Session 14:
Talthul and Christophe


[JadedDM]: Onix 14th, Lightday; 665.  The party travels two more days before reaching Moonshadow that evening.  Nari regains 2 HP during their travels.  As the four young women approach the border, they are stopped by some guards who ask them their intentions.  Meanwhile, Christophe sits in the Howling Hound Inn.

[Psyche]: "We are just travelers who are wishing to use an inn you might have to get some rest for a few days."

[Christophe]: Christophe casually glances around the Inn .

[JadedDM]: The guard looks the party over and nods.  He notes the Bloodguard insignia on Draven's and Nari's armor.  "All right, go ahead.  The inn is straight north."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari's face finally losing the darkness of her bruises on her face, nods slightly to what Psyche says, looking quite tired.

[Psyche]: Psyche smiles faintly to the guard and motions for everyone to follow after her as she moves inside the town of Moonshadow and glancing around for a tavern or inn, figuring that is the best place to start when gathering information.

[JadedDM]: Christophe looks around and notes the tavern isn't very crowded this night.  The barkeeper, a somewhat gloomy looking woman, stands behind the bar.  A black man sits at the bar, nursing a drink quietly.  A pair of goblins sit at a table, speaking to each other in their own tongue.

[JadedDM]: The four women head north, looking around the town as they go.  They spot a Fortune Teller's shop, and then they reach the inn, which is called the Howling Hound.

[Nari誰ajya]: She looks around as she walks to the inn with everyone, taking note of anything that might be important.

[Christophe]: Slightly weary with road travel, Christophe finds an empty seat at the bar.

[Psyche]: "The Howling Hound..." she says softly, shaking her head before finally just stepping inside the tavern.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "What's your poison, stranger?" she asks Christophe.  Just then, four young women in their 20s or so enter the tavern.  One in blue robes, one in grey and plain clothes, and two are wearing Bloodguard scale mail.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari slips inside with the party, glancing to see who all is there.

[Christophe]: He reaches for some silver coins... "A mead would do me well..."

[Psyche]: Takes note of the man near the bar and the two goblins before walking over to a table to sit down, not exactly sure how to go about things, so she glances to Kestrel, saying as softly as she can. "I shouldn't just...blurt out that question should I?"

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari shakes her head and says quietly to Psyche, "No.  Just ask the server when he gets here, at least that way you don't confuse people.  At least that is what makes sense."

[Psyche]: "I'm probably going to confuse people anyway."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She takes the two coins and fills a mug with mead, which she then slides over to Christophe.

[JadedDM]: The black man sitting at the bar notices the four women, and he stands up slowly.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari smiles, "Good point, good point.  It is a slightly confusing question."

[Christophe]: "Thank you kindly."  Christophe takes a sip, looking at the Bloodguards' movements out of the corner of his eye.

[Psyche]: "It is really kind of a...silly question." she smiles faintly, something she hasn't done in the past few days ever since Nero.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Psyche...look."  She indicates the black man.  "It's Mauro."

[Psyche]: Psyche turns her head to look at the black man in which she frowns upon noticing him. "What is he doing here?"

[JadedDM]: The man has all ready seen and recognized them.  He has stood up and looks ready to sprint, except the party is currently blocking the doorway.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari looks at the black man, and smiles slightly.

[Psyche]: Psyche stands and speaks up to the man. "Thinking of going somewhere...Mauro?"

[JadedDM]: Mauro:  "Look now...what's done is done.  I don't know what you done heard 'bout me, but nobody got hurt, right?"

[Psyche]: "Oh, no, just two of my friends died because of what you helped that man do.

[JadedDM]: Mauro:  "So what you going to do?  Kill me, too?"  He takes a step back.

[Psyche]: Psyche takes a step forward. ", I'm not going to kill you. Why did you help him?"

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari watches Mauro's body language, frowning at his assumptions.

[JadedDM]: Mauro scowls.  "Revenge.  For years, I had to toil and work for those Limani痴, no better than a pack animal."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Psyche," Nari says softly.  "Let him go about his business." She looks around thinking this conversation might be best not done for all to hear.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over to Nari for a moment, and then sighs. "Let him go."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel nods and moves aside.  Draven shrugs and heads to the bar.

[Psyche]: Psyche walks over to a table and sits down.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari nods her head slightly to Mauro as she passes and joins Psyche.

[Talthul]: Talthul enters into the area from the hall that leads to the common room. He stands roughly six feet tall, and the floor nearly shakes under each of his heavy steps. He wears dust-colored clothing, and is followed closely by two mangy mongrels. An aroma of wet dog assaults the nostrils, whether that is Talthul or his dogs, who can say. He takes a seat at an empty table, struggling with the chair.

[JadedDM]: Mauro, deciding not to test his luck, quickly exits the inn as fast as he can without appearing to be fleeing in terror.

[Psyche]: Psyche's eyes widen upon seeing the hobgoblin.  She kind of covers her nose as he walks towards the bar.

[Nari誰ajya]: Slightly disgusted with the smell of dog she looks towards the source and blinks a few times.

[Talthul]: Talthul happens to be an overweight hobgoblin. He looks about for a waitress.

[Christophe]: Christophe nods in acknowledgement to the barkeep and quietly heads out the door of the inn, as if the smell of the dogs is too much for him.

[JadedDM]: There seems to be no waiter or waitress, just the gloomy barkeeper.

[JadedDM]: Christophe steps outside and is greeted by the cool night air.  The streets seem to be empty.

[Psyche]: Psyche stands, figuring that the barkeep isn't going to come to the table, so she is going to go to the barkeeper. "Excuse me, can you answer a question for me?" she asks softly.

[Christophe]: Christophe turns both ways, looking for the dark skinned gentlemen who left in a hurry...

[Talthul]: He gets up almost immediately, and wipes some drool from his lips. He goes over to the bar, right as Psyche asks her question. "I want uhhhhhh................."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She looks at Psyche dully.  "Yeah?"

[JadedDM]: Christophe sees no trace of the man.  He apparently left in a rush.

[Psyche]: Psyche nearly gags and being that Talthul is a hobgoblin she moves away slightly. "Uh...where have all the dragons gone?" She knows it sounds insane.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She blinks slowly and a rather uncomfortable amount of time passes before she answers.  "What?"

[Talthul]: "Flew away!" He laughs at his own words.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari suppresses all laughter, but smiles widely.

[Psyche]: "Nevermind." She looks over to Talthul again, very weary of the hobgoblin as she moves back over to the table.

[Christophe]: Christophe quietly reenters the inn, this time taking a seat near the back of the room.

[Talthul]: "Hey barmaid. How come you no get me my drink?"

[Nari誰ajya]: Casually Nari watches Christophe reenter the inn, but draws her attention to Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Just as Christophe opens the door to the tavern, a horrible scream of pain and fear is heard from outside.

[Psyche]: Psyche jumps at hearing the scream and without much thought she runs out of the tavern to figure out what is going on.

[Talthul]: Talthul squeals in delight. "Fight! Tak Guk! Come!" He rushes outside.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari stands instinctively and follows after Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Draven and Kestrel join them, grabbing their weapons.

[Christophe]: Christophe cautiously peaks his head out the door.

[Nari誰ajya]: Of course, though, she値l allow the hobgoblin to go first. She rests her hand on her sword hilt, wanting to see what's up before she draws her weapon.

[Tak and Guk]: Both mangy mongrel bound after Talthul. After separating from their master, it's still not a sure thing which one smells like wet dog.

[JadedDM]: Once outside, they see Mauro coming toward them from an alley, half-limping and half-running.  He's bleeding heavily and looks in a panic.  He heads straight toward them, but before he can get close enough, a large creature comes out of nowhere and tackles him.  It looks like a very large wolf and it begins tearing into his flesh right away.  Mauro screams out in agony as this happens.

[Talthul]: Talthul lumbers on over to the wolf. "Bad dog! Stop that!"

[Psyche]: Psyche's mouth nearly drops open upon seeing this. "What....what is that hobgoblin doing?!"

[JadedDM]: The wolf tears through Mauro's flesh as if it were tissue paper.  His screams die away and then the wolf turns and faces the party.  Its muzzle is glistening with blood in the moonlight.  It stands on its hind legs, throws back its head, and howls.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "What sort of creature..." she whispers in a hoarse voice.

[Talthul]: Talthul shrugs, frowning. "Oh well."

[Psyche]: Psyche takes a few steps back before she begins chanting the words to a spell, as she figures that the thing is going to come after them next.

[Nari誰ajya]: Shocked and appalled, Nari draws her sword.  'I think we should kill it....I like my skin the way it is...."

[Christophe]: A grave look on his face, Christophe uses both hands to cock his crossbow...

[JadedDM]: The wolf-like creature looks back at the party and its ears flatten as it growls menacingly.  It stands at around 7 feet tall and has reddish-brown fur with shining white claws and fangs.  It charges right toward the party.

[JadedDM]: (Actions?)

[Psyche]: Psyche is chanting a spell.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari will attack with her sword.

[Talthul]: "Tak, kill!" He rushes to meet it head on.

