfishly trying to survive."

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over to Marcus and Adolfo then back to Christophe. "Answer my question. Who are you? What did you do with Christophe?!"

[Christophe]: Christophe releases a sigh and looks directly at Psyche. "As with all rebellions Christophe tried to fight, this one was destined to fail. He made a deal with me... but tried to renege on the eleventh hour. He tried to play the hero and 'save' you all..." He takes a few steps toward Psyche. "No one will deceive Kassaroff the Divine and live..." his expression turns to one of anger, "...including your precious sister Ceara! Or should I say... Cefka?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Kassaroff..," he says with some hint of familiarity.

[Psyche]: Psyche takes a few steps back. "Kassaroff the Divine? Cefka? What happened to my sister?"

[Kassaroff]: "Perhaps I can tell you a short tale, mmm?" He doesn't wait for a reply. "I've been inside this body since Christophe left Hell Island ... but I was drained... weak." Kassaroff smiles, although it is vile and inhuman. "But when you completed the Ring of Sisterhood with Ceara, the resulting energy was enough to release me from dormancy. It was only a matter of time before I took control of this weak-minded old fool here. In essence, Psyche Autumnleaf, you were the one who led to Ceara AND Christophe's downfall. YOU KILLED BOTH OF THEM!!!" He releases an unholy laugh.

[Psyche]: ".....No. "Psyche shakes her head quickly, not wanting to believe that. "I didn't. I...I...I was trying to help."

[Kassaroff]: The demonic being cackles again. "You are an utter failure, Psyche Autumnleaf. An inept disgrace. Not only have you failed to protect members of your own family, but you've torn apart another with your string of failures... the Limanis." Psyche can feel his breath, even as she backs away from him. "I grew awfully close to young Terrah recently... something you also failed to do. You have to wonder... if you make it back to the Tower alive... will she still be there? Hahahahaha!"

[Psyche]: Psyche just kind of crumbles to her knees, looking down to the ground pretty much in utter defeat.

[Viarra]: "Psyche,” Viarra says comfortingly, wrapping her arms around the other woman's shoulders. 

[Psyche]: Psyche tries to shove Viarra away. "He's right."

[Viarra]: "He wants to kill any hope you have.  Don't let him win,” Viarra whispers into Psyche's ear. 

[Psyche]: Psyche looks up to Kassaroff. "Are you done gloating over everything I've failed to do? What more do you want?"

[Kassaroff]: Kassaroff appears to be done taunting now, as he turns and places a hand upon the wall of the lab. Suddenly, a blackened pool of darkness opens up, and the being that once was Christophe prepares to step through it, the key still in his possession. "My task is done here. Should you somehow survive all this and find a way out, Psyche, you will make an excellent disciple to me. Your steadfast devotion to the elf-loving deity is waning as we speak... I can feel it. Your fall from grace is coming!" Kassaroff disappears into the portal, which promptly dissipates behind him.

[Lon]: Lon kicks the dust, angry at the helplessness of the situation.

[Psyche]: Psyche closes her eyes, bowing her head once again.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo puts his axe away.  "Hmm...this was unexpected."

[Viarra]: Viarra keeps a friendly, comforting hand on Psyche's shoulder. 

[Lon]: Calming down, Lon looks around and asks, "Well... What now?"

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "I suggest we get out of here."

[Psyche]: "Didn't you hear him? There isn't a way out."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "I would prefer not to take the word of a demon."

[Lon]: "What about the book? Something! We have to do something, or do you just want to wait to die?"

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Maybe there's something in that key room."

[Viarra]: "The book is little more than an advanced math primer,” Viarra quietly reminds Lon, "But, yes, we will find a way out." 

[Psyche]: Psyche slowly pushes herself up, looking towards the key room almost half heartedly before walking towards it.

[JadedDM]: There is a circular platform in the room's center.  On the north wall is a small platform that once held the key.  There is a scroll on it, as well.  A black mirror is to the side, strangely resembling the one Ladonna had.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks towards the mirror for a moment before she walks over to the scroll. "The only thing in here is a mirror and a scroll."

[Viarra]: "Does the scroll say anything important?" 

[Psyche]: Psyche gently picks up the scroll so that she can read it.   She begins chanting the words to a spell upon the scroll.  "They are all teleport spells." Psyche turns to look at everyone. "But I all ready said, it is more advanced than I am. If I mess up...."

[Viarra]: "Either way, we're dead.  Frankly, I'd rather go quickly than slowly, by starvation,” Viarra softly says. 

[Lon]: Lon nods in agreement.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks to Adolfo and Marcus to see if they agree with the others.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo shrugs.  "I suppose we are to be left behind then?"

