Session 8:
There and Back Again



[Jaded DM]: It's Ruebon 28th, the day after the hunt.  It's a partly cloudy day, at around 87 degrees.  You all meet up in the tavern again to discuss what to do next.

Ladonna Marche sits at one of the tables, waiting for the others to show up

[Sorinak]: Laufa is at her feet. Sorinak looks around to see how everyone is looking today.

Elam Buriash enters, looking for his allies, then moves to join them.

[Jaded DM]: Suldair and his party are also there, drinking and singing at another table.

Riadlus Avon sits at a table, looking better health-wise.

Ladonna Marche looks over to Suldair and his party and just for fun gives a little wave to Suldair "Congrats"

[Suldair Avon]: He hears Ladonna and turns to face her.  "Hey, look's the losing team.  Hey, no hard feelings, right?  C'mon over, drinks are on me!"

[Trey]: Trey stays close to Sorinak, looking around suspiciously.

[Elam Buriash]: "So, what are we to do next?"

Riadlus Avon remains silent, staring at his brother.

[Trey]: He looks to Elam.  "Lick our wounds, first and foremost."

Elam Buriash looks to Trey. "That much is obvious."

Ladonna Marche shakes her head for a moment "Seems like they aren't wanting to celebrate in your victory, Suldair."

[Suldair Avon]: "Hey, us out with a name.  I think we should be called The Invincible Fist.  But the others disagree."

[Lexi]: "Clearly, The Janus Destroyers is a better name."

[Suldair Avon]: "But it sounds like we destroy Janus.  It could be misunderstood."

[Damaramu]: "Damaramu prefer Sword of Destruction."

Riadlus Avon not being one with great wit, thinks for a moment then responds. "I believe 'The Lucky' would be the best title, brother."

[Golch]: He says something incomprehensible.

Sorinak looks between Suldair's party and her own.

[Suldair Avon]: "Golch is right.  Nothing with swords.  Sounds too phallic."  He looks to his brother, just a wee bit drunk.  "Luck has nothing to do with it, brother."

Ladonna Marche sits back looking rather amused at all of this "I wonder when killing a lonely stag became name worthy."

Elam Buriash looks to the others. "I am in neither the mood nor condition for a bar fight. I suggest we find something better to do than verbally fence with our former opponents."

[Brook]: The barmaid approaches the party's table.  "Can I get you anything?"

Sorinak looks at Brook and shakes her head slightly, "No, thank you."

Riadlus Avon shrugs, knows better than to argue with his twin. He looks at Elam. "The Baroness, we could offer our services."

[Trey]: "To do what?"

[Ladonna Marche]: "What were you doing before the hunt?" she asks curiously, as she just recently joined the party and all.

[Elam Buriash]: "Honestly, I tire of all this running around for some leaders whims.   I think we should find something for our own benefit.  A treasure trove... or something."

[Sorinak]: "Then what do you propose, Elam?"

[Trey]: "I think we should just take the day off.  I know I could use one."

[Elam Buriash]: "I propose open ears and time for rest. Perhaps we can find something fitting, or move on to greener pastures.  Janus is a small place after all."

Riadlus Avon speaks after thinking his words through. "I have...consulted a seer about such matters."

[Elam Buriash]: "And?"

Sorinak looks at Riadlus.

Ladonna Marche glances at Brook "Thank you, dear, but I think nothing for right now." She turns back to the group, or more like Riadlus "Kyosa?"

[Brook]: She nods and heads back to get more beers for Suldair's party.

Riadlus Avon inclines his head a small amount at Ladonna. "She is considering. She is most expensive."

[Ladonna Marche]: "What did you learn then, Riadlus?"

[Elam Buriash]: "I would prefer to conserve coin myself.  I need a better horse.  Ever since the incident with those jackals I have reconsidered buying something of higher quality."

Riadlus Avon ignores Ladonna's question, as he already answered that.

[Ladonna Marche]: "Earning a little money isn't such a bad idea."

[Elam Buriash]: "Indeed."

Sorinak nods...she kind of spent her money on Riadlus, but no worries.

[Trey]: "Maybe we could look around town.  Something might come up."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Perhaps." She leans back in her chair, crossing her legs, thinking for a moment.

[Elam Buriash]: "What could we possibly find in town?"

[Sorinak]: "An idea for what to do next?"

[Elam Buriash]: "Janus is such a small place though, and so tightly under the reigns of the baroness, the pickings are likely quite slim."

[Sorinak]: "But what if there is something that will tickle our fancy.  We won't know until we try, right?  Besides it is a small place, so it shouldn't take long, no?"

[Ladonna Marche]: "