Session 4:
Bad Gas


[JadedDM]: Chrysote 13th, Lightday of 665, 20 bells.  The five of you are in the tap room of the Crimson Sword, waiting for your quarry to arrive.  Usagi and Isthan sit at a table near the fireplace.  Draven sits at the bar.  Psyche and Nari sit at a table adjacent to the bar.  As darkness falls, a few more people enter the room.  They mostly keep to themselves, stay quiet, and nurse their drinks while trying to avoid attention.

Isthan begins tapping his fingers on the table annoyingly.

Psyche Autumnleaf tries to look about as uninteresting as the rest of these people managed to do, yet keeps an eye out for the man they are waiting for quietly.

Nari誰ajya makes note of those who come in and some tapping that is coming from somewhere.

Usagi cranes his head under the table to look at the reverse surface, scratches at the wood a little.

Draven nurses a drink and checks out the people with as much subtlety as she can.

Isthan intently watches his right hand as each finger in turn touches down and the nail for each makes its own *tap*.

[JadedDM]: And then, the young man enters.  He has short blond hair, is clean-shaven and appears around 17 years old or so.  He is wearing the Bloodguard uniform, as well as scale mail.  He carries a glaive and has a club strapped to his side.  He finds a lone table, sits, and leans his glaive against the wall.  He quietly summons the barmaid with a gesture.

Psyche Autumnleaf takes note of the man, before finally looking over to Nari, almost waiting for her to give the go ahead to do her spell.

Nari誰ajya smiles to Psyche and whispers to her.

(Nari誰ajya whispered to JadedDM): "Kinda cute huh?"

Usagi scratches at the table some more, then returns his gaze to the land of the upright to survey the new addition to the room.

Psyche Autumnleaf whispers something back, almost as if she was embarrassed or something.

[JadedDM]: The barmaid brings the young man a drink, possibly his usual, since he did not have to tell her what he wanted.  She then returns to the bar, giving him a few glances on the way back.  The Bloodguard does not return the looks.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): I...uh...guess? Um, I need a d-distraction of sorts...something to b-block out the sound of my c-chanting.

Nari誰ajya continues in hush tones.

(Nari誰ajya whispered to JadedDM): "Oh?  Alright, but let's let him get a drink in him first, Yeah?"

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly at her words.

Isthan ceases his tapping and stretches a bit against the back of the chair.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): (By the way, Usagi is still suffering from slight gas.)

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "Um, you c-can do that part."

Nari誰ajya smiles and nods slightly.

Usagi regards Isthan with his right eye. "Isthan-shu, do you humans prefer silence? Or is it that you cannot talk for too long, your brains become taxed?"

[JadedDM]: The Bloodguard nurses his drink silently, often looking deep into the mug, as if searching for an answer to an unasked question.

(Nari誰ajya whispered to JadedDM): "Thinking something up."

Draven glances at the girls' whispering, but keeps her thoughts to herself.

[Isthan]: "I find that if you try to talk constantly the wrong words can simply stumble out without knowing where they are headed.  Best to keep them corralled."

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "Don't take too l-long, Nari. I think t-the others are g-getting impatient. M-maybe the others can c-cause the know t-talk loudly or something."

[Usagi]: "So it is that you become taxed. Just as I suspected. We kobolds do not suffer from that same malaise. You humans all seem to avoid conversation, as the desert avoids the rain.  Nothing, and then a deluge."

[Draven]: (is Draven anywhere close by to that convo?)

[JadedDM]: (Assuming they are speaking normally, she could hear them yes.)

[Isthan]: (Relatively quietly, as in normal conversational tones, just the quiet end of it.)

[Isthan]: "Yes, I have noticed, you are always in a state of deluge it seems."

Nari誰ajya starts to talk a little louder, "Did you hear that man earlier and the song he was singing?  Most amusing thing I ever heard!"  She starts to hum the tune, loudly at that, quite tactlessly.

[Usagi]: "I can shape the deluge of words however I like, remember that I am He Who Contradicts Nature."

[JadedDM]: This causes several of the patrons to look at Nari, some with annoyed looks.  The Bloodguard looks up at her, too, a bit indifferently.

[Isthan]: "Just don't get swept away for not knowing when to stop."

Psyche Autumnleaf looks almost amused at this and shakes her head before, whispering something to her.

Nari誰ajya seems in her own word and continues to hum, dancing a little in her chair.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "Well I g-guess that is a way to do it. Um...s-stand up and g-get the attention on he d-doesn稚 see me casting...or well...a-anyone for that matter."

[Usagi]: "Continued metaphor, it is a contest amongst my siblings you see. I've always triumphed."

Nari誰ajya smiles widely. And gets up and makes a nice little jig to her humming tune, making sure to block the Guards view of Psyche, shaking her hips a bit, a site to see!

[JadedDM]: The crowd reacts to this.  Some boo, some say 'shaddup!' and there is the occasional 'take it off!'

Draven sits back with an amused smile, watches the show.

Usagi makes a side comment to Isthan.

Isthan's eyes are inevitably drawn to Nari. He looks back to Usagi "She been drinking?"

Psyche Autumnleaf takes this advantage to start her spell on the bloodguard.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "Cats have been known to howl better sounding cacophonies."

Nari誰ajya keeps up her show, smiling all the time.

(Nari誰ajya whispered to JadedDM): (that guard included in those who are entertained?)

[JadedDM]: When Psyche is finished, the Bloodguard hesitates and blinks a few times, as if he just remembered something.

Isthan looks at Usagi, pretending to understand what he just said and just nods a couple times.

(JadedDM whispered to Nari誰ajya): (He's paying attention, but looks more bored than entertained.)

(Nari誰ajya whispered to JadedDM): (Sad day...Nari's a catch...k)

Psyche Autumnleaf stands up afterwards and steps up behind Nari, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Um...I think you might be d-disturbing some people."

Usagi grins to himself and mutters something, watching Nari.

Nari誰ajya looks at Psyche, her smile fading a little, looking around, blushing nicely and sitting down quickly, hiding a smile with her hand as if she were embarrassed.

[Usagi]: "So she likes attention? Send a spider to lower tension."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=13  = [ 13 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf shakes her head again, holding back a grin before she cautiously walks towards the Bloodguard, to see if her spell truly did take. "Evening." she states rather clearly.

[JadedDM]: Bloodguard:  He looks up at Psyche and smiles, not a terribly unpleasant thing to see.  He gestures to another seat next to him.  "Evening.  Join me for a drink?"

Nari誰ajya watches Psyche go over to him, smiling, like a good girlfriend would.

[JadedDM]: Nari feels something moving around in her hair.

Psyche Autumnleaf smiles faintly, taking a seat next to the man. "May my...friend join us, if you d-don't mind?" she tried her hardest to keep her stutter from getting involved, but it was just like a bad habit.

Nari誰ajya freezes and frantically runs her hand through her hair.

[JadedDM]: Nari swats a small spider off of her, which lands on the floor and then scuttles away.

[JadedDM]: Bloodguard:  He looks to Nari and shrugs.  "I suppose so."

Usagi looks back to Isthan hurriedly.

Draven walks to Usagi's and Isthan's table after noticing Nari's spider problem.

Nari誰ajya glares at the spider, but looks back to the Guard when he looks at her.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks over her shoulder and waves Nari over. "Thank you." she adds after turning back to him. "I'm Psyche b-by the way."

Isthan looks up and acknowledges Draven.  He uses his foot to push out a spare chair.

Nari誰ajya stands and walks over a smile on her face and sits down.

[JadedDM]: Bloodguard:  "I'm Marcus.  Marcus Fulmenos.  What will you ladies be drinking?"

Usagi clicks his claws, chuckling a little.

[Draven]: "Correct me if I'm wrong, kobold," she says with a quiet, menacing tone, hand on her weapon, "but is this not a part of the PLAN?" she squeezes out. "Try and keep your 'tricks' to yourself."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Nothing too s-strong. Nari?" she glances over to her curiously.

[Usagi]: "Correct me if I'm wrong human, but you are a male of your species are you not? The overwhelming odor and utter lack of grace hints that is so. I cannot tell you humans apart well though." He picks at his teeth with a claw.

Nari誰ajya shrugs. "Whatever you have there should be fine, its good stuff right?"

Isthan looks for an appropriate place to duck and cover.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  He shrugs.  "Hellwine.  It's an acquired taste."  He waves the barmaid over.  "Two more here."

[Draven]: "Sorry to disappoint you, critter. And even if I was a male, I wouldn't go for male kobolds," she says, then waves the barmaid over.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "You are one of the g-guards for the Overlord, right?" she asks innocently enough, just kind of glancing over the man's armor curiously, yet she is speaking softly too.

[JadedDM]: The barmaid brings Psyche and Nari both a mug of hellwine.  Then she heads over to Draven.

Usagi scratches his head, then loses interest and inspects the ceiling.

[Draven]: "I'll have an ale, please," she tells the barmaid with her most winsome smile.

Isthan wonders what Usagi is looking at and glances up for a moment as well.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Yeah.  We're the Bloodguard.  You must be new in town not to know that."

[JadedDM]: The barmaid nods and heads back to the tap.

Nari誰ajya takes sip, a small one.

Usagi loses interest again and digs within his robes, withdrawing a gummy substance. He pops it into his mouth and chews at it.

(JadedDM whispered to Nari誰ajya and Psyche): (It's quite strong, much like whiskey.)

Psyche Autumnleaf takes the mug of hellwine taking a sip herself, probably forcing the liquid down her throat before she replies. "Is it t-that obvious?"

Psyche Autumnleaf blinks back a few tears from the hellwine.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "I just joined them a few months ago.  Before that, I worked with horse thieves.  Kind of a big change of career.  Pay's not nearly as good, though."

Nari誰ajya coughs once or twice and smiles, "Definitely a taste..."  She starts to listen to the conversation.