[Christophe]: Making sure he has a flank position first, Christophe will fire a bolt at the creature.

[JadedDM]: Everyone roll a d10.

[Christophe]: [1d10] -] [1] = (1)

[Nari誰ajya]: [1d10] -] [10] = (10)

[Psyche]: [1d10] -] [9] = (9)

[Talthul]: [1d10] -] [4] = (4)

[JadedDM]: Round 1.  Talthul and Tak go first.

[Talthul]: [1d20] -] [19] = (19)

[Talthul]: [1d20] -] [13] = (13)

[Talthul]: [1d20] -] [13] = (13)

[Talthul]: [1d4+2] -] [4,2] = (6)

[Talthul]: Talthul opens with two mighty swings at the wolf-being. It comes in confidently, only to have itself checked hard by Tal's right cestus. The wolf springs back a bit, dodging the second blow and Tak.

[JadedDM]: Furthermore, the wolf creature makes no indication it was hit.  It does not cry out, cringe, or even act hurt.

[JadedDM]: Christophe's turn.

[Christophe]: [1d20] -] [7] = (7)

[Christophe]: With a 層hoosh sound, a thin object goes whizzing by the wolf-creature's head and continues on into the night air.

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

[Psyche]: Psyche chants the words of her spell, holding her hands out, palms out. In doing so, a ray of yellow light zooms through the air towards the wolf creature, yet it appears to do nothing to the wolf.

[JadedDM]: Wolf Creature's Turn.

[JadedDM]: The creature charges the nearest person, which happens to be Talthul.  It crashes into him, knocking him to the ground, and then takes a nice bite out of his neck.  Talthul goes down.

[JadedDM]: Draven's turn.

[Guk]: Guk runs away down an empty alley after pissing a puddle in the street.

[Tak]: Tak continues his attacking.

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Time to put this pup down!"  She charges in at the wolf while it's busy with Talthul, and slashes upward across its back.  The wolf throws back its head and howls in terrible pain.  It then quickly runs off, leaving a trail of blood droplets behind it.

[Psyche]: "What was that?!"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel checks on the fallen hobgoblin and pulls out a wand.  Tapping him with it, she says "Nalsa" and his wounds heal to the point where he is conscious again.

[Christophe]: Christophe lowers his crossbow, looking at the prone hobgoblin on the ground.

[Tak]: Tak moves over to try to lick his master's hand.

[Nari誰ajya]: "No idea, but it should have stayed so we can put it out of it misery...I wouldn't want to run around bleeding..." Nari looks towards Kestrel and the hobgoblin.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel looks to the others.  "He'll live."

[Psyche]: Psyche nods to Kestrel then turns to look to Christophe. "Thank you, sir."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Yeah, puppy didn't like being bit back, did it," she says, smirking.

[Talthul]: "Korfal... ugh." He vomits painfully into the street near his face.

[Nari誰ajya]: She puts her sword away and smiles to Christophe, and nods her thanks, but smiles due to Draven. 

[JadedDM]: Kestrel backs away, frowning at the vomit on her shoes.

[Christophe]: Christophe looks back at Psyche, a rueful half-smile on his face... "I missed."

[Talthul]: He gets to his feet, which is an arduous process. "Guk come. Tak Come."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "What was that thing?"

[Psyche]: "Well, I didn't do much better myself, sir, but you did try." She turns her eyes to the hobgoblin for a moment not too terribly sure what to say to it.

[Tak and Guk]: The dogs return to their master's side.

[Talthul]: He looks at Psyche. "Happen all time, little hooman."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Looked like a werewolf to me.  I mean, never seen one before, but I heard stories from other mercenaries."

[Christophe]: Christophe takes a step forward toward Psyche. A middle-aged man with a shock of grey hair, he dons the rather drab colours of a road traveler.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Werewolf?  Why not?"  Nari comments.  

[Psyche]: "Huh?" she blinks, her attention drawn to Draven. "Werewolf?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Yeah, a werewolf.  I heard legends of 'em, but I'm no expert.  Humans that turn into wolves. bite people, and then they turn into werewolves, too."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Sounds like fun."  She looks around to everyone.  "Let痴 go back inside."

[Talthul]: "I gonna get one."

[Psyche]: "Perhaps....perhaps we should head back inside then." She shivers a bit turning her attention to Chris. "I'm Psyche." She might as well introduce herself before she glances at Talthul. "You really don't want one."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel approaches Mauro's remains.  The young man is lying on the ground in a pool of blood.  His torso has been ripped open, exposing his rib cage and some organs.  His eyes stare up at the night-sky, a look of terror on his face.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari's attention flashes to Talthul. "A werewolf?  You want a werewolf?"

[Christophe]: Christophe looks at Psyche and the rest of the group somewhat perturbed. "I'm... I'm Christophe. Nice to meet you, Psyche... but surely you all don't mean to head back inside without calling for reinforcements?"

[Psyche]: "Um....what reinforcements?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel shakes her head at Mauro's corpse, then stands and faces the party.  "I agree.  We should alert the local authorities."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari looks to everyone else, slightly confused.

[Talthul]: Talthul moves over to the creature's blood and points at it. "Guk."

[Christophe]: Christophe looks directly at the Bloodguard insignias. "Surely you would... alert your comrades? This 'werewolf' creature is out on the streets!"

[Guk]: The cowardly canine moves over to the fluid and sniffs at it cautiously.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari looks to Draven, mentally cursing her armor.

[JadedDM]: Draven looks down at the Bloodguard insignia on her armor, having forgotten all about it.

[Talthul]: "Gonna go kill. You want come? I share meat." He turns to the party at that.

[Psyche]: Psyche blinks a few times, looking over to Draven and Nari. "Uh..." she doesn't know what to say to that.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel looks to Talthul.  "Uh...that might not be wise.  You're still wounded, and that creature didn't seem to be harmed by your attacks."

[Talthul]: "You hurt. Blood. Right? That mine?" He peers down at the blood then tries to look at his own neck.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari begins to speak, but then stops, still looking at Draven.

[Christophe]: Christophe shakes his head, clearly bemused. "This hobgoblin here appears to have more bravery than the mighty Bloodguard of the region!"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Uh, look old man, truth is....we're not in the Bloodguard...anymore," she adds quickly.  "But we just haven't gotten around to getting new armor."

[Talthul]: "Guk, track."

[Psyche]: Psyche nods slightly at Draven's words. "Plus, we need more information before we go hunting a thing like that."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Besides that thing will probably bleed to death before we could get to it anyway."

[Christophe]: With a raised eyebrow, Christophe looks dead in the eyes of Draven. "Defectors, are you?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Defector is such a strong word.  We just...decided to go into a more independent line of work."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari chuckles.  "It痴 all in the past really.  I think it is time to go back inside."  Nari begins to the door.

[Psyche]: "Sir..." she has to try. "Perhaps you can answer a question for us."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel approaches Talthul.  "What is your name?"

[Christophe]: Christophe turns back to Psyche now, as if waiting for her to continue...

[Psyche]: "Where have all the dragons gone?" She feels completely stupid for asking such a question, but there has to be someone in this town that supports their cause a little.

[Talthul]: Talthul kicks at Guk a little. "Stoopid dog." He looks up at Kestrel. "Me Talth- fly away! I tell you. They fly away. Well 'cept big Inferno.  Me think he too fat." He laughs at his own joke again, whistling through his nose as he breathes in.

[Christophe]: Christophe stares at Psyche again, "Unbelievable... "

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari waits at the door, watching Christophe.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Talth, you're wounded.  Perhaps you should wait until tomorrow to hunt."

[Christophe]: "They're hiding in the trees."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari laughs.

[Talthul]: "Trees? Dragons too fat for trees!" He starts laughing uproariously again.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Are they now?" Nari smiles widely.

[Psyche]: Psyche relaxes a bit. "Lets go inside and I'll try to explain while we are here." She looks over to Talthul. "You might be surprised."

[Christophe]: Christophe looks at the rather amusing hobgoblin and shakes his head.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari helps with the door and holds it open for everyone.

[Christophe]: Christophe addresses Psyche again and sighs "Wait just a moment..."

[Talthul]: Talthul does a pantomime of a fat dragon, waddling around a bit and holding his arms as if he were carrying huge sacks between them and his body. "Dragons, fat."

[Psyche]: Psyche tilts her head slightly to the man.

[Tak and Guk]: The two dogs bark and become excited at Talthul's movements.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari is in limbo at the door, closing it again.

[Christophe]: "I still don't know exactly what's going on here, but I assume I am among friends..." he pauses for a moment. "Now I'm not a religious man by any stretch, but you have a dead man lying in the street here...Surely we should... do something about that... "

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Psyche, I can go alert the constables and the embalmer," she volunteers.

[Psyche]: "Thank you, Kestrel."

[Talthul]: He claps joyously at the barking dogs, who in turn bark louder, which makes him clap more furiously, which creates a vicious cycle.

[Christophe]: Christophe nods to Kestrel. "It would be wise. I would hope that your group is also keeping a low profile here in Moonshadow. A body in the street may attract unwanted attention for you."

