Session 5:
Through the Sewers



[JadedDM]: Chrysote 13th, Lightday, 665.  It is half past 1 bell.  We last left off with the party standing in the Overlord's bedroom, having just freed the two prisoners.  But now an entire squadron of Elite is heading upstairs to put an end to your short lived victory.

Nari'Najya quickly looks around the room, "Draven, help me move this armoire."  She moves over to it quickly.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks over to Nari for a moment. "What a-are you doing?"

Draven grabs the other end of the armoire and nods.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "I hope you have an escape plan..."

Usagi has just bitten one of the prisoners that have been freed. "Hello? Wake up yes?" He moves over to poke her in the shin.

Nari'Najya nods to her and lifts.

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): Meanwhile, Kestrel sleeps peacefully in her bed in the attic of Krev's home.  Her sleep is rudely interrupted, though, when Krev bursts into her room, a candle in his hand.

[JadedDM]: Nari and Draven, together, are able to push the armoire forward, blocking the doorway.

Draven helps Nari move the big thing (or at least attempts to do just that).

Psyche Autumnleaf looks over to Amakororo. "Well w-we really didn't even plan to g-get this far, I don't t-think."

Nari'Najya looks around. "Okay...what do we have?" 

[JadedDM]: Vanessa:  "Is the master back?  I miss him so," she says dreamily.

[JadedDM]: Suddenly, an arrow flies through the broken window Psyche smashed a few seconds ago and strikes the ceiling.

[Draven]: "A charmed girl, an elf and two mages. And a besieged tower, it seems."

Psyche Autumnleaf jumps a bit, taking a moment to look out the window to see where the arrow came from. "Um...any i-ideas?"

Usagi yanks on one of Vanessa's legs. "Wake up! This is not the time for being a foolish human."

Nari'Najya goes over to the window carefully, to see where they are shooting from, without getting hit.

[JadedDM]: Nari has trouble seeing, as itís quite dark out still.  A few more arrows bounce off the wall near the window, but miss their target.

Usagi growls and backs up, and then gets an idea. He reaches inside his robe and pulls out a scroll of parchment.

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): She sits up, obviously startled and disgruntled. "What is it? What's going on?"

Psyche Autumnleaf backs away from the window, so she doesn't get hit by one of the arrows, glances at Nari, as she is fresh out of ideas.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "There must be another way out of here!"

Nari'Najya turns to everyone. "Out the window...I am thinking."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Um, we w-would be m-moving targets for those a-arrows out there."

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): Krev:  He steps toward her.  "You did not hear it?  An explosion, from the stronghold.  I have a feeling your Rebel friends are up to something."

[Draven]: "We're being shot at... But it's true - the Overlord would not lock himself in."

Usagi occupies himself with taking out a vial of ink and a quill and sitting on the floor, to write hurriedly.

[JadedDM]: The armoire shifts slightly, as if someone on the other side was pushing it.  And two more arrows bounce off the wall near the window.

[Nari'Najya]: "Usagi I will need your rope." She removes her own rope and starts to work.  "We may be shot at but I think that is better than being speared alive, yeah?"

Psyche Autumnleaf glances around the room quickly, looking for any other doors in the room.

[JadedDM]: Psyche spots another door that leads to the bathroom.

Draven listens carefully to try and determine just how many people seem to be behind the armoire.

Psyche Autumnleaf nearly runs into what could be considered the bathroom and looks around for a moment. "Hey! Nari...w-wait, come here!"

[JadedDM]: Based on the noise, Draven would guess at least several; perhaps 10 or more.  But it's hard to tell without seeing.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): The message: "Ha, ha, ha, your guards are morons, your tower is crumbling, and you couldn't catch a dead fly. The rebels wish you good luck in your endeavors, you will need it. Love, He who Contradicts Nature."

Nari'Najya gets up and goes over to where Psyche is.

[JadedDM]: The armoire budges again.

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): "Damn, this would be the one night I slept like a rock..." Kestrel climbs out of bed, clutching the blanket around her shoulders. "Suppose I should see what that's all about, though I can venture a good guess."

Usagi tucks his things away, having successfully written what he wanted to. He lays the scroll of parchment upon the bed, and then looks around. "Why are we just standing here? Let's go!"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Going out the w-window would be stupid, but," she points to what could, in a sense be considered a toilet, "...that has to l-lead somewhere doesn't it?"

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): Krev:  "It sounds like an uproar.  Were the Rebels planning another attack, or do you know?"

Draven pushes it back.

[Nari'Najya]: "Yeah, it does."  She lifts the toilet seat part off, to see how big the hole is and such.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She helps Vanessa stand and looks around desperately.

[Draven]: (uhhh... that'd medieval times, or it's equivalent anyway. somehow, I doubt they have 20th century plumbing...)

[JadedDM]: The toilet itself isn't big enough to squeeze through, but there does seem to be a pipe under it that's much larger.

[Usagi]: (They had chute-type things.)

[JadedDM]: The armoire budges again several inches this time.

[Nari'Najya]: "Okay....letís go.  Everyone ready?"

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): "I believe they were planning to rescue a friend." She stifles a curse, shaking her head. "With this much commotion the entire bloody city is going to get locked down."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Ready for w-what, Nari? Can w-we move this thing?"

Usagi moves to the bathroom. "Ready? What are you planning without Usagi?"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She leads Vanessa to the bathroom.  "You must be kidding, right?"

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): Krev:  "They will probably fail again.  I don't know why they think they can infiltrate the stronghold so directly."

[Draven]: "I can't believe I'm saying this... but please, Usagi, tell me you have a better plan..." she asks, axe at the ready.

[Nari'Najya]: "Um...not really kidding." She tries to move the toilet, remove it from the pipe it covers.  "It is this or out the window. Take your pick, we can do either."

Usagi scratches his scaly head. "I... That is... Of course I do. But, I'm afraid humans can't complete it."

[JadedDM]: The armoire budges further.  You can hear the Elite shouting in their native tongue on the other side.  Nari pushes the toilet aside, revealing a rather foul smelling chute that leads downward.  It is wide enough for a person to go down.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Which, in Usagi s-speak, means n-no."

[Nari'Najya]: "The wall to the compound is just outside that window...I could get a rope from here to there and we can travel down the rope to the wall...we risk getting shot at.  Or we jump down this and find out were it leads and pray that it is better than it smells."

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): "Well I hope they make it. I've heard about too many people dying lately." Kestrel rummages beside the bed for her outer clothes, frowning sharply. "But you're right, that place is filled with guards...not good."

[Usagi]: "Psyche-shu, I hereby proclaim you the champion of the obvious. Next you will be telling us that fire is hot." He peers at the toilet. "Well...ladies first."

[Draven]: "Listen - the toilet likely leads to a closed place where we'll, at best, need a pikin' ladder to get out of!"

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): Krev:  "If they somehow escape or are even successful, the city will be closed down.  The bloodguards will probably come by to search the place and every other place in the city."

[Nari'Najya]: "Draven chooses arrows.  Any other votes?"

Psyche Autumnleaf looks over to Amakororo and Vanessa. "Letís get them d-down first." She is obviously going with the pipe idea.

[JadedDM]: The armoire budges further and a hobgoblin tries to squeeze by it.

Draven will cut at the hobgoblin.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "This is hardly the time for debate!"  She approaches the hole, takes a breath, and then drops down.

Usagi shakes his head. "The elf knows how to do it." He jumps down the chute after Amakororo.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=3  = [ 12 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf smiles slightly, moving in behind Usagi, sadly enough.

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): Despite his condition, he manages to ward off the blow with a wild swing of his free arm.

[JadedDM]: Vanessa:  She stares down the pipe.  "Stinky."

[Nari'Najya]: "Just do will get better eventually."

[JadedDM]: Vanessa stares at Nari blankly, confused.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=6  = [ 9 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10+2) : 1d10=8  = [ 10 ]

[Nari'Najya]: "Go follow the rest."

[JadedDM]: Vanessa continues to look at Nari blankly.

[Draven]: In the meanwhile, Draven kills a hobgoblin trying to squeeze it's way inside...

Nari'Najya helps her to understand by helping her on down.

[JadedDM]: Vanessa is pushed down without so much of a sound.

[Nari'Najya]: "Draven your turn!"

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): "That's where I come in then, if they can get here before being hacked to bits or drawing attention to themselves." Kestrel looks doubtful, but doesn't voice the feeling. Instead she goes through her things, laying out her pack in case the other Rebels do show. "I doubt the bloodguards will think much of the sewers if they bother to find the hatch. I can't thank you enough for risking yourself by allowing me to use them, Krev."

[Draven]: "Of for... you know what's sake..." she heads to the toilet.

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): Krev:  He shrugs, as if she just thanked him for something trivial.  "It is no bother."

Nari'Najya smiles, closes the bathrooms door before heading down the pipe of doom after Draven.

[JadedDM]: One by one, the six of you tumble down the pipe.  The chute is not a straight drop, and bends slightly at some spots, causing a rough ride.  Each of you roll 1d3 to see how many bruises you take on the way down.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d3) :  1d3=2  = [ 2 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d3) :  1d3=3  = [ 3 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d3) : 1d3=2  = [ 2 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d3) : 1d3=3  = [ 3 ]

[JadedDM]: The pipe drops you off rather unceremoniously into a dank sewer.  You each splash into a slow river of sewage about ankle high that gently moves down the corridor.  With the exception of Usagi, you can't see a thing around you, but damn, can you sure smell it.

[Nari'Najya]: "What a day!"  She stands up, trying not to slip. "Hey Usagi...can you see?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Ugh!" She places her sleeve of her robe over her nose to try and block out the smell.

[Draven]: "Watch there be a sewage dragon here..."

Usagi makes a loud sound of disgust. "Sewage...all robes! Damn goat-sucking, blood-drinking, milk-throwing, sons of pigs!"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She spits out something and groans.  "I can see."

Psyche Autumnleaf looks towards the sound of Amakororo's voice. "Which w-way?"

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): She nods, turning her back to continue going through her things. "All right, I'm going to get dressed. With any hope tonight won't be too eventful, despite the commotion."

Nari'Najya tries to keep herself from ralphing.  "Could you gather us together Amakororo and maybe help lead the way?  I can't see a thing."