Psyche Autumnleaf tilts her head. "Do you l-like it though? What is it l-like?" she asks curiously. "I mean...d-do you get to d-do all sorts of d-dangerous things like...t-take in criminals, or...even g-guard those criminals? she really does seem innocent enough in asking, as she obviously does believe guarding prisoners could be dangerous.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "I's not quite as exciting as my last job.  I take in criminals all the time, but most of them go to the barracks.  Rarely does the Overlord take personal prisoners into his stronghold."

Isthan goes back to tapping his fingers.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "He takes personal p-prisoners into his stronghold?" her eyes widen a bit. "They m-must be in some s-serious trouble to be put in the s-stronghold."

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Usually personal enemies of the Overlord...and they're pretty rare, or at least not dumb enough to be caught.  Got two of 'em in there now.  Rebels.  Although I don't see much of them anymore."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Why d-don't you see them much anymore?"

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "They aren't being held in the containment area anymore.  Overlord's taken a personal interest in them.  He keeps them up in the tower.  I heard," he says, looking around a moment first before continuing, "he's working to cleanse their minds and recruit them."

Isthan continues to tap.

Usagi occupies himself with navigating the sticky substance around his mouth.

[JadedDM]: The barmaid returns to Draven with her ale.  "Two silver, please."

Nari誰ajya silently quietly to their conversation, making the proper facial expressions for the way the conversation goes, a look of surprise on that last one, eyebrows up and all.

Draven pays up with a nod and a smile. "Thanks."

Isthan ceases tapping a moment and looks to Draven. "Did any of that supply money survive?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "In the t-tower?" she states rather surprised herself. "I w-wonder what it would b-be like to actually be f-face to face with people like t-that."

[Draven]: "No, spent it on supplies. This is personal money," she gestures at the drink.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "What, Rebels?  They're not so tough.  It's only a matter of time before they're all wiped out anyway."

[Isthan]: "A pity.  Overpriced place this is." He goes back to tapping.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "They a-aren't? But they are b-being held up in that t-tower and everything. So they h-have to be kind of tough for t-the Overlord to take such an i-interest, right?" she tilts her head curiously.

[JadedDM]: Marcus shrugs.  "I don't pretend to understand why the Overlord does what he does.  I guess I'd keep them somewhere close myself.  The two we got now are quite the lookers."

[Usagi]: "Overpriced? Why, I have enough coin to buy the place."

[Isthan]: (How loud was that?)

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Oh. So s-something you get to look at every once in a-awhile, huh?"

[Usagi]: ( Normal conversation.)

[Isthan]: "Remember what I told you earlier about a deluge of words?  You just advertised wealth to everyone who cared enough to turn ear..."

[JadedDM]: Marcus nods.  "Well, one of them is....well, different.  She's an E-L-F, if you understand what I mean," he says, spelling the world in a low tone.  Marcus finishes his drink and orders a second.

Psyche Autumnleaf痴 eyes widen again in surprise. "Really? I've a-always heard that t-they were...well beautiful, but I've n-never seen one with my o-own eyes before." she takes another drink of the hellwine, just so she looks like she is drinking it.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "I heard there were some in the Legar Mountains ...different, though.  Darker.  But this one...yeah, she's something.  Never saw anything like it."

[Usagi]: "Have you not heard of hyperbole, human? I don't carry enough money to literally purchase this building."

Nari誰ajya absently messes with her hair and takes a sip of her hellwine as well.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Oh I w-wish I could see her." she sounds rather disappointed, as if she knows she probably can't see her.

[Isthan]: "You still mentioned having coin in a place such as this.  Could be broke for all I care, but I imagine there are those who may try to find out."

[Usagi]: "Let them come, no mere pickpocket can stop me."

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Ah, I do, too.  None of us ever see her now, not since he took her to the tower."

[Draven]: "Stop you? No. Make you piss-poor? Yes."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "You n-never try to s-sneak peeks?" she looks up at him.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Nah...I bet the Elite do, though.  Damn bastards, they are.  Think they're so much better than us."  He takes another draught of hellwine.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Oh, you are p-probably better than them anyway." she smiles.

[Usagi]: "I doubt it. Humans are so clumsy."

Nari誰ajya nods in agreement with Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Damn straight.  Most of them are hobgoblins, though.  So no matter how hard I work, I always get passed over for promotion since I'm human."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Awww, that j-just isn't fair. You probably d-deserve the promotion more."

[JadedDM]: Marcus nods.  "Yeah...but what can you do?  The hobgoblins always hold us back."  He takes another heavy draught of his drink.  "If only there was a way I could prove myself..."  That last sentence was a bit slurred and spoken slower, as the hellwine begins to effect him.

Psyche Autumnleaf falls silent for a few moments, taking note of the slurring of his words. "Well m-maybe there is a way to p-prove yourself."

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Yeah?  How's that?"  He drains the rest of his mug and then wheezes slightly.

Nari誰ajya looks at Psyche with interest.

Psyche Autumnleaf takes a moment to glance around before leaning in to speak softly so that Marcus and Nari can hear what she is saying. "W-what if you brought in some v-very important...p-prisoners or something? W-wouldn't something like that catch the Overlords a-attention?"

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Yeah...that'd be great."  He sways slightly in his chair.  "Your hair is really shiny."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Um...thank you. " she glances at Nari for a moment. "You know m-maybe you should head back to t-the stronghold."

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Now...that you mention it...I do feel a little...tired."  He stands slowly, leaning on the table for support so his legs don't give out on him.

Nari誰ajya looks at the poor drunken fellow.

Psyche Autumnleaf stands as well, placing an arm around him to help him stand. "We c-can help you there if you w-want."

Nari誰ajya stands to help Marcus, helping Psyche out.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Oh, uh...huh?  Okay...," he adds something, but it's in a low mutter.  He reaches around for his glaive.

Psyche Autumnleaf helps him with his weapon and with Nari's help, she begins to lead them out of the tavern.

[Draven]: "Well... there goes nothing..." she mutters very quietly.

Nari誰ajya glances over at the others as they leave, with a slightly mixed expression on her face.

[JadedDM]: Psyche and Nari then help Marcus through the city, relying on the street lamps to see in the night.

Psyche Autumnleaf glances over to Nari with one of those questioning looks. "Um. a-are they going to l-let us help you to b-bed, Marcus?"

Usagi blinks. "Humans are too hasty. I have no more spells for the day, you know."

[JadedDM]: Marcus doesn't answer, as he's too focused on trying not to pass out.

[Isthan]: "Indeed?  That does put a bit of a damper on the plans does it not?"

Draven breathes deeply, hands balled into fists. "And you say this only NOW?"

[Usagi]: "No matter, we can resume another night, now that they've made friends."

Nari誰ajya shakes her head slightly and keeps a firm arm on Marcus.

[Isthan]: "I am not certain about that...  Thankfully, I am quite resourceful.  Wait a moment."

Psyche Autumnleaf slows in her steps, looking over to Nari, mouthing the words, 羨re they coming?

[JadedDM]: Eventually, the three of them reach the gates of the stronghold.  Two guards stand outside the closed portcullis.

Isthan withdraws two empty, corked glass bottles and a third bottle from his belongings.

Nari誰ajya looks back before they get to the gates.  She mouths, 鮮o idea and gives a half shrug.

Usagi quirks his head to the side, regarding the liquid.

[Draven]: "Upstairs," she mutters.

Isthan pops the two corks off and distributes a small amount of a syrupy liquid into each bottle.

Psyche Autumnleaf clears her throat and keeps walking towards the guards, obviously helping Marcus in his walking, waits for them to address her.

Isthan pushes the two bottles to each of his companions. "Drink, and follow."

[JadedDM]: Guard1:  "Hold it right there.  Who are you?"

Usagi grabs the mug and downs the contents.

Isthan takes a drink from the main bottle.

[JadedDM]: The syrup is quite sweet, reminding each character of their favorite childhood candy.

Psyche Autumnleaf glances at Nari, thinking she should be the one to explain this one, knowing her stutter would give her away.

Isthan heads outside and awaits the others.

Usagi follows Isthan.

Draven downs it, too, against her better judgment, and goes outside.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Just a couple of women who are bringing this man back to his bed."  She glances at Marcus and turns to smile at the gate guards. "Can we take him to his sleeping quarters?"  She asks as innocently as possible, with a little batting of the eyelashes.

Isthan collects the two bottles back once they are outside. "What we just drank was a potion capable of altering our color.  The color of all of us and everything on our person.  Concentrate on the color you need.  In this case.., he says, and then begins to concentrate.

[JadedDM]: Guard2:  "Is that Marcus?  Good goddess, man.  You're pathetic."

Psyche Autumnleaf smiles faintly to the guards, shifting Marcus a bit on her arm.

Usagi closes his eyes and concentrates.

[JadedDM]: Guard1:  " of those situations, is it?"

Nari誰ajya smiles and nods.

Draven concentrates as well, after shaking off the irritation.

Isthan becomes pitch black, fading quite nicely into the shadows.

Draven does the same.

Usagi turns to complete blackness as well.

Isthan rushes off to try to catch up to the others, imagining they couldn't have gotten very far very fast while assisting a drunk man.

[JadedDM]: Guard1:  He looks to Nari, and then to Psyche.  "All right.  There's a storage room you can use for privacy."  He looks back at Marcus.  "I never thought you had it in you, kid."  He turns to open the portcullis.

Usagi heads down to the stronghold as well.

Draven heads after them as well, trying to keep in the shadows.

[JadedDM]: Hurrying quickly, Isthan, Usagi, and Draven reach the stronghold just as the portcullis is being raised.

Isthan will mutter a silent prayer to Azedeth and tries to slip through, staying to the shadows.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Thank you." She smiles and slowly takes drunken Marcus in with Psyche's help.

Usagi gathers up his sneakiness and ability and tries to move through unnoticed.