[Psyche]: "We've only just arrive," she states, motioning towards the tavern before she makes her way to walk back inside.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel nods.  "And keep an eye on Talth.  He's still hurt."  She bows slightly, and then heads off to find a constable.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari will hold the door for all.

[Christophe]: Taking a final grim look at the body of the man in the street, Christophe turns and heads back inside the inn.

[JadedDM]: Draven enters, as well.  She points out a table in the back, darkest corner.

[Psyche]: Psyche then calls for the hobgoblin. "Talth...come along inside."

[Talthul]: Talthul nods "Okay." He follows the people inside the inn.

[Christophe]: Christophe takes a seat, resting his crossbow on an empty chair next to him.

[Psyche]: Psyche sits down at the table in the dark corner, waiting for everyone to settle down before she starts to explain what is going on.

[Nari誰ajya]: Settling down last, she looks towards Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Draven sits next to Christophe and sets her two-handed battle axe against the table.  "So, old man, what's your story?" she asks with a sly smile.

[Talthul]: He moves to the table and tries to fit himself into a chair. The dogs hog much of the floor real-estate under the table. "Hmmm. I want uhhhhhh..."

[Christophe]: Christophe studies her. "I... my story?" He laughs. "Where to begin?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Maybe we should start then.  We're from the Mithril Cell."

[Christophe]: Christophe nods. "You work in the Bloodtooth region, yes?

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over to Talthul for a moment. "Hold on a moment." she nods her head to the hobgoblin.

[JadedDM]: Draven looks to the hobgoblin.  "I don't think you have to worry too much.  He seems too stupid to use anything we say against us."  She leans back a bit in her chair.

[Talthul]: "Mithril? That worth lot of money. I hear talk. Ale, I want ale. How come barkeep no give me ale?" He looks around confused.

[Nari誰ajya]: "I'd say..." Nari can't help but smile.

[Psyche]: "Maybe you should go ask for some ale."

[Christophe]: Christophe turns to the hobgoblin. "Ale? I always assumed your kind were more partial to hellwine?"

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari involuntarily shudders and makes a face of disgust.

[Talthul]: Talthul slaps his forehead. "Think they have?"

[Christophe]: Christophe smiles. "Fine establishment like this? I'm sure they have the best in the region. Why don't you go ask?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel returns then.  After looking around, she heads to the table and sits down.  "The constables are looking into it.  They said this isn't the first time this has happened."

[Psyche]: Psyche sighs softly; having a hobgoblin around isn't making her all that comfortable at the moment. "Not the first time?"

[Talthul]: He gets up. "Tak, Guk, stay." The big hobgoblin then moves himself over to the barkeep. "I want uhhhhhh...."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel notes Psyche's look, and then glances to Talthul before looking back to her.  "Do not worry.  I sense no malice in him.  He is not evil."

[JadedDM]: The barkeeper just stands there, looking at Talthul with a bored expression as he slowly tries to make up his mind.

[Christophe]: "Not the first time.... interesting."

[Nari誰ajya]: Looking up to Kestrel, Nari says "Hopefully we don't have to worry about it while we are here, or at least not worry about it anymore than we have to."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel nods.  "They said a young girl, a prostitute, was killed brutally by some wild animal about a month ago.  They never found the killer."

[Talthul]: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

[Christophe]: "I'm sorry..." he looks at the females, specifically Nari. "I assumed this wolf-creature was part of the reason you were here?"

[Nari誰ajya]: "No, but it looks like we might be making it our business."  Nari shakes her head.

[Psyche]: "No...that isn't why we are here, but that does make things a bit more interesting." She speaks softly. "We are in search of the Overlord's agents."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Well?"

[Christophe]: Christophe nods in recognition. "Agents of the Overlord... I see..."

[Talthul]: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Hellwine!"

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Fine," she mutters, and pulls out a bottle from under the bar.  She opens it, then fills a glass and sets it before Talthul.  "Two silver."

[Christophe]: "It just so happens that I'm in a similar position as you then. Personally, I wouldn't mind looking into this creature's disturbances, but my agenda here is more pressing."

[Psyche]: "What brings you to Moonshadow?"

[Christophe]: He adds gravely. "I only hope the two are not related in any way."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "We are under orders to neutralize them, one by one."

[Nari誰ajya]: "I certainly hope not."

[Talthul]: "That a small glass."

[Psyche]: Psyche nods at Kestrel's words. "We must learn the last Agent from this one though." She sighs. "Morak was killed before we could get the last name out of him."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "That's a normal sized glass."

[Christophe]: Christophe turns to Psyche again. In a hushed tone: "I am seeking a particular agent of the Overlord..." He looks around to be certain no one else could be eavesdropping. "Woman by the name of Lu."

[Talthul]: "I want bigger one."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She sighs.  "This is as big as we have."

[Psyche]: "That is who we are looking for as well."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Have you been here long?"

[Christophe]: Christophe's expression changes. "Then you know of the weapon also?"

[Talthul]: "I want two."

[Christophe]: To Nari: "I arrived earlier today.... after a very long journey, indeed."

[Nari誰ajya]: "We know what long journeys are like."  She laughs.  "What weapon?"

[Psyche]: "Weapon? What weapon?" She tilts her head slightly.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Why not just drink that, and then I'll refill it?"

[Christophe]: He looks sternly at Nari. "It is not a laughing matter, my dear. The Overlord of this realm works on a secret weapon as we speak... a weapon he intends to use in the civil wars."

[Talthul]: Talthul squints at the barkeep. "I no fall for that. Want two."

[Christophe]: "It is said by reliable intelligence sources that this weapon has the power to wipe out countless lives in an instant."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Fine, all right."  She gets a second glass and fills it, too.  "That'll be four silver."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari opens her mouth. "My apologies, I am laughing more about long journeys though." She says rather meekly.

[Psyche]: Psyche doesn't look like she likes that idea too terribly much. "I wonder if Jerros knows." she sighs. "Perhaps we can join forces then, Christophe. Do you know anything else?"

[Talthul]: He plunks down one gold on the bar.

[Christophe]: Christophe smiles awkwardly at Nari. "Oh... forgive me... it is such serious times we live in..."

[JadedDM]: The barkeeper takes the gold and hands him six silver.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari shakes her head, "No worries." 

[Christophe]: He looks at [Psyche]: "Your master, Jerros Soulstaff, does not know either. For it is he who my master has instructed me to report to should my mission be successful. After all, it is this region that is under the immediate threat."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel looks concerned.  "Do we know any details of this weapon?"

[Talthul]: Talthul takes the money and returns to the others, trying to sip his wine greedily as he walks.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari sits back a little, listening.

[Christophe]: Christophe shakes his head at Kestrel. "Nothing more than what I told you. As I said, Agent Lu has the information I seek. I must extract it out of her any way I can in order to understand exactly what is going on."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "And before we can do anything to her, we have to find her."

[Talthul]: "Don't pursue Lu..." He shakes his head viciously and sets down his drinks. "What me say?"

[Christophe]: "Right." Christophe makes sure to add, "But if your mission is to 'neutralize' her... you must wait until we have the information."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  She looks to the hobgoblin.  "Do you know Lu?"

[Psyche]: "We have to get information out of her as well."  Psyche looks over to Talthul for a moment.

[Nari誰ajya]: "It shouldn't be a problem.  We should both be able to get what we need."

[Christophe]: Christophe sighs, looking as if some weight has been lifted from his shoulders by revealing this.

[Talthul]: He shakes his head. "Never hear before."

[Psyche]: Psyche offers a small smile to Christophe, perhaps for a little comfort.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "We need to decide on what to do now, then."

[Psyche]: "We don't even know where she is, unless this hobgoblin knows her." She glances to the hobgoblin again.

[Talthul]: "Me not... Not uh good with ladies."

[Christophe]: A bleary eyed look on his face: "I have been on the road for weeks, and the hour grows late.... for me, anyway. Perhaps our chances of finding this woman will be better in the daylight hours?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Psyche...what of the monster?  The werewolf?

[Psyche]: "I don't know enough about werewolves to risk hunting it down, Kestrel."

[Talthul]: "Just big wolf. Put pointy end into fleshy bleedy thing."

[Psyche]: "I wish it was that simple," she says to Talthul, looking over to everyone else. "I suggest we all get some rest and decide what we are going to do tomorrow."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "You paying for the rooms, Psyche?"

[Talthul]: Talthul wastes no time in consuming his drinks. "Can share my room, Tak and Guk good pillow."

[Psyche]: "Oh...right. Who is sharing rooms?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "I'll share a room with Talthul.  I want to keep an eye on those wounds."

[Christophe]: "I will pay my share of the fee."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "I'll bunk with Nari."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari nods.

[Psyche]: "So Kestrel with Talthul. Draven and Nari and one for myself." She stands, walking over to the bar keep. "Three rooms please."

[Christophe]: "I should also like a room, innkeeper."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Lower Class or Standard?  For the night or for the week?"

[Talthul]: He finishes his hellwines like they are nothing, and pats his belly. "Not bad for hooman place."

[Psyche]: "Just for the night...and how much is standard class?" She looks over to Chris. "I can pay for yours as well. I don't mind."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Five silver a night for the standard rooms.  Or three gold a week."

