Session 1:
The Mission


[JadedDM]: It is Chrysote 5th, Darkday, 665, around 10 bells.  The five of you, each lieutenants in the Rebels, have been called to a meeting in the conference chamber.  The five of you arrive at the same time, but Jerros Soulstaff, the young Rebel leader, isn't there yet.

Isthan sits down.

[JadedDM]: (I'd like you all to give a description of your character, for the benefit of everyone else.)

Nari'Najya sits down, she is of average height and a fighter's build wearing leather breeches and her miss-match armor.  Her green eyes look over everyone as she sits down.  She tucks her shoulder length brown hair behind her ears before smiling to everyone kindly.

[Isthan]: Isthan stands at about five foot three and has a medium build.  He has medium long hair of an almost golden blond color and a similarly shaded goatee which comes to a neat point.  His eyes are a light blue color.  He wears the white robes of his order, which are all too often stained with the blood of those he tends to the injuries of.

Psyche Autumnleaf steps inside the conference room wearing simple dark blue robes which have silver swirly looking designs on her flowing sleeves and just at her shoulders with a high collar. Her brown eyes sweep over the room curiously for a moment before she runs her fingers through her brown hair and sits down at the table quietly.

Usagi stands just a bit more than 3 feet tall, wearing a forest green robe. Also happens to be a kobold, a hole cut in the robes for his tail. He has rope slung over his right shoulder, and little horns frame the tops of his red eyes. Moves over to a chair near the head of the table and gestures at it.

Draven hauls herself there, as well, with her big axe on her shoulder. She appears in her "ready for battle" mode - her brown hair is braided into about dozen braids and she's wearing her dark red and dark yellow chain mail. Her dark eyes scan around the room as she seats her tall (6') figure down the nearest available seat.

Usagi scratches a bit of hide under his elongated jaws and looks about the room for something that would be nice to use as a booster seat.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "D-Does anyone know what this is a-all about?" she asks softly to really anyone.

[Draven]: "Well, boss got lonely and wanted us over for tea, I wager. Well, either that, or he wants us to crack some skulls."

Isthan shrugs "Something important I should hope.  I need to speak with Jerros anyway."

[Nari'Najya]: "Probably the second one."

[Draven]: "Somehow, I got the feeling you're right."

Psyche Autumnleaf sighs, kind of figuring that Jerros wanted to talk about some sort of plan. "C-crack some s-skulls..." she just shakes her head a bit.

[Usagi]: "I assume it is about his plans in progress to rescue our captured comrades. Isn't it obvious, human?" He hops into his seat, and regards Psyche with a single red orb he calls an eye.

Nari'Najya watches Usagi, a grin playing on her lips, "Leave me alone Usagi."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "I was o-only asking if a-anyone had other i-ides on what could be h-happening, Usagi."

[Nari'Najya]: "And we are eternally grateful for your cleaning up."

Usagi turns his small skull to regard Nari in much the way a bird flicks its head. "Oh, head of rocks speaks."

Nari'Najya rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Hush you."

Psyche Autumnleaf sighs, "He just can't g-get along with anyone."

Isthan nods and smiles "I simply serve as I am needed, and Azedeth is the one who deserves thanks.  All I do, I do through his grace."

Nari'Najya looks around for Jerros. "Wonder where Jerros is?"

Isthan coughs uncomfortably. "Odd that we are left waiting like this isn't it?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Probably s-still planning on w-what he wants to say to us."

[Nari'Najya]: "A bit odd yes.  Probably be here in no time though."

[Draven]: "Perhaps he's rehearsing dramatic cues?"

Usagi raps his claws on the table. "Humans, so languid, it is a wonder the race survived this long. Not like us, no."

[Isthan]: "Well, I have no objection to him speaking plainly.  Grandiose speeches accomplish little."

[JadedDM]: At that moment, Jerros arrives.  Although only having seen 21 winters, he has experienced and seen more than most people will in their entire lives.  The burly warrior enters with a solemn look on his face as he heads to his seat at the head of the table.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Sometimes we can u-use a little pick me up, speech, Isthan." she crosses her arms, leaning back in her chair.  When Jerros enters, she turns her attention to the young warrior, letting off a small sigh at the sight of him before she sits up a bit straighter.

Nari'Najya looks to Jerros, smiles and waits for this meeting to begin.

[JadedDM]: Jerros takes a seat.  "Glad you could all make it," he says, in his typical Gontorian accent.

Isthan shrugs. "To each their own." He looks to Jerros.

Usagi turns his head to observe Jerros with his right eye only. "Well, what is it you want, Jerros-shu?"

[JadedDM]: Jerros coughs slightly, as if clearing his throat.  "I have a mission for you five."

[Isthan]: "Do tell."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "A mission?" she raises an eyebrow curiously. "W-what kind of mission?"

[Nari'Najya]: "Missions are good."

Draven mutters, ironically as always: "Didn't see that one coming..."

Usagi subconsciously bares his little fangs. "Surprise, surprise. What is it?"

[JadedDM]: "First, let me give you some background.  Some of you know this all ready, but recently the Silver Cell has dispersed.  Both Usagi and Psyche originally came from there.  The Silver Cell operated very close to a village called Janus, near Dan'gen."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Horrid little village full of s-slaves."

Usagi holds both of his hands very close to each other and his chest and clicks his claws against each other. He looks around, with a dull expression.

Draven drums her fingers against the blade of her axe softly as she listens to the commander.

[Isthan]: "Always a joy to break a few of them out.  Course, an arrow or two in a hobgoblin never ruined my day either."

[Nari'Najya]: "So we are going to Janus?"

[JadedDM]: He nods to Isthan.  "It is, but that is not our mission at the moment.  You see, the reason the Silver Cell dispersed is due to mercenaries hired by an Agent.  They killed many Rebels, and captured others.  One such was my friend, Amakororo of the Azelyth.  The leader of the Silver Cell, Bramrock, launched a rescue attempt.  It failed.  None of the rescue party has been heard from again. 

[Isthan]: "Unfortunately, we can not be everywhere at once.  Too many tragedies go untended.  So, is our mission vengeance or... what exactly?"

Usagi snorts a bit when Jerros gets to the mention of the rescue attempt. He centers his attention on Jerros. "Yes, yes, your point being what?"

Psyche Autumnleaf nods slightly. "Meaning w-we are to try again to get Amakororo or the other party members?"

[JadedDM]: He opens his mouth to speak, but is interrupted by Psyche.  He closes his mouth and nods to her.  "Yes, exactly."

[Isthan]: "That is good, too."

Psyche Autumnleaf smiles faintly, glancing down at the table. "Any..." she clears her throat. "Any ideas on h-how to do this?"

Usagi clicks his claws together. "Well, just as I predicted. I told you it was obvious, Psyche-shu."

[Nari'Najya]: "Plans are always good."

[Draven]: "Go in, kill bad guys, get the rebels out?"

[Isthan]: "Go in where exactly?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "It will be h-hard to just do that, Draven. D-don't we have to find our way into..." she sighs. "Dan'gen?"

[JadedDM]: He entwines his fingers together and rests his chin on them.  "She is being held in the Overlord's stronghold.  Obviously, a frontal assault will not work, as the Silver Cell learned.  I suggest a covert operation."

[Nari'Najya]: She smiles, eyes twinkling. "Covert, huh?  Sounds like a ball."

Usagi clicks his claws at a more rapid pace. "This is obvious. Yes, yes, I have just the things for it..."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "We...c-could try to trick the guards. A letter ordering p-prisoner transfer or...s-something?” She tilts her head slightly, not exactly sure where they would transfer prisoners.

[Usagi]: "No, no, leave this to your betters Psyche-shu. Your books and yourself are best left behind our lines. It is obvious that someone with my skill is better suited."

[JadedDM]: "If the five of you work together, I am sure you'll succeed.  Each of you is the best at what you do, but I don't think one of you could do it alone."

Psyche Autumnleaf shoots a glare over to Usagi, keeping her mouth shut for the moment. "We will t-try our best Jerros."

[Isthan]: "As you will.  None here really require my aid."

[Draven]: She mutters half-audibly: "Why do I get a bad feeling about all this?"

[JadedDM]: "It will take several days to reach Dan'gen, so you should have ample time to come up with a plan."

[Nari'Najya]: "Days is a good amount of time.  Usagi will that be enough time for you?"

Usagi turns his head to look at Nari with one eye. "Enough time you ask, Nari-shu? One second was ample for such a task."

[Nari'Najya]: "I was just checking."  She smiles widely.

Psyche Autumnleaf winces a bit at the idea of going to Dan'gen. "Usagi, now is n-not the time to be o-over confident." she glances over to Jerros. "M-might I speak with you, privately?"

[Isthan]: "I also have a brief matter to discuss with you Jerros."

[JadedDM]: Jerros nods to Psyche.  "Any other questions before we dismiss?"

[Usagi]: "There is no such thing as overconfidence when your intelligence and skill are as vast as mine, but you wouldn't know anything about that, Psyche-shu."

[Nari'Najya]: "How many total are we bringing back?"

Isthan leans forward slightly, propping himself up on his elbows. "Jerros?"

[JadedDM]: He looks to Nari.  "I don't know exactly.  Amakororo is still alive, I am sure of that.  The others...may or may not be."  He then looks to the priest.  “Yes, Isthan?”

Nari'Najya nods.

[Isthan]: "Ahh, well I suppose this is not a matter of confidence.  Simply put, I wish to make better use of what materials we have here.  I have never been one to mince words, and that is what this is all about.  I believe the chapel would be best changed to a simple shrine.  I have no use for so much space.  Though...a medical ward could be more useful.  When things get heated, well, you know as well as I bed space is at a premium."