Psyche Autumnleaf leads the drunken man through with the help of Nari, nodding her thanks to the guards.

[JadedDM]: Guard2:  "I'll go, too.  To stand outside the door.  For safety measures," he says, although you get the feeling his motive is not so noble.  "Call the new guy to take my place, willya?"  He says to the other guard.  He then gestures for the two women and Marcus to follow him.

[JadedDM]: Guard1:  "Fer cryin' out loud..."

Nari誰ajya flashes a look at Psyche when Guard 2's back is to them.

Draven will move after the men, trying to use the distraction.

Psyche Autumnleaf shakes her head at Nari for a moment, just going with it for now.

[JadedDM]: Isthan, Draven, and Usagi manage to slip by during the scene, although just as Usagi passes the first guard, he farts again, that goat still not sitting right with him.

[JadedDM]: Fortunately, this happens just as the new guard arrives.  The first guard gives the new guard an accusing look.  "Damn, Johnson.  What the hell did you eat for dinner?"

[JadedDM]: New Guard:  "What?"

Isthan follows the others.

Psyche Autumnleaf takes a deep breath and continues on her way.

[JadedDM]: As they close the portcullis, Guard2 leads them to the storage area.  The door looks like it has been pulled off and then hastily repaired.  "Right in here," he says.

Draven lurks in the distance behind the girls, the knocked out guard and the horny bastard threatening to ruin plans.

Usagi grins to himself as he sees his handiwork. He follows about 10 yards behind.

Nari誰ajya looks around as they are going, trying to see what she can in the dark.  She looks at the door, "Perfect..."

Isthan stays a reasonable distance away from them and their light as well.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks at Nari. "Come on." And with her help heads into the storage area, more to drop off Marcus, but goes to close the door as well once they are inside.

Nari誰ajya helps Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Guard #2 stands outside the door to the storage room after they have entered.

Nari誰ajya whispers to Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Marcus finds a spot on the floor and sits down, looking a bit dizzy.

(Nari誰ajya whispered to JadedDM): "They better be out there..."  She looks over to Marcus.

Isthan decides not to press his luck and pauses outside.  If possible he will find a particularly dark area to slip into.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "Well, I think t-they are. We need to t-take care of that other guard. Maybe some s-sort of sneak attack. I c-can get him to come in, and you could like...s-stab him or something in the back."

[JadedDM]: There appears to be a stable near the storage room.  On the other side is an even smaller hut.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: She whispers back, looking over to Marcus, speaking out loud. "Lay d-down." she speaks softly yet sweetly.

[JadedDM]: Marcus yawns and lies down, although still in his armor.

Isthan tries to peer into the stable.

(Nari誰ajya whispered to JadedDM): "I've got no weapons, but I could try and knock him out. We just need to be careful with Marcus there."

Draven wonders about "what now", but doesn't ask it just in case.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): It appears nobody is inside, except for the horses.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "He h-has weapons. I can t-take care of him I think."

Isthan looks at Usagi and points at him, then points at Draven, then finally points over to the area where he is.

Psyche Autumnleaf walks over to Marcus after whispering something to Nari and sits down beside the man. "Lets g-get that armor off. It looks a-awfully uncomfortable."

Usagi skitters over to where the stables are.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "O....kay," he burps out that last part.

Psyche Autumnleaf turns her head slightly and helps Marcus with the buckles and things on his armor so he can take it off.

Isthan goes back to assist Draven in finding her way to where we want her to be. (since she probably can't see us.)

Nari誰ajya walks over to pick up, perhaps a dagger that Marcus may have had on him that he would be removing now.

[JadedDM]: With some effort, Psyche manages to remove Marcus' scale armor and pile the pieces nearby.

Usagi moves over to the little hut to check it out.

[JadedDM]: In terms of weaponry, all Marcus carries is his glaive and his club.

Psyche Autumnleaf motions her head to the club for Nari, figuring that is the best thing to use. "That b-better, Marcus?" she asks gently, taking a moment to run her fingers through his hair more to mess it up if she can.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): Usagi steps inside, and realizes the place is a kennel of some sort.  However, it is currently empty, save for some animal chained up at the far back wall.

Draven follows Isthan to... well, wherever.

Nari誰ajya picks up the club and moves back to the door.

[JadedDM]: Marcus:  "Uh-huh..."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Go, now c-close your eyes and get some s-sleep."

Isthan gathers the others out of earshot of the guard and whispers extremely quietly to the two of them.

[JadedDM]: (Actually, Usagi is not there.  He wandered off.)

Nari誰ajya opens the door a crack and whispers to the man, "Hey...hey, want to join us?"  A wide smile is on her face, as she bites her lower lip a bit, but making sure she mostly covered by the door.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (Can he see the animal? Infravision and all.)

Isthan just whispers to Draven then.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "We need to remove the guard?"

[JadedDM]: Marcus nods and makes himself comfortable, muttering softly.

[JadedDM]: The second guard responds to this with a muffled cheer, and steps into the room.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "Check that."

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): It seems to be some sort of ape.  It's currently asleep.

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): "I think that's done already," she responds with a grin.

Isthan decides to slip right outside the doorway since the guard just went in.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks up from her spot near Marcus, smiling to the guard as he enters, perhaps to distract him from Nari.

Nari誰ajya as the man comes in she steps back and while his back is turned to close the door, lays the club on him, going for head.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): Usagi moves closer, curiously.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (Does Isthan hear that?)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari誰ajya: (1d20) :  1d20=18  = [ 18 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari誰ajya: (1d6) : 1d6=2  = [ 2 ]

Draven goes for the door as well, doing her best to keep an eye on Isthan (since she KNOWS there's supposed to be some pitch-black guy out there)

[JadedDM]: With a 'crack', the guard drops like a bag of bricks, never knowing what hit him.  If Isthan is near the door, he could hear it, yes.

Nari誰ajya tosses the club to the side and starts to drag the guard away from the door.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): The creature has its arms and legs shackled to the wall.  The chains are long enough to allow for some movement, however, and it has managed to curl up into a ball on the floor to sleep.

Isthan quietly slips in and sizes up the situation.

Psyche Autumnleaf smiles brightly before finally standing, taking a moment to peek out the door, speaking in a whisper, or loud whisper so she doesn't get caught. "Isthan, Draven, Usagi?"

Draven goes after him. "Girls having fun, I see."

Isthan appears to be clothed in darkness itself. "Indeed."

Nari誰ajya turns to the opened door, looking for people. She relaxes at hearing Draven's voice.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): Moves even closer, licking his teeth. He clicks his claws. "Oh, hello?"

Nari誰ajya shrugs, "Just a little fun, couldn't help it...."

Psyche Autumnleaf blinks a few times, closing the door upon hearing Draven and Isthan. "Well, we learned t-they are in the tower." she speaks softly. "Where is Usagi?"

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): The ape snorts and shifts slightly in its sleep.

[Draven]: "Quite the show you did there," she tells Nari, though her grin is lost in the darkness.

[Isthan]: "Usagi failed to tell us his spells were not ready.  I had to improvise... As for Usagi, he slipped away a moment ago.  I imagine he will turn up shortly."

Nari誰ajya shrugs, "All I could think of on my feet..."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He moves closer still. "Hello, yes?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "He is p-probably the only one who k-knows how to get to the tower as he has b-been in here before."

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): The ape's eyes blink open, and it sniffs the air.  It grunts louder, and then starts to stand up, looking around for something, but having difficulty seeing in the dark.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He looks around the room for a key of some sort.

Isthan looks at the downed guard.

[Draven]: "The kobold's probably off getting killed somewhere...

[Nari誰ajya]: "I'm going to kill that little monstrosity..," she shakes her head. "Okay, we need to find this tower and Usagi."

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): The ape starts moving around as far as the chains will let it, getting edgy.  Usagi sees no key anywhere nearby.

Isthan continues looking at the guard. "What of this one?  And the one you came with?"

[JadedDM]: Marcus sleeps peacefully, his armor removed.  The second guard lies face down, unconscious.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He frowns and looks around the room for anything at all, looking for a bar, some free chain, anything.

[Draven]: "Well..."

Nari誰ajya looks at the two guards. "Well the one should be out for a little and I think Marcus may be just fine sleeping there.  We just need to be out before Marcus wakes enough to put things together."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He mutters to the ape as he looks. "Shhh now, don't wake anyone up."

[Isthan]: "The one was drinking I believe.  He may just think he passed out.  The other..."

[Draven]: "If we can get these two out of here today, then we could leave them here and tie them up. If we need a return trip..."

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): Usagi sees no bars or extra chains, but he does spot a bone a few feet away from the ape.  It looks like a femur.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Just k-keep them there." she shrugs. "We w-will be gone when they w-wake."

[Isthan]: "Take their coin then.  They will perhaps just think they were robbed and there was nothing more to it.  A knock on the head is probably common with the thieves in such a place."

Nari誰ajya checks the unconscious man's person for coin.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He looks at the chains holding the ape, looking for a sign of weakness.

Psyche Autumnleaf crosses her arms.

(JadedDM whispered to Nari誰ajya): Nari finds 11 sp on the unconscious guard.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): The chains look pretty standard.  No rust or obvious signs of weakness that he can see.

Nari誰ajya puts the coin in her pouch and look to Psyche, as she is the only one she can see, frowns, "What?"

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He scratches his kobold hide.

Psyche Autumnleaf shakes her head. "N-nothing. We just n-need to get out of here and find that t-tower."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (Can he use an alteration cantrip to alter the metal to be weaker?)

[Isthan]: "Perhaps you are thinking that I would like to kill such men?"

[Nari誰ajya]: "Yes, Draven, could I have my weapons back now?  And do you know the tower is located?

Psyche Autumnleaf glances at Isthan. "Now r-really isn't the place to discuss it, Isthan." She frowns.