[Christophe]: Christophe looks at her and bows his head. "Very well. I shall repay the favour later."

[Psyche]: "Make that four rooms, standard, for the week," she says, just to be on the safe side.

[Talthul]: "Tak, Guk, you come." He makes his way to his room.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Twelve gold."

[Psyche]: Psyche hands the barkeep the twelve gold.

[Christophe]: Christophe whispers to Nari. "You must be very well funded Rebels in this region..."

[JadedDM]: The Barkeeper hands her four keys.

[Tak and Guk]: The dogs follow their master, but Guk pauses to sniff at Christophe's rear intrusively. He quickly follows at another word from Tal.

[Psyche]: Psyche takes the keys and hands back to the group, handing Kestrel one, then Nari, then Chris, keeping one for herself. "Meet down here in the morning."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari smiles, "Only sometimes."

[Christophe]: Christophe takes the key graciously. "Thank you, Psyche. Sleep well, everyone." He heads off to his room.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Thank you Psyche."  She takes the key and heads off to her room, tired.

[Psyche]: Psyche nods to both of them before she moves off to her room as well.

[JadedDM]: The party gets a good night's sleep, and tomorrow they wake up and meet up in the tap room.  It is now Onix 15th, Rockday; 665.

[Christophe]: Looking like he's had very little sleep at all, Christophe takes his same chair as last night, observing the room again.

[Psyche]: Psyche finds herself sitting at the same table that they the party were sitting at last night, a piece of parchment out on the table, along with her ink well as she seems to be writing something.

[JadedDM]: Draven enters bright-eyed, as if she slept great.  She takes a seat in the same spot, as well.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari yawns as she follows Draven. "Morning, Psyche."

[Tak and Guk]: Talthul and his dogs spent the night snoring loudly. They enter the room, the terrible smell rekindled in the nostrils. He takes a seat and opens his mouth. "Uhhhhhh..."

[JadedDM]: The tavern is a little more populated today.  The barkeeper fills orders dourly to a handful of young men who are talking amongst themselves about last night's murder.

[Psyche]: "Good morning." She keeps writing away. "So...any ideas?" she asks softly, glancing towards the young men.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel follows, and sets a hand on Talthul's shoulder.  She looks around, to make sure nobody is watching, then says something in a language he cannot understand.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Oh....we were supposed to be thinking while we were sleeping?"  She smiles.

[Christophe]: Christophe picks at his rationing, not really that hungry. "Last night I heard you mention a name... Morak was it?"

[Psyche]: "What about him?" She lifts her head a little curiously.

[Christophe]: "Well," he sets aside his food. "You've obviously had a run-in with an Agent of the Overlord before. I cannot say the same for myself. So I'm wondering... is it as easy as knocking on a door and asking for the person?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Not quite.  It was publicly known Morak was an Agent.  The others work in secrecy."

[Psyche]: Psyche nods at Kestrel's words. "So this is going to be a bit harder, I'm afraid."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari chuckles.  "There is a good chance you'll end up with a bolt in you..."

[Christophe]: Christophe nods. "Very well. It was only a thought... "

[Talthul]: "Hooman priest? That good. Tak say you smell good."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Uh, thank you."  She takes a seat.

[Christophe]: He knocks on the table, agitated. "Perhaps we could use the Bloodguard armour you have in your possession to our advantage here then?"

[Talthul]: "So you looking for someone? I looking for lots of people. Guk good tracker."

[Psyche]: Psyche sighs, putting everything up so that she can actually think. "Say that we were sent by the Overlord...for what reason?"

[Christophe]: Christophe mulls it over. "Investigating the series of murders, perhaps?"

[Psyche]: "I don't think he would really care."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Seems like that would be the Earl's jurisdiction."

[Christophe]: "Hmmm..."

[Psyche]: "Getting inside isn't the first thing...finding out where she is the first thing."

[Christophe]: "Well, at the very least, no other Bloodguard in this town know your faces. You could find one in the street somewhere and pump them for information."

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over to Nari and Draven. "That is an idea...and since you two are wearing the armor, it would be easier for you two to get the information from them, providing that they know."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari nods. "We can try."

[Talthul]: "Help with the wolf. That get you on good side."

[Psyche]: "Once we have that information, then we can go from there."

[Talthul]: "Share the meat. Always works."

[Psyche]: "I doubt Lu would really care about the werewolf.

[Talthul]: "Who this Lu person? Me talk about Bloodguard."

[Christophe]: Christophe sighs, the loud hobgoblin breaking his concentration. He motions for the barkeep. "Barkeep! A hellwine for my friend here."

[Talthul]: "That good idea. Hellwine, yes! And meat. Lots of meat. Big leg of meat."

[JadedDM]: The Barkeeper brings the hobgoblin a hellwine, her face in a frown.

[Nari誰ajya]: She smiles at Christophe, ordering a drink for the hobgoblin, to much.

[Christophe]: Christophe hands her the correct coins.

[Talthul]: He stares at the hellwine. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

[Psyche]: Psyche looks to Nari and Draven. "You might want to get started on what you have to do."

[Christophe]: Christophe stares at Talthul blankly... "You uh... you have to drink it, friend.... remember?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "I'm still not sure what you want us to do."

[Christophe]: Christophe looks at Draven. "Best bet would be to find a Bloodguard... preferably a lone one. Small talk for a moment, then namedrop Lu. See if it gets you anywhere."

[Talthul]: "No... I ask for meat. Tak, Guk eat. Me too, eat." He drinks his hellwine.

[Psyche]: Psyche nods slightly at Chris' words. "If anything, you can ask the guards at the gate."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "And if it doesn't?"

[Psyche]: "We will be asking around too, Draven."

[Christophe]: "Then it doesn't. Move on to the next Bloodguard without being too obvious about it. Meanwhile, the rest of us can quietly snoop around town to see if we can find anything."

[Talthul]: Talthul gets up and lumbers over to the bar.

[JadedDM]: Draven stands up.  "With our luck, we probably won't even find one.  Come on, Nari."

[Psyche]: "It is going to be kind of hard to quietly snoop with a hobgoblin with us," she states absently.

[Christophe]: Christophe confides in Psyche when Draven is out of earshot: "Cynical sort, isn't she?"

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari gets up. "We'll see what we can get. And Draven come now, positive attitude!"  Nari leads the way out.

[JadedDM]: Draven and Nari step outside.  They can still see the blood stains Mauro left, although his body has been removed now.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Why do you say that, Psyche?"

[Psyche]: "She is...very much so at times." she smiles faintly, looking over to Kestrel. "He is kind of loud, Kestrel."

[Talthul]: "Barkeep. Give me meat."

[Psyche]: "And pretty easy to pick out of a crowd."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari looks around, taking in the surroundings. "This, with any luck whatsoever should work alright."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Because he's hobgoblin?"

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "What kind?"

[Psyche]: "No, because he smells."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Right.  So...where do we start?"

[Christophe]: "Perhaps that could be to our advantage. Nari and Draven are the ones trying to be stealthy here. If we draw a little attention to ourselves, it could help them."

[Talthul]: "No, meat. Want meat now."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She shrugs, and heads into the kitchen.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Um...well we could just walk the streets and maybe we will chance upon one.  Or we could just go chit chat with the guards at the gate."  Nari looks at what layout of the town is.

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Those weren't Bloodguard, though, remember?  They were the Earl's men.  I guess our only chance is wander around and hope we get lucky."

[Psyche]: "I don't think I understand what you mean." She tilts her head slightly.

[Nari誰ajya]: "A nice little walk.  Sounds...nice."  She starts walking.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She returns with a plate with a mutton leg on it, cooked.  She sets it before the hobgoblin.

[Talthul]: Talthul knocks on the bar in tune to a song, but he has no musical talent.

[Christophe]: Christophe appears lost in thought, as if he's staring through the wall to the outside world. "Hmm? I wonder...I can't help but wonder about this wolf creature in town...It's like a bad omen."

[JadedDM]: Draven heads south with Nari.  They reach a building that has a crystal ball insignia on it above the sign.

[Psyche]: "We've run across enough bad omens. It is something to watch out for on our search."  [Nari誰ajya]: "Crystal ball...psychic?"  She looks at Draven.

[Christophe]: "Do you remember the brief battle last night at all? I have a vision in my head of the creature leaving behind a trail of blood..."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Got me.  Probably a scam.  But if we're looking for information...?"

[Psyche]: "It was bleeding, I think. We could take this time to track that blood while Draven and Nari are gathering that information."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Want to give it a try?  Do we even have any coin?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  She takes her belt pouch in hand and jingles it a bit.  "Yeah, a little."

[Talthul]: "More than that! That not a lot of meat." Tal grabs the leg, and to make a point, starts devouring it messily and quickly.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She sighs, and then returns to the kitchen.

[Christophe]: Christophe shrugs. "I know I spoke of the gravity of my mission... but this creature also worries me.... and it would occupy our time while the others search for Bloodguard."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Always just a little."  She looks towards the building, "Plan of attack, um, questioning?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Yeah, sounds good.  Try and find out something about this Lu person."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Onward..." She enters the building.