Psyche Autumnleaf raises an eyebrow at Isthan. "B-but it is a place of worship..."

[Isthan]: "And it still will be.  But Azedeth's glory is best demonstrated by actions, and the shrine will remain of course."

[JadedDM]: He nods.  "I'll consider your words while you're gone."  He then stands up.  "One more thing, before I dismiss you..," he says, and then looks at each of the five in turn, as if trying to make a decision.

Nari'Najya looks at Jerros, last minute words are important.

Psyche Autumnleaf gives Jerros one of those admiring looks when he isn't looking directly at her, and waits for him to speak.

Draven stares straight back.

Isthan straightens his goatee.

[JadedDM]: "Nari'Najya?"

[Nari'Najya]: "Yes?"

[JadedDM]: "I'm appointing you in charge of this particular mission."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Wise c-choice."

[Nari'Najya]: "I'll gladly lead."

[JadedDM]: "This will be a test of your abilities.  I'm sure you'll do fine.  Remember that a good leader listens to his comrades and works well with others."  He looks around the room again. "Good luck in your mission, and may Azedeth's light protect you and smite your enemies.  You're dismissed."

Nari'Najya nods and stands up.

[Isthan]: "Wasn't that my line?" He grins and looks to Nari'Najya. "At your side, of course."

[JadedDM]: "Be prepared to leave in the morning.  Psyche, come with me."  He heads toward his room.

Psyche Autumnleaf pushes back her chair and stands, kind of waiting for everyone to clear out so that she might speak to Jerros, smiles slightly to Nari. "You'll do f-fine, Nari."

Draven rolls her eyes as she gets up to leave.

Psyche Autumnleaf actually moves to follow along with Jerros.

Nari'Najya nods to Isthan.

Usagi squints his eyes unhappily. "Rock head is going to get us all killed."

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): Psyche glances around as they exit the conference room, sighing softly before she speaks up. "Um...d-do you think it is wise to s-send me to Dan'gen, Jerros?"

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (Does Isthan have any patients at current?)

Nari'Najya glares at Usagi. "Don't even start Usagi."

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): "A sane person might think it unwise to try this at all," he says with a weak grin.

Isthan stands.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): (No, not at the moment.)

[Draven]: "At least she'll do it the old fashioned way, instead of blowing up with some gadget of questionable value, kobold."

Usagi points a clawed finger at her. "You are nothing compared to me, Jerros-shu must have bumped his head on the way here." He grins.

[Isthan]: "If you will excuse me.  I will be at the chapel."

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "Well, we h-have all ready proven most of u-us aren't too terribly sane." she smiles faintly. "But...I mean, with my h-history in Dan' sister and all. What if I'm recognized?"

Isthan exits.

Usagi turns to look at Draven and speaks a few strange words, pointing at her with a claw.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Isthan is going to go to the chapel to pray for guidance on the mission ahead.

[Nari'Najya]: "Hey!  We aren’t going to die." She says, frowning at Draven.  "We are going to kick ass and come back with a few extra people."

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): "You'll have to make sure you're not seen then.  You're abilities are needed for this mission, though, and it's worth the risk."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=15  = [ 15 ]

Draven grabs Usagi by throat as he begins speaking the strange words.

Nari'Najya smiles at Draven.  "Tough luck there Usagi..." She head to her 'room.'

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "If you are sure..." she doesn't sound too terribly sure herself.

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): "I am.  Believe in yourself and work well with the others.  You'll succeed, I'm sure."

[Usagi]: (Does she succeed in doing it?)

[JadedDM]: (Does he make any effort to avoid it?)

[Usagi]: (Naturally he would.)

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): She lets out a sigh, then nods. "Okay...I'll try." She glances up at him, smiling a bit. "I...I guess I better get ready to l-leave then."

[JadedDM]: (All right.  Make an attack roll then, Kaarin.)

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Anyone in the chapel area?

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (16-1d20) : 1d20=20  = [ -4 ]

[JadedDM]: (Ooooh, yeah.  I'd say she succeeded all right.)

Usagi just sparks a bit of lightning from his finger tip to shock Draven on the nose, yips in shock as she grabs his throat.

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): He nods.  "Good.  I'll see you when you get back."

Nari'Najya doesn't head all the way out, wants to see what happens.  She watches the two.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): Isthan arrives in the shrine to find Ilo and Meria, both kneeling on the rugs and praying.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "Okay." She then turns from him and walks back towards the conference room.

Draven lifts the kobold in the air and points in his face, looking positively dangerous: "Listen, you little dogling, try that again and I'll stuff your tail down your throat? Got it? 

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Isthan finds an unoccupied rug and begins his own prayers, deciding not to disturb the other two.

Psyche Autumnleaf peeks her head into the room, eyes widening a bit at Draven and Usagi.

Usagi spits in her face. "Your life…" He coughs and struggles against the hand. "Is worth less... than dirt, human."

[Nari'Najya]: She frowns. "Draven put him down."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "H-hey! Jerros said we n-need to get two."

[Nari'Najya]: "It's fine Psyche.  Just a little clearing of the air.  Nothing to be worried about."

Draven wipes her face, and then throttles the kobold across the room. "For that insult, I should do worse. But since lady nicely asked me, I'll leave it at that. For now."  She heads out of the room.

Psyche Autumnleaf glances over to Nari, nodding slightly at her words. She turns from the conference room and heads to her own room to start getting her things ready.

Nari'Najya watches her leave and looks over at Usagi. "You okay Usagi?  Nothing hurt?  Don't need to see Isthan already do you?"

Usagi gets thrown a little ways and slides quite far, gets to his feet though and bares his teeth at the disappearing form of Draven. "Cow."  He then eyes Nari and nods. "It would take more than a pathetic human to harm me." He walks off back to his room, with a limping pride.

Nari'Najya watches him leave. She leaves herself, going to the shrine.

[JadedDM]: (At this point, you're all free to wander about and interact with each other or the NPCs, if you like.  When you're done, we'll move on to tomorrow.)

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): Upon returning to his room, he takes out a piece of leather from one of his pockets and chants, hoping to armor himself.

[Isthan]: (you want us on whisper?)

Draven goes to her room and packs her stuff.

[JadedDM]: (Yeah, if you're separated.)

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): Nari heads to the shrine, she wants to talk with Isthan briefly.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): Psyche pauses before she enters her room and glances around before going off in search of Meria.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Isthan finishes his prayers, asking for guidance in the trials that are sure to come in the near future, then proceeds to shine up the sun symbol in the room.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan, Psyche and Nari’Najya): Nari'Najya and Psyche both enter the shrine at the same time.  They spot Isthan, Ilo, and Meria all kneeling on the rugs and praying.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): The leather grows into an entire suit, which he puts on, it then disappears.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Isthan finishes his prayers and stands up, briefly noting the two who just entered and acknowledges them with a nod.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): Nari nods to Isthan and walks over to him.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): Psyche nods to Isthan slightly, walking towards him and the two praying, doesn't want to interrupt Ilo's and Meria's praying.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan, Psyche, and Nari’Najya): Ilo and Meria also finish their prayers, and they stand up.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He gets all of his things ready then goes off to the shrine since that's where Nari had gone.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan, Usagi, Psyche, and Nari’Najya): Usagi arrives then, finding Psyche, Nari, Isthan, Ilo, and Meria there.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "I figured you w-would be praying with your brother, Meria." she states softly, glancing over to Isthan and Nari for a moment.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Isthan nods once more acknowledging the Kobold.  "It is good to see this place so full.  Is there something you wish of me?"

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan, Nari’Najya, Psyche and Usagi): Meria nods.  "Hi, Psyche."  She notes Usagi and waves to him, as well.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): Nari looks over to Usagi and returns her attention to Isthan. "I want you ask you something later.  I'll come back later."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He enters, and looks around. He decides to meander over to Isthan. "You call this a shrine, human? This is a mere pittance to a God. In my home, our temples were a thousand-fold better."

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): Psyche glances over to Usagi. "What d-do you expect for living in a cave?"

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): Nari heads back out smiling to Ilo and Meria as she goes.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Isthan looks to Nari and nods, then stoops down to view Usagi eye to eye. "Friend...  I am sure your own temples are quite fine places, but this is the house of Azedeth despite it's simple nature... it is still a holy place, and worthy of respect."

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): Going to go find Wedge.  She'll check his room first.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "What I expect, is obvious, Psyche-shu. A tribute to a God, not this excuse for a shrine." He regards Isthan with his right eye, squints it at the man, not used to people coming down to his level. "Yes, they're much better than this."

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): (It isn't necessary.  She finds him in the main chamber, pulling guard duty with Biggs as she passes by.)

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "Isthan is right. It s-still deserves some respect despite the fact it isn't grand like o-other shrines or temples." she shakes her head, glancing over to Meria. "Would you...f-follow me please?"

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "Hey Wedge!  Guess what?" She asks, smiling like she tends to.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan, Psyche, and Usagi): Meria nods.  "Of course," she says with a smile to Pscyhe.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "And all are welcome here." He stands again. "Azedeth is here as he is in all places dedicated to him.  Grand or not to your eyes, gold or stone still shine in his light."

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): Wedge stands at ease upon seeing her.  "Hey, Nari.  The meeting go well?"

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): She turns from Isthan and Usagi as she makes her way out of the shrine. "He r-really gets on m-my nerves." she holds back a small groan, obviously talking about the cocky kobold.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "Yeah.  We are heading out tomorrow morning.  Going to rescue some guys from the Silver Cell."