Usagi looks around. "Yes, of course I can see! Oh for the love of Zokle, the stench is horrible, my eyes are watering!"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "Yes...," she shudders and makes a 'yech' sound.  "We're in a corridor.  There are walkways on both sides of  Follow my voice; I'm on dry land now."

Nari'Najya follows her voice.

Psyche Autumnleaf follows the sound of the elf's voice. "Where i-is Vanessa?"

Draven follows as well

[JadedDM]: Vanessa:  "This smells like poop."

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): Krev:  He nods and leaves her so she can change.  "I'll be downstairs."

[Nari'Najya]: "That is because it is!" Stops for a moment, random desire to throw up, forces herself to keep following toward Amakororo's voice.

Usagi hops up on a walkway. "We go the way the river flows! Quickly!" He starts off in that direction.

[JadedDM]: The party finds the dry land easily enough.  Psyche feels someone touch her arm.

Psyche Autumnleaf jumps from fright. "W-who touched me?!"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "I did.  We need to stay together."

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): Usagi sees something just ahead of him.  It is a pile of stones that are arranged in such a way to suggest this was not done naturally.  It could be some kind of marker.

[Draven]: "Easier said than done... for those of us that are not elves, anyway..."

Psyche Autumnleaf lets out a deep breath, taking hold of Amakororo's hand. "R-right, sorry. Everyone g-grab someone's hand."

Nari'Najya finds Draven by following her voice and puts her hand on her shoulder.

Psyche Autumnleaf reaches out with her free hand to find someone to grab on to.

Usagi comes to a halt for some reason. "Hey, some rocks... Looks like a message..."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (The message obvious? Like an arrow?)

[Nari'Najya]: "What do they look like?  Don't mess with them."

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): (Not obvious, at least not to Usagi, anyway.  Looks rather complex.)

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): She pulls on her clothing hurriedly, stifling a yawn as her initial excitement wears off and leaves her feeling tired. She shoulders her pack, frowning a little at the weight, and then heads downstairs.

Psyche Autumnleaf grabs whoever she is closest to that isn't Amakororo. "Everyone r-ready?"

[Usagi]: "Deep within the heart of night, brighten the sewer with a light!" He waggles his fingers.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=16  = [ 16 ]

Usagi makes a growling sound. "My magic... So tired..."

Nari'Najya finds Psyche's hand, finds her shoulder to keep a hold of.  A nice tight knit group they must look like.  ďUsagi, just describe it to me."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Lets g-get out of here...and I s-say we just leave the r-rocks alone!"

[Usagi]: "Usagi cannot, it is too complex. Let me try again. We have no torch to light the way, so magic must save the day!"

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=2  = [ 2 ]

Draven mumbles "Who made the dumb law that cantrips have to rhyme, anyway?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "You c-can't make light with c-cantrips, Usagi. At least, not b-bright enough light to r-read something."

[JadedDM]: A very weak little orb of light appears over the rock formation, giving off less illumination than even a candle would.  But it is just barely sufficient to make it out.

Nari'Najya looks real close to see if in fact the rocks are a message.

[Draven]: (I've written things in the light of my cell phone's screen... so you really don't need very much light for it :-p)

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: (So have I, but that is a bright light in my opinion)

Usagi slumps against the wall, dropping his shoulders tiredly. "See, Psyche-shu? Once again.... Once again... I prove you wrong."

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): It's difficult to read in such weak light, but it seems to read that there is a Rebel safe house nearby.  It says to follow the corridor south until you reach a dead end.

[JadedDM]: The light flickers out once Usagi stops concentrating.

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): Krev:  He is all ready in the kitchen, boiling some tea and preparing some cheese.

Nari'Najya smiles. "We're good, lets continue our way south."

Usagi pushes himself back to his feet, with his tail. "What did it say, Nari-shu?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Lead the w-way, Amakororo."

[Nari'Najya]: "South down the corridor until the dead end."

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "I don't suppose anyone has a spare weapon?  At least a's bad enough I'm wearing this...thing," she says, referring to her skimpy slave outfit.

Usagi starts back off down the path, with a considerably less energetic gait than usual.

Draven pulls one out Overlord's daggers. "Here. Consider this to be the Overlord's donation to the rebel cause."

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She takes the dagger.  "My all of you, in fact, for rescuing me."  She starts to cautiously walk down the tunnel, dagger in hand.

Psyche Autumnleaf follows after Amakororo.

Nari'Najya follows along with everyone, as they are leading her.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "You're w-welcome." she thought it was the polite thing to say after all.

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): "Do you know if any of the neighbors have gone out to see what's going on?" She peers at the door, keeping an ear out for movement outside.

Draven does the same. "Well, you're welcome. Was high time someone did it. 'course... they didn't send us to do it before, either."

[Nari'Najya]: "You're welcome.  Anything for a fellow Rebel."

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): Krev:  "No...probably best not to.  The bloodguard will probably arrest anyone wandering around, thinking they may be Rebel spies."

[JadedDM]: The party follows the corridor southward until they reach a four way intersection.  They can go west, east, or south.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Um..." she can't see anything. "Now w-what?"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "We have reached a fork...I suppose we should continue south."

[Nari'Najya]: "Yes, continue south."

Usagi trudges along at the rear of the group, doing his best to keep up.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo leads on then, walking a few meters further before coming to another stop.  "A dead-end...but, there is a ladder.  Looks like an opening up above."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Up the l-ladder, just be careful and m-make sure the way is c-clear."

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): "True. No point in investigating when there are guards already doing that."

[Nari'Najya]: "I'll go up." She moves towards the ladder, hopefully.

Psyche Autumnleaf helps Nari towards the ladder, considering she is holding on to Amakororo.

[Draven]: "Careful... we're still bloody close to the accursed fortress..."

[JadedDM]: Nari reaches out and her hands wrap around the rungs of the cool, steel ladder that is embedded into the wall.

Nari'Najya climbs that ladder.

Psyche Autumnleaf glances around. "Vanessa is s-still with us, r-right?"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "I have her."

Nari'Najya when she gets to the top will try to open door, slowly.

Usagi fishes in his robe for something, verifying that it's there. He looks around anxiously.

[JadedDM]: It takes a good push, but Nari is able to move the sewer cover and soft light escapes through.

(JadedDM whispered to Kestrel Riamas): The secret sewer cover in the kitchen budges, and then slides aside, startling Krev and Kestrel.

Nari'Najya will scout look around to see whatís up top.

[JadedDM]: Nari sticks her head out of the hole, finding herself in what appears to be a rather humble kitchen.  A young woman and old man are standing nearby, looking at them with a mixed expression of surprise and fear.

(Kestrel Riamas whispered to JadedDM): Kestrel snatches the dagger from her belt, gripping it. She whispers "Stay there," then stalks forward to see just who or what is coming out.

[Nari'Najya]: "Hello...sorry to bother you, but we are looking for a safe place to stay for a bit?  Am I in the right place?"  She smiles.

Psyche Autumnleaf shifts a bit on her feet before she takes hold of the ladder to start climbing up. "Nari..." she calls out softly, "Is it s-safe?"

Kestrel Riamas lowers a dagger, standing stiffly. "If you tell me who you are and how in the name of the gods you got here."

[Nari'Najya]: "Long story, but I will tell everything if we can all come up.  We are Rebels." She doesn't seem too worried about the dagger and still smiles.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Come up then, but keep it quiet." She seems wary, still standing ramrod straight, but backs away to allow them enough room to climb out.

Nari'Najya pokes her heads down to the rest, "Keep quiet and come up guys." She climbs out.

Psyche Autumnleaf starts climbing up the ladder, rather glad to get out of the sewer.

[JadedDM]: Old Man, Krev:  "It would seem they were successful."

Draven gets up as well, whenever.

[Nari'Najya]: "My name is Nari'Najya." She turns to the Kestrel and the Old Man. "We were successful."

Usagi will be the last one to come out of the sewers, and after doing so, will immediately take off his robe. He sees the people not killing the party, poses the question. " Bath is where?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Huh?" She blinks a few times as she climbs out of the sewer. "How d-did you know?"

[JadedDM]: Krev:  "I should hope so, with the ruckus you've caused.  There was some kind of explosion in the tower."

Nari'Najya laughs quietly. "That was Usagi."

[Draven]: "Unfortunately, the Overlord did NOT stay in the path of this explosion...Ē

Usagi grins at the mention of the explosion, looks as if he's about to drop from exhaustion with his shoulders slumped, and eyes hooded. "The Usagi special."

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She climbs up, as well.  "No, he would not.  He's out of town at the moment."  She helps Vanessa up.

Kestrel Riamas struggles to keep a straight face at the smell of sewage. Sure, she's experienced it before, but not in the house. "Fantastic, but now the whole bloody place is going to be buzzing with activity."

Psyche Autumnleaf looks over to Amakororo and Vanessa. "What d-did he do to y-you?"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "Some kind of magical device he has...warps a person's mind into worshipping him.  I seemed immune, though."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Will s-she snap out of it?"

[Draven]: "Well... unless some troopers inside the tower have extremely good picture memories, we have no witnesses thus far. Five hobgoblin elites that saw us are dead, and... ehh, dammit. Psyche's little love slave is going to wake up sometimes..."

[JadedDM]: Krev:  He looks to Kestrel.  "They can stay the night, but it would be dangerous for them to be here any longer than that."

Usagi looks at Krev, with hope. He shambles over. "Please, bath. Do you have one?"

[Nari'Najya]: "We don't need to stay longer than a night.  A night will be just fine.  It is all we can ask for."

[JadedDM]: Krev:  "Bath?  This is a simple tailoring shop."

Psyche Autumnleaf glances over to Kestrel and Krev. "We h-have some saved s-slaves held up in my o-old home. If we c-could just get there, as it is outside the w-wall of Dan'gen, then we might be s-safe for a little bit."

Usagi whimpers. "Basin?"

[Draven]: "Basin? Water? Anything?"

[JadedDM]: Krev:  "There is a basin right over there."  He points behind them.  "And a bucket of collected rain water."

Usagi drags his robe over to the basin with new energy. Proceeds to reach inside a pocket and remove the miraculous item that is soap. He scrubs himself and his robe with temporary ferocity.

Kestrel Riamas nods at Krev, posture relaxing slightly. "All right. I didn't intend to keep them here long anyway." Kestrel looks at Psyche, nodding. "That's my specialty miss. I'll get you all out of here, but do any of you need to rest or heal first?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "I'm...s-starving."