[Psyche]: Psyche stands up. "Well, it is best to at least know where it is for the time being, just to be safe."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "If I may suggest, Psyche, Talthul has a tracking hound."

[Christophe]: Christophe nods in agreement.

[Psyche]: Psyche glances over to the hobgoblin and his hounds. "Okay...that is probably the best way to go about it. Would you ask him, please, Kestrel?"

[JadedDM]: Draven and Nari enter the building.  Once inside, they are bombarded with the overpowering scent of incense.  They see a man sitting at a table, facing them.  He has a deck of cards with him.  He looks old with grey hair and blue eyes.  "I knew you would come," he says casually.

[Christophe]: Christophe stifles a laugh.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel nods and approaches Talthul.  "Talth?"

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari coughs at the sudden new smells.  "Yeah?  Then what are we here for?"

[Talthul]: He turns to Kestrel, quickly throwing the rest of his meal to the hounds. He wipes the grease and fat on his clothing equally as hurriedly. "Uhhhhhh, yes?"

[JadedDM]: Old Man:  "You are here to...uh...," he consults his cards.  "To learn your future."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "You said your dog can track that creature, yes?"

[Psyche]: Psyche sighs softly. "I...I just don't really trust hobgoblins, even if Kestrel says he isn't evil."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari looks over to Draven, a look of 'oh please' on her face.

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Uh...right."  She looks to Nari.  "I'll let you handle this.  I might end up punching him."

[Talthul]: "Yeah, he got scent. If it was that's blood. But dog need eat. So do me."

[Christophe]: Christophe makes certain his crossbow is in working order. "I suppose I can understand. I've had experience with a few hobgoblins in my time... "

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper returns with a plate with three legs of mutton on it and she sets it before Talthul.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari actually glares at Draven.  "Thanks."  She turns towards the old man.  "You're wrong."

[JadedDM]: Old Man:  "Oh?  Then why are you here, young woman?"

[Christophe]: "I came to the conclusion that they're a lot like us... some of them are good, some of them are bad."  He adds afterwards, for effect. "Very bad."

[Psyche]: "Most of the ones I've come across are bad." she shrugs slightly. "Of course, I'm from Dan'gen, kind of makes a little sense."

[Christophe]: "Dan'gen? I used to live there...." He sighs. "I suppose it was a long time ago now..."

[Talthul]: He tosses two of them to the dogs and starts on the other.

[Tak and Guk]: Tak snarls at the other dog, trying to take both, and succeeding. Guk is left to gnaw on the mostly-eaten bone that Tal cast aside.

[Psyche]: "I'm kind of curious on how you got involved in all of this."

[Nari誰ajya]: "We're new here and we were looking for someone."  She thinks a moment.  "We think her name is something like Lu?  Is that a familiar name by any chance?  We aren't sure if this is the right town or not."

[Christophe]: "Well..." he scratches at the grey head of hair. "It's a long, long story... I couldn't explain it all in one go."

[JadedDM]: Old Man:  "Have a seat," he says, gesturing to the two chairs before them.

[Christophe]: "Let's just say I've got a history with revolutions."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari looks over to Draven. "You can help us?"

[Psyche]: Psyche laughs faintly. "If you do join us after we deal with Lu, then perhaps I might be able to learn more."

[Christophe]: "And I'm wanting to put right some wrongs in the Bloodtooth region if I can."

[JadedDM]: Old Man:  "The cards tell all.  They can help you find what you seek."

[Psyche]: "That is what we are trying to do."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Did they tell you why we came here?"

[Talthul]: Talthul finishes and casts the last bone to Guk. "Ready now. Belly full enough."

[Christophe]: "What of you? How does one such as yourself get involved in all this?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Uh, good."  She pays the barkeeper.  "Let's get started then."

[JadedDM]: Old Man:  "You are seeking someone, yes?"

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over to Tal and Kestrel, motioning to them. "Um...that is kind of a long story too, but it has a lot to do with my sister." She starts walking towards the priestess and hobgoblin.

[Nari誰ajya]: "We've already established that.  Just answer my question.  I am not really looking for a reading but some facts.  If you know who this Lu is just telling me what you know will work well for me."  Nari looks to Draven again.

[JadedDM]: Old Man:  "I do not personally know of anyone with this name."

[Christophe]: Christophe joins the others. "Your sister? Yes... I'm sure we will have to learn more about each other later."

[Talthul]: Talthul moves out of the door, calling his dogs to follow.

[Nari誰ajya]: Quietly to Draven, "Let痴 come back if we can't find what we are looking for else where.  Sound good?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Fine with me."

[Christophe]: Christophe sides up to Talthul. "Listen, friend. Time is of the essence here. The scent will not be fresh, nor would the tracks. But if you and your dogs can move with haste, there will be a few rounds of hellwine in it for you, I promise."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Thank you for your time.  If we still seek more information, we'll be sure to come back."  She smiles kindly before turning about and leaving.

[Psyche]: Psyche follows after the hobgoblin and his dogs. "Perhaps some meat as well."

[Talthul]: Talthul moves out into the street and looks around for any signs of the fight.

[Christophe]: Christophe's gaze rests upon the spot where the dead body once laid... he looks as though he is reliving a bad memory.

[JadedDM]: The blood stains are still there, although the body has been removed.

[JadedDM]: Draven follows Nari out.  "So much for that."

[Psyche]: Psyche studies Christophe for a moment before deciding it is not best to ask and waits for the dogs to track the scent.

[Talthul]: He moves over to the bloodstains and points. "Guk, you smell."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari returns to their walk and scouts for Bloodguard.  "Not important.  Let痴 just see if we can't find someone a little more helpful."

[Guk]: The dog sniffs at the blood stains, the big puddle.

[Talthul]: "Good Guk."

[JadedDM]: Draven and Nari take a left, and they approach a building with a sign.  Above the print, which neither can read, is an insignia of a coat.

[Psyche]: "And that he has the scent, he can track the wolf...right?"

[Talthul]: "Good Guk, now track!"

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari keeps walking, looking at the people out in the streets.

[JadedDM]: Nari and Draven continue onward, taking a right at the corner.  They see two buildings here.  One has a book insignia, and the other shows a canteen insignia.

[JadedDM]: Guk seems to catch the scent, and begins moving forward, his nose to the ground.  He heads north.

[Christophe]: Christophe follows the hobgoblin and his dogs.

[Psyche]: Psyche follows after the dog.

[Talthul]: Follows right behind Guk.

[JadedDM]: Guk leads them about 20 feet north, then gets a little lost.  He picks the scent back up and starts heading east for about 10 feet, then turns south and moves in that direction.  Soon, the party finds themselves back in the town square where Mauro died.

[Christophe]: "Well..."

[Nari誰ajya]: "A canteen?  Another tavern?" She looks at the building while keeping an eye on the people walking around going about their daily business.

[Psyche]: Psyche laughs faintly." Um...I think he might have smelled the wrong blood."

[Talthul]: "Bad Guk! I say track!"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Probably a supply shop."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Let痴 keep walking." Nari continues.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks around for a moment, trying to pick out a smaller drop of blood not near the big puddle for the dog to smell.

[Christophe]: "Wait..." he scratches his chin. "Talthul, your dog has picked up the wrong scent."

[Talthul]: "Oh... Guk, you smell other blood... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." He scrunches his face up, trying to think.

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "All right, but I doubt we're going to find any Bloodguard so far away from Dan'gen."  She starts heading west.

[Psyche]: Psyche kind of points to a smaller drop of blood. "Try this one."

[Nari誰ajya]: "If you have a suggestions, speak." She keeps an eye out for anything that might seem out of place.

[Talthul]: He points to the blood and Guk sniffs at it. "Good, now track Guk!"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Would standard information gathering techniques be out of the question?"

Talthul (whispering): [1d20] -] [6] = (6)[

[Nari誰ajya]: "Such as?"

[JadedDM]: Guk smells around, and then barks twice.  He heads north again.

[Christophe]: Christophe follows... again.

[Psyche]: Psyche sighs, knowing that was the way that they went before, but follows again anyway, praying that it is the right direction.

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "You're kidding, right?  Well, there are the official channels...constables, taverns, public officials.  Then there are the unofficial channels--black market, beggars, thieves and the like."

[Christophe]: Christophe studies the ground carefully, trying to see if a trail of blood drops is visible at all.

[Talthul]: He follows his dog, naturally.

[JadedDM]: This time, however, Guk leads them further north.  They turn east, and then come to a stop in front of a building.  The building is of moderate size with a dome roof and the insignia of D'lokka on the two steel doors, a gauntlet.

[Nari誰ajya]: "I like how you assume that I gather information as a living."  She looks around.  "I don't know how helpful the official channels will be, but the unofficial would probably get us somewhere.  Maybe."

[Psyche]: Psyche comes to a stop in front of the building, looking over to Kestrel and Christophe for a moment. "Why would the thing come here?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Well, you are a part of a secret organization.  Didn't they teach you that in Rebel school?" she asks sarcastically.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel frowns.  "Good question.  I doubt it was looking for healing."