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): Meria giggles.  "Well, he does know a lot, though.  He's been all over the world, like Jerros."

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): Wedge frowns slightly.  "Sounds dangerous."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "It's not very well lit, for such a thing. Whoever enchanted it probably forgot to enunciate properly, I've seen brighter fireflies. They probably left in the fourth inhibitor rune like all humans do; they just look at their spells and think that they're perfect." He shakes his head.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "But that doesn't mean he h-has to flaunt it about. I was k-kind of hoping to get away from h-him when I came to this cell, but he followed." she clears her throat. "And he is...n-nothing like Jerros."

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "No more dangerous than what we always do." She shrugs and smiles even wider. "And what's more?  Jerros asked me to be in charge.  Not sure what he's thinking, but it will go fine I think."

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Isthan frowns and shakes his head at Usagi.  "Mind that you do not forsake those you may one day depend upon."  Isthan heads out to go meet with Nari, trying her room.

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): Meria:  "Well, he is pretty good at his magic, though.  I never really get a chance to talk with him, though.  He's always so busy.  Whenever I try to talk to him, he says he has to go do something very important.  I wonder what it is?"

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): Wedge:  "You, huh?  I guess that makes sense.  You've proven before you're loyal and true to the cause, and a good warrior, as well."

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "Who knows..." smiles faintly. "Anyway, the r-reason why I wanted to talk to you and this is going to s-sound stupid..."

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan and Nari’Najya): Isthan spots Nari in the main chamber, chatting with Wedge, who seems to be on guard duty with Biggs.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): Nari shrugs the compliments off. "Yeah I suppose so.  But it sure will be nice to get out of here though."

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): Meria:  She tilts her head.  "What is it?"

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Isthan approaches Nari. "You wished to speak with me?"

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan and Nari’Najya): Wedge nods to her.  "Yeah, you're right about that.  I wish I had more field experience, so I could go."

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "Ahh, forgive my manners, Biggs, Wedge." He smiles and nods at each in turn.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "Well...I g-guess you kind of know I'm a p-private person. I'm going to be g-gone for awhile on a mission for Jerros, and I was h-hoping you would look after my room for me. " she glances down at her feet. "You've a-always been so nice to me...and I know o-others don't really trust me."

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "I wish you could come too."  She turns to Isthan. "Yes, I did."

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan and Nari’Najya): Biggs and Wedge both nods respectively to Isthan.

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): Meria:  "Is that all?  You bet.  It's no problem."

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): Psyche almost seems shock. "Really? Are you s-sure it isn't a problem?"

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "Um...two seconds after Jerros left the conference room, Usagi and Draven beautifully butted heads.  It may be a problem once we leave.  I just want to ask you to help me keep them in check."

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): Meria:  "Not like I have all that much else to do around here.  Nobody sends me on any special secret missions," she adds with a wink.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He returns to the meeting room, taking a seat on top of the table.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "Yes... Usagi was a bit less than cordial in the chapel.  Still, patience is key."

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "Yes patience is key, but having Draven at Usagi's throat, literally, will not do us any good."

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): " can just m-make sure Jerros doesn't g-get into too much trouble then." she snickers a bit. "I w-wonder if I'll ever develop the n-nerve to talk to him...not just a-about business."

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "They must work it out for themselves.  All we can do is be there when we are needed."

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "That is all I am asking for."

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): Meria:  "Oh, yeah?  What exactly do you want to talk to him about, huh?" she asks knowingly.

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "I...I wouldn't even k-know where to begin." she blushes faintly.

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): Meria:  "Something you have in common? 

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "Well, I am at your side should I be needed."

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): "I w-would kind of have to find t-that out first, huh?" glances at the young girl, shaking her head, feeling kind of silly. "Well..." she changes the subject, "Thanks...and all. I better start getting r-ready, as I leave in the morning. Thanks again, Meria."

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "Thank you."

(JadedDM whispered to Psyche Autumnleaf): Meria:  "No problem...and....I'll keep my ears open.  See if I can learn anything about Jerros you can talk about."

(Psyche Autumnleaf whispered to JadedDM): Psyche turns another shade of red, nodding slightly before she walks off to her room to pack.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "Was there something more specific you require?"

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "No that was it, would have told you in the chapel, but Usagi came in. That was it though." She smiles.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He gets impatient and walks along the table, hops off, and goes to find Nari, starting with her room.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "Just remember we are all on the same side.  Start treating Usagi as an enemy and we have already failed.  Instead, I recommend simply keeping everyone’s weapons at their sides and letting them both work it out."

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan, Nari’Najya, and Usagi): Usagi enters the main chamber on the way to the rooms and spots Isthan, Nari, Biggs, and Wedge all there.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "Yes, that works." She nods slightly.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "Hello Usagi.  Did you find your time at the chapel fulfilling?"

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): Nari looks at Usagi.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): He moves over to the group then. "What is this, Nari'Najya? Why are you just standing here?" He looks up at Isthan. "No, I left to wait for the others in the main hall, but you seem to be fascinated with running off to talk in secret."

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "Not talking in secret.  Just wanted to talk to Wedge and then Isthan came out." She shrugs.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "I bet you think it's funny, 'Oh, let us leave Usagi alone.' You say. Then let us lie to him and try to hide our scheming. It takes more than that to fool me."

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "You strike at the shadows of opponents that do not exist, Usagi."

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "You need something Usagi?"

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "Don't you know a joke when you hear one, Isthan-shu?" He grins at the human, before turning back to Nari. "Yes, yes, what are you doing just standing here?" He clicks his claws together. "We have a job to do.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): "Yes, perhaps it is best that we rest, and you will undoubtedly forgive me for missing your humor...  I meant no offense.  If you will excuse me, I must retire to my quarters so that we may meet our challenges fresh come morning."  He exits toward the sleeping quarters.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): "Sleep does sound good.  Can we sleep Usagi?"

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "You probably screw it up. And snore too." He looks at Biggs and Wedge. "Biggs-shu, you're coming with us, are you?"

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): She smiles looking over to Biggs and Wedge.

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya and Usagi): Biggs:  "What?  Me?  I wasn't told of anything about leaving."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): "Isn't that what she was doing? Inviting you? Come, come, you will come with us when we leave tomorrow morning to rescue our allies. I suggest you get some sleep." He removes himself from the conversation to sleep.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): Nari watches him leave.  "I have no idea what he is talking about. But I need to sleep too.  See you later Wedge, if not tomorrow morning then when we get back." She heads to her sleeping room.

[JadedDM]: Everyone gets some rest then.  The following day, you all wake up and meet in the main chamber to leave on your mission.

Nari'Najya is there before them all, all her gear on, sword at her hip and a big smile on her face.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): (they getting horses or walking the way?)

Psyche Autumnleaf walks into the main chamber while putting her dark blue spellbook into her backpack.

Isthan arrives shortly after, similarly girded for battle.

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): (Walking.  The Rebels have no horses at the moment.)

Draven walks in with deliberate slowness, her axe over her shoulder, fully decked out for battle, except for her helmet which is hanging from her belt for now.

Usagi arrives in his usual quick pace, looking the same as he did the last time he was seen.

[Nari'Najya]: "Morning everyone, we all ready?" She is looking at everyone as they come in.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "As r-ready as I'll ever be."

[Isthan]: "Always."

Usagi looks around. "Where is Biggs-shu? I told him to be here."

[JadedDM]: Jerros arrives as well, although he is not armed.  "Came to see you all off."

[Draven]: "Yup." She pats her axe. "Me and my equipment both."

[Nari'Najya]: "He isn't coming Usagi."  She then looks at Jerros. "Perfect timing.  We are about to get going."

[Isthan]: "Good to see you of course, Jerros."

Usagi regards Nari. "And he isn't coming because you told him not to? What have I told you about contradicting me?"

Psyche Autumnleaf looks over to Jerros, startled a bit. "Um...."

[Nari'Najya]: "I didn't tell him not to come." She shrugs.

[JadedDM]: Jerros frowns.  "What's the problem here?  All ready starting an argument?"

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "N-nothing Nari can't handle, I'm s-sure, Jerros."

[Nari'Najya]: "Far from it Jerros.  Usagi wanted Biggs to come for some reason, but as you didn't tell him he was coming, he isn't here."

Draven pointedly does not answer, but swings her axe from her shoulder to rest it on the ground for now.

Usagi turns to Jerros. "Perhaps you aren't seeing and hearing correctly, Jerros-shu. Is it too early in the morning?"

[JadedDM]: "Biggs is not ready for a mission this dangerous.  It will just be you five."

[Nari'Najya]: "Yes.  So we ready? Let’s go."  She looks at everyone.

Isthan adjusts his quiver a bit. "Nothing serious, Jerros.  Everyone here knows we have a job to do."

Psyche Autumnleaf sighs, feeling as if this is going to be a very long mission, then nods silently to Nari.

[JadedDM]: "All right.  Good luck to you all."

Draven goes whenever Nari goes.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Thank you."

Nari'Najya nods to Jerros and heads out.

Isthan follows the others.

Usagi clicks his claws and hurries after Nari.

[JadedDM]: The five of you leave the cave, getting slightly sprayed by the waterfall that conceals it as you go around it.  Outside, it is a clear and sunny day, around 83 degrees.

Psyche Autumnleaf follows after the group, keeping near the back as she slings her backpack over her shoulder, glancing over to Jerros for a moment before wincing a bit at the sunlight.

[Draven]: "Luck and the patience of a meditating monk, those will I need..." she mutters upon heading outside.

[Nari'Najya]: "What a beautiful day."