[JadedDM]: Krev:  "The entire city will be closed down now.  There is only one possible way out."  He shifts his weight and looks away from the naked kobold.  "There is some tea and bread and cheese.  You can sleep in the attic."

Nari'Najya avoids looking at Usagi and listens to Krev.  "Okay.  Thank you so much."

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly. "T-thank you." she moves over to basin, not really caring if Usagi is naked or not as she washes off her hands at best as she can before going to grab something to eat and drink.

Usagi has an incredibly different biological structure than humans, and thereby isn't very insulting at all to watch naked. Finishes up and puts the soap back in his robe, after he finishes getting the stench off of everything. He brings the garment with him as he now begins to wander the house looking for a room.

Nari'Najya washes her hands after Psyche and grabs a little food and some tea as well.

Draven will wash up as well, granted there's any water left

[Draven]: (how bad is the clothing and stuff?)

[JadedDM]: Usagi finds the place very small.  There is the kitchen, a living room, and one bedroom on the first floor.

Kestrel Riamas rubs a hand over her face, leaning against a wall. She slumps her shoulders a bit. "Well, at least I don't have to worry about finding you all and getting you here anymore."

[JadedDM]: (They reek pretty badly, but a good cleaning should save them.)

Draven strips of her armour and shirt, then cleans them the best she can.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks over to Kestrel and the old man again after swallowing a bit of food. "Is t-there a place w-where we could w-wash off in private...maybe?"

[JadedDM]: Krev:  "I'm afraid not.  But it matters little.  You'll just have to return down there again anyway."

[Draven]: "Greaaattt..."

Psyche Autumnleaf sighs, then nods slightly. "Where is the a-attic?"

Nari'Najya smiles. "Oh joy...sounds like fun." She sips her tea.

Usagi looks for some stairs then.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She looks at Kestrel with an expression of curiosity.

[JadedDM]: Upstairs, Usagi finds two small rooms.  One looks to be a slightly furnished bedroom and the other holds a loom and several rolls of cloth.

[JadedDM]: Vanessa:  She just stands there with a dreamy expression.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "He's right, that's the only way to get you out without being seen. Live with it." She nods toward the staircase. "The attic is up there, there's a bed and my things up there."

Draven finishes up and gets some tea and food as well.

Usagi moves into the room with the loom to lay his robe out on the floor. Once he is done, lets out a sigh and moves back downstairs at a leisurely pace.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Thank you, a-again...Miss?" She tilts her head slightly. "Who a-are you, exactly...and you w-were supposed to find us?"

Nari'Najya nods. "Out alive works perfectly for me."

Kestrel Riamas rubs the back of her neck, frowning a little...then peers at Amakororo, recognition flickering over her face. It's cut short by Psyche. "Pardon, I've forgotten my manners. I am Kestrel Riamas."

[Draven]: "True. But I still intend to soak in a pikin' tub for a long while once this... this is over."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "I'm P-Psyche Autumnleaf." she actually smiles. "Nice to m-meet you."

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "Riamas...I remember you now.  You were once a student of my father."

Psyche Autumnleaf raises an eyebrow curiously for a moment, watching the exchange between the elf and Kestrel.

Usagi sits himself down on the floor in front of Kestrel. "Yes, hello, yes, I am called 'He Who Contradicts Nature' but you may call me Usagi."

Nari'Najya listening to Kestrel and Amakororo's conversation and her eyes fall on Usagi, just realizing that he was gone.  She shakes her head slightly.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Pleased to meet you too, Miss Autumnleaf." She turns to Amakororo, nodding soberly. "Yes, he taught me. I'm glad to see you've made it out intact along with the rest." She simply nods acknowledgement at Usagi...then peers at Vanessa. "Who is this?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Her n-name is Vanessa."

[Usagi]: "She is my fledgling mage cohort, who has lost her mind."

[JadedDM]: Krev:  "It is close to three bells.  I am returning to bed.  I bid you all a good night."  He turns and leaves, going to his room.

[Nari'Najya]: "We should as well."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "I t-think I'm going to get some r-rest too." She turns to head towards the attic to get some much awaited sleep.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "She is under some enchantment."

Nari'Najya follows Psyche up the stairs.

Kestrel Riamas looks concerned, nodding at Krev's words. "We'll keep it quiet."

Usagi looks up at Kestrel. "You are a tailor as well? Is that your loom?"

Draven gets up with a sigh as well. "Plenty of time to rest in the grave, they say... Yet you can't go on awake throughout the life..."

[JadedDM]: Psyche and Nari find two rooms upstairs.  One looks to be a slightly furnished bedroom and the other is filled with rolls of cloth and a loom.

[Kestrel Riamas]: She nods, privately wondering if the woman will be any trouble. "Ah, yes I am a tailor. Why?

Psyche Autumnleaf points to the room filled with cloth and a loom. "I'll stay in t-there." she shrugs slightly.

[Usagi]: "Do you have any robes my size? My old one is no longer offensive, but it is ruined."

Nari'Najya follows Psyche and finds herself a nice spot of floor.

Psyche Autumnleaf finds a spot on the floor as well, curling up with a large sigh of contentment after lying down.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "I'm not certain, but I can look."

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "Perhaps you can find something more...modest for Vanessa and me, as well."

Draven lays down somewhere not very far from the others. "I sure as hell hope we weren't running from five little hobgoblins, after all this..."

[Nari'Najya]: "I hope the same thing."

Psyche Autumnleaf closes her eyes. "I'm s-sure it is more than t-that."

[Usagi]: "Yes, do that." He gets up very slowly and walks back to his claimed room equally slowly.

[Draven]: "A pity we did not get to actually LOOK at how many there were..."

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Now that should be less of a problem." She winces a bit, hoping there are enough extras. But if not, she'd just pay for what was taken anyway. "Feel free to go rest. If I find something, I'll bring it to you."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "I r-really didn't want to. I w-was out of useful spells, so neither Usagi nor I would have b-been of much help. "

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She stands.  "My thanks for that."  She helps Vanessa up and leads her upstairs.

[Nari'Najya]: "Quite a few I would imagine, but letís worry about that tomorrow, yeah?  Sleep sound amazing right now."  She closes her eyes.

Psyche Autumnleaf has no problem falling asleep.

Draven snorts. "Message received..."

Kestrel Riamas spends some time looking for clothing for the others before going back upstairs as well.

[JadedDM]: Seven hours pass.  It is now Chrysote 14th, Rockday; 665, a little after 10 bells.  The party awakens to the sound of Krev bursting into the room.

Nari'Najya sits straight up, blinking a few times.

Psyche Autumnleaf nearly jumps into the loom from her deep sleep as Krev jumps into the room. "W-what?!" she rubs at her eyes.

Draven wakes up, hand on her axe-handle and ready for... whatever.

Usagi sits up, groggily. "Huh?"

[JadedDM]: Krev:  "Wake up, all of you.  You must  The bloodguard are inspecting every building in this area, and will be here shortly."

Psyche Autumnleaf blinks and within a few seconds she is on her feet and pretty much ready to go.

Nari'Najya gets up and grabs her stuff. She is ready to follow.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo helps up Vanessa and picks up her dagger.

Draven sighs. "Crap." She gets in her armour, grabs her backpack and is ready.

Usagi gets to his feet, and then puts his robe on. He takes out a few items and then begins casting.

Kestrel Riamas stifles a curse and gets up, didn't bother undressing last night. She gets her other weapons and heads downstairs to wait for the others.

Psyche Autumnleaf moves on downstairs after Kestrel.

Usagi turns red, then fades from existence altogether. He moves himself downstairs.

Nari'Najya heads downstairs.

[JadedDM]: Krev goes downstairs and moves aside the sewer cover.

Draven goes after him.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo and Vanessa join the party downstairs in the kitchen.

Nari'Najya is following the man who knows how to get them out alive!

Psyche Autumnleaf takes a moment to look over to Krev. "Thank you a-again for t-taking this risk."

[Usagi]: "I was hoping that you were joking, when you said we had to return that way..."

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Are we all here? Let's go."

[JadedDM]: Krev:  "Just hurry on, before they arrive."

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly and makes her way back down into the dark sewer.

Nari'Najya goes down after Psyche.

Draven does the same, cursing quietly.

Usagi follows the rest of them down.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo and Vanessa descend, the former helping the latter.

Kestrel Riamas looks at Krev gratefully then climbs down after the he others after shouldering her pack.

Psyche Autumnleaf glances around. "S-should we risk some light?"

[JadedDM]: Krev slides the plate back into place, sending the party into total darkness again.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "It isn't as though anyone but the creatures that live down here will see it."

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly and begins chanting the words to a spell quickly as she isn't too fond of roaming around in the darkness as it is.

Usagi pokes Kestrel in the shin, although being unseen, is quite tangible. "Who are you anyway?"

Psyche Autumnleaf lifts up her hand after a few moments, and a bright light almost shoots out from her hand, lighting it up and the sewers around her. She winces slightly at the light, but then smiles. "T-there."

Kestrel Riamas startles at the poke, stumbling back a step.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "She is a Radiant who worships the Light."

[Nari'Najya]: "Usagi leave her alone, she is going to help us out of here alive.  Shall we be going Kestrel?"

[Usagi]: "Help us? I don't know who she is. Did Jerros-shu send you then? To help us? I thought I told him I could do it on my own."

[Kestrel Riamas]: "An informant for the rebels and a Priestess. Let's get going before someone thinks to open the hatch again. Hurry now." She starts walking, to lead them down the path toward the outside of the city.

Psyche Autumnleaf follows after Kestrel, has to light the way and all.

Nari'Najya follows on!

Draven too, as usual.

Usagi follows along the stone path.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "No, I wasn't sent. I've been living here and gathering information, and running people out of the city when need be. There -are- creatures down here, so take care."

[JadedDM]: Kestrel leads the party as if she knows these tunnels by heart.  After walking around 70 feet or so, they hear soft squeaking up ahead.

Nari'Najya keeps her hand on her sword.

Draven keeps her axe shouldered, but is ready for action if needed.

Psyche Autumnleaf pauses in her steps for a moment, trying to shine her light in front of them to catch a glimpse of the squeaking creature.

Kestrel Riamas pauses, listeningÖprobably just rats. She draws her shortsword just in case.

Usagi tries to peak between legs, or to the side of people to get a good view.