[Psyche]: "Forgive me, Adolfo. I didn't know." Psyche frowns as she steps out of the room. "Well, if we are all going...then we better go."

[JadedDM]: Tugh carefully leaves her corner, looking pretty bad.

[Viarra]: "Wait a moment."  Viarra goes to check on Brigin. 

[JadedDM]: It's quite clear to Viarra that his windpipe was crushed.

[Psyche]: "Are we taking those gems with us or are they staying?"

[Viarra]: And it's also pretty clear that Brigin's laying near a chest of gems.  Viarra scoops up a handful and pockets them.  "He's still dead,” she confirms.  "There's no sense in letting them go to waste." 

[JadedDM]: Marcus picks up the chest.  "May as well take the whole thing."

[Psyche]: "Okay, everyone take hold of my arms or shoulders. For all of us to get out, all of you need to touch me."

[Lon]: Lon does as Psyche directs and touches Psyche's shoulder.

[Viarra]: Viarra walks over to Psyche and places a hand upon her shoulder. 

[JadedDM]: Tugh takes hold of the hem of Psyche's robe.

[JadedDM]: Adolfo places a hand on Psyche's back.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Sure, now she'll let me touch her."  He shrugs, then reaches out and rests his hand on her arm.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks down at the scroll and begins to chants the words off the scroll.

[JadedDM]: A circle of runes and sigils appear under Psyche as she chants.  This ring spins slowly, and suddenly everything is covered in light.  The party feels a strange sensation, like they are being pulled away from their bodies, bit by bit, although there is no pain.  When the light clears, you are all standing just outside the cavern.  The sun is just now going down.

[Viarra]: Viarra takes a deep breath, and then winces.  "Fresh air never smelled so good.  Thank you, Psyche." 

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Damn...sure beats a horse."  He stumbles a bit, a little dizzy.

[JadedDM]: Without a word, Tugh hurries to collect the horses.

[Psyche]: Psyche stumbles a bit once they are on the surface and then looks around as if completely surprised that it worked. "Y-you're welcome."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Now the key is gone, and suffice to say, my contract with the Bloodguard is broken.  This was a bad day, all around."

[Viarra]: "Indeed,” Viarra agrees. 

[Lon]: "Yes, that's much more important than two people dying…"

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "That's nothing.  My entire unit was wiped out.  Now I got to go and report back that the mission failed horribly."  He seems to think it over.  "Hell, they'll probably use me as a scapegoat."

[Psyche]: Psyche glances over to Marcus. "You know he won't keep you alive a second time."

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "First the this."

[Psyche]: "Grievers? You were apart of the Grievers?"

[JadedDM]: Marcus nods.  "Originally, before I joined the Bloodguard."

[Psyche]: "I'm not sure I should be doing this, but I'm not willing to have other people die because of my ultimate failure. You did try to defend me back there and perhaps I do owe you something.  You know what is going to happen to you if you return alone, so why not return at all?"

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Because I have nowhere else to go.  The Grievers are all dead."

[Psyche]: "Maybe the Grievers are dead, but we..." Psyche motions around to Lon and Viarra, "aren't...yet."

[Viarra]: "Praise be." 

[Lon]: Lon looks confused by what Psyche is insinuating but suddenly understands. "No, Psyche, no..."

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "What?  Work for you?"  He shrugs.  "Yeah, I suppose.  At least that way you can pay me back what you owe me.  And it does beat prison."

[Psyche]: Psyche looks at Lon. "He isn't going to stab me in my sleep. He had plenty of chances to hurt me while I was down in that pit. I owe him something, I honestly do. So let’s see if he can prove himself and I can pay him back."

[JadedDM]: Adolfo:  "Hmm.  Now that that's settled, I suppose I should be moving on."

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over to Adolfo. "Thank you...for what happened down there."

[Lon]: "That's not what concerns me," Lon says. He looks at Marcus, but looks back at Psyche saying what he has to say. "He has no loyalty. He'll only obey you if you pay him, if even that. Someone like that can't be trusted. At all."

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Shut up, ya little rat," he tells Lon.

[Viarra]: "He'll obey because he has nowhere else to go."  Viarra says softly.  "He goes anywhere else and he's a dead man, and,” she turns on Marcus, "Don't call Lon a rat." 

[JadedDM]: Adolfo shakes his head.  "Fare thee well.  Until we meet again, I'm sure."  He turns and starts walking off.

[Psyche]: "Goodbye, Adolfo." Psyche turns her attention to Marcus and Lon. "Can we at least pretend to get along?"

[Viarra]: "Good bye, Adolfo."  Viarra waves at the departing figure.

[JadedDM]: (All right, we can quit there.)

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