[Isthan]: "That you have Draven... that you have."

Usagi moves along. "Yes, yes, a beautiful day to keep walking."

Nari'Najya is walking. "So how do we want to go about this?"  She is heading for Dan'gen, of course.

[Isthan]: "I believe Usagi mentioned a plan."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "He d-did?"

[Isthan]: "Yes, but he did not explain it.  I think now an appropriate time."

[Nari'Najya]: "He did.  Let’s hear it Usagi.  What do you got?"

[Usagi]: "Yes, yes, it is quite simple, although I can't recall exactly what it was..."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Then...t-that isn't very helpful."

[Usagi]: "Your knack for the obvious is unchallenged by any."

Nari'Najya frowns. "Well, just tell us what it was roughly then and we'll work from there."  She looks around as they go along.

[Draven]: "I don't know, I like it like that. Gives us better chances."

Psyche Autumnleaf grins slightly at Draven's words.

[Usagi]: "It requires knowledge of the building; I seem to recall knowing it at some point. I have forgotten. I am sure it will return when I see it."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Knowledge of the building? Do you mean the O-overlord's fortress?"

Isthan frowns "Perhaps we should decide exactly how we are to travel about the town in the first place?"

[Draven]: "Don't look at me. Never did snoop around in the fortress... well, not much anyway."

[Nari'Najya]: "We should travel in two and three I think.  The five of us together may not be the best idea."

[Isthan]: "If you know anything, it is a start we lack at the moment."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Getting into the c-city is easy. The g-guards will only probably ask us our business, and they d-don't really care one way or another."

[Isthan]: "If you say so."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Besides...we are s-strongest when together, not s-separated too."

[Nari'Najya]: She nods. "Okay.  We can stay together."

[Isthan]: "Alright, so, assuming that the guards take little interest in us, what will be next?  Also, I recommend a backup plan should the guards take more notice.  A cover story."

[Draven]: "Well, a cover story works... still - don't make too concrete plans. It's a well known fact that no plan survives contact with enemy."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "We are j-just n-needing a place to stay for the n-night, could work." she clears her throat a bit, looking down at her feet as she walks.

[Isthan]: "Of course, but if we are to have a story, it is best we have the same one I think."

[Usagi]: "Tell them we have come from the port village of Gott , it is how I arrived here after all."

[Isthan]: "And why are we coming to Dan'gen from Gott?"

[Usagi]: "It is relatively small; you are of course seeking opportunity."

[Draven]: "Well, staying for the rest will work. We'll just conduct some business and go away," she says with a smile. "That way, we won't even lie!"

[Isthan]: "Suitable by my ears."

Nari'Najya listens to all the ideas while keeping an eye out for any potential trouble.  "Going for rest works well enough."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "It is b-best to probably play the p-party of a weary traveler. That way, the guards w-won't really care one way or another." she shrugs slightly. "I lived near Dan'gen and I had to go into that t-town almost everyday."

[Draven]: "'Course... when they ask just WHAT the business is, THEN I do propose we bring in some lies..."

[Isthan]: "If Psyche has been there, I recommend what she does.  Experience before guesswork."

[Draven]: "And I'm born and raised in Dan'gen. Still - a fact I'd rather not advertise to the guards just in case."

[Nari'Najya]: "Glad the rest of you have experience in Dan'gen.  So if they ask what business what shall we tell them?"

[Usagi]: "This is not a land where people are thoroughly questioned. Such questions lead to trouble. And if questions arise, a little coin of the sun will grease the way."

[Draven]: "Looking for a tavern to stay for the night and do some provision shopping before heading off."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Um...paying them will p-probably make them ask m-more questions."

[Nari'Najya]: "I like Draven's idea.  We are there to get provisions and then move on...nearly truthful too."

Isthan shrugs, having little to add at the moment and simply keeps an eye about and one hand on his bow.

Usagi turns an eye to regard Psyche. "You have led a sheltered life. When you know not of what you speak, don't."

Psyche Autumnleaf blinks at Usagi. "Sheltered life? You k-know nothing of my life, Usagi, so keep your little r-rat mouth shut."

[Draven]: "Exactly. Tell as much truth as you can without complicating the mission."

[Usagi]: "It more resembles that of a canine, Psyche-shu. Do not mistake your animals." He grins at her.

Psyche Autumnleaf nods to what Draven said. "That is the best c-course" she then glances at Usagi. "You've a-always looked like a rat to me, so that is w-what you will be."

Isthan looks back at Psyche and Usagi "That accomplishes nothing.  Save it for the enemy."

[Usagi]: "Humans are so distastefully unintelligent, especially those who fancy themselves smart. They are the worst, for they know not of their own insignificance," he comments to himself.

Psyche Autumnleaf clears her throat. "Sorry." she states to Isthan.

Isthan nods and goes back to his lookout duty.

Nari'Najya looks around as well.

[JadedDM]: After a couple of hours, the party completely descends the mountain path and finds themselves in the roughlands--most of Renosia is a barren, dry plain with few trees or vegetation.  There is little of interest to see, usually, but just then, the party spots a cloud of dust in the distance.

Psyche Autumnleaf looks towards the cloud of dust, tilting her head slightly.

[Nari'Najya]: "Hmm...looks like something up ahead.."

Isthan concentrates.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): (This cloud dust like a horse made cloud dust?)

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (detect evil innate power.)

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): (It seems to resemble that, yes.  Many horses, perhaps.)

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (Can he use a cantrip to increase his long-range vision?)

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): (Isthan detects nothing of dark intent.)

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): (No, I don't believe so.)

[Nari'Najya]: "Looks like company..." She smiles.

Isthan reaches forward, still concentrating, then abruptly stops and shakes his head. "I sense no ill intent from it, whatever it is."

Psyche Autumnleaf takes a deep breath for a moment. "Just act...n-normal."

[Usagi]: "An amazing epiphany." He continues along the road.

[Draven]: "Yes. Best if we don't go around with the proverbial sign stating 'Enemy of the State' when traveling."

Nari'Najya laughs.

Psyche Autumnleaf snickers softly.

Nari'Najya remains alert as they approach the dust cloud.

Isthan shrugs and stays with the others, awaiting to see what the cloud of dust is.

[JadedDM]: Once the party gets about 500 yards away from it, you can see it is a group of wild horses.

[Isthan]: (going which way?)

[JadedDM]: They're heading south, intersecting with your westward path.  They should pass after a few minutes.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Oh...." her eyes widen slightly at the sight of the horses, smiling faintly.

Usagi clicks his claws together. "How bothersome."

Isthan looks around for a tree or something else just incase...

[Draven]: "Goodie. Horses. Let's make sure they don't decide to trample over us... Well, at least those of us over 4 feet tall..."

[Nari'Najya]: "That is something there.  All those horses."  She grins at Draven.

[JadedDM]: There is a dried up old tree nearby, but it stands alone.  As the horses are still 500 yards away, the party is in no immediate danger of being trampled.

[Isthan]: "I say we stick by the tree for the moment... just incase."

Draven stops. "Let 'em pass the road first..."

Nari'Najya stops as well watching the wild horses.

Psyche Autumnleaf pauses in her steps, so that the horses may run by. "I w-wonder if they are r-running from something."

[Nari'Najya]: "Let’s hope they are running to something."

[Draven]: "Maybe. Maybe not. I might be a city girl, but word is out on the street that the horses like to run on occasions. 

Isthan keeps his mind open for evil emanations.

[JadedDM]: The horses pass, leaving the westward path clear again.

Usagi observes the horses as they pass then continues along.

Nari'Najya continues on.

Isthan gets moving again as well.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: Once the horses make their way past she continues walking as well.

[Draven]: "Well now..." she says, then starts heading towards Dan'gen again.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Isthan will keep detecting evil so long as the spell duration lasts.

Nari'Najya keeps an eye out for anything else that may decide to cross their path.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): (Isthan senses nothing out of the ordinary within range.)

[JadedDM]: Nothing else of note happens for that day, and eventually night falls.  After ten hours of travel, the party is starting to feel tired.  The two moons are but slits of light in the sky, as both are waning.

Draven keeps an eye out for potential places to camp at.

Isthan says a brief prayer as the sun sets.

[JadedDM]: Unfortunately, the roughlands are rather barren, and there's nothing really around.  One spot is just as good as another for camping.

Usagi finds a suitable place to settle down and make camp and settles down.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (How do you handle herbalism btw?  Is it just a set thing or does my character needs to hunt?)

Psyche Autumnleaf yawns, covering her mouth with her hand as she does so before she finds a nice spot to sit down, much like Usagi did.

Usagi waves a claw and mutters a few words.

Nari'Najya sets out her blanket.  "Watch?  I'll take last."

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): (Every now and again, he does have to go looking or shopping to replenish his stocks.  For now, it's assumed he's stocked up at the moment.)

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "T-third watch."

[Draven]: "I'll take the first."

[Isthan]: "Azedeth has blessed me with eyes for the night.  Fit me in during the dark hours, I care not when."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=7  = [ 7 ]

Usagi the area in front of Usagi is swept by an invisible force, all excess dirt, dust, twigs, and such things are moved aside. Settles down there and takes the rope from his shoulder.

Draven sits to take watch on a rock. if there's none, she'll just sit somewhere.

Psyche Autumnleaf munches on some of her rations before she curls up, using her backpack as a pillow without really crushing anything inside.

Isthan prepares to rest.

Nari'Najya eats some rations before she goes to sleep herself using her pack as a pillow too.

Isthan just sits down.

Draven slowly nibbles on some rations during her watch.