Draven hands Nari her weapons. "There'y'go..." Then hands Psyche her spellbook.

[Isthan]: "And indeed I would, but this is neither the time nor the place, and I wish to save my access to the powers that come to me from Azedeth.  The powers that allow me to look into the hearts of such."

Psyche Autumnleaf takes her spellbook from Draven.  "Thanks."

[Draven]: "Isthan  - for the record, does attacking end the potion's effect?"

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): Possibly, he could try and cause one of the links to open up, thus breaking the chain.

Nari誰ajya takes her sword and such back. "Thank you, Draven."

[Isthan]: "No, but it should end within the hour."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "To set this monkey free, break a link for me."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=4  = [ 4 ]

[Draven]: "Good. Then we're not having this discussion, but will move on."

Isthan grins and slips back outside, looking for any obvious signs of Usagi.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): The chain securing one of the ape's arms falls to the ground.  This seems to scare the beast, causing it to grunt and stomp around.  However, the other three chains hold it in place.

[JadedDM]: Isthan does not see Usagi anywhere nearby outside.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks at Nari, as they are the only ones that are visible. "Guess w-we keep to the s-shadows?"

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (Generally speaking, how much time does Isthan think has passed since we drank the potion?)

Nari誰ajya nods.  "Only option."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He grins. "I think I just found our distraction." He tries another one of the chains. "Destroy the link, create a chink, within the chain."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=15  = [ 15 ]

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): He'd guess he has 20 minutes or so left.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Alright." She pokes her head outside the storage room, looking for signs of this tower that was spoken of.

Draven sighs before heading outside. "I got a bad feeling about it all..."

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): The chain holding one of the ape's legs breaks loose, causing the ape to holler even more.

Isthan takes a peek into the nearby structures if he can without disturbing them.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "Shhhh! Don't make any noise now, not yet."

[JadedDM]: Isthan, Psyche, and Draven hear noises coming from within the little hut near the storage room.

Isthan checks out the hut.

Nari誰ajya follows everyone else out.

Psyche Autumnleaf winces, speaking softly. "Draven...Isthan check that out." She keeps looking for the tower.

Nari誰ajya looks around for the tower with Psyche, staying in shadows.

[Draven]: 'Now what...' she thinks as she's heading towards the hut.

Isthan makes a rude gesture back at Psyche, though it is probably difficult to see given the circumstances.

[JadedDM]: Nari and Psyche don't exactly have to 'look' for the tower.  It's the tallest building in the place.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "Destroy chain number three; one step closer to being free."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=8  = [ 8 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf motions towards the tower, not really noticing, nor caring what Isthan does behind her back, or when she can't see him. "Okayw-we know where we are g-going now."

[JadedDM]: Isthan and Draven enter what appears to be a small kennel.  On the far back wall is an ape chained to the wall--well, partially chained.  One arm and one leg.  The other appendages have been freed.  A shadowy Usagi stands before the ape, out of range, facing the ape.  He says something, and then a third chain breaks free.

Isthan has a very, very, bad feeling about this.

[JadedDM]: The ape appears very agitated and if it makes anymore noise, it may alert local guards.

Nari誰ajya looks to see who/how many are outside the tower and the path to get to the tower. "Yeah..."  She looks on for the guards that Usagi mentioned.

[Draven]: (if possible to speak without guards hearing:) "What the HELL do you think you're doing, kobold?" she hisses.

[JadedDM]: The tower's entrance faces the wall's gate, so the biggest problem Psyche and Nari notice is that they would have to enter the tower without the guards near the gate seeing them.

Usagi turns and nearly jumps to see Isthan and Draven. "I was securing us a distraction, human."

Nari誰ajya looks to the hut and the noise coming from, and can feel the gray hair growing...

Psyche Autumnleaf frowns, looking at Nari. "That is g-going to be t-tricky, unless we d-dressed up as guards ourselves."

[Isthan]: "We don't need one.  No one knows we are here.  If you let that thing loose they may find things we don't wish them to find."

[Nari誰ajya]: "We have two uniforms...but who? And how without being noticed?"

[Draven]: "We have two knocked-out guards out here. The calmer things are, the better! Leave the ape and get away from there!"

[Usagi]: "Yes... Well, I am not going to quit. We may need it. You two may go, I'll catch up momentarily."

Isthan nods to Draven and moves to seize the kobold.

Usagi backs away from the two, slowly.

Draven is more than happy to oblige this time.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks at Nari. "We wear them to g-get past the guards first...then relieve the g-guards at the tower. Then Draven, Isthan, and Usagi..." she sighs at the sound of the last name, "can g-get into the tower, get whoever is there out. Then, hoping there are only t-two, can change into the uniforms we wear, and escort us out."

[Draven]: "You. Are. Not. Going. To. Release. That. Ape. Understood?"

[Usagi]: (Right into the ape of course, I am the master of low wisdom.)

[Isthan]: (And that's when I killed him, your honor.)

[Usagi]: (No jury would convict you.)

[JadedDM]: The ape can't see the three very well, but it can smell you, and it reacts as you get closer, pulling on that last chain ferociously.

Isthan will try to act before any ape kobold disaster can come into effect.

Nari誰ajya sighs. "I suppose..," She starts back to the storage room.

Psyche Autumnleaf heads back into the storage room as well to change into the smaller of the guard's uniforms.

Usagi continues backing away, then stops, caught between two forces. "Chain four must break, then my leave I will take." He waves a claw.

[Isthan]: "Usagi... Perhaps we could use the ape as a distraction on the way out?" He forces a smile as he inches forward, hopefully in a position to stop Usagi in the near future.

Nari誰ajya changes into the other's clothes.  She keeps her weapons, of course.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=4  = [ 4 ]

[JadedDM]: (Psyche can put on the uniform and clothes without a problem, but Nari will have to take off her current armor first.)

[Isthan]: (Okay so can we try to disrupt/grab the little... err, ally now?)

[JadedDM]: Yeah, go ahead and make an attack roll.

DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=15  = [ 15 ]

(Nari誰ajya whispered to JadedDM): (all of it?)

[Usagi]: (What? No initiative?!)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (16-1d20) : 1d20=19  = [ -3 ]

DICE for Isthan: (1d10) :  1d10=10  = [ 10 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10) :  1d10=9  = [ 9 ]

(JadedDM whispered to Nari誰ajya): The scale mail is part of the uniform, so if she doesn't take all of it, she risks exposure.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d10) : 1d10=6  = [ 6 ]

Nari誰ajya changes completely into the uniform, thus having to remove her armor.

[JadedDM]: (Usagi wins...)

[JadedDM]: (And what marvelous timing he has.)

Psyche Autumnleaf shifts a bit in the armor. "I hate t-these things...and I c-can't cast in a-armor, just so you know."

Isthan still tries to haul the kobold out and away, making haste he didn't know he had in him once he hears the chain snap.

[JadedDM]: On that exact fateful moment, two things happened at the same time.  First, the last chain snaps.  Second, the potion wears off.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Good to know..." She tests her motion.

Draven will grab the kobold anyway.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Let痴 tell the others and get this over with."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Right." she sighs, peeking out of the storage room again to look around, make sure no one is coming and such.

[JadedDM]: Isthan and Draven grab the kobold with no problem.  However, the carnivorous ape is now free, and its first act is to attack the party viciously.

[JadedDM]: Psyche finds the coast is clear.

[JadedDM]: (Actions?)

Usagi begins casting a spell, if he isn't pinned down by his team mates.

Nari誰ajya moves towards the hut to tell the other.

Isthan decides the kobold isn't worth any more heroics and decides to make some ground... the hell out of the ape痴 way.

[Draven]: (I presume I got hold of Usagi easily, since I made the attack roll?)

[JadedDM]: (Yes.  You both grabbed him successfully.)

[Isthan]: (Isthan just let go though.)

Draven will thrust the kobold into the ape's face, so to speak. Basically, she thrusts the kobold at the ape.

Nari誰ajya opens, the door and assesses the situation, shocked.

[Isthan]: (A new career as a shield.  Your mother will be proud.)

Psyche Autumnleaf keeps near the storage room, keeping guard.

[Usagi]: (He can now brag that he's been a shield, although I'm not sure how well that would work. Usagi's pretty damn heavy with all of his equipment.)

[Isthan]: (Hmm, slow movement, and suddenly out of friends...)

[Draven]: (she's not using him as a SHIELD, rather an "offering" for the ape so he'd be busy with something while the rest take their leave)

+=+ New Initiative: Round 1 +=+

+=+ Isthan (1d10) = 3 +=+

[Nari誰ajya]: "What the hell..?" She asks, her mind moving slowly.

Isthan makes up a decent amount of ground and stops, getting his bow ready just incase.

Nari誰ajya closes the door, and draws her sword, moving forward.

+=+ Usagi (1d10+1) = 6 +=+

Usagi pulls out a vial of colored sand, with some hasty words. He hurls some sand at the ape, making it explode into scintillating colors as it leaves his hand.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d6) : 1d6=2  = [ 2 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf glances towards the hut, wondering what exactly is taking so long.

[JadedDM]: The ape seems to shake off the effects of the colored sand easily.

+=+ Draven (1d10+3) = 7 +=+

[Nari誰ajya]: "Kill it!"  She hisses at them but doesn't yell.  She prepares herself to attack the ape.

Draven attacks the ape with Usagi.

+=+ Carnivorous Ape (1d10+3) = 12 +=+

[JadedDM]: The ape leaps at the kobold, tearing into him good in some kind of rage.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): (8 damage)

[JadedDM]: Psyche hears noises from the hut.  Nari has joined the fight.  Actions for Round 2?

Draven grabs her axe and attacks the ape.

[Isthan]: (Can Isthan get a clear shot?)

Usagi squeals in pain. He runs to the door.