[JadedDM]: Up ahead, they see three sewer rats mulling about what appears to be a pile of excrement.  One of them pauses and looks directly at the light, as if mesmerized by it.

[Nari'Najya]: "Shall we continue?"

[Draven]: "Let's just go..."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Um...well I g-got a rat's attention." She wrinkles her nose slightly and keeps going.

Kestrel Riamas wrinkles her nose. "Yes, let's go." She continues on.

[JadedDM]: The rats flee in terror once the party gets close enough.  They continue on, Kestrel leading them down the tunnel and then taking a right.  They reach another four-way intersection.

Usagi just follows the vanguard of humans.

Kestrel Riamas stops for a moment to check the signs for which way to go, not wanting to get turned around thanks to overconfidence.

[JadedDM]: Suddenly, a swarm of much bigger rats--about two feet in length, spring from the water and start heading toward the party.  There are twelve total and they don't look happy.  Actions?

Nari'Najya turns and draws her sword at the same time. "Shall we run?"

Psyche Autumnleaf jumps back a bit before she begins to quickly chant the words to a spell; apparently she isn't going to run.

Draven grabs her axe and grins at the onslaught. "Come one, come all, I've got plenty of death for everybody!"

Nari'Najya glancing at Draven, but returns her eyes to the beasties, sword ready.

Kestrel Riamas draws her sword and readies herself to fight.

Usagi hurries behind the group and begins his casting.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 1 +=+

+=+ Usagi (1d10+1) = 2 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d6) : 1d6=1  = [ 1 ]

Usagi chants arcane words and throws a bit of colored sand, which coalesces into a shimmering cloud. Usagi returns to the visible spectrum and a single rat falls unconscious.

+=+ Psyche (1d10+1) = 3 +=+

Psyche Autumnleaf pulls out a piece of wool as she chants, her arms moving in the air for a moment before she opens her mouth and a roar, sounding as if it is coming from a large cat, seems to approach the rats coming towards the party, she hopes to scare them away at least.

[JadedDM]: The sound seems to frighten nine of the rats off, leaving only the unconscious one and two others.

+=+ Giant Rats (1d10) = 5 +=+

[JadedDM]: The two remaining rats attack Nari, but her armor protects her.

+=+ Kestrel (1d10+3) = 9 +=+

DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d20) :  1d20=3  = [ 3 ]

Kestrel Riamas swings wildly at a rat, but it was one that turned and fled. She misses by a mile, almost put off balance.

+=+ Draven (1d10+7) = 10 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=12  = [ 3 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10+2) : 1d10=6  = [ 8 ]

Draven swings her axe, cutting a rodent down with a single strike. "Aye, that's where it's at..."

+=+ Amakororo (1d10+2) = 10 +=+

[JadedDM]: Amakororo slashes at the last giant rat with grace, killing it with one blow.

+=+ End of Initiative Round +=+

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Well, l-lets continue on. This s-smell is getting to me...and I don't w-want to see another...very large r-rat." She shivers a bit.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "I hated to do that to one of nature's creatures...but it had to be done."  She flicks some blood off her dagger.

[Usagi]: "Yes, yes, we feel sorry for the vermin. Let's go." He starts off again.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Nngh, those things are a bother." She picks the direction leading away from the city and continues on. "I've tried to find a way to keep them from getting down in here, but they just keep coming."

Nari'Najya follows.

Psyche Autumnleaf continues long with Kestrel.

[Draven]: "Let's just go," Draven repeats once again, cleaning her axe if she can.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel leads them onward, further south.  They turn a corner, and then another.  As they walk along, they spot something glitter up ahead in the sewage river.

[Nari'Najya]: "What's that?" She looks at the shiny.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Psyche, can you shine your light on that?"

Psyche Autumnleaf shines her light towards the glittery thing.

Usagi peers at the glittery thing, just to join the crowd.

[JadedDM]: It shimmers through the water.  It looks kind of like gold.

Usagi shrugs his shoulders. "Not worth touching the sewage for."

[Kestrel Riamas]: Tempting...but she'd rather get out of the sewers and get everyone back to safety. She glances back at the others and takes a step to move on.

Psyche Autumnleaf takes a few steps closer to see if it really is gold, considering she is the one with the light, silently agreeing with Usagi as she begins to move on.

Nari'Najya takes a step as well.

[JadedDM]: They move on then.  Kestrel leads them further south.  As they progress, the water gets deeper and deeper.  It's probably waist high by now, but the party is fortunately, high and dry.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Are w-we almost there?"

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Soon now. It isn't much farther. Take care not to slip and fall into that, it's deeper than it was back toward the shop."

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly, being as careful as she can be.

[JadedDM]: Up ahead, they spot something in the sewage.  It has partially washed up onto the walkway.  It is a small corpse.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Oh...." she wrinkles her nose, ĒThis p-place is just horrible." She shines her light on the corpse a bit.

Nari'Najya walking carefully, she glances at the corpse, reminding her of something, frowns.

Kestrel Riamas cringes, but edges forward and hopes it's an animal... She will look more closely when the light is nearer to it.

[JadedDM]: On closer inspection, the corpse is a goblin.  Its throat has been cut, and it looks like it's been dead for a couple days now.  It is completely naked.

[Draven]: "Welcome to Dan'gen."

Usagi shouts from the back of the line. "What is holding us up? Must we stop for everything? Ooooh look, a pile of feces, how interesting! The rats are so cute! Is that something glittering?"

[Nari'Najya]: "And letís say 'Goodbye Dan'gen', yeah?" Nari keeps walking.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "These old sewers must be ideal to dispose of bodies," she says softly.

Psyche Autumnleaf continues forward.  F-figures. I h-hate this place."

[JadedDM]: The party steps past the poor departed soul and continue further south.  They turn a corner, and then the stench of the place seems to amplify ten-fold.

Kestrel Riamas presumes it's the leavings of a robbery, shakes her head, walking onward. "Yes, though they're largely forgotten. . ." She reels at the stench, squinting against the watering of her eyes.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Ugh!" she covers her nose with her sleeve, but continues forward.

Nari'Najya puts her hand to her mouth, holding back a sudden desire to ralph.  She keeps her feet moving on.

[Draven]: "Unholy... gah... Jerros owes me a bath with perfumes for that..."

[JadedDM]: But before they can take more than a few steps, something emerges from the water about 40 feet ahead.  At first, it resembles a very large nugget of dung, but then a tentacle emerges from it with three eyes at the end of the stalk.  The eyes turn and focus on the party.

Usagi pulls out his soap and holds it close to his nose.

[Draven]: "Greaaatt..."

Psyche Autumnleaf takes a few steps back, blinking a few times. "W-what is that thing?"

[JadedDM]: It has a diameter of six feet.  Two more tentacles emerge and sway slowly in the air.  It makes a sound very akin to a fart.

[Draven]: "A lethal pile of crap. LITERALLY."

Kestrel Riamas coughs violently, drawing her sword. She makes no move to attack just yet, seeing what it will do.

Nari'Najya sighs looking up at the thing.  "All right then...this should be interesting...." She gets her sword to the ready as well.

[JadedDM]: The creature begins to very slowly approach, making various unpleasant sounds.  "Braaaaaap!"  Actions?

[Draven]: "Magic, please. Anytime now, ladies..."

Psyche Autumnleaf begins to chant the words to a spell, despite the feeling of wanting to throw up right then and there.

Usagi takes out a vial of multicolored sand and starts to chant.

Nari'Najya has sword at ready, prepared to attack if it attacks.

[Kestrel Riamas]: Begins chanting, moving to remove a couple of items from her belt pouch.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 1 +=+

+=+ Usagi (1d10+1) = 2 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d6) : 1d6=3  = [ 3 ]

Usagi throws out a cloud of multicolored sand, after his chanting, to no effect.

+=+ Dung Creature (1d10+3) = 6 +=+

[JadedDM]: It whips its tentacles out at the party.  One smacks Nari across the face.  The other wraps around Usagi, ensnaring him.

+=+ Psyche (1d10+2) = 7 +=+

Nari'Najya lets out a little noise as the things slaps her, turns her face back towards its direction, annoyed.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d20) :  1d20=2  = [ 2 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf waves her arms in the arm before they coming to out in front of her, her palms out as she chants and soon after, from her palms shoots a blue ray light thing towards the creature.  She misses horribly though, despite her effort.

Usagi slumps in the tentacle.

+=+ Kestrel (1d10+5) = 7 +=+

DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d100) :  1d100=69  = [ 69 ]

Kestrel Riamas chants in a resonating voice, drawing a hand of crumbled oak bark from her spell component pouch. Her other hand produces a golden disc from her pocket, which she points at Amakororo. The holy symbol begins to glow softly.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo's skin hardens and becomes bark like.

+=+ Draven (1d10+7) = 9 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=6  = [ 9 ]

Draven attempts to cut at the thing's tentacle, but unsuccessfully.

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10+8) = 10 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d20) :  1d20=18  = [ 18 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (2d4+2) : 2d4=2,3  = [ 7 ]

Nari'Najya swing her sword at the tentacle that has Usagi ensnared, cutting it off and Usagi falls to the ground with a padded fall.

+=+ Amakororo (1d10+2) = 11 +=+

[JadedDM]: Amakororo tries to strike the other tentacle, but misses.

[JadedDM]: Vanessa does nothing.  The creature gives out a loud BRAAAAP in pain as it flails its severed tentacle.  Actions for Round 2?

Psyche Autumnleaf begins chanting again.

Nari'Najya intends to kill the dung monster.

Usagi falls to the group, and stays there.

Kestrel Riamas slips her holy symbol away and readies her sword again.

Draven will attack again, the body itself this time.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 2 +=+

+=+ Usagi (1d10) = 2 +=+

Usagi lays there.

+=+ Amakororo (1d10+2) = 3 +=+

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She stabs again at the tentacle, but again misses.  "Blast it all...I miss my old short sword."

+=+ Psyche (1d10+2) = 4 +=+

Psyche Autumnleaf chants, obviously, pulling out what looks like simple sand and throws it at the creature, which soon seems to turn to a glittery dust which falls upon the creature, hopefully.

[JadedDM]: The creature is blinded by the dust.

+=+ Kestrel (1d10+3) = 9 +=+

DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d20) :  1d20=13  = [ 13 ]

DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d6) :  1d6=3  = [ 3 ]

Kestrel Riamas attacks the body, sword swinging in a neat arc. She hits, but the wound is shallow, doing nothing more than drawing a bit of blood.