[Christophe]: Christophe shrugs. "Maybe it... lives here?"

[Psyche]: "We can't exactly search the place, but maybe we can learn something?" She moves to make her way inside.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari laughs, "Like we get training." Nari sighs. "Well Miss Expert, who first?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "The tavern seems the less conspicuous place."

[Talthul]: He claps his hands. "Time to pray!" He moves into the building casually.

[Christophe]: "I wonder how intelligent this beast is exactly...?"

[Psyche]: "Another good question...yet I'm not too terribly sure I wish to know."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari heads in that direction.

[JadedDM]: Psyche pushes the doors open and enters.  Inside, they see a number of empty pews.  There are two women inside.  One, the younger one, heads into another room and closes the door.  The second woman, an elderly woman in D'lokka vestments, looks to the party and greets them.  "Welcome, in the name of D'lokka."

[JadedDM]: After a brisk walk, Nari and Draven return to the tavern.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari steps inside, looking around.

[Christophe]: Making sure the hood of his cloak is up, Christophe brings up the rear of the party, gazing around.

[Psyche]: Psyche bows her head to the woman. "I know this might sound odd, coming here, but we heard of some strange murders going on around here, by some creature. I was wondering if you could tell us anything."

[Talthul]: Talthul juts his chest out, seeing he is the only hobgoblin there. He looks back at Guk.

[JadedDM]: Priestess:  Her eyes widen slightly, and she casts a sharp look at Kestrel.  Kestrel coughs and looks away, pretending to be interested in the architecture of the shrine.  The priestess looks about ready to say something, but then turns her attention to Psyche and her question.  "Hmm?  Murders?  Oh, yes.  Well, everyone in town has heard of them, of course.  There was another last night, I heard."

[JadedDM]: Inside the tavern, the group of young men has left.  There are a few slaves having their lunch in the back area.  The barkeeper stands behind the bar, still looking rather depressed.

[Psyche]: Psyche nods slightly. "We heard that it looked like some....kind of big wolf."

[JadedDM]: Priestess:  "I heard it was some form of a wild animal.  I suppose a wolf could be the culprit."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Barkeep?"

[Talthul]: "Guk, you track more."

[Psyche]: "Is there any kind of information you can give us, Lady...?" She doesn't know her name, so Lady will have to do.

[JadedDM]: The barkeeper slowly raises her head and looks at Nari and Draven.  "Yeah?"

[JadedDM]: Priestess:  She clears her throat a bit and shakes her head.  "I know nothing else on the matter," she says.

[JadedDM]: Guk sniffs around the area, but seems to get confused and just goes in circles.

[Psyche]: Psyche nods politely. "Of course, Lady." she bows her head slightly. "Would be possible to ask the young lady that just walked in the back? We like to be thorough."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari walks over her, smiling, "So you must catch wind of people's conversations, having to stay in here all the time.  Anything interesting or unusual that you have heard about lately?"  She sits down at the bar.

[JadedDM]: Priestess:  She crosses her arms.  "She is just a patient of mine.  Who are you, anyway?  Are you with the Earl's men?"

[Talthul]: "Bad Guk. Stay. You and Tak stay." He moves off into the pews to pray.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Well...there was a murder last night.  But I think you folks were here to see that."

[Psyche]: "Monster hunters. We try to track down odd and usual creatures to study them. This place caught our attention when we heard of the murders."

[JadedDM]: Priestess:  "I know nothing about any monsters.  Neither does my patient, I am sure."

[Nari誰ajya]: "But that has happened before hasn't it?  I mean something that is somewhat odd or secretive that happens in this town?"

[Psyche]: "It will only take a moment. Any kind of information would work, and you never know who might know something."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She frowns.  "Yeah, it's happened before.  A prostitute last time."

[JadedDM]: Priestess:  She seems hesitant.  "Very well.  But do not upset her."

[Psyche]: "Of course not, Lady." She bows her head once more in respect.

[Talthul]: Talthul squeezes in between some pews and gets to the prayin'.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel reaches into her pocket and gives her holy symbol a little squeeze of comfort in this unholy place.  She follows Psyche to the door the young woman entered.

[Psyche]: Psyche opens the door and then glances around as she moves inside the room the young woman entered.

[Christophe]: As the two women head inside the door, Christophe tries to get the attention of the Priestess.

[Nari誰ajya]: "That is really a sad thing.  There any theories to where the thing came from?

[JadedDM]: Inside is a small medical ward or some sort.  A young woman with curly red hair sits on one of the cots.  She looks up at Psyche and Kestrel when they enter.

[JadedDM]: Priestess:  She looks to Christophe.  "Yes?  Something you need?"

[Psyche]: Psyche offers a little smile to the young woman as she walks towards her. "This won't take long, but I was wondering if we could ask you a few questions, Miss?"

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  Her eyes dart around the room.  "No.  What do you mean?  It's just a wild animal, probably.  That's what the embalmer said."

[JadedDM]: Young Woman:  "Bellona," she says, introducing herself.  Looking closer, you see she is rather fit, physically, like a warrior.  Hanging from the end of her cot is a pair of cesti, like Talthul's.

[Christophe]: Christophe bows in front of her... "Mistress, I am looking for a friend of mine that lives here in Moonshadow. Haven't seen her in ages... not since she moved away anyway. Goes by the name of 'Lu'... you wouldn't happen to know her would you?"

[Nari誰ajya]: "Well the beast has got to come from somewhere.  It was a wolf, a BIG wolf, stood on its hind legs, easily 7, 8 feet tall.  I didn't know nature made such a creature.  I was just wondering."

[Psyche]: Psyche takes note of the cesti before looking back to Bellona. "Psyche; and my friend here is Kestrel. Do you know anything of the attacks that have been happening here recently?"

[Christophe]: He places a hand on her shoulder gently and drops five gold coins into the collection tray. "Any help would be much appreciated, mistress."

[Nari誰ajya]: "But I am really more curious about this mysterious person names Lu.  Have you heard that name at all?"

[JadedDM]: Priestess:  She looks down at the gold coins and frowns, looking back to the man.  "I can tell you this, sir.  If you value your life and your well-being, it's best to forget this monster you seek and just leave town."

[JadedDM]: Bellona:  She lowers her head and looks down at her hands.  "N...No.  I do not."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Lu?"  Her eyes widen.  "I've never heard that name, no."

[Talthul]: Talthul finishes his praying and snoops around the church. "Where'd the wolfy go Guk? Where'd wolfy go?"

[Guk]: Guk, being the genius tracker he is, chases his tail with much zeal.

[Psyche]: "Are you quite all right?" She raises an eyebrow, glancing over to Kestrel for a moment.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari looks over to Draven.

[Christophe]: Christophe's emotionless gaze does not change as he bows again. "Thank you for your time anyway, mistress."

[JadedDM]: Bellona:  "I'm...I'm fine."  Her voice sounds weak, and if not for her muscular build, you might for a moment feel like you were speaking to a small child.  You do not see any visible wounds on her from your stand point.

[Talthul]: He moves over to, and looks at, the floor of the entrance.

[JadedDM]: Draven frowns.  "Well, thanks for your help."  She gestures for Nari to follow her to a table.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari sits down with her.

[Christophe]: Christophe slowly exits, waiting outside for his companions. He studies the street casually while he waits.

[Psyche]: "Not to be rude, but why are you in the infirmary?"

[JadedDM]: Bellona:  "I was just recovering from some wounds."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "What do you think?" she asks Nari, keeping her voice low.

[JadedDM]: Talthul examines the floor.  He finds a bit of animal hair there.

[Psyche]: "Wounds?" She glances at the woman痴 weapons again then back to her. "Where about were your wounds?"

[Nari誰ajya]: "That she knows something about what we want to know."  She says just as quietly.

[Talthul]: Tal picks the animal fur up. "Shedding again? Why always shed?" He looks at it with boredom.

[JadedDM]: Bellona:  "Oh,'s nothing serious.  I am a gladiator.  Or was.  Lady Martina was nice enough to care for me after a fight I was in recently."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Yeah, I got that, too.  Not the best liar."  She looks over to the barkeeper, who has entered the kitchen.

[Psyche]: "Of course, of course." she nods slightly. "Well, if you don't have any information to give us at all, then we will be on our way."

[JadedDM]: Bellona:  "I am sorry I cannot be of more help."

[Nari誰ajya]: "We could go join her... but I am not sure how else to make her tell the truth."  She glances to see that the barkeep went into the kitchen.

[Psyche]: "No worries. I hope you get better soon." With that, Psyche walks out of the room, motioning for Kestrel to follow behind her, and once she gets close enough to Tal she motions for him to follow as well as she makes her way out of the Shrine.

[Christophe]: As he loiters outside, Christophe starts humming, out of tune, an old song called "Topoc Rising".

[JadedDM]: Then, the barkeeper steps out of the kitchen, now wearing a red cloak.  She locks the kitchen up, and then leaves the tavern through the front door.

[Talthul]: Tal blows it away. "Bad Guk. No shed in temple." He moves out into the street, followed closely by his animals.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Or follow her?" She says as she leaves.