Psyche Autumnleaf glances over to Draven, speaking softly. "How long has it b-been since you've been back to Dan'gen?"

[Draven]: "Couple of months," she says with a shrug. "Not all THAT long."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "Oh..." she frowns slightly..."Didn't...didn't you use to w-work for the Overlord?"

Usagi invokes his arcane powers with a series of gestures and alien words.

Psyche Autumnleaf shifts her eyes over to Usagi, studying him for a moment.

[Draven]: "Yup. ‘Till they decided to screw me over, anyway."

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "W-what did they do?"

Usagi completes his ministrations and he grows in size, his hands morphing to what appear to be digging claw-type instruments. Immediately gets to work in burrowing.

Psyche Autumnleaf raises an eyebrow at Usagi, shaking her head. "Wasteful..."

[Draven]: "Conned me out of... things...." she says, trailing off as she watches the kobold grow.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): Isthan hears a slight hissing sound behind him.

Isthan perks up and turns veeeerrry slowly.

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: ", don't really believe in the rebel cause. You are just h-here because...because...well, w-why are you here with us?"

Nari'Najya rolls around to see Usagi all large and in charge, burrowing... "Usagi....what are you doing?"

[Draven]: "Can't leave cads and con-men on the post, now can I?" she says, giving Psyche an utterly humorless smile.

Usagi doesn't answer Nari, his brow furrowed as he works.

Psyche Autumnleaf smiles faintly. " I guess not." she speaks to Nari. "Trying to m-make us more noticeable...or trying to h-hide himself when he sleeps."

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): Using his infravision to help see in the dark, he spots three elongated creatures, about 5' long slithering slowly toward the camp.  They are about 10 yards away.

[Isthan]: "To arms!"

Nari'Najya watches him dig.

Isthan grabs his bow and prepares a shot; is just facing the dark, but his face shows concern.

Draven grabs her axe. "What?"

Nari'Najya gets up and picks up her sword too.  She is looking around.

Psyche Autumnleaf blinks, standing up quickly as she looks around the area. "W-what?"

Usagi pauses from his work to regard Isthan.

[Isthan]: "Snakes... Big ones."

[Nari'Najya]: "Snakes?"

[Draven]: "Great... at least it isn't spiders..."

[JadedDM]: (Snakes...why did it have to be snakes?)

Usagi dispels his new form, peering into the darkness to see any snakes. "Nari-shu, this sounds like some fun for you."

[JadedDM]: Nari, Draven, and Psyche cannot see much of anything in the dim moonlight.  Usagi strains his eyes, and he can see them, too.  They seem to have slowed down.

[Isthan]: (Hey, it is his best guess, and given his night vision, I imagine he can see something that close pretty clearly.  So if you want to give more detail, please do so.)

[Usagi]: (How big are we talking?)

Nari'Najya turns in the direction that Isthan is facing, straining her eyes to see what is coming, sword at ready.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan and Usagi): The snakes are five feet long or so.  They have black and red markings and are moving slowly, but with determination toward the camp.

[Usagi]: (Also, how many?)

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan and Usagi): There are only three of them.

Usagi waves a claw and says a few words.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=16  = [ 16 ]

[Isthan]: "Three of them, snakes, I am sure of it.  Maybe five feet long." he says as he nocks the arrow he has been preparing to fire.

Usagi frowns and gives it another go.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan and Usagi): The snakes approach again, speeding up.  They rear up and hiss once they are about 15 feet away.

[Isthan]: (Hold on now... Can I fire or not?)

[JadedDM]: The snakes move close enough for the others to see them now, just barely.  They rear up and hiss.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): (Yeah, but you have to roll for it.)

[Isthan]: (I mentioned the intent back when Isthan first saw them!)

[JadedDM]: (Then bloody roll all ready, geez.)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=6  = [ 6 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=18  = [ 18 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf frowns upon seeing the snakes, in which she says a few words that seem to rhyme, as she waves her arms in the air slightly.

Usagi moves next to Nari and starts spouting magical words, taking out some fur from a small pocket.

[Nari'Najya]: "Fun..." Her sword ready to chop their little heads off 

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d20) :  1d20=20  = [ 20 ]

[Draven]: "Come one, come all... I got plenty of death for everybody..." she says, her axe at the ready.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d6) :  1d6=4  = [ 4 ]

[JadedDM]: Everyone roll initiative.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d10) :  1d10=5  = [ 5 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d10) :  1d10=6  = [ 6 ]

Isthan fires two arrows in rapid succession toward the incoming figures, there is a pained hiss in the darkness.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d10) :  1d10=3  = [ 3 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d10) :  1d10=8  = [ 8 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10+9) : 1d10=9  = [ 18 ]

[JadedDM]: (Actions?)

Usagi is spouting arcane words next to Nari.

Draven attacks the incoming snakes with her axe.

[Isthan]: (can Isthan get a clean shot?)

Psyche Autumnleaf is obviously casting some sort of cantrip.

Nari'Najya will attack the closest snakey.

[JadedDM]: (Nari and Draven have both engaged a snake.  There is one left that Isthan can hit clearly.)

Isthan will fire at the snake that is apart from the others.

[JadedDM]: Psyche goes first.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d20) :  1d20=2  = [ 2 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf mutters her rhyme in which small orange flames seem to shoot from her fingertips towards one of the snakes, in hopes of scaring the thing.

[JadedDM]: The snake Isthan is aiming at hisses at the flames, then turns and tries to slither away.

[JadedDM]: The snake Nari is fighting leaps at her, biting into her uncovered leg.

[Nari'Najya]: "Ouch...bloody...little bastard..."

[JadedDM]: Nari's turn.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d20) :  1d20=20  = [ 20 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (2d4+2) : 2d4=2,3  = [ 7 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (2d4+2) : 2d4=1,1  = [ 4 ]

Nari'Najya in her aggravation of the little thing bite her she swing her sword and chops the things head off, making it fall limp to the ground. "Damn little got what you deserve."

[JadedDM]: The third snake bites at Draven, but she easily evades it. Isthan's first attack.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=16  = [ 16 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d6) :  1d6=6  = [ 6 ]

[Psyche Autumnleaf]: "I hope they a-aren't poisonous."

Isthan looses his first arrow after drawing a careful bead on the fleeing snake.  There is another pained hiss from the darkness.

[JadedDM]: Draven's turn.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=2  = [ 13 ]

[Draven]: The price of evading the snake is imbalance, though, and she nearly loses her axe in the process. Manages to hold on, though, and stay put for further combat.

[JadedDM]: Usagi continues his chanting.  Isthan's second attack.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=4  = [ 4 ]

Isthan looses his second arrow, this time only silence follows.

[JadedDM]: Second round.  Actions?

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (Can he even cancel his spell?)

[Nari'Najya]: (there is only one left right?)

Isthan will try to get to Nari and treat her wound.

Draven tries her luck again with attacking.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): (Yes.)

[JadedDM]: One is fleeing, and one is attacking Draven.

Psyche Autumnleaf starts muttering a few little words again, turning towards the snake that Draven is attacking.

Usagi stops his chanting and tucks the hairs away, points at the fleeing snake and begins casting again.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10+9) : 1d10=4  = [ 13 ]

Nari'Najya stands ready in the event that Draven is unable to kill her snake.

[JadedDM]: (Everyone who hasn't all ready done so, roll initiative again.)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d10) :  1d10=8  = [ 8 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d10) :  1d10=1  = [ 1 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d10) :  1d10=1  = [ 1 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d10) :  1d10=1  = [ 1 ]

[JadedDM]: Usagi's first.

Usagi gestures and chants a quick spell, a claw pointing at the fleeing snake, two glowing bits of light streak at the snake.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (2d4+2) : 2d4=3,4  = [ 9 ]

Usagi’s glowing missiles sink into the snake, burning their way into it and disappearing, as its flame of life flickers out and dies.

[JadedDM]: Psyche's turn.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche Autumnleaf: (1d20) :  1d20=19  = [ 19 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf mutters the words to her cantrip, yet nothing seems to happen, in which she lets out a small curse.

[JadedDM]: Nari stands still while Isthan tends to her.  Isthan's turn.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=13  = [ 13 ]

Nari'Najya watches Isthan do his thing, yippy for healers!

Isthan works quickly, trying to tend the wound; however he is too slow and is not able to counter the damage.

[JadedDM]: The last snake bites at Draven, this time sinking its fangs into her.  Draven’s turn.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (15-1d20) : 1d20=13  = [ 2 ]

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10+2) : 1d10=8  = [ 10 ]

Draven swings her slow, but massive weapon and, without much ado, ceremonies or bells and whistles, cuts the snake's head in half. Needless to say, the snake has great trouble surviving this.

[JadedDM]: ( Battle complete.)

Isthan will attempt to treat Draven's wound.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d20) :  1d20=13  = [ 13 ]

Psyche Autumnleaf looks over to Isthan. "Do you know if those snakes w-were poisonous or not?"

Isthan looks up while working on Draven... a moment too slow yet again. "Not sure, am about to look at that."  Isthan goes back to Nari to inspect the wound for signs of poison.

[Nari'Najya]: "I sure hope not." She puts her sword away and looks at the new snake bit or tries to in the darkness while letting Isthan check out her wound.

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): Roll a saving throw, please.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d20) :  1d20=11  = [ 11 ]

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): The poison setting in, Draven feels intense pain from the wound.  She suffers 6 more damage.

Usagi flicks himself on the nose for his stupidity. "Troublesome little things. They fell easily though. It is odd to see a snake work in a group."

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): Isthan determines there was poison in the wound.

Draven groans and grits her teeth. "I... hate... snakes..."