Psyche Autumnleaf痴 eyes widen a bit at the noise. "They are g-going to attract the guards!" she mutters to herself.

Nari誰ajya will attack the ape, while trying to avoid hitting Usagi.

[JadedDM]: (He can shoot over Usagi's head, yes.)

[Isthan]: (there are two others in the fight now though.)

[JadedDM]: (In that case, he can try, but he risks hitting the girls.)

Isthan begins chanting.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 2 +=+

+=+ Usagi (1d10) = 3 +=+

Usagi runs behind the sturdier types of the party.

+=+ Carnivorous Ape (1d10+3) = 5 +=+

[JadedDM]: The ape goes after Usagi, but finds itself blocked by Draven and Nari.  It takes a swing at Nari, but misses in its rage.

+=+ Isthan (1d10+5) = 11 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d100) :  1d100=43  = [ 43 ]

Isthan chants quickly to himself and lays a hand on his chest.  From that point an armor of thick bark-like flesh grows over his body.

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10+8) = 15 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari誰ajya: (1d20) :  1d20=5  = [ 5 ]

Nari誰ajya swings her sword, but is too distracted from the apes' attempt to attack her.

+=+ Draven (1d10+9) = 19 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=10  = [ 5 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d8+2) : 1d8=8  = [ 10 ]

Draven swings her axe at the ape, hitting it firmly and wounding it seriously.

[JadedDM]: (Round 3?)

Nari誰ajya is going to try and kill the ape.

Isthan draws his broadsword and moves in to assist the others in killing the ape.

Usagi bares his fangs then decides to pay the ape back for its rudeness.

Psyche Autumnleaf still remains at her post, listening to all that is going on over there, yet not moving, knowing that within the armor, she would be useless.

[Draven]: (oh... err, keeping up the same.) Draven will try and kill the ape.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 3 +=+

+=+ Usagi (1d10+1) = 2 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (2d4+2) : 2d4=3,1  = [ 6 ]

[Usagi]: Two orbs of light soar from his claws and smash into the ape. The light in its eyes fades and it hits the ground.

+=+ End of Initiative Round +=+

Isthan glances down at his bark-like armor and wonders if he will ever get a decent use out of the stuff.

Nari誰ajya sighs and puts her sword away.  "New plan.  The three of you are going to the tower while Psyche and myself reveal the guards at the gate."

[Draven]: "How exactly do we do that?"

[Nari誰ajya]: "As they leave their shift, you guys get over to the tower and get the prisoners."

[Draven]: "Somehow, I got the feeling that there'll be more guards inside."

Usagi breathes heavily, approaching the thing's corpse. "Why did you have to do that?"

[Nari誰ajya]: "Probably."

[Isthan]: "I doubt there will be an opening.  New guards relieve old.  Defeats the purpose if one leaves early."

[Nari誰ajya]: "So you have to be fast."

[Isthan]: "You don't seem to get it.  The old ones stand there until the new ones show up and tell them to leave."

Usagi shakes his head and turns away, back to the party.

[Isthan]: "Unless whoever taught them how was severely injured in the head."

[Nari誰ajya]: "One of which is unconscious."

[Draven]: "Nari dear... this place is a fortress. This place is where the Overlord lives. It has a whole army of guards I bet."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Then give me a better idea."

Psyche Autumnleaf finally walks towards the hut, eyes widening upon seeing a dead ape, and looking over to the party curiously.

[Isthan]: "Use the Kobold as a distraction?"

[Draven]: "We can't hack our way through entire Dan'gen."

[Nari誰ajya]: "How?"

[Isthan]: "Throw him at the guards and see if they can find something productive for the little.., he mutters a brief penance to Azedeth.  "I mean to say, I have no suggestion."

[Usagi]: "Priest, shouldn't you be doing your job and healing me?"

[Isthan]: "Could amputate your tongue if you like."

[Usagi]: "Want to try it?"

Psyche Autumnleaf sighs. "The t-tower has guards, right? We have to g-get past the gates to g-get to the tower. Then we c-can act like we are there to relieve the g-guards at the tower...and since you three are visible again, you can be p-prisoners." she shrugs slightly. "It really is the o-only option we have."

[Isthan]: "And... you expect them to believe you?  Blast!"

[Nari誰ajya]: "Don't remind me.  We have that option.  It seems all or nothing to me."

Isthan looks at his body as the armor flakes away and disappears. 

[Nari誰ajya]: "We could always find a way out instead...."

[Draven]: "Cursed horny idiot guard..." she shakes her head. "We're pretty humped. We MIGHT make it out if we hack our way to the front gate, but to the prisoners AND back..." She shakes her head.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "No...see, once we g-get the prisoners, we just have to have them c-change into this uniform...that way t-they can get out."

[Usagi]: "And then we get out how?"

[Isthan]: "How about we find another monster to let loose Usagi?"

Psyche Autumnleaf crosses her arms. "You g-guys aren't coming up with ideas, and we don't have time to w-waste."

Nari誰ajya looks around for 'another' monster.

[Usagi]: "How about you shut your mouth before I shut it for you, priest?"

[Isthan]: "Yes, we are in quite deep aren't we?  However, going up to the guards hoping they buy some story about replacing them... at the wrong time nonetheless is hardly an idea either."

[JadedDM]: The kennel appears mostly empty, save for the party, the dead ape, and a femur bone and some animal droppings.

[Draven]: "Kobold. Silence. Before you force me to do something hideous."

[Isthan]: "Not to mention they probably know one another."

[Nari誰ajya]: "With the money I took off the one guard we can say that it is a gift from Marcus for allowing his little tryst.  They should go have themselves a drink.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Nari, that was for the guards at the g-gate, not the tower."

[Isthan]: "And that will make them abandon their post?"

[Nari誰ajya]: "Nevermind them."

[Isthan]: "I doubt it.  There are stiff penalties for guards doing that sort of thing."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Isthan, lets here y-your brilliant idea, then?"

[Usagi]: "Oh yes, I'm frightened of the cow. Everything you are is hideous."

[Isthan]: "I didn't say I had a brilliant idea.  I only point out what is wrong with yours."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Which helps us none."

[Isthan]: "It prevents us from walking into a disaster."

Psyche Autumnleaf nods at what Nari says. "Come up with one, or s-shut up, Isthan."

[Nari誰ajya]: "It seems that we can't get two birds with one stone."

[Draven]: "Listen, 'let's-hear-your-idea-club'! Your ideas flat out stink! They get us killed right away, so it's right that we discard the obviously lethal ones and take some time to come up with new ones!"

[Nari誰ajya]: "Let痴 get out."

Isthan grins at Draven. "Well said."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Idea for that, please."

[Isthan]: "Anyone have rope?"

Psyche Autumnleaf looks at Nari. "We can't get out now, we are in. W-we have to do something to get them out tonight, or w-we won't have another chance."

[Usagi]: "Of course, I am always in supply of rope." He gestures to the rope slung over his shoulder.

[Isthan]: "Perhaps we could scale a wall?"

[Usagi]: "I could do it."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "So we are j-just going to leave?" she stares at them all.

Nari誰ajya looks at Psyche and sighs. "Unless there is some miraculous new plan.

Isthan fights off an urge to do an impression....

[Draven]: "We can't get pass the guards unless you have some method of teleportation or turning us all invisible. Or unless you can summon us an army to HACK our way there."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Then h-how do we get back in, Nari? Like I s-said, they are going to figure out w-what happened...seriously, we are here, we should at least try. We got this f-far for nothing if we just give up now."

[Usagi]: "Do you not remember how I got into this place as easily as with a snap of the fingers? It would be nothing to throw down a rope from the wall. Tsk, tsk, tsk Psyche-shu."

Psyche Autumnleaf looks at Usagi. "We aren't y-you, Usagi, and we never will be."

[Usagi]: "You did not hear my second sentence did you? Perhaps you need your ears checked."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Come on..." she looks at the rest, "I don't w-want to spend anymore time in this city. We have to t-try."

Isthan approaches Usagi "Wait a moment." begins chanting quietly.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d100) :  1d100=75  = [ 75 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d8) :  1d8=3  = [ 3 ]

Usagi moves out of the kennel before doing so. Usagi pauses for Isthan.

Isthan touches Usagi on the shoulder, a soft golden light seeping from his hand and closing a few wounds.

[Usagi]: "Thank you, Isthan-shu." Usagi leaves the kennel.

[JadedDM]: Usagi steps outside and looks upward, seeing the torches of the guards on the wall.  Two for each segment, just like earlier that day.

Psyche Autumnleaf blinks a few times and strips the armor off herself, figuring they are going back, and figuring that all of this was just pointless.   She stands near the door and just waits.

Usagi clicks his claws then says. "We need the light gone, snuff the torch before the dawn."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=18  = [ 18 ]

Usagi smoke issues from his claws and nothing more, frowns. "Kill the light, so we may live tonight."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=13  = [ 13 ]

[Isthan]: "We did notice a stable, seemingly unguarded.  I imagine if it came to the worst, we could try our luck against the gates.  Or something else involving horses if anyone has ideas."

[Usagi]: Smoke issues from his claws again. He scowls. "No way to get up there without being seen."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Guess w-we couldn't use that as a d-distraction? The h-horses getting lose or...something." she really doesn't know why she is bothering.

[Isthan]: "A distraction for what purpose?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "I...I don't know."

[Isthan]: "Well, we are running short on time, I fear this will come to us fighting our way out."

Nari誰ajya puts her hand to her temple, wishes she had had a little more of that Hellwine.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): Usagi hears something.  Someone is approaching.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Maybe..." she really isn't sounding all that sure of herself anymore."...the horses could distract not only the g-gate guards, but the t-tower guards as well. That way w-we could get in...and hopefully get out."

Usagi moves to the kennel and hisses out, "Someone approaches!".

Isthan looks at Psyche and opens his mouth as though to speak, but Usagi cuts the train of thought short.