[Christophe]: Christophe acknowledges his companions. "Learn anything?"

[Psyche]: "They know something."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Got nothing better to do."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari smiles as she stands. "Think it wise?  Might be smarter than we think."  She heads out, peeking out to see which way she is going, doesn't want to get caught stalking.

[Christophe]: "Really?" Christophe looks ruffled. "I mentioned the name 'Lu' to the Priestess... not even a charitable contribution could get her to talk."

[Psyche]: Psyche looks over her shoulder to the shrine as she moves forward, speaking softly. "If they are trying to protect someone, they probably wouldn't tell us anything, even with a charitable contribution."

[Talthul]: "All priest know something. That why they priest. I go to House priest one day. He say 'Talthul, no eat wood. Bad for you.' Good words."

[JadedDM]: The pair tries and tails the barkeeper.  This is difficult, as she often checks behind her as she walks.  She heads westward.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks at Talthul for a moment. "Yes...yes that would be good advice."

[Nari誰ajya]: They will keep at it.  Trying their damnedest to not get caught but still keep her in view.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Why, though?  Do you think they're somehow involved?"

[JadedDM]: The barkeeper heads to the village border.  Taking another peak around her (which force Draven and Nari to duck behind a building), she then leaves the village and continues westward.

[Talthul]: "And other time. I have tell Guk. 'Guk, no shed in temple.' He do it though. Even I say not to. Though, me not priest... Hungry..."

[Psyche]: "I don't know if they are involved or not, Kestrel. I just know they are hiding something."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Here we go." They continue, trying to be stealthy, but speedy.

[Talthul]: "Hiding good wine. All priest hide good wine."

[Christophe]: Christophe sighs. "Well, can we continue looking for the creature? Or should we focus all our energy on Lu?"

[JadedDM]: Naturally, it's not really possible for two women burdened with metal armor to be all that stealthy, so they have to keep a very safe distance between them and their quarry.  Once she has left the town, though, she speeds up her pace and becomes less cautious in checking her back.  She continues westward until reaching a small cabin surrounded by a few sturdy trees.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "How did the priestess react when you mentioned Lu?"

[Christophe]: Christophe chuckles ruefully. "Hostile. Then again, I'm not exactly the Prince Charming among us here...." He looks at Talthul. "Then againit could have been worse."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari gives the cabin a looking at, checking for anything that might be outside the cabin, or inside windows from their vantage point of course.  "What shall we do now?  Wait until she comes back out?"

[Psyche]: Psyche heads back to the tavern. "I would say we focus our energy on Lu. What did the Priestess say when you mentioned her name though?"

[JadedDM]: The cabin has some windows, although they appear to be boarded up.  The barkeeper heads to the front door, uses a key to enter, then closes it behind her.

[Christophe]: As he follows Psyche, "She told me to leave town at once."

[Psyche]: "Did she give a reason why?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Hmm...hard call.  There could be armed guards in there, for all we know."

[Christophe]: "No."

[Psyche]: Psyche sighs softly. "Well, any suggestions on what we do next? I saw a fortune teller sign...we could go there maybe." She even laughs at herself on that one.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Could be.  And that would not be much fun.  We have no rope, in the event that Lu is there and we were to subdue her, so we wouldn't be able to tie her up." 

[Talthul]: "Fortune teller! What that?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "Besides, I'm not really ready to face Lu, if she's anything like Morak.  We sure don't want to face her in a confined space.  Maybe get Kestrel to break out that steam bottle again first."

[Christophe]: Christophe frowns. "Erm... perhaps we should check back at the inn first? See if our friends have had any success first."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Agreed.  I've been meaning to talk to Kestrel.  The barkeep had a key to get in didn't she?  Maybe we need to get that key from her?"

[Talthul]: "Want to fight something. Getting bored."

[Psyche]: "That does seem to be the best idea." She glances over to Tal. "Um...a person who tries to...predict what your life will be like in the future."

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "In any case, better tell the others."

[Psyche]: Psyche heads back to the tavern then.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Should we wait until she comes back out?"

[Talthul]: Tal follows Psyche back to the inn, with his dogs growling at each other.

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "No real point in that.  Besides, we might get caught.  And we can always find our way back here later if it's important.  I mean, as far as we know, she's just having a rendezvous with her secret lover."

[JadedDM]: Psyche, Kestrel, Christophe, Talthul and his dogs all reach the tavern and enter.  Inside, they find the barkeeper is gone and the tavern is otherwise empty at the moment.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Maybe."  She takes one last look at the cabin before heading back, checking over her shoulder periodically.

[Psyche]: "Where did everyone go?"

[Christophe]: Christophe looks around. "Hello?"

[Talthul]: He moves to behind the counter to get himself some hellwine.

[JadedDM]: Nobody stops Talthul from helping himself to the bottle.  A few moments later, Nari and Draven enter.

[Psyche]: Psyche seems a little confused that the barkeeper just isn't here. She looks over her shoulder to Nari and Draven." Anything?"

[Christophe]: Christophe looks hopeful. "Did your search get anywhere?"

[Talthul]: Talthul takes the entire bottle and plunks a gold piece down on the bar. He takes a pull from it and tries the kitchen door.

[Nari誰ajya]: "I think so."  She glances at Draven.  "We didn't have much luck.  But we came back here and decided to make some chit chat with the barkeep." She sits down at the same table they her and Draven were sitting at earlier.

[Psyche]: Psyche follows after Nari." And?"

[Nari誰ajya]: "I mentioned the name Lu.  And she out right lied to me.  Left the room and then left the altogether.  We followed her to a cabin outside the village to the west."

[Christophe]: "If you don't mind me asking, how do you know she outright lied to you?"

[Nari誰ajya]: "Her eyes got all big, perhaps scared, maybe surprised.  We were talking about the attacks before and when I suggested that maybe someone was behind it she looked around quite uncomfortable.   Draven agrees, I believe." 

[Talthul]: Talthul tries to enter the kitchen.

[Christophe]: Christophe nods. "Very well. Please continue..."

[JadedDM]: Talthul finds the kitchen door locked.

[Psyche]: "Do you know where the barkeep went?"

[JadedDM]: Draven crosses her arms, letting Nari tell the tale.

[Nari誰ajya]: "She went to a cabin outside the village.  She had a key and went right in.  We then came back because if she went to go tell Lu, we are in no condition to even begin that fight especially if she is anything like Morak."

[Talthul]: Talthul bangs hard on the door, angrily.

[JadedDM]: The door, stubbornly, defies Talthul by impassively holding still.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "So you think she was reporting you to Lu.  If that's the case, then it looks like we've lost the element of surprise."

[Christophe]: "Well... if we were preparing an ambush, yes. Lu still doesn't know what exactly two apparent Bloodguards wanted with her...."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Or telling someone who is in contact with Lu."  Nari frowns.  "We may have lost the element of surprise , yes." 

[Talthul]: He makes quite a racket banging as hard as he can on the door.

[JadedDM]: The door refuses to yield.  It simply holds there, acting all smug and superior.

[Psyche]: "Okay...okay, we need a plan."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "What do you suggest?"

[Psyche]: "Well, if we have lost the element of surprise, lets use that. She knows that we will coming, she just doesn't know when."

[Talthul]: Talthul backs up and lets out a primal roar. He charges into the door, full force.

[Psyche]: "We will have to get her out of that cabin, if she is in that cabin, out into the open so that we have room to move around. How do we do that though?"

[Christophe]: Christophe attempts to follow along with Psyche, but is clearly distracted by the hobgoblin clattering into the door constantly....

[JadedDM]: Talthul smashes into the door loudly, but does more damage to himself than the door.

[Psyche]: Psyche looks sharply over to Tal and the kitchen door. "Uh...Kestrel?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel looks to the hobgoblin.  "Talth...what are you doing?"

[Talthul]: Talthul gets so very angered by this last failure that he regains his footing and draws his sword. "Talthul smash door!"

[Psyche]: "Talthul, why don't you leave the door alone?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Talth!  Stop!"  She grabs his arm.  "You're going to get us in trouble."

[Talthul]: Tal's expression drops slowly from a murderous rage to a slow bubbling hatred. He stares at the door one final time before replacing his sword.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari holds back laughter.  The hobgoblin really isn't the brightest crayon in the box.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel gently leads the hobgoblin to a table.   "Here, sit down.  You're still hurt from last night.  You don't want your wounds to open, right?"

[Talthul]: The hobgoblin re-gathers his hellwine and tries to get comfortable in his seat. "Gonna get that door."

[Psyche]: Psyche shakes her head, having a feeling that this hobgoblin is going to cause them more trouble than good, but she turns to the rest of the group. "Anyway, as I was saying. Since we don't have the element of surprise anymore, we need to use that. We have to draw Lu out, so how do we go about doing that?"

[JadedDM]: Draven:  "First, we need to heal up a bit.  I still have burns from that fire spell."

[Psyche]: "Has the steaming bottle recharged yet, Kestrel?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel nods.  "It should have by now."

[Christophe]: Christophe shakes his head.... "Steaming... bottle?"