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10+8) = 9 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d20) :  1d20=18  = [ 18 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (2d4+2) : 2d4=3,4  = [ 9 ]

Nari'Najya brings her sword on the dungy beastie and weakens him severely, but he manages to kick on living.

+=+ Dung Creature (1d10+3) = 12 +=+

[JadedDM]: The blinded creature whips about wildly, striking only air.  The water surrounding it bubbles.

+=+ Draven (1d10+7) = 17 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=8  = [ 7 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10+2) : 1d10=6  = [ 8 ]

Draven swings her axe at the dung-critter, apparently convincingly enough that it decides to die.

+=+ End of Initiative Round +=+

Psyche Autumnleaf puts her sleeve back up to her nose, holding back a gag. "Lets g-get out of here."

Nari'Najya moves over to Usagi.

Kestrel Riamas goes to check on Usagi. "One moment."

Usagi lays on the ground, unconscious.

[Draven]: "Thee victory would be more enjoyable if the new and shiny axe wasn't covered in you-know-what..."

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "I do not know what that thing was...but it couldn't have been natural."

Nari'Najya smiles to Draven, "Poor Draven...."

Kestrel Riamas blinks, then pulls the holy symbol from her pocket and begins chanting, laying a hand on Usagi's chest.

Nari'Najya looks back to Usagi and Kestrel, a slight look of concern on her face.

[Draven]: "Yes, poor me," she says with a couple of fake sniffs.

DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d8) :  1d8=5  = [ 5 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf laughs faintly.

Usagi sits up, his eyes slowly focusing.

[Nari'Najya]: "Welcome back Usagi.  How you feeling?"

Kestrel Riamas pulls her hand back, still crouching. "Are you still wounded, or can you go on?"

Usagi tries to get to his feet, but falls back down to a sitting position. "What?"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "You were attacked by that...creature.  Nari freed you, and Kestrel healed you."

Psyche Autumnleaf just watches for right now.

Usagi gets to his feet and stays there with the aid of his tail. "What?"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo's skin turns back to its normal, silky white texture and color.  "We should keep moving.  I see light up ahead.  I think we are close."

[Draven]: "There's light at the end of the tunnel! Let's go!"

Psyche Autumnleaf snickers softly and moves on.

Usagi ambles after the group, at a regular pace.

Nari'Najya continues on.

Kestrel Riamas frowns, wondering if Usagi is having trouble understanding, or if it's his hearing. She hangs back to keep an eye on him, but continues to direct the party onward.

[JadedDM]: Kestrel leads them a few meters further; they hang a right, and then find themselves staring outside through a metal grate.

Nari'Najya looks at the gate in hopes of seeing how to get out through it.

Usagi looks at the metal grate and starts to cackle.

Psyche Autumnleaf studies the grate for a moment, glancing over to the others curiously. "What is h-he cackling about?"

[Nari'Najya]: "Usagi, are you okay?"

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Here we are, our way out." She takes a moment to enjoy the relatively fresher air, and then moves forward to the grate.

[Draven]: With a motherly/teacherly tone, Draven says: "Psyche, dear, never attempt to make sense of a kobold's doings. You'll live a lot longer and happier life if you don't."

[Usagi]: "Grate is in the way. It's easy to remove. I... I just can't remember the spell. I had it, but I don't have it. So now we must, we must definitely resort to tricks."

Psyche Autumnleaf laughs faintly at Draven.

Kestrel Riamas is troubled, but stifles it. "Did Usagi crack his head on the floor during that fall?"

Draven tests the gate to see if it can be removed with raw force.

[Nari'Najya]: "Not sure, but I think he will be okay..." She watches Dravenís attempt.

[Usagi]: "To be stopped now, we have come to far, make a toy out of a bar." He points at a portion of one of the bars.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=1  = [ 1 ]

[JadedDM]: The grate appeared sealed tight, but Draven manages to push it open, as if it were a door.  It creaks terribly in protest at this.

[JadedDM]: (That is beyond the power of a cantrip.)

Draven winces at the sound and looks around for a moment. "Crap..."

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Come on, let's get out and find a place to rest."

Nari'Najya rests her hand on her sword hilt, also keeping an eye out for danger.  "Agreed."

Psyche Autumnleaf moves out from behind the grate, taking in a deep breath of fresh air, and looking around to see where they are.

Draven looks outside to see what's the surrounding's like.

[JadedDM]: The party is now standing just outside of the city's wall, but fortunately away from the front gates.  They are in the bordering farmlands.

Usagi brings up the rear of the party again.

[Draven]: "Alright... Let's go," she says, grabbing her axe and starting to move.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "You said there was a farmhouse nearby we could go to, miss Autumnleaf?"

Psyche Autumnleaf nods to Kestrel, glancing around for a moment. "Yeah t-this way." and begins to lead the way to her old home, keeping an eye out for guards and the like.

Nari'Najya keeps an ever watchful eye out for danger of any sort and also enjoying the real air.

Kestrel Riamas looks around at the farmland uncomfortably. It brings back memories she isn't terribly fond of. Follows Psyche, keeping a watch out for anyone familiar looking.

Draven quite definitely joins in on enjoying the air, but also keeps a look around for danger.

Usagi wanders behind the party, looking about and enjoying the fresh air. He scratches an itch on his scaly hide.

Draven peeks at the city walls...

[JadedDM]: Psyche takes the lead now, guiding the party through the farmlands which are quite ready for harvest right about now.  After half an hour or so of walking, they reach her home.  It's a small, humble cabin that looks to have suffered major fire damage at some point and is now neglected and overrun with vines and weeds.

Usagi wanders into the field of corn to pluck some of the lower ears off and enjoy it.

Psyche Autumnleaf sighs upon seeing the old farmhouse, as if just seeing it brings back painful memories. She walks up to the door slowly, taking a peek inside to see how safe it is and such.

Kestrel Riamas reaches to run a hand through her hair, then remembers the blood and ich on her hands. Neeevermind.

Nari'Najya follows Psyche to the door.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo pauses at the sight.  "The land here...has been harmed."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "By f-fire." she says softly to Amakororo.

Draven raises an eyebrow at Amakororo. "What gave that away? The scorch-marks or the fact we're near Dan'gen?"

[JadedDM]: The door swings open, and an old black man stands there.  He looks a bit malnourished, but seems energetic enough.  "It's've finally returned.  Please, my granddaughter has fallen ill..."

[Nari'Najya]: "Kestrel!  We need you."

Psyche Autumnleaf steps inside, glancing over to Kestrel. "Where is s-she?" she asks the old man.

Kestrel Riamas blinks at the man, mildly startled that anyone was living in there. Once his and Nari's words sink in she steps forward.

Usagi wanders back towards the cottage eating some of the delicious vegetable he found. He moves inside.

Draven frowns. "Anything of note happened while we were gone? Other than your poor granddaughter?"

Nari'Najya goes inside with everyone.

[JadedDM]: The old man leads them inside.  Four more people are there waiting, all black-skinned:  A woman, a young man, a little girl, and a teenage girl--the last one lying on the floor, on a rug.

Psyche Autumnleaf almost hugs herself as she looks around the rundown home, shivering a bit.

[JadedDM]: Old Man:  "No...nothing has happened.  But she is ill.  Her skin is hot and she is weak."

[JadedDM]: The teenage girl is the same one that Isthan claimed was evil.  She is sweating and groaning softly.

Usagi wanders over to the teenaged girl. He says in a blank sort of way, "Isthan-shu said this one was evil."

[JadedDM]: The young man approaches Psyche.

[Draven]: "Isthan probably would've thought I was evil, too, if I had pointed out I don't follow his god."

Kestrel Riamas kneels beside the girl, checking her over. At Usagi's words she looks up sharply. ďWho is Isthan?"

Psyche Autumnleaf glances over to the young man, tilting her head slightly.

[Draven]: "One of the rebels, who was blown up in the tower."

[Usagi]: "He was a priest of Azedeth. Died sometime in the past. Last night was it?" He wanders off.

Nari'Najya quietly watches everyone.

[JadedDM]: Young Man:  He digs into his pocket, pulls something out, and hands it to Psyche.  "Little Kabibe found this.  I think it is yours."

Usagi wanders off to explore the rest of the house, that is.

Psyche Autumnleaf gently takes whatever it is he hands her, looking over it for a moment. "Kabibe?"

[Kestrel Riamas]: "That's a shame..." She appears puzzled by the news combined with the deceased's opinion, but begins to tend to the girl anyway.

[JadedDM]: Young Man:  He gestures to the little girl.

Psyche Autumnleaf falls silent for a few moments as she looks over the item in her hand, a few tears sliding down her cheeks without her really able to control it. "Um...t-thank you." she mutters after sniffling a bit.

Nari'Najya looks at the little girl, Kabibe and smiles, so young.  Her attention turns to Psyche though, wondering what the little girl found.

[JadedDM]: Usagi finds little of interest.  Most of the stuff in the cabin is either damaged or outright worthless.

Usagi wanders around aimlessly before making his way back to the others. "What are you going to do anyway? Come with us to the rebel base?"

[Kestrel Riamas]: "This isn't very good. She has the flu." Her brow furrows and she sits back on her heels. "I can't cure diseases yet, but I will try to help as much as I can."

DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d20) :  1d20=12  = [ 12 ]

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: After a few more moments, she looks at the young man. "What is y-your name?"

[JadedDM]: Young Man:  "I am called Nyack."

Draven sits down somewhere and rests a bit.

[Nari'Najya]: "What are all your names?  We left in haste and neglected to find them out."  She looks around to all the former slaves.

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly, looking back down at her hand before she goes to explore her own house, actually heading for her old room.

Kestrel Riamas tends to the girl but it doesn't appear to do much good.

[JadedDM]: Nyack:  "That is Kabibe," he says, pointing to the little girl.  "And she is Silka," he points to the woman.  "Dume," he points to the old man.  "And the one you are treating is Chalondra."

[Usagi]: "Do they know your name, Rock Head?"

[Nari'Najya]: "Shut up Usagi." She shoots a look at the kobold, but smiles when she looks back to Nyack. "I am Nari'Najya."

Usagi takes out a small journal-like red book and begins to read it.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo and Vanessa now enter.  Amakororo speaks.  "Looks like nobody is about for now."