Nari誰ajya looks towards the door, "That fight is coming...."

Psyche Autumnleaf shakes her head. "How m-many?"

[Isthan]: "Perhaps the ape痴 keeper."

[Usagi]: "I did not stick around to see, now hush."

Isthan draws his broadsword and takes position to the side of the door.

Draven stands with her axe ready.

Nari誰ajya draws her sword as well.

[JadedDM]: A Bloodguard enters the kennel, but skids to a stop at the scene of carnage he sees before him.  "What in D'lokka's name....?"

Isthan attacks, hopefully while he is distracted.

Draven knocks the door close, if possible.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=19  = [ 19 ]

Nari誰ajya is backing up Isthan.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (2d4) : 2d4=1,2  = [ 3 ]

Isthan takes a quick stab at the distracted guard, striking him across the back, dropping him easily.

Nari誰ajya puts her sword away, and starts to drag this guard the back of the kennel.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks down at the Bloodguard. "Three sets of a-armor."

Usagi checks the guard's possessions.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): The guard is carrying a club, glaive, scale mail, and 6 sp.

[Isthan]: "Well, I think that illustrates the point that we can't stay here forever.  Usagi?  I hope you came back after a successful trip."

[Usagi]: "I do not have a way to get past alert guards."

[Nari誰ajya]: "We have three sets of armor now, perhaps we can think of something to do with them.  All the guards could not possible know everyone in the compound."

Draven sighs. "Why do I get the feeling we're going to have to cut our way through here..."

[Isthan]: "I retain my potion... though there remains enough only for four... and we  have no way to get the gate open.  I think it best we simply assault the gate."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Nari...if we are g-going to get c-caught, can't we just get c-caught with the prisoners?"

[Isthan]: "With luck we can kill the guards before alarms are sounded.  Attacking the gate to get out is a risk.  If we are swift and act with surprise it can be done I believe.  As for the tower...I have doubts that we could get through stealthily.  No idea how many guards roam the place even."

[Nari誰ajya]: "If you think that no one can get in, how many guards do you think they will post?  If the overload relies on the fact that no one can get into his compound, I think it is arguable that they do not post too many guards."

[Isthan]: "Not so much a matter of how many are at the gate, it is a matter of how many they will summon and how close they are.  Also a matter of getting out if that happens.  Did we not see several patrolling?  Usagi, how many did you see?"

Psyche Autumnleaf takes the armor and puts it back on. "We h-have to try, and we can f-fight the guards at the tower if we have to." sounds a bit unsure of that, but she knows they have to try.

[Usagi]: "There are 2 guards per wall section, and eight sections."

[Isthan]: "Sixteen alert and within earshot.  More inside no doubt."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Jerros wants the prisoners return.  We are here.  The odds of against us, no matter what we do.  Someone else put on that armor, just to add to the look of us all.  So be quiet."

[Isthan]: "Azedeth protect me from heretics and fools." He shakes his head.

[Nari誰ajya]: "We probably will need your potion for the way out."

Psyche Autumnleaf looks at Nari. "Draven w-would be best to w-wear it."

Draven looks over the set. (It wouldn't happen to come with a face-concealing helmet, would it?)

[JadedDM]: (No, no helmets.)

[Nari誰ajya]: "Usagi, got any spells left that we might be able to use?"

[Usagi]: "My magic is all used."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Mine isn't, but w-with armor on, I can't cast."

Isthan laughs grimly.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Give it to Isthan or leave it. Your spells are more helpful to us."

[Draven]: "This is just crazy..."

Psyche Autumnleaf pulls her armor off and gives it to Isthan to wear, has no problem doing that.

Isthan begins praying, as there is nothing else he can do.

[JadedDM]: Psyche removes the armor after a few minutes.

Psyche Autumnleaf hands the armor to Isthan after that few minutes then. She looks at Nari. "Are we r-ready?"

[Draven]: "No. But we won't get any more ready."

Isthan is busy praying for his place in the afterlife.

Psyche Autumnleaf makes her way to the door, slowly, but to the door, no reason to just stand around anymore.

Nari誰ajya smiles slightly and bites her lower lip, "Let痴 go." She heads to the door.

Psyche Autumnleaf keeps close to Nari, as if she was some prisoner.

[JadedDM]: (So Nari and Draven are the only ones wearing the uniforms?)

Draven dresses in the Bloodguard outfit, too. "No one ever accused me of overt wisdom, but this is insane even by my standards..."

Isthan gets up, smiling, secure in his faith that he is prepared to enter the kingdom of Azedeth .  "Indeed it is, but paradise awaits me.  I will not falter."

Nari誰ajya makes her way towards the tower, with everyone in tow, hopefully.

[JadedDM]: As the five of you step outside of the kennel, you hear someone on the wall shout.  "Midnight and all is well!"

Psyche Autumnleaf mutters. "We k-know what time it is."

Nari誰ajya smiles, "We do..."  She keeps going.

Psyche Autumnleaf keeps moving along.

[JadedDM]: They travel through the courtyard, and then see up ahead the entrance to the tower.  Two guards are standing outside of it, chatting softly.

Draven hangs back slightly, letting the glorious leaders handle this...

Psyche Autumnleaf grabs Nari's arm for a moment. "Wait...I t-think I could d-distract them. Just g-give me a chance to c-cast."

Isthan grins in his adoration for Azedeth, confident that the blood of many an enemy will be sanctified by his blade this day.

Nari誰ajya stops and nods.  "Do it."  She points to the surrounding area and the shadows that form around the tower, "Try and come in on their side, let Psyche do her spell and then go, no battle cries please."

Isthan unsheathes his broadsword and waits patiently.

Psyche Autumnleaf nods and begins chanting the words to her spell, her arms waving in the air as she does so.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d100) :  1d100=50  = [ 50 ]

Nari誰ajya draws her sword quietly and starts to move in those shadows.

[JadedDM]: At first, nothing seems to happen.  But then, you hear a strange squeaking sound in the sky, as well as fluttering.

Nari誰ajya glances up, but returns her eyes to the guards and their reactions.

Usagi looks around now. He sniffs the air, curiously.

[JadedDM]: An entire swarm of bats fly out of the night sky, and begin to flutter around the entrance to the tower.  The two guards there yell out in fear as the bats engulf them.

Psyche Autumnleaf smiles slightly, keeping her concentration on the guards, yet motions for the others to move on ahead.

Draven moves ahead.

Nari誰ajya goes, too.

[JadedDM]: The two guards are completely focused on the bats.  You hear one say something about 'damn spooks.'

Isthan rushes off as well once the others do.

[JadedDM]: The party is able to slip by and reach the doors.  The guards are so engrossed in getting the bats away, you could be a marching band and they still would not notice.

Nari誰ajya tries the door.

Isthan takes a hack at one of the distracted guards.

[JadedDM]: The door opens without difficulty.

Usagi rubs his chin and moves through.

[JadedDM]: Isthan finds the swarm is too thick.  He would have to cut his way into the swarm first.

Nari誰ajya moves in cautiously, looking around for any other guards.

Isthan tries anyway.

[JadedDM]: (I seriously wonder if some of you are conspiring to kill my game.)

Draven grabs the cleric by his shoulder and drags him along.

[JadedDM]: (Does Isthan resist this?)

[Isthan]: (I seriously wonder if it is at all possible to have any sort of repercussion to an action.)

Psyche Autumnleaf keeps her concentration on the guards while the others enter the tower, hoping upon hope that they hurry.

Isthan is intent on attacking.

[JadedDM]: (I beg your pardon?)

Nari誰ajya notices that Isthan and Draven are not with her, and looks back out the door, "Isthan more important things to do! Let痴 go!"  She forcefully tells him.

[Isthan]: (Clarification?  Well, IC Isthan is in a religious fervor, fully believing his death is imminent, plus he thought we were killing the guards before anything else anyway.)

Draven goes inside, leaving Isthan to his dealings.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: (things change.)

[JadedDM]: Isthan enters the swarm, and the bats begin to attack him, too.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=15  = [ 15 ]

Nari誰ajya leave Isthan, hopefully he is still alive when they come back, heads into the tower.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (2d4) : 2d4=3,3  = [ 6 ]

Usagi moves toward the swarm and pulls out a hollow tube, inserts a dart and blows.

[JadedDM]: Nari, Draven, and Usagi enter the tower.  Inside it is illuminated with torches on the wall and is a bit warmer, too.  They find themselves in a room shaped like a half-circle that leads into a hall to the east.

Draven will go with Nari.

Nari誰ajya goes forward, with haste, looking for doors to go into to find the prisoners.

Isthan hacks deeply into the guard, causing him to drop, then moves to slay the other guard.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=12  = [ 12 ]

Usagi doesn't leave his friends that easily. "Isthan-shu, get back here!"

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d2) : 1d2=1  = [ 1 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d3) : 1d3=1  = [ 1 ]

[JadedDM]: The dart misses and hits Isthan.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=6  = [ 6 ]

Isthan swings and misses.

Usagi misses and the dart strikes Isthan in the back.

[JadedDM]: Meanwhile, Nari and Draven are inside the tower.  To their right and left are staircases that lead upward.  Down the hall appear to be some rooms.  At the end of the hall, you see two bloodguards carrying a box.  Their backs are to you.  They are facing a hobgoblin elite guard and speaking.

Psyche Autumnleaf loses her concentration upon the swarm as she notices Isthan and Usagi stay behind to fight, in which she narrows her eyes.

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): "Let's just go on for now..." she says quietly.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=19  = [ 19 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (2d4) : 2d4=3,3  = [ 6 ]

Nari誰ajya nods and motions her head to the two guards who are unawares. "Gotta take them down, ready? " She whispers with a smile.

Isthan strikes the other guard hard.

[Draven]: "Uhh... what about the elite?"

Isthan pushes a little farther with the blade and the man falls.