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "A magical item I have.  It produces a magical steam that helps heal wounds."

[Nari誰ajya]: "An amazing thing, really."

[Christophe]: Christophe clearly looks impressed.

[JadedDM]: Draven looks at her axe at the mention of magic and frowns.

[Talthul]: "Steam bottle?"

[Psyche]: "Okay, so we use that tonight. We do need to know if she really went to tell something to Lu though."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "How do we learn that?"

[Christophe]: "Do you think she will come back here, Nari?"

[Talthul]: "I knew man with steam bottle. Heal me good. Bad burns go away."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Um, she does work here.  So I would imagine she would come back at some point."

[Psyche]: "I could charm her. Perhaps she would give up the information then."

[Christophe]: "Yes... but perhaps this is important enough for her to disappear forever?"  He shrugs his shoulders. "I'm merely speculating, though."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel looks to Talthul.  "Really?"

[Psyche]: "This is her business, I'm pretty sure that she would come back."

[Talthul]: "Yeah. We go meet Inferno. He blow bad fire on us. Bottle fix." He drinks some more of his comforting hellwine.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel:  "Inferno?"  She frowns at this highly unlikely story.

[Nari誰ajya]: "The dragon, Inferno?"

[Talthul]: "Yep. Big fat dragon. Was not nice."

[JadedDM]: At that point, the barkeeper returns.

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari grins, "I would imagine not."

[Psyche]: Psyche turns her attention to the returning barkeeper.

[JadedDM]: The woman looks at the party with a certain unease.  She then heads to the kitchen and proceeds to unlock it.

[Nari誰ajya]: As the barkeeper returns she only glances in her direction.

[Talthul]: He jumps to his feet, at the sight of the door opening. He licks his lips eagerly.

[Psyche]: "Think you guys can talk loud enough to block out my chanting?" she asks in a soft voice.

[Christophe]: "SURE THING!"

[JadedDM]: The barkeeper steps into the kitchen, closing the door behind her.



[JadedDM]: Draven frowns.  "There's nobody else here...yelling is just going to attract attention."  She cringes.

[Talthul]: "MY HELLWINE!" He throws the bottle at Christophe.

[Psyche]: Psyche winces. "Not yet."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Need me to dance and sing again?"  Nari looks around and sees no audience. "Or maybe not..."

[Psyche]: "I need her back in here first."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Well obviously..."

[Talthul]: [1d20] -] [17] = (19)

[JadedDM]: The bottle hits Christophe and shatters.

[Talthul]: Talthul guffaws loudly.

[JadedDM]: The barkeeper rushes back in, time this carrying a club.  "What's going on in here?  There's no fighting in my tavern."

[Christophe]: Christophe winces and brushes aside broken glass while wiping away hellwine.... "You think a 'drunken' bar fight is enough of a distraction, Psyche?"

[Psyche]: "I'm sure of it."

[Christophe]: Christophe grins. "Good." He attempts to tackle Talthul out of his chair.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She shows more emotion now than she has so far.  "Stop it!  You'll ruin my bar!  Someone get the constables!"

[Psyche]: Psyche blinks at Christophe and Talthul for a moment; hey it is a distraction all the same so she begins chanting.

[Talthul]: Tal wrestles to the best of his abilities, not fully comprehending it isn't for real.

[Psyche]: Psyche points her fingers at the barkeeper while she is watching the hobgoblin and Chris fight, casting the spell upon her.

[JadedDM]: As the two wrestle around on the floor, they knock over a table in the process.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Hey! Hey!!  Come on now!"  Nari shouts as she gets up to encourage the fight. "You got it Christophe.'

[Psyche]: Psyche stands up quickly and yells. "You two! That is enough!"

[JadedDM]: The barkeeper stops suddenly, blinking a bit, but then the table falling snaps her out of it.  "Stop!  Stop fighting!  I'll throw you both out!"  She looks to Psyche.  "Help!"

[Christophe]: Christophe continues rolling around with Talthul.... "Keep it up..."

[Talthul]: He stops fighting obediently, as long as Christophe does. He then starts up again as the man tells him to.

[Psyche]: [1d20] -] [11] = (11)

[Nari誰ajya]: "Watch out for his big fist, Christophe, they'll knock you out!" Nari gets into, much like an avid gladiator fan watching a fight in the arena. 

[Psyche]: Psyche moves around the table, coming closer to the two wrestling before she says a small rhyme quickly like before Christophe feels a sharp shock probably coming from behind him. "I said...that is enough!"

[Talthul]: Talthul stops again, as Psyche commands.

[Christophe]: "Ugh".... He turns around. "THIS is your master plan?!"

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari's face drops from excited to quite disappointed.

[Psyche]: "It's done." She gives an apologetic look before she turns her attention to the barkeeper. "I'm so very sorry." She sighs softly. "You two..." She doesn't look at them. "Pick up the mess that you made."

[Talthul]: He shoves Christophe off of himself and gets to his feet, after failing a few times due to his wide rear. He huffs and puffs.

[Tak and Guk]: Like faithful guardians of their master, the two dogs have fallen asleep.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She scowls extensively at the two.  "I guess I should have known this would happen.  Like nothing else can go wrong in my life."

[Psyche]: Psyche walks up to the woman. "Perhaps it isn't my place to know, but what is wrong?"

[Christophe]: Christophe picks himself up and dusts himself down, looking rather cross at everyone in the room, save the hobgoblin.

[Talthul]: Talthul wanders towards the kitchen.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Everything.  As always.  Your friends need leashes.  They're lucky I don't have them arrested."

[Psyche]: "I'm very sorry about my friends. Honestly. I'll have them pick up the mess that they made." she glances to Talthul. "Talthul...the table...pick it up."

[JadedDM]: The barkeeper grumbles and heads back to the bar, placing the club under it.

[JadedDM]: Draven looks around at the mess and shakes her head.

[Talthul]: He grumbles and goes back to put the table and some chairs in their right place.

[Psyche]: Psyche follows after the barkeeper. "I was wondering if I could ask you something. I'm looking for a friend of mine...well ours actually. I was hoping maybe you would know her."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "I don't have any friends," she says.

[Psyche]: "You don't have to have friends to know people, Miss." She smiles faintly.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She looks at Psyche gloomily.  "Well?"

[Psyche]: "Oh...right. Well, her name is Lu. I heard that she lived here in Moonshadow, and it really is important that we find her as soon as possible."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  She shakes her head.  "You best not be asking about her.  If you're smart, you'll just leave and never mention that name again.  I wish I had."

[Talthul]: Tal tries to sneak his way into the kitchen.

[Psyche]: "Why?" she tilts her head. "Are you in some kind of trouble?"

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "It doesn't matter.  Just trust me when I say, you're better off not knowing."

[Psyche]: "We really must know though. Perhaps we can help."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "You can't."  She notices Talthul.  "Hey!  Get away from there!"

[Psyche]: Psyche looks like she might try to throw Talthul out the window if he tries to do that again. "Kestrel...could you take care of him please?"

[Talthul]: "Talthul smash door..." He offers as a plea, but backs down quick enough.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel guides Talthul to a chair and presses enough weight on his shoulder to gently encourage him to sit down.  She keeps her hand there.

[Psyche]: Psyche turns her attention to the barkeeper again. "You might be surprised at what we can do miss. Please?"

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "Look, I've told you too much all ready, and I'll be lucky if I don't get killed for it."

[Christophe]: Christophe "Tell us."

[Psyche]: "I swear, I will not allow anything to happen to you. If she is so dangerous, perhaps you really should allow us to try our chances, so that perhaps you will be safe once again."

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "You don't understand.  The damage is all ready done.  Only she has the cure."

[Psyche]: "The damage...the cure?" She tilts her head.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "She's infected others, I'm sure.  And she can control it, too.  In fact..." she looks toward the window and notices it's getting dark out.  "She'll probably send one after you."

[Nari誰ajya]: Nari sits, wondering about the barkeeps chatter.

[Psyche]: "Those...those wolves? She controls them?" her eyes widen a bit. "Please...where is she?"

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "She....she....," she pauses, freezing up.

[Nari誰ajya]: "I had a feeling they were connected...this is going to be another difficult task," she says to herself.

[Christophe]: Christophe looks to be on the point of rage. "Tell us!"

[Psyche]: Psyche shakes her head. "She...? Whisper it to me if you don't feel comfortable saying it out loud."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Christophe, please.  It痴 hard enough for her." Nari says softly.

[Christophe]: Christophe shakes his head. "She's wasting our time!"

[Guk]: The cowardly canine rolls onto his back in his sleep and moves his legs feebly.

[Nari誰ajya]: "And some things are better not rushed."  She says still softly, she glances to the window and the fact that it is getting darker.

[JadedDM]: Barkeeper:  "She's here."  And suddenly, the room is enveloped with a soft, red light.  The barkeeper throws her hands over her eyes, but it's too late.  She cries out in pain as her limbs grow in size, she becomes covered in grey hair, her teeth and nails elongate into fangs and claws, and her eyes turn yellow.

[JadedDM]: (Annnnnnnnnd, I think we'll end the game here.  Dun, dun, dun.)

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