Psyche Autumnleaf looks around her old room for a little bit as Kestrel tends to the teenage girl.

[JadedDM]: Nyack's jaw drops a bit at the sight of the elf maiden.

Nari'Najya glances over at the reading Kobold, frowning slightly. But then she looks to Amakororo and nods. "We probably shouldn't stay here long."

[Usagi]: "We should probably go." He comments as he flips through the pages.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo suddenly remembers the outfit she is wearing.  She turns away, but the back side is as revealing as the front side.

Kestrel Riamas shakes her head. "I can't be of much help today apparently, but I'll still try. Tomorrow I'll at least be able to help her a little." She looks to the group. "Why would your priest say she was evil? What did she do?"

[JadedDM]: Dume kneels by her.  "Can she travel?"

[Draven]: "Nothing. The priest passed around judgments randomly."

Psyche Autumnleaf finally moves back to the group. "What is t-the plan now?"

[Usagi]: "He held out his sun symbol or something before he said so, didn't he? He was always doing it."

[Nari'Najya]: "Kestrel, can Chalondra travel?  Would it be okay?"

[Draven]: "We go back to that Soulstaff guy and present him these two," she speaks, glancing at the elf...

[Kestrel Riamas]: "What? That doesn't seem right..." She looks back to the young woman, placing a hand on her forehead. "I don't think she would travel well. She needs rest."

[Usagi]: "Yes, that is what we should do. Let's go. You bigger types can probably carry her."

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Maybe if someone could carry her, but not by herself."

[Draven]: "Then we need to carry. We can't linger around here, the farther we get from Dan'gen the better."

Nari'Najya nods.  "You got her Draven?"

Usagi puts his book away.

Draven shrugs. "You or me, doesn't seem to be any more types capable of lifting anything here..."

[Nari'Najya]: "You can taker her the first bit and we'll switch later."

Draven gathers the girl up...

[Nari'Najya]: "Letís go."

Kestrel Riamas stands and looks to the rest of the group.

Psyche Autumnleaf walks towards the door, letting everyone out before her, keeping her head down.

Usagi brings up the rear again.

Kestrel Riamas stays toward the back, to keep an eye on everyone.

Nari'Najya will take a place somewhere in the lead, heading back to home...home sounds so nice you know.

[JadedDM]: The party travels forward, now five members larger.  They begin the journey back to the Rebel base.  They travel all day without incident, and at nightfall, set up camp.

Psyche Autumnleaf finds a nice place to rest, silent most of the trip so far.

Usagi finds a place to rest himself.

Draven settles to rest as well.

Nari'Najya sits one the ground and pulls out a ration and eats slowly.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo guides Vanessa to a spot to sit and shakes her head softly.

Psyche Autumnleaf curls up in her little spot, almost trying to make herself as small as possible.

Kestrel Riamas lays out her bedroll and takes out her rations. She will share with those who would otherwise go without.

[Draven]: "The mage types keep guard, Nari and I did more work today than the others."

[JadedDM]: The next three days pass rather uneventfully.  Everyone regains 3 hp, and you are nearly home.  But, Chalondra's condition seems to be worsening, and she is getting weaker.  It is now Chrysote 18th, Frostday.

Nari'Najya looks worriedly at Chalondra.

Kestrel Riamas will have been attempting to heal the injured party members on the way, yes.

Psyche Autumnleaf glances towards Chalondra. "W-what else can be d-done for her?"

Psyche Autumnleaf coughs a bit. "And does a-anyone have some w-water I could have?"

[Kestrel Riamas]: "What she needs most is bed rest and plenty of food and water, or someone more experienced than I to cure diseases."  She hands her waterskin up to Psyche, though it's only about half full now.

Nari'Najya looks at Psyche, remembering she forgot to re-supply her water as well.  She grumbles to herself, "Damn it..."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Thank y-you." she takes the wineskin and drinks only what she needs so she doesn't use all of Kestrel's water and hands it back to her.

[JadedDM]: Dume:  He looks to Kestrel.  "Can you try again to help her?"

Usagi continues on as he normally would, almost home. Has more bounce in his step though.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "I'll try, though we need to pause to do so."

Psyche Autumnleaf looks to the little girl that found the item that belonged to her and walks up next to her. "H-hey. Can I a-ask you a question?"

[Nari'Najya]: "We can stop." And she does.

[JadedDM]: Kabibe:  She takes a step back from Psyche and then spins and runs to hide behind Silka's skirt.

Psyche Autumnleaf blinks. "Uh...I w-wasn't going to h-hurt you."

Nari'Najya kneels down as they pause, conserving energy and keeping an eye out for any potentially danger.

Psyche Autumnleaf pulls out the broken ring from a pouch and approaches Silka and Kabibe again, kneeling down to the girl's height with a small smile, holding her hand out so she can look at the ring. "I j-just want to k-know where you f-found this."

[JadedDM]: Kabibe:  She answers, but not in a language Psyche understands.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Oh...w-what did she say?"

(To JadedDM) DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d20) :  1d20=1  = [ 1 ]

Usagi moves over to the sick girl. "Isthan-shu said she was evil, yes, yes. Are you sure she is not? A lot of humans seem to harbor malice in this land."

[JadedDM]: Nyack:  "She says she found it under a bed."

Psyche Autumnleaf looks over to Usagi. "Evil or n-not, we should not l-leave her to just die."

[Usagi]: "If she is evil, she should die."

Psyche Autumnleaf turns to Nyack. "Oh...oh...well, c-could you tell her that I s-said thank you. It m-means a lot to me."

[Draven]: "You might not be evil, but you've come closer to deserving death than this girl has. Repeatedly.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "If you intend to kill any and everyone who holds some darkness in their heart, you will have to kill everyone in this nation."

[JadedDM]: Nyack nods.  He says something to the girl in another language.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "She deserves a chance to be spoken to by someone less...hostile. Malice is the norm here, and she could be turned around even if she's on the wrong path." She frowns sharply, tending to the girl actually appears to do some good.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks to see the little girl's reaction as she stands back up, her hand closing over the broken ring. "She s-still has a chance to c-change if she is. She s-should be given the chance."

Usagi grins at Amakororo. "This nation is a blight upon the world, elf. Take your pointy-eared philosophies back to whence you came."

[Nari'Najya]: "It was never up for debate." She looks around to everyone. "I think we should continue, if the healing is done for now.'

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "You sound much like the humans in Gontoria, Usagi."

[JadedDM]: Vanessa turns her back to the party and looks intently at the ground.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks towards Vanessa. " s-something wrong?"

Kestrel Riamas stands stiffly, brushing off her robes. "Yes. Let's move on." She packs away what things she used, stuffing them in the backpack with perhaps a bit more force than necessary.

[JadedDM]: Vanessa:  "It's trying to get away.  Can it do that?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "What is t-trying to get away?"

[Draven]: "If all the rebels were like you, Usagi - that's to say if they were judgmental pricks - I'd leave the country, probably, instead of bothering with the rebellion. From idiots like you, no good could ever come to this country."

[JadedDM]: Vanessa:  "My shadow.  I think it no longer likes me."

Nari'Najya starts to continue the way they were going.

[Usagi]: "You sound much like a waste of my time, elf. I did not ask for you to solicit your opinions, nor ask for your advice, because it is worthless." He attacks Amakororo fiercely with verbiage, much fiercer than his normal tone.

Psyche Autumnleaf walks over to Vanessa. "Um...I d-don't think it can do that, Vanessa."

Usagi looks over at Draven. "The same goes for you, human scum."

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "Nor was your advice asked for, but you gave it freely.  Part of freedom is the freedom to speak one's mind."

[Nari'Najya]: "Usagi enough." She snaps at Usagi.  "We are almost home and I have heard enough."

Kestrel Riamas wonders how in the hell this group managed to get anything done, if they can't get along for a few days. Marches along, irked.

[JadedDM]: To Psyche's surprise, Vanessa's shadow IS trying to escape.  It wiggles and struggles on the ground, although Vanessa is holding perfectly still.

Psyche Autumnleaf stares down at Vanessa's shadow. " g-guys, something is w-wrong with Vanessa's shadow over here."

[Draven]: "The word of a kobold counts for little. Less, in fact, than your stature. Luckily for the rebellion, not everyone is like you. Although you do get a fair share or your kind..." she says, glancing around.

Nari'Najya stops and turns around, "What?"  She sounds confused.

Psyche Autumnleaf points. "It is...t-trying to get away...look. M-moving and all."

Kestrel Riamas boggles at Psyche, halting mid-step.

[JadedDM]: It suddenly occurs to the party that their own shadows are also acting in this manner.

Draven turns to look, ignoring the kobold. "Okay... this is very spooky."

Nari'Najya looks at her own shadow, frowning..."I do not like this..."

[JadedDM]: Vanessa closes her eyes.  " teases us..."

Usagi bares his teeth at Draven. "If the rebellion was full of worthless cows like you, nothing would get done but constant complaining. Tell me, how many times have you done anything at all for this group? You found yourself an axe, selfish whore... I-" Looks at his shadow and stops.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "What in the -world-?" She stares down, fully startled.

[JadedDM]: The shadows then break away from the party, and begin to rise up on their own.  However, they form bent, malformed versions of their owners.  The shadows line up and hold out their hands, and long claws emerge from their fingertips.  There are sixteen of these shadows total, some having split into two or more.  Actions?

Usagi backpedals quickly, the words of a spell on his tongue.

Nari'Najya steps back, confused and scared...putting her hand on her sword hilt and drawing her sword.  "Can we fight our shadow?"

Kestrel Riamas reels back and begins chanting.

Draven will strike at the shadow.

Psyche Autumnleaf stares at her own shadow, moving to stand in front of Vanessa. "I..." she starts chanting after a few moments.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 1 +=+

+=+ Usagi (1d10+1) = 4 +=+

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He's going to split the missiles up, one at each of his shadows.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d4+1) : 1d4=2  = [ 3 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d4+1) : 1d4=1  = [ 2 ]

Usagi finishes his incantation and two orbs of light fly from his claws. Each missile strike a separate shadow, killing them instantly.

[JadedDM]: The two shadows melt back into the ground and vanish.

+=+ Shadows (1d10+3) = 7 +=+

[JadedDM]: One goes for Psyche, but it misses.  Two more go for Kestrel, one hitting her.    Two more team up on Draven, one slashing at her arm.  Another pair goes for Nari, one scoring a lucky hit across her chest.  Another goes for Amakororo, missing her.  One goes for Vanessa, slashing at her.  The remaining four go to the slaves in the back.