Usagi repeats his action, trying for better aim.

[Isthan]: (Are there still bats?)

[Nari誰ajya]: "What about him? They are in our way, we got to take them down," she whispers to back.

[JadedDM]: (Yes.  They continue to attack.)

Isthan goes inside then.

Psyche Autumnleaf glances around for a moment before she makes a dash for the tower.

[Nari誰ajya]: "We can take them. Have faith," she whispers.

Isthan begins chanting.

Usagi moves inside after Isthan.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d100) :  1d100=21  = [ 21 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d8) :  1d8=1  = [ 1 ]

[Draven]: "Fine then... I'm more worried about who else it'll bring about..."

Psyche Autumnleaf pauses near the door, looking at the dead bodies, she moves to try and drag them inside the tower.

[JadedDM]: Elite:  "You two, down there," he calls out.  He starts to head to the girls with the bloodguards in tow.  "What are you mulling about for?"

Draven will let Nari handle this.

Isthan reaches within himself and summons forth the power of Azedeth, repairing a small amount of his injury.  He begins chanting again.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d100) :  1d100=16  = [ 16 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d8) :  1d8=2  = [ 2 ]

[Nari誰ajya]: "Not mulling sir.  There were some freak bats outside, we ducked in to get away from them, and the damn blood suckers are vicious."

[JadedDM]: Elite:  He stops when he sees Isthan, Usagi, and Psyche enter the tower.  "Who are these three?"

Isthan does the same, once again re-knitting a few of his injuries.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks up to the Elite guards by surprise, looking a bit out of breath, as if she was just outrunning bats or something.

[Nari誰ajya]: "New recruits that happened to get in with the bats as well."

[JadedDM]: Elite:  He looks at them, screwing up his face in concentration.  "What is that?"  He points to Usagi.  "A kobold?  Don't tell me they're letting those types into the Bloodguard now."

Usagi looks up at the guards, baring his teeth. "Oh yes, they're getting smart."

[JadedDM]: Elite:  He frowns.  "I'll have to speak to Lord Quar'toth on this."  He then looks to Nari and Draven.  "You two: You deliver this upstairs to the storage room."  He refers to the box.  "The rest of you, return to the barracks.  You are not to be wandering about this late."  He dismisses the other two guards, who seem to take exception to this. He looks at the two bloodguards sternly.  "Is there a problem with that, humans?"

[JadedDM]: Bloodguards:  They are clearly angry at this, but they put down the box and head down the hall, into one of the rooms.

[JadedDM]: Elite:  He looks back to the girls.  "And be careful with that.  It contains a gift for the Overlord, from me."

[Nari誰ajya]: "Yes, sir." She moves out of the elite痴 way of the door.

[Draven]: "Will do," she nods firmly, before adding "Sir" to the sentence.

[JadedDM]: The Elite nods and puts his hands behind his back.  He then spins on his heel and goes down the hall, into the same room as the two bloodguards.

Psyche Autumnleaf waits for the Elite to move on before she moves down the hall after Nari and Draven.

Usagi shrugs and moves up the stairs after everyone. "How foolish."

Nari誰ajya looks at the others briefly before going up the stairs.

Draven moves to the crate and whisper. "We might as well take this upstairs... It's gotta disappear out of sight, anyway, and we have an alibi."

Nari誰ajya helps Draven with the box, if that is necessary.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "What is in the b-box?" she asks in a whisper.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Well find out later....First concern is to get to the prisoners."

[JadedDM]: The box is about a foot wide and around 6 or 7 feet long.  It requires two people to carry it.

Nari誰ajya then helps with the box.

Isthan follows along, a drop of blood dripping from his sword every few steps.

Draven grabs one end of it and nods to Nari.

Nari誰ajya nods back and lifts the other end and heads up them stairs.

[JadedDM]: Nari and Draven lug the box upstairs, with the rest of the party in tow.  They find themselves in a similar room as the one they left.  They see no sign of any guards just yet.

Psyche Autumnleaf keeps moving along with the others, keeping an eye out for any guards.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Let痴 put this down and find what we are looking for and then we can return our attention to what is in the box." She looks for doors. "If there is time, of course.

[JadedDM]: There is a hallway ahead of them.  Another set of ascending staircases lead upward.  It looks like the hallway leads into another hall that may have doors.

Psyche Autumnleaf points to the staircase leading upwards, figuring that is probably the best place to go.

[Nari誰ajya]: "Let痴 go."  She puts down the box with Draven.

Psyche Autumnleaf makes her way up the stairs, letting Draven and Nari go first.

Draven follows Nari.

Isthan goes along as well.

Nari誰ajya goes up the stairs, sword at ready.

[JadedDM]: (So they're leaving the box on the second floor?)

[Nari誰ajya]: (um, yes)

[JadedDM]: On the third floor, they find themselves in a single, big hallway.  There are only two doors, and they are both further down it.  Each door is guarded by two Elites.

Nari誰ajya peaks to see these two and turns to Draven to whisper, "Elites are a snap to defeat right?"

[Draven]: "Probably not. Let's get the crate instead and say it's for Overlord. It's not a lie, either," she whispers back.

Nari誰ajya nods. "Good idea."  She quietly goes back down the stairs.

Psyche Autumnleaf moves out of Nari and Draven's way so they can make it down the stairs.

Draven goes for the crate and gets ready to lift it up again.

Nari誰ajya lifts, putting her sword away first and returns back on up the stairs.

[JadedDM]: The two lift up the box and ascend the stairs again.

[Draven]: This time, stepping into plain view with the crate.

Usagi stands by, with a serious look on his face for once.

[JadedDM]: As they approach, one of the Elite spots them.  "Halt, there.  What are you doing here at this hour?"  He, as well as the other elites, are wearing full plate mail.

[Draven]: "Package, for the Overlord," she nods at the crate in their hands. "Gift, or so we were told."

Nari誰ajya nods in agreement.

[JadedDM]: Elite:  "What is it?"  He points at the box with his spear.  The other three Elite do not leave their posts, but they watch and listen, their spears ready.

[Draven]: "A gift to overlord. We were not authorized to open it, naturally."

[JadedDM]: Elite:  The hobgoblin frowns.  "Open it."

Nari誰ajya looks at Draven and shrugs slightly and begins to put it on the ground.

Draven shrugs as well and sets it down.

Nari誰ajya starts to open the box for the Elite.

[JadedDM]: Inside sits a two-handed battle axe with a steel shaft and blade.  The blade is covered in foreign runes and it looks to be of exquisite craftsmanship.

Draven's eyes light up at the sight.

[JadedDM]: The Elite's eyes also light up.  He lets out a slight gasp, too.

[Nari誰ajya]: "It appears to be an axe, sir."  She looks at the axe and its nice craftsmanship. "A finely made one.
[JadedDM]: Elite:  He clears his throat.  "Uh...I see.  Well, we will see that it gets to the Overlord."  He gestures for another guard to come help him with the box.

Nari誰ajya backs out of their way, "Of course, sir."

[JadedDM]: Elite:  "You are dismissed."  He and his companion heft up the box.

[Draven]: (which guard did he invite? leaving one guard per door or one door empty?)

[JadedDM]: (One door is now unguarded, yes.)

[Nari誰ajya]: " true that there is an elf behind one of those doors?"

[JadedDM]: Elite:  He stares at Nari for a moment.  "That is no business of yours, human.  Return to your post."  The two then start to walk back to the door they were guarding.

Nari誰ajya glances at Draven, motioning with her eyes, asking now?

Draven nods briefly and firmly.

Nari誰ajya draws her sword as quickly as possible and charges at the back of one of the unsuspecting backs.

Draven grabs her axe and attacks the other.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari誰ajya: (1d20) :  1d20=12  = [ 12 ]

Usagi starts up the stairs at noise of combat, should there be any.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=9  = [ 6 ]

Isthan follows Usagi.

[JadedDM]: Both of you hit their armor instead of their flesh, doing no damage.  The Elite, surprised, drop the box, causing the axe to fall out of it and land on the floor.  They then turn around to face their attackers.  One yells out for the other two to help.

Psyche Autumnleaf mutters a little rhyme just as Usagi makes his way up the stairs. "Spooky spiders brawl, from under the cracks you crawl."

[JadedDM]: Actions?

Draven attacks the elite again.

Nari誰ajya will continue to attack the elite.

Isthan will try to get a hit in with his broadsword if possible.

Usagi pulls out a dart and a piece of meat.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 1 +=+

+=+ Psyche (1d10+2) = 6 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d20) :  1d20=7  = [ 7 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf is able to summon a few small spiders in which start to crawl over the feet and up the legs of the elite guards that aren't attacking just yet.

[JadedDM]: This doesn't seem to hinder the Elite in anyway.

+=+ Bloodguard Elite (1d10+6) = 9 +=+

[JadedDM]: One attacks Nari, but his spear bounces off her armor.  The other goes for Draven, striking her with a glancing blow.  The other two come rushing up to help the others.

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10+8) = 11 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari誰ajya: (1d20) :  1d20=11  = [ 11 ]

Nari誰ajya thrusts with her sword, but the elite moves out of the way easily.

+=+ Usagi (1d10+2) = 12 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d6) : 1d6=1  = [ 1 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=7  = [ 7 ]

Usagi finishes his arcane ministrations, but the arrow formed by the spell veers too low and misses.

+=+ Isthan (1d10+5) = 14 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=14  = [ 14 ]

Isthan takes a swipe at one of the hobgoblins with his broadsword, but it ends up being too far a reach.

+=+ Draven (1d10+9) = 17 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=12  = [ 3 ]

Draven swings her axe again, but the blow is deflected by the elites armour.

Psyche Autumnleaf takes this time to sneak up to the closest door, you know, while the guards are distracted, and take a peek inside providing the doors aren't locked.

[JadedDM]: (Actions for Round 2?)