[Isthan]: "By Azedeth's light..." He rushes frantically to get at his herbs to treat the wounds.

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): (err... that's 6 damage, right, not 6 per round or anything?)

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): Yes, just the 6 damage.

[Nari'Najya]: "What?!"  She demands, becoming alarmed...."Talk to me Isthan!"

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): Roll a d20, please.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Nari'Najya: (1d20) :  1d20=8  = [ 8 ]

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (Can Isthan treat it?)

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): Nari feels intense pain and suffers 9 more damage from the poison.

Psyche frowns, figuring that does mean that they were poisonous. "I think that t-they were poisonous, but I'm s-sure he can fix it. I...I could find some herbs that could h-help, maybe."

Nari'Najya cries out in pain and drops to the ground. "Holy gods!"

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): He can try, but it looks like the poison has all ready taken affect.  It has a very short onset time, only a few minutes.

Isthan digs through is pack, getting what he needs. "Poisoned, yes.  I will attempt to counter it for the both of you."

Draven sits down, closes her eyes and grits her teeth.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (this requiring a check?)

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): No, it's pretty obvious based on their screams of pain, I would think.

Usagi moves to Isthan. "Isthan-shu, you need only note the herbs you need and I will conjure them."

Nari'Najya looks at Isthan. "I hope you can fix this." She is wincing in pain.

Psyche quickly, despite the darkness, looks for any type of plant life that might be around that she could use to counter poison.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM) (no toward what?)

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya and Draven): After a few moments, the pain passes.  The wound feels numb and swells a bit, but otherwise you are starting to feel better.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): No, a check is not needed.

Isthan gets to work, using his herbcraft and medical knowledge to counteract the venom as best he can.

Psyche sits down, watching Isthan treat the two women.

Nari'Najya relaxes, frowns at the bite, and just sits there..."How lame....being bitten by a snake...."

[JadedDM]: Isthan uses his herbs and medical knowledge to help ease their pain, but it seems the venom has all ready done its damage.  Thankfully, it was not lethal.

[Draven]: "Meh. Even so, better than spiders..."

Isthan tries to assess the severity of both of their injuries.

Nari'Najya looks at Draven. "I suppose." She sighs.

Psyche snickers softly, curling back up again to use her backpack as a pillow. "We s-should all get some rest."

Usagi moves over to Nari and pokes her in the forehead. "It was just a little snake. I thought you were tough, Nari-shu."

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): The damage is not overwhelming.  It might have killed a weaker person, but these two seem to be made of sterner stuff.  It should heal up naturally in a week or so--sooner, if treated properly.

[Draven]: "Apparently not. Next time, you get the frontlines." Draven winks and grins at Nari as she says that.

Isthan begins praying.

Nari'Najya swats at his hand. "That's my point. It is lame it get taken down by a bloody snake."

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): Cure light wounds for Nari 

Nari'Najya smiles back.

[Psyche]: "You w-weren't really t-taken down though. It just bit you, and you survived."

[Nari'Najya]: "I'm on the ground aren't I?  It's still lame."

Isthan holds forth his hand which begins to glow with a soft golden light.  He gently touches Nari's injury and a warm feeling washes over her.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d8) :  1d8=8  = [ 8 ]

[Psyche]: " a-aren't dead, are you?" she smiles faintly.

Usagi retracts his claws. "The front line is suitable for people of great body and little mind."

Isthan moves over to Draven to check on her next.

Nari'Najya smiles as the nice warm feeling takes over the numbness. "Oh, much better."  She looks at Isthan.  "Thank you."

[Psyche]: "Everyone h-has a little mind to you, Usagi."

Isthan begins chanting once again.

[Draven]: "So, back lines are for those that are of little body and even smaller mind?"

[Usagi]: "You are once again my heart's delight Psyche-shu, I had doubted your observational abilities. 

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d8) :  1d8=2  = [ 2 ]

Isthan interrupts the argument with another healing touch, a similar warm feeling washes over Draven, though not near as potent.

[Psyche]: "You know, Usagi, if you dislike us h-humans so much, why do you follow o-one?"

Isthan tries to reassess both of their injuries to see who is worse off.

Nari'Najya gets up and returns to her blanket. Looking over to Draven to make sure she is doing better too before she lies down.  "Let’s sleep."

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): Nari is nearly healed.  The bite mark is nothing more than a minor scar that should heal up in a few days completely on its own.  Draven is the worst off of the two.

Isthan begins chanting over Draven once again.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d8) :  1d8=6  = [ 6 ]

Draven is doing somewhat better. "Agreed. Probably the most sensible thing said here today," she says, lying down as well.

Usagi looks at Psyche with a grin. "My reasons are my own." He moves back to his digging place, to check on how his hole was doing.

Psyche shakes her head before finally closing her eyes to get some sleep.

Isthan touches a third and final glowing hand to her wound, and a feeling of warmth closes the wound once again.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (Did he get his burrow finished?)

[Draven]: "Thanks," she mutters from next to Nari and proceeds to get some sleep.

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): It should be sufficient for one of his size.

Isthan finishes his work and mutters a brief thanks to Azedeth before finding a place to sleep for himself.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (Is it just a hole, or is it a hole leading to a little den?)

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): It's basically a small hole, maybe two or three feet deep.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (For future reference, when I say burrow, I mean a little hole leading to a den. Darn those snakes for interrupting.)

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): When Isthan's watch comes up he will check on both of their bandages.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=7  = [ 7 ]

Usagi cleans up an area with a rhyming couplet. "Filth, be now gone, let me sleep until dawn." Usagi lies down to sleep.

Isthan is going to make sure to tend both of the warriors’ wounds before he gets some sleep to assist their healing.

Draven is healthy enough already.

[JadedDM]: The morning comes without incident.  It is now the 7th, Rockday.  The bodies of the snakes are easily seen now, and they have all ready started to rot a bit.

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): Draven would start to be getting pretty thirsty by this point, as she doesn't have a wineskin with her, and thus, no water.

Isthan greets the dawn with a prayer to Azedeth and begins to petition his god for spells.

Psyche yawns as she wakes, brushing dirt and things off her robes as she glances around the camp site.

Usagi moves over to the snakes.

Draven wakes early, as usual. Does some stretches, then walks around nearby while the others sleep.

Nari'Najya gets up and gives a couple of prays herself, before standing up and getting her gear together.  She looks at the remains of the snake bite when she is ready to go.

Isthan finishes his morning rituals and proceeds to try to salvage any arrows he can.

Psyche pushes herself up quietly, placing her backpack back up on her shoulders.

Nari'Najya looks around at everyone. "We ready?"

[Psyche]: "I am."

[Draven]: "More or less."

Usagi frowns at the thing he holds in his hand. "I require a small blade."

Isthan digs a knife out of his pack while searching for arrows and tosses it to the Kobold.

Usagi catches it and then goes to work, removing the stomachs of the snakes, if he can find them.

Nari'Najya watches Usagi.

(Draven whispered to JadedDM): (Does Nari seem to have a waterskin?)

(JadedDM whispered to Draven): Yes.

[JadedDM]: Usagi collects the three snake bellies easy enough.  Fortunately, they seem more or less intact.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (any of the arrows salvageable?)

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): Yes, all four seem to be salvageable.

Usagi puts them in a container with his other snake stomach. "Grime and filth disgust me, make the blade and claws blood free."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=9  = [ 9 ]

[Draven]: "Mind spotting some?" Draven asks Nari during the collective moment of morbidness, pointing at her waterskin.

Isthan finishes his search, thanking Azedeth for his boon as he carefully cleans and replaces his arrows.

Psyche laughs faintly at the kobold, finding at least something amusing. "Let’s get g-going."

Usagi the blood is removed from the blade and his person. Walks over and hands the knife back to Isthan. "Thanks, Isthan-shu. I may need that again."

Isthan nods and replaces the knife among his other things.

[Nari'Najya]: "Not at all."  Nari tosses Draven her waterskin.

Isthan approaches the two warriors. "All well this morning?"

Draven has a drink, then returns it, but does not toss it, though.  She answers Isthan, "Well? Yes. Good? Well, for that, I'd need to be someplace else, for starters."

Usagi fuels himself on water and rations as he walks. He starts himself down the path, clicking his claws absently.

Nari'Najya looks at Isthan. "Well enough, yes." She takes her waterskin back.

[Isthan]: "Good then... I was thinking we might try selling those snakes in Dan'gen.  The skins might have some worth."

Psyche begins her walk to Dan'gen.

[Nari'Najya]: "Sure.  Why not?  Get them and then let’s continue."

[Isthan]: "I... am not sure I could carry that much.  If it is to be a burden it is not worth it.  Perhaps someone here is skilled with hides?"

Nari'Najya looks at the others, "I am not."

[Draven]: "What she said," Draven says with a nod at Nari.

Psyche calls over her shoulder. "Neither am I."

Nari'Najya begins to walk to Dan'gen as no one is piping up. "Nice idea Isthan, but looks like no go. But let us go."

[Isthan]: "Ahh, well, at least some hawk gets a decent meal out of the deal.  Lead on." He follows the others.

Draven gets going as the others do.

[JadedDM]: The five continue on their way, heading westward through the roughlands.

Nari'Najya keeps a keen eye out for trouble.

[Psyche]: "Have we t-thought of a plan to get into the fortress?"

[Nari'Najya]: "Usagi?"

[Isthan]: "Best to see what we are dealing with first I think."

Nari'Najya turns to the kobold.  "Remember anything?"

Usagi moves along. "I am sure I mentioned the need to know the building's layout."