Nari'Najya steps back a bit wincing, in shock of the attack, now mad...wants them to go away.

+=+ Amakororo (1d10+2) = 9 +=+

Kestrel Riamas flinches back, distracted. She clutches at the wound but doesn't appear badly hurt.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She swings her dagger, but the shadow proves too quick.

+=+ Psyche (1d10+1) = 10 +=+

Nari'Najya ignores the wound as best she can as she prepares herself to attack.

Psyche Autumnleaf digs into a pouch as she chants, pulling out a firefly as she chants as if she was always speaking to the bug before she lets it fly off towards shadow in front of her, which kind of bursts into light for a moment and suddenly the shadow just seems to be gone.

+=+ Draven (1d10+7) = 10 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=5  = [ 10 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10+2) : 1d10=4  = [ 6 ]

Draven swings her axe and with ease, cuts through another shadow. It disperses.

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10+8) = 10 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d20) :  1d20=20  = [ 20 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (2d4+2) : 2d4=4,3  = [ 9 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (2d4+2) : 2d4=2,2  = [ 6 ]

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Does a-anyone want to t-tell me why our own s-shadows are attacking us?!"

Nari'Najya rushes at one of the two shadows that attacked her and it vanishes much like the others have.

+=+ Kestrel (1d10+50) = 56 +=+

[JadedDM]: Kestrelís prayer is disrupted by the attack.

[Usagi]: "You fail at stating the obvious? I am in shock. Magic is the only thing that could do this."

[JadedDM]: Actions for Round 2?

[Draven]: "Magic, I'd say. And I'm not a mage, so I'm looking at you for an answer, more likely."

Draven attacks again

Nari'Najya will fight the shadows.

Kestrel Riamas looks righteously pissed.

Psyche Autumnleaf begins chanting again, knowing she doesn't have spells to actually fight shadows like this, yet she chants anyway.

Usagi pulls out some darts and begins throwing them at the shadows attacking the slaves. He moves over to them. "Hey, you shadows! Get back in line, you uppity sheep-shearing bastards."

Kestrel Riamas swings at one with a dagger.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 2 +=+

+=+ Psyche (1d10+1) = 6 +=+

Psyche Autumnleaf waves her arms in the air as she chants, yet nothing seems to happen after she is done casting.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d100) :  1d100=65  = [ 65 ]

+=+ Usagi (1d10+2) = 7 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=9  = [ 9 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=12  = [ 12 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=1  = [ 1 ]

Usagi misses with all three darts.

+=+ Kestrel (1d10+2) = 10 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d20) :  1d20=9  = [ 9 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d4) :  1d4=4  = [ 4 ]

Kestrel Riamas slashes angrily at one of the shadows approaching the slaves, and it summarily vanishes.

+=+ Shadows (1d10+3) = 10 +=+

[JadedDM]: The two on Kestrel continue attacking, but she manages to keep them at bay.  The one on Draven misses, but the one on Nari scores a hit.

[Nari'Najya]: "These things are significantly aggravating me...."  She looks to see how many are left.

[JadedDM]: One scratches Amakororo, the other leaps at Vanessa, but trips on itself and falls.  One goes for Dume, but misses.  Another leaps at Chalondra, and in her weaken state it tears into her.  She screams in agony.  Silka dodges the one coming at her.  Nyack leaps over the one that charges him.  There are still ten remaining.

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10+8) = 12 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d20) :  1d20=8  = [ 8 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (2d4+2) : 2d4=4,2  = [ 8 ]

Nari'Najya takes another swing at a shadow and it vanishes like the last.

+=+ Amakororo (1d10+2) = 12 +=+

[Usagi]: "Hey! Fight back! Punch, kick, anything! The slightest tap seems to do them in!"

[JadedDM]: She pierces her own shadow, and then turns in horror at hearing Chalondra's screams.

+=+ Draven (1d10+7) = 15 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=4  = [ 11 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=12  = [ 3 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10+2) : 1d10=3  = [ 5 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf turns quickly upon hearing Chalondra's screams, her eyes widening. "Someone g-get that shadow!"

Draven mows down another shadow, moving towards the shadows attacking the slaves.

[JadedDM]: Nari's second turn.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d20) :  1d20=14  = [ 14 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (2d4+2) : 2d4=3,3  = [ 8 ]

Nari'Najya finishes off another shadow. She looks over to Chalondra when she is done, concerned.

[JadedDM]: There are six left.  Round 3, actions?

Nari'Najya wants to finish off the shadows, thus attacks.

Usagi pulls out his blowgun and fires at the shadows attacking the ex-slaves.

Draven will attack again.

Psyche Autumnleaf moves to kick at the shadow attacking Vanessa, doesn't have a weapon on her considering Usagi decided to burn that up along with those elite.

Kestrel Riamas attempts to shield-punch the nearest shadow

+=+ New Initiative: Round 3 +=+

+=+ Usagi (1d10+5) = 7 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=1  = [ 1 ]

Usagi blows a needle from his blowgun and misses terribly.

+=+ Kestrel (1d10+3) = 7 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d20) :  1d20=16  = [ 16 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Kestrel Riamas: (1d3) : 1d3=1  = [ 1 ]

Kestrel Riamas swings her buckler arm at the shadow's head, yelling "In the name of Azedeth, be gone!" She strikes it, and it disappears.

+=+ Amakororo (1d10+3) = 8 +=+

[JadedDM]: Amakororo rushes to strike the one attacking Chalondra, but she misses, despite her elven grace.

+=+ Draven (1d10+7) = 10 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=2  = [ 13 ]

Draven attempts to cut down another shadow, but it ducks

+=+ Psyche (1d10+1) = 11 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d20) :  1d20=13  = [ 13 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf kicks at the shadow attacking Vanessa, and it vanishes upon contact.

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10+8) = 12 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d20) :  1d20=13  = [ 13 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (2d4+2) : 2d4=3,3  = [ 8 ]

Nari'Najya swings at another and vanishes never to be seen again.

+=+ Shadows (1d10+3) = 12 +=+

[JadedDM]: One swings at Kestrel, but misses.  A second lurches at Dume and slices across the old man's stomach, causing his guts to pour out.  The only other one left is on Chalondra.  It moves away, and attacks Amakororo across the chest.  There are three left.  Actions for Round 4?

Nari'Najya attacks.

[Usagi]: (I believe Usagi gets another attack)

Draven will charge at the three shadows.

[JadedDM]: (Oh, right.  Go ahead then, quickly.)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=17  = [ 17 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1) : = [ 1 ]

Usagi blows a needle from his blowgun, it destroys the shadow attack Chalondra when it strikes.

Kestrel Riamas gapes and rushes to help Dume.

Psyche Autumnleaf pauses in her steps upon seeing the guts of Dume pour out of his stomach, she gags a bit before running to Chalondra's side to see how badly she is hurt.

Usagi attacks with his blowgun some more.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 4 +=+

+=+ Kestrel (1d10) = 3 +=+

[JadedDM]: Kestrel rushes to Dume, but he's all ready dead.

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10) = 7 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d20) :  1d20=2  = [ 2 ]

Nari'Najya makes an attempt at one of the remaining shadows, but misses the evasive shadow.

+=+ Usagi (1d10+5) = 8 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=4  = [ 4 ]

Usagi blows a needle and misses.

+=+ Psyche (1d10) = 10 +=+

[JadedDM]: Psyche rushes to Chalondra, but she's all ready dead.

+=+ Draven (1d10+7) = 11 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=8  = [ 7 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10+2) : 1d10=10  = [ 12 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf bows her head a bit upon seeing the dead teenager.

Draven kills another shadow with a swift strike.

+=+ Shadows (1d10+3) = 11 +=+

[JadedDM]: Only one shadow left.  It attacks Kestrel, but misses.

+=+ Amakororo (1d10+3) = 13 +=+

[JadedDM]: Amakororo slashes the final shadow from behind, dissipating it.

+=+ End of Initiative Round +=+

Kestrel Riamas just stands as if stunned, blank faced. It's surely not the first time she's seen death, but it never gets any easier.

Usagi hurls his blowgun as hard as he can. "Failure, failure, failure! You idiot!" He clenches his claws tightly.

[Draven]: "Now what the HELL was that?"

[JadedDM]: Silka rushes to the two dead slaves, babbling in another language.

Nari'Najya now looks around to see the damage, her face no longer having any sparkle to it, sighs.

Psyche Autumnleaf says a silent prayer to Azedeth before she stands up slowly, backing away from the bodies.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  She tries to slow down her breathing.  "Dark magic, to be sure.  But who?  And why?"

[Usagi]: "Vanessa noticed it first! She is enchanted isn't she? The Overlord must have sent them through her."

Nari'Najya looks around them, not liking the idea that they were attack with dark magic, by someone they do not know.

[Draven]: "Well I can think of a thousand reasons WHY. The "who" is more interesting."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "It w-wasn't t-that strong, but s-strong enough to cause problems." she glances around the area as if looking for someone. "It isn't Vanessa."

[JadedDM]: Vanessa sits on the ground, cradling her wound.

Psyche Autumnleaf walks over to Vanessa. "Let m-me see."

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "Unlikely.  The Overlord does not like magic.  He considers it a weakness."

[Usagi]: "You base this on what, Psyche-shu? Nothing, just like what your head is full of." He bends to pick up a rock and hurl it with all of his might.

Kestrel Riamas bows her head, murmuring a prayer over the bodies. Her fists are clenched by her sides, shaking a little, and when she finishes she goes over to Vanessa, mechanically checking her wounds.

[Usagi]: "That is a contradiction, for he charmed Vanessa."

[Nari'Najya]: "I think is best to gather ourselves and continue as quickly as possible."  She looks at her own with little care or interest right now.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Letís j-just get back in one piece."

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "He makes a distinction between a magic item and a magic spell."

[Kestrel Riamas]: "What about the bodies? And someone please go comfort that little girl."

[Usagi]: "I'm sure he does." He looks at the corpse of Dume, angrily. "I'm going to bury them." He begins the words of a spell.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Wait...these are the f-family members of these p-people. They should d-decide what should be done!"

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "Shadows...followers of Shadowbite, perhaps?"