Isthan attacks again.

Nari誰ajya attacks!

Draven keeps up the attacks.

Usagi busts out his blowgun, fits a dart in, and fires at an elite.

Psyche Autumnleaf actually begins chanting instead.

+=+ New Initiative: Round 2 +=+

+=+ Bloodguard Elite (1d10+6) = 8 +=+

[JadedDM]: Two Elite attack Nari, but she manages to deflect both attacks with her sword.  One swings at Draven and hits her, and the second goes for Isthan, striking him very hard.

Isthan falls down gurgling blood.

+=+ Usagi (1d10+5) = 10 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=19  = [ 19 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d6) : 1d6=4  = [ 4 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d3) : 1d3=1  = [ 1 ]

Usagi fires a dart from his blowgun, it tears off a piece of an elite's ear.

+=+ Psyche (1d10+2) = 10 +=+

Psyche Autumnleaf chants the words of her spell, her hands coming out in front of her, her palms out and a purple ray seems to fly from her hands towards one of the elite guards.

[JadedDM]: The ray engulfs the Elite, and he stumbles.  His whole body slumps slightly, as if the weight of his armor was too much for him.

+=+ Isthan (1d10+5) = 11 +=+

Isthan blows a little bubble with his own blood.

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10+8) = 11 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari誰ajya: (1d20) :  1d20=1  = [ 1 ]

[Nari誰ajya]: A freak occurrence of nature forces Nari to lose the grip on her sword as she swings at the elite. "Shit!"

Psyche Autumnleaf calls out to Draven from her spot. "Pick up the axe from the box!"

+=+ Draven (1d10+9) = 13 +=+

[Draven]: (is that possible without exposing myself to attacks or losing my turn?)

[JadedDM]: (Well, it's on the floor, on the frontline.  So you wouldn't be anymore exposed than normal, but it would take a round.)

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): (she has two attacks this round, would it take them both?)

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): No, it would only take one.

Draven grabs the axe from the ground and swings it at the elite...

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=5  = [ 10 ]

Draven misses the hit and curses.

[JadedDM]: (I assume Nari will spend her second attack retrieving her weapon?)

[Nari誰ajya]: (oh yeah...second attack, of course she will retrieve her weapon, can't defend herself with out it.)

[JadedDM]: (All right.  Actions for Round 3 then?)

Isthan continues dying.

[Usagi]: (I believe I get an extra attack)

[JadedDM]: (No, he's right.  Blowguns have a 2/1 ROF.  Go ahead, Keith.)

Draven will try attacking again.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d6) : 1d6=2  = [ 2 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) : 1d20=2  = [ 2 ]

Nari誰ajya attacks those damn elites and prays in her head for a nice hit.

Usagi misses widely.

Psyche Autumnleaf takes out her dagger from her boot and takes aim at one of the elite guards before throwing it.

[JadedDM]: Elite:  "Stupid humans!  We are called the Elite for a reason!  You will never take our places!"

[Usagi]: The proverbial light bulb goes off over Usagi's head. "Everyone get behind me after I drink this!" He pulls something from his robes.

Nari誰ajya glances over at Usagi, don't trust that critter, will move if he drinks.

Psyche Autumnleaf is all ready behind Usagi.

Isthan can't move.

Draven will move too if needed

+=+ New Initiative: Round 3 +=+

+=+ Psyche (1d10+2) = 5 +=+

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d20) :  1d20=2  = [ 2 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf throws her dagger, but apparently it wasn't a powerful enough throw as it just kind of drops in front of her.

+=+ Bloodguard Elite (1d10+6) = 8 +=+

[JadedDM]: All four Elite have their attacks blocked by Nari and Draven.

+=+ Usagi (1d10+1) = 10 +=+

Usagi drinks the entire contents of a vial, waiting for everyone to get behind him.

+=+ Draven (1d10+7) = 11 +=+

Draven withdraws behind Usagi... (never can trust a kobold with gadgets any more than a gnome...)

+=+ Nari'Najya (1d10+8) = 17 +=+

Nari誰ajya gets behind Usagi.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (5d10) : 5d10=2,10,1,2,5  = [ 20 ]

Usagi takes in a deep breath, his form swelling, and then breathes out a gigantic cone of fire, which fills the corridor, incinerating all four guards, and unfortunately probably Isthan, the fireball then proceeding to continue down the hall and blow out both doors and a window, and then continue past the barriers for a good distance. Needless to say, the fight is over.

Nari誰ajya looks in awe at what is left.

[Draven]: "Sheesh..."

Psyche Autumnleaf stares, her mouth dropping open upon just seeing that. ""

Usagi wipes his mouth. "Looks like the special really was bad."

[JadedDM]: The blast destroys everything in the hall, including doors, windows, and anything dropped or thrown by the party, including Psyche's dagger, Usagi's darts, Draven's dropped axe, and all of Isthan's and the elite's gear.

Psyche Autumnleaf actually laughs at Usagi before finally moving out of the way to check inside the blown doors.

[JadedDM]: (With a cool, dry wit like that, you could be an action hero.)

Nari誰ajya walks forward, looking at the spot that was Isthan.  She continues to walk to see if the prisoners are okay.

[Usagi]: (That's the way Usagi rolls, utter destruction.)

[Draven]: "Good thing that was not a memento from my mother..." Draven says, looking over the destruction and her new axe.

Usagi moves forwards, across the smoldering wreckage to find the prisoners.

[JadedDM]: Unfortunately, since Isthan was left on the frontline, he was incinerated as well.  There's little left.

[JadedDM]: (Right door or left door?)

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: (right)

[Usagi]: (Left)

[Nari誰ajya]: (left)

[Draven]: "Usagi, Nari, take the left door, we'll take the right," she nods at Psyche.

[JadedDM]: Psyche turns to the right door, which has pretty much been destroyed.  A good kick will remove the barrier.  Usagi and Nari enter the left door, which was completely blown off its hinges.

Nari誰ajya puts her sword away as they enter the doorway.

[JadedDM]: Down below, the party hears various shouts on the lower floors.

Psyche Autumnleaf kicks at the door to get it out of her way, yeah, sure, why not.

Draven will keep her axe ready just in case. "We'd best move quickly."

[JadedDM]: Even under Psyche's feeble kick, the door opens.

Psyche Autumnleaf steps inside the room once the door is kicked in.

Draven will head inside, carefully but quickly.

Nari誰ajya steps inside looking for prisoner.

[JadedDM]: Nari and Usagi find themselves in a large, elaborate bedroom.  There's a large bed, armoire, a dummy, and a full sized mirror, as well as several trophies and weapon racks.  On the far side of the room, they spot two women in skimpy clothing, chained to a wall.  Meanwhile, Draven and Psyche also find a rather elaborate bedroom, but it seems unoccupied.

Usagi moves over to the women.

Nari誰ajya moves over to them quickly.

Draven looks around quickly.

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): (anything that seems valuable?)

Psyche Autumnleaf shrugs slightly. "Nothing i-in here." She glances at Draven.

Nari誰ajya looks to the chains and how they might get them off.

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): (There are several ornamental weapons that might be valuable, as well as a nice suit of armor on a dummy (plate mail), and a pair of golden candlesticks on the nearby bed stand.)

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): (any weapons she can quickly grab?)

[JadedDM]: The women back away in fear.  One has blonde hair and is clearly human.  The second, black hair and has pointed ears.

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): (Yes.  There are several long swords, and a maul, as well as some daggers.)

[Nari誰ajya]: "Fear not, we've come to take you back to Jerros."

[Usagi]: He exclaims, "Vanessa-shu! There you are, there you are. Usagi has come to the rescue. Now where are the keys?"

Psyche Autumnleaf moves out of the right room and into the left room quickly, not liking the sounds down below, sighs a bit upon seeing the two women.

Nari誰ajya turns and yells to Draven. "Draven, we need you!"

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): She grabs the weapons and shoves them in her pack (if they fit. starting with a longsword and the daggers), then heads to the other room.

[JadedDM]: Vanessa:  She stares at Usagi blankly, as if confused.

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): (tell me what and how much she can fit)

Usagi waves his hand in front of her. "Vanessa-shuuuu, are you there?"

Psyche Autumnleaf walks towards Vanessa and the elf. "Vanessa? Amakororo? We c-came to get you both out."

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): She can grab the daggers (5 of them) and the long sword.

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): (alright, she does that, then heads to the other room).

[JadedDM]: Amakororo:  " are Rebels?"

[Draven]: Draven arrives to the room with the prisoners, fitting a longsword in her pack. "Consider it Overlord's donation to the rebel cause."

[JadedDM]: Vanessa:  " are not supposed to be here...this is the Master's room."

Psyche Autumnleaf frowns. "We n-need to get them out of h-here fast."

Nari誰ajya nods to Amakororo but turns on hearing Draven's voice. "Draven, think you could break these chains?' She points to them.

Usagi swears. "Magic eh? They might not come quietly... hrrr" He runs up and bites Vanessa on the shin.

Psyche Autumnleaf walks over to one of the windows and tries to open it.

[Draven]: "Got the prisoners? Let's head out then!" she says, scanning this room with her eyes as well, then snaps back. "Let me try..." she says, grabbing her new axe...

[JadedDM]: Vanessa cries out in pain.

Psyche Autumnleaf frowns, looking for something that will break the glass in the windows. "Usagi!"

[Nari誰ajya]: "Usagi!  What are you doing?!"

[JadedDM]: Down below, you hear the thundering sound of numerous feet on the stairways.

Usagi backs away. "Snap out of it!"

Draven will strike at the chains.

Psyche Autumnleaf grabs a random weapon; whatever is around and pretty much throws it at one of the windows to break it. " you s-still have that rope?"

[JadedDM]: With a spark and a clash, the axe shatters the links of the chains, freeing the two.

[JadedDM]: All right, we'll end it here.

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