[Psyche]: "Yes...I agree, but t-talking about freeing prisoner's within Dan'gen...there are lots of eyes and e-ears in a place such as that." she glances at Draven. "Since she u-used to work for the Overlord, maybe she could h-help."

Nari'Najya shrugs. She looks over at Draven. 

[Draven]: "Well, one thing's certain - we do NOT talk about the mission while in the city, not before everyone else in the city drops dead, anyway. As for the Overlord..." she shrugs. "I'd nay put overmuch stock in being able to get to him. Starr - may that bastard rot - is probably there before me and I could only complicate things.

Isthan keeps an eye out for any interesting plant life.

[Psyche]: " know where the p-prison cells are and s-such, right?"

[JadedDM]: Sadly, the roughlands are mostly void of any plant life, and the few that are found tend to look rather pathetic.

[Draven]: "No. Aside the general direction. Never did wander very freely in the compound."

Isthan shines up his holy symbol on his robes and straightens his appearance out as he walks.

[Nari'Najya]: " in addition to finding a way in we need to find a way around too.  This should be interesting."

Usagi rubs a horn above his left eye.

[Psyche]: "Well...I w-would still like to hear Usagi's idea, d-despite not having the layout of the place. At least the general idea of it."

[Usagi]: "My memory fails me once again. It may have involved applying for jobs for the Overlord, although I'm not entirely sure."

[Draven]: "Allow me to translate, dear friends - the kobold doesn't have the foggiest idea."

Usagi keeps on walking. "The streak of observational talent runs deep in humans."

Psyche sighs. " know we h-have a priest of Azedeth with us...m-maybe we could use that."

[Nari'Najya]: "But staging to be travelers looking for work from the overlord.  That is an idea.  But it does not guarantee that we will get where we want to in the overlord's compound."

Isthan looks at Psyche "What exactly have you got in mind?"

[Draven]: "And being armed as we are, we're most likely to be set up against other rebels."

[Psyche]: "Well, a priest of Azedeth...b-boldly walking into Dan'gen with a group of people is...kind of s-strange. Maybe...we could say s-some of us were captured.  That would p-probably get us into the cell...the only problem then is breaking out."

[Usagi]: "You could forge some papers I am sure to say they came from Janus."

[Draven]: "Uhh, best not to admire the cells from the inside..."

Psyche nods to Usagi. "Signed by the B-Baroness...right."

[Usagi]: "And of course, I could continue along invisible, and slip inside the cell as they lock them up. And a simple spell would unlock the prison door carrying with me a few weapons."

[Psyche]: "That would be your a-area. Though, after you g-get them out of the cell, what then? You s-still have to get past the g-guards again."

[Usagi]: "A distraction is in order; that would be the second group's task."

[Isthan]: "As for our entry... I need not stride in boldly proclaiming myself a servant of Azedeth.  When stealth is called for, it is allowed."

[Draven]: "No, no, no... Having ourselves locked up is beyond stupid."

Psyche glances at Draven. "Not all of us w-would be locked up. Just...well s-some of us."

[Isthan]: "As for my robes, they have already picked up the dust of the road, and are... well, quite plain things.  My symbol is easily tucked away as well."

[Nari'Najya]: "So who would be getting locked up? 

Usagi grins a little. "Isthan-shu and you, rock head."

[Draven]: "One is too many, too. Don't forget - when you're on the outside and the plans go wrong, you can try and run away. When you're in the cell... well, you're up the river without a boat or a paddle...”

[Psyche]: "Well, I would g-go with Isthan because Amakororo might be h-hurt badly...and...Draven, as she has left the Overlord."

[Isthan]: "I have no objection to going.  As Psyche says I am likely needed and through faith I fear no servant of the dark powers.  Of course, in the end, the final decision lies in the hands of our leader."

Nari'Najya is thinking this over.

Psyche glances at Nari. "I c-could cause a distraction long e-enough for everyone to e-escape I think."

[Draven]: "Listen, for... something's sake! This is potential suicide! Who's to tell they won't dismiss you as inconsequential foes and have you executed on spot?"

Usagi clicks his claws together in a slow rhythm. "It is obvious; she will decide to follow this plan. Being a rebel, Isthan would have vital information I'm sure they could use."

[Isthan]: "Draven does of course know the city better than the rest of us it seems."

Psyche glances at Draven. "You b-betrayed him. He would want you...and Isthan, being a rebel...he would want his information." she shrugs slightly. "They would h-have no reason to turn us all in, as we are doing...a public service. M-many people have done it." she frowns slightly.

[Isthan]: "I would remind you that we are all rebels... Who is to say how well we are known?"

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): Nari spots something up ahead, about 500 yards or so.  It appears to be two animals, but you can't tell much from here yet.

Nari'Najya slows down her pace, looking intently ahead of them.

[Draven]: "I don't even know if he KNOWS I turned against him. I certainly never said that, just claimed that I'm not willing to work with Starr anymore and will take some time off."

[Psyche]: "Well...then..." she sighs. "Do you h-have any other ideas?"

[Isthan]: "So perhaps we should test the waters of your connections?"

Usagi clicks his claws as he thinks.

[Draven]: She shrugs. "Worth a try. Just don't hold your breath."

[Psyche]: "It is a g-good plan, I think. We c-can't really trust her c-connections, as well, the Overlord, might think she has b-betrayed him, and so...I would assume everyone e-else would know."

[Isthan]: "There is a lot of guesswork either way.  There is no avoiding that."

[Usagi]: "The distraction though, is missing substance, what parlor tricks do you have in your tome, Psyche-shu?"

[Psyche]: "Well..." she pauses, thinking for a few moments on what she has.

(Nari'Najya whispered to JadedDM): (are the animals just walking towards them?)

[Draven]: "Well... it'd be fun to conjure some fiend... afraid it ain't gonna happen, though."

Isthan looks to Draven in shock "I... don't think that would be much fun."

(JadedDM whispered to Nari'Najya): No, they aren't moving at all.  You are all walking straight toward them, however.

[Draven]: "Well, okay, maybe not FUN, but certainly effective. I can see the Overlord's camp running about like an ant hill that's been poked... So, I guess it's fun afterall..."

[Nari'Najya]: "This all sounds good..." She frowns.  "But we are coming up on some sort of critters here..." She is looking ahead.

Draven looks at the same direction as Nari.

Isthan shudders slightly and continues walking, keeping an eye on what Nari points out.

Usagi directs his attention to down the road.

[Psyche]: "Well, I could...." she pauses, looking towards the critters Nari talked about, kind of forgetting Usagi's question.

[JadedDM]: Up ahead, about 300 yards or so, are two creatures.  It's difficult to make them out in detail here, but they are grey and furry and do not seem to be moving.

Usagi continues moving down the road towards them.

[Nari'Najya]: "Hmm...we seem to have some attraction to animals..."

Psyche lowers her voice. "What are t-those things?"

[Nari'Najya]: "Not sure."

Isthan approaches carefully, readying an arrow as he moves.

Nari'Najya has her hand on her sword.

[Isthan]: "Hold a moment." Isthan concentrates.

Draven keeps her axe on her shoulder, though.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (Innate ability: Detect Evil once again.)

Nari'Najya slows at Isthan's request.

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): Isthan detects no dark forces in the area.

Usagi continues walking, heedless of the priest.

Isthan shakes his head once again. "Nothing of note yet, again."  He starts moving again.

Nari'Najya continues as well.

[JadedDM]: The five cautiously approach forward (although I should point out, it is not a 'road') toward the creatures.  As they get closer, they can make out more details.  They look like badgers--however, they are at least twice as big--about four feet long.  One seems to be caught in some sort of rusty bear trap and is bleeding.  The second spots the approaching party and it stands in front of the trapped one and snarls.

[Nari'Najya]: "The poor fool got himself trapped..."

[Draven]: "Where's a druid when you need one..?"

[Isthan]: "I...  That certainly is a...  Well, a big badger."

[JadedDM]: (Badgers?  Badgers?!  We don't need no stinkin' badgers!)

Usagi halts and taps his claws against each other.

[Psyche]: "Well...think s-someone could free it?"

[Usagi]: "I have something that might do the trick."

Nari'Najya looks at Usagi.

[Psyche]: "Wait...m-magic could scare them, and we d-don't need them too t-terribly scared, or that one is g-going to attack." she motions to the snarling badger thingy.

[Usagi]: (How far away are the 'badgers'?)

[Isthan]: "And... exactly what is it that you recommend then Psyche?"

[JadedDM]: (Around 20 yards now.)

[Psyche]: "Well...we have to prove w-we aren't a threat first." she figures this makes logical sense.

[Usagi]: "Leave this to me, stand still." He removes a little container with a gray powder in it, from his robe and begins chanting.

[Isthan]: "And... how exactly do you intend to do that?" He stands back a bit from Usagi.

Nari'Najya remains a safe distance from Usagi and watches his doings.

[Psyche]: "...Usagi..." she sighs. " r-really doesn't matter now."

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (Real quick, is enlarge reversible?)

(JadedDM whispered to Usagi): Yes, Reduce.  However, he did not memorize it.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (I see, well he'll be casting enlarge on the badger thing in the trap, in hopes it will grow too big to be constrained.)

[Usagi]: The words and gestures to his spell form the magic taken from the planet's core. He sprinkles a bit of powdered iron to the wind, which flows towards the badger in the trap, the thing growing almost half as big again as the iron touches it.

Nari'Najya watches the creature grow and smiles in awe at seeing this growing.

[JadedDM]: The trapped badger begins to grow even larger, and you hear it cry out as the bear trap digs into its wound.  After a few agonizing moments, the bear trap begins to creak and then it snaps.