Nari'Najya walks over to Kabibe and kneels down. "Are you okay, honey?"

[JadedDM]: Kabibe seems to be in some kind of state of shock.  She just keeps watching her shadow, which has returned normally to her.

Nari'Najya puts her sword on the ground and sits gently bringing the girl towards her, whispering softly to her that is will be okay, soft tones.

[Draven]: "We need to get going, for now."

Usagi his hands morph into digging claws, and he grows in size. Before he begins digging he says,  "Yes, Shadowbite, after all, why not assume they came form Shadowbite because both share a word?"

Psyche Autumnleaf looks at Amakororo. "Vanessa...before they a-attack said...that Darkness was...t-teasing us.

Usagi starts on a grave.

[JadedDM]: Nyack watches this and shakes his head.  He puts a hand on Silka's shoulder.  "Dume is Silka's mother, and Chalondra is her daughter."

Psyche Autumnleaf sighs softly. "We t-tried, Nyack, and w-we are sorry for her loss."

[JadedDM]: It takes a relatively short time for Usagi to dig the grave.

Kestrel Riamas binds Vanessaís wounds, though her bedside manner could use some improvement.

[JadedDM]: Vanessa:  ďLight fights Darkness....Darkness fights Light.  But one is one, and the other is...the other," she says dreamily.

Usagi will dig it double the size then, if he can, for both.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks at Vanessa oddly. "Huh?"

Nari'Najya stands, puts her sword away and then picks up Kabibe.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  "Jerros should be made aware.  This could be a new threat."

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly to Amakororo. "It will b-be brought up." she glances around. "We s-should move on."

[JadedDM]: Once the grave is dug, the bodies are deposited and Usagi fills them back up.

Usagi returns to his normal state as he dusts off his claws. "Almost good enough." He goes about re-gathering his lost weapons. The blowgun and the darts, that is.

Nari'Najya when it is all done she continues to walk, still carrying Kabibe.  "Letís go home."

Psyche Autumnleaf looks around before she moves on with the rest of the group.

Kestrel Riamas stands, brushing off her robes. She looks over her weapons, and then holds out the shortsword to Amakororo. "Maybe you'll have better luck with this than I, for the time being.Ē [Draven]: "Indeed. Let's go," Draven says, taking point, keeping her eye out for trouble - be it material or shadow.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo takes the sword.  "My thanks."

Nari'Najya leads the way, her pace a little slower, but a pace for home.

Kestrel Riamas nods and walks on, deep in thought.

[JadedDM]: The party, now two members shorter, continues forward.  Two more days pass, but without incident.  Finally, they arrive back home---the Mithril Rebel base.  They go around the waterfall hiding its entrance and go inside the subterranean lair.

Usagi takes a position that is more towards the lead now. Says a prayer to Zokle for the souls of those lost in battle this day, and for Isthan.

Psyche Autumnleaf takes a deep breath as they enter the lair. "Home...."

Usagi scratches his scaly head. "Home at last." He goes immediately for water.

[Draven]: "Well, no, but it'll do," she says, resting her axe down with a sigh.

[JadedDM]: Biggs:  "Halt!  Who goes...hey, you guys are back!"

[Nari'Najya]: "We're back! Relax!"

Psyche Autumnleaf pauses in her steps looking over at Biggs. "Some of u-us are at least." She says sadly.

Kestrel Riamas hangs back, having not been to the base in some time.

Draven goes with Nari. Water can wait - especially if it's mostly Jerros' fault she's... well, like she is.

Nari'Najya smiles widely when she see Biggs.

[JadedDM]: Biggs:  He looks at Amakororo.  "And you did it!  I mean, I knew you would.  Go to the conference room.  I'll fetch Jerros!"  He runs off.

Nari'Najya goes to the conference room.

Usagi goes to the conference room after he's quenched his thirst. He takes his time.

Psyche Autumnleaf walks off to the conference room, once in there she plops down in a chair and lays her head down on the table in there.

Draven sits on a chair as well, resting the axe on the ground and her hands on the axe.

Nari'Najya will wait until she has checked in with Jerros before she gets water and cleans up.  She sits down in the same seat she was in during their meeting before they left.

Kestrel Riamas, not sure what to do with the freed slaves they brought along, still hangs back to question someone about where they should go.

[Nari'Najya]: "Well done everyone.  We made it back." She looks to Kestrel and the freed slaves. "Come on in, have a sit and relax."

[JadedDM]: Jerros enters from the other side of the room, a hopeful look in his eyes.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Fine, fine." She steps in and takes a seat wearily.

[Draven]: "We got your elf, and then some."

[Nari'Najya]: "We're back Jerros!  It is good to see you." She smiles at him.

Psyche Autumnleaf lifts her head upon hearing Jerros enter, smiles faintly at seeing him, oh how she has missed the sight of him.

[JadedDM]: Amakororo immediately rushes to Jerros, wrapping her arms around his neck.  He returns the hug in full, calling out "Ama!  You're okay!"

Usagi considers Jerros with his left eye. He clicks his claws twice through.

Nari'Najya smiles at the reunion.

Psyche Autumnleaf can't help but frown at seeing that, turning her gaze back down to the table.

Kestrel Riamas is a little relieved to at least have gotten Daeval's daughter back to friends in one piece.

[JadedDM]: After the hug is finished, Jerros turns to the others.  "You did it.  I knew you could..." he pauses a moment.  "Where's Isthan?  And who are these others?"

[Usagi]: "Isthan-shu died in battle."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "The o-others are slaves that w-we freed from a s-slaver on the way to Dan'gen."

[Draven]: "Isthan is dead, these are freed slaves," she speaks.

[JadedDM]: Jerros looks to Usagi, and then lowers his head.  "I see...a terrible loss to us all."

Nari'Najya avoids Jerros on this topic of Isthan and looks to the slaves and then looks up to Jerros.

[JadedDM]: Jerros:  He takes a seat.  "Sounds like you all have been through a lot.  Wedge!"

[Usagi]: "He is in the realm of his God. No big loss. He'll be back in another body one day."

[JadedDM]: Wedge comes hustling in.  "Yes, sir?"  He catches himself at seeing the others.

Nari'Najya perks up a little at Wedge's name.

[JadedDM]: Jerros:  "Wedge, take these guests to the shrine for now, see that they're fed and taken care of."

[JadedDM]: Wedge hesitates, as if he wants to say something, but then nods.  "Yes, sir."  He leads the slaves and Vanessa off.

Kestrel Riamas scrubs a hand over her hair, silent for the time being.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Oh! And this..." she motions to Kestrel, "is Kestrel. S-she helped up e-escape Dan'gen."

[Usagi]: "Vanessa-shu is under a charm spell. It is beyond my power to remove it."

[JadedDM]: Jerros looks to Kestrel.  "Kestrel...yes, you were here about a year ago, right?  You trained under...," he stops when he realizes Amakororo is standing right next to him.  Instead, he clears his throat.

Nari'Najya looks at Jerros confused, but wipes the expression clean.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Yes, that's right. It's -" Her voice falters for a moment, "It's been a while."

[JadedDM]: Jerros looks to Nari.  "Let's hear your report."

Psyche Autumnleaf continues to look at the table, as it is just so very interesting at the moment.

Nari'Najya sits up a bit. "Well, we made it Dan'gen but only after rescuing the now freed slaves, we left them in a farm house outside of the town...."

[JadedDM]: Jerros:  "A noble deed...but I'm not sure where we'll put them."

[Nari'Najya]: "We made a plan to get inside and did that marvelously, however came upon some issue along the way.  Desperate times called for desperate measures, if we left we risked not bring back Amakororo and Vanessa.  So we managed to get into the tower where they were being held."

[Nari'Najya]: "We came against four elites which Usagi so kindly removed with a spell of some sort, but that attracted the attention of most the compound.  Our escape was out the sewage, hence our smell."

Usagi grins, clicking his claws.

[Nari'Najya]: "We found a safe house, where we collected Kestrel and she is who helped us get out the city via the sewage again."

Kestrel Riamas nods, thinking back on the monsters down there with some chagrin.

[Nari'Najya]: "We retrieved the slaves from the farm house.  Then get got a little strange, as we were attacked by our own shadows about two days ago."

[JadedDM]: Jerros pales a bit.  "Did you say...your own shadows attacked you?"

[Nari'Najya]: "Yes."  She nods.

[Draven]: "Yup. Got two of the slaves before we laid them... well, destroyed them."

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly. "I c-couldn't tell w-what kind of magic it was, but we a-all know it was magic...and it c-could be another threat."

[JadedDM]: Jerros leans back in his chair.  He looks like he might be sick.  "I see..."

[Nari'Najya]: "Do you know anything about this, Jerros?"

Psyche Autumnleaf tilts her head slightly. "Are you o-okay?"

[Kestrel Riamas]: "Whatever it was, those shadows weren't very strong...but they certainly did enough damage."

[JadedDM]: Jerros slowly shakes his head.  "No...I can't say what caused this.  But...we should probably be wary."  He stands up.

Psyche Autumnleaf frowns slightly, watching him curiously.

Usagi inspects his claws and launches into a flurry of motion when he finds them dirty. He commences their cleaning immediately.

[JadedDM]: Jerros:  "Kestrel...I hope you don't mind presiding over a funeral for Isthan and those others who died in this mission.  Since Isthan is gone, we no longer have a priest, and it would be appreciated if you could.  In fact, maybe you might even stay for awhile with us.  At least until things at Dan'gen cools off."

Nari'Najya looks at Kestrel.

[Kestrel Riamas]: "I wouldn't consider leaving without doing so. There are a few things I wanted to take care of here anyway."

[JadedDM]: Jerros nods.  "Good to hear.  Welcome to the team.  And the rest of you...good job.  But for now, get some rest.  You all deserve it."

[Nari'Najya]: "Thank you."

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly, standing up to take her leave, is so going to take a nice long bath.

[Draven]: "We deserve a bath before rest... all of us."

Usagi goes straight for the waterfall outside, loves that thing.

[JadedDM]: Jerros:  "Dismissed then."

Nari'Najya stands herself going to get some water.

Kestrel Riamas stands, nodding. Her curly hair's a matted mess after the travel and she wants to be presentable before seeing to the funeral arrangements. She takes her leave.

Draven goes to get some cleaning done as well... and general care-taking.

[JadedDM]: (And that should cover it for tonight.)

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