Isthan begins chanting.

Usagi grins and cries aloud in success. "Yaha!"

[Nari'Najya]: "Well done Usagi."

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): I kept forgetting about this, but remember you need to roll a d100 before every prayer you cast.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): (ahh)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d100) :  1d100=16  = [ 16 ]

[JadedDM]: The even bigger badger is free, but it appears more wounded now.

(Isthan whispered to JadedDM): I know, can I do the effect or are we getting right into initiative?

(JadedDM whispered to Isthan): No, you can go ahead and do the effect.

Usagi leans back to balance on his tail. "Usagi Kiryu, he who contradicts nature!"

Psyche shakes her head. "After h-hurting it more."

Isthan finishes his chant and he touches his chest.  From the point where he touches grows out a hard brown substance like tree bark which quickly covers his entire body.

[Draven]: "Why on earth were these badgers so big to begin with, anyway? And yes, that's rhetoric..."

Nari'Najya watches Isthan.  "Hopefully Isthan can help the poor thing."

Usagi clicks his claws together then grins again. "Here are badgers with mighty girth, make the air smell of earth." Gestures at the creatures.

(Usagi whispered to JadedDM): (He's trying to make the air around the badgers smell like a badger den, in hopes of course that the smell of home will be comforting.)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=19  = [ 19 ]

[Isthan]: "I was thinking more along the lines of surviving the attack should they become violent.  It is a pity, but one should never prod at a wounded wild animal... even if it is to help."

[Nari'Najya]: "Oh."

Usagi growls a little as a small bit of smoke rises from his claws. He tries this one again with different wording. "I have burrowed now and then; bring the smell of a badger den."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=16  = [ 16 ]

[JadedDM]: The smaller badger continues to snarl and gnash its teeth at the party, but has yet to make a move to attack yet.

[Psyche]: "Maybe w-we should just walk around them."

Isthan keeps his bow ready, prepared for the worst, but still loathe to fire.

Usagi growls as smoke once again raises from his claws. "The badgers here are on their own, make the air smell like their home."

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d20) :  1d20=11  = [ 11 ]

[Draven]: "Yes, let's go around them, unless anyone wants to try their luck with healing that badger..."

Usagi actually succeeds this time, and the air is filled with the smell of rich soil and badger.

[Nari'Najya]: "Anyone for healing the badger, speak now. Or else we continue.

[Psyche]: "We f-freed it. H-healing would be a bad idea."

[Isthan]: "Its plight is unfortunate, but unless you wish to incapacitate them for me I believe that the risk outweighs the gain.  Usagi has helped all he can."

[Draven]: "Not me. I'm not even a healer. Though I like animals, I'd rather not prod them overmuch..."

[JadedDM]: The badger seems to become more upset, and begins to dig its claws into the ground, as if it were protecting its home.

[Draven]: "Hmm... actually, either of you spellslingers able to make them sleep?”

[Psyche]: "Lets go...n-now"

[Usagi]: "Incapacitate, hmmm, I have just the spell!"

[Nari'Najya]: "Okay around them we go." She begins to backup and make a nice big circle around the fellows.

Usagi pulls out a vial filled with colorful sand and begins chanting.

[Nari'Najya]: "Usagi, save it."

Isthan is going to do the same, carefully and keeping his bow ready.

Psyche moves to whap Usagi to stop his spell casting.

[Usagi]: (Yes, because stopping a spell during the process sure doesn't make him forget it anyway >_>)

[Psyche]: (She knows that.)

[Usagi]: (Just giving you a hard time.)

[JadedDM]: Usagi's spell is disrupted.

[Usagi]: (I demand initiative.)

[Psyche]: (He's not moving!)

[JadedDM]: (Oh, for crying out loud.  Both of you roll a d10.)

[Draven]: (I support the demand. Draven's gonna try and stop Psyche, since as far as she knows, disrupting spells can bring bad consequences)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Psyche: (1d10) :  1d10=4  = [ 4 ]

[Usagi]: (She has to move to get to him, 'cides he might get the spell off before she whaps him.)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d10) :  1d10=5  = [ 5 ]

[Isthan]: (Isthan and Matt have both wisely decided to stay out of this.)

[JadedDM]: Psyche wins.

[Usagi]: (Even over Draven?)

(To JadedDM) DICE for Draven: (1d10) :  1d10=1  = [ 1 ]

[JadedDM]: (Draven didn't roll.)

[JadedDM]: (Okay, then Draven wins.)

[Draven]: "Hey!" she says, grabbing Psyche's arm. "Don't make the spell backfire, YOU of all people should know not to mess with magic!"

[Psyche]: "D-Draven, his is only going to make them even m-madder...I'm a m-mage. I know what I'm doing!"

[Usagi]: (And who said being anal retentive about rules never pays off?)

Nari'Najya glances over to them, frowning.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Usagi: (1d6) :  1d6=3  = [ 3 ]

[Draven]: "Well, err... Hell, I don't know..." she hesitates.

Usagi throws some colorful sand into the air as he chants, the colors becoming a mesmerizing mesh. Both badgers pass out. He has a smug grin on his face. "Now, if you can, priest."

[Draven]: "Well, that's that then, I guess..."

Isthan shrugs and hurries over to the larger, downed, injured badger and quickly begins chanting.

Psyche sighs, crossing her arms once she is let go.

Nari'Najya watches Isthan heal the badger.

Isthan mutters through the prayer, his hand glowing golden and he touches the injured creatures wound.

(To JadedDM) DICE for Isthan: (1d8) :  1d8=2  = [ 2 ]

[Usagi]: "Now for the rest of us, it is time to go." He moves along down the road, going past the badgers.

[JadedDM]: The larger badger shows little improvement.

Nari'Najya walks.

Psyche starts on her walk again, following after Nari.

[Isthan]: "I will make a quick bandage."

[Draven]: "Yes... Yes, let's just go..."

[Nari'Najya]: Glances back to Isthan.

Isthan bandages the wound quickly and then rejoins the others.

Usagi waits for Isthan, nodding approvingly. He looks back at Psyche with a grin. "Remember who was right, Psyche-shu."

[Nari'Najya]: "Okay, let’s return to our plan, yeah?"

Psyche narrows her eyes, her shoulders tensing a bit as she pretty much just keeps quiet.

Isthan catches up. "Well, I stopped the bleeding and patched it up.  I am no animal healer but it is at least better off than it was."

[Draven]: "Yes. And let's hope there'll be no more badgers to disrupt us... Err, how long do they sleep, now?"

[Usagi]: "Only minutes, we had best hurry." He continues along at a brisk place.

Isthan does just that, not overly eager to be around when they wake up.

Nari'Najya keeps pace with them.

[Draven]: "Good. We'll make it out of here nice enough... but it'd kinda defeat the purpose - not to mention be utterly stupid - if something attacked them in their sleep..."

[Usagi]: "They should wake just after we leave, fear not."

[JadedDM]: The party briskly continues on, until the badgers are out of sight.

Nari'Najya continuing and return to topic.  "So let’s review our plan so far."

Isthan walks along with the others, his skin suddenly reverting back to its natural form.

[Usagi]: "How uninteresting." He clicks his claws together, as is his habit.

[Draven]: "Indeed. We'll need a safe spot in the city, where we can talk. We can't plan overmuch here, as we don't know the details. Here's my idea:"

[Psyche]: "Not m-many safe spots in Dan'gen...if any."

[Draven]: "Let's get into the city first and take a look around. Then get a place to rest and eat at. If we have new information, we'll gather at an inn room, discussing trivial matters and WRITING the info to each other - careful to destroy the writings afterwards of course."

[Usagi]: "Psyche-shu, what spells do you possess? I seem to have forgotten them."

[Isthan]: "Do all here read Renosian?"

[Psyche]: "I've never t-told you my spells." she glances at Isthan. "I can."

[Isthan]: "I can as well."

[Usagi]: "Yes, yes, I can read your language fine. Tell me your spells then, if you please, novitiate."

Nari'Najya shakes her head. "I can not read Renosian."

[Psyche]: "I'm not telling you m-my spells, Usagi. That is not your b-business, and I'm CERTAINLY not your n-novitiate."

[Usagi]: "A shame, I was going to offer you a few of my reality shattering spells."

[Psyche]: "Shame indeed."

[Usagi]: "It is a pity you humans don't cooperate well, neophyte." He continues down the path.

Psyche snorts a bit. "Well...Nari cannot read Renosian, and considering she is o-our leader...that plan might not work out well."

Draven grumbles.

[Usagi]: "I somehow doubt the Overlord has the resources and manpower to send a spy to every room in every inn in Dan'gen. After all, a whispered conversation in a room is also plausible."

[Psyche]: "It is...but I wouldn't e-even risk that in Dan'gen."

[Nari'Najya]: "We've got to risk something, else we aren't getting this task done."

[Draven]: "Oh, well. Guess it'll have to do. And he doesn't need to send a spy to EVERY inn - just hours, if we seem suspicious."

Psyche sighs. "Well...w-whatever you decide, Nari."

[Nari'Najya]: "Let’s go pick an inn, scope things out and then meet back and go from there.  Any problems or concerns with that?"

Psyche shakes her head.

Nari'Najya looks to the rest of the party.

[Draven]: "That's what I've been trying to explain.... so no, no concerns."

Usagi clicks his claws. "Negative."

[Isthan]: "No objections."

[Nari'Najya]: "Settled then." She smiles.

[JadedDM]: (All right, I think we'll end it on this note, since I'm all ready out of material anyway.  ^_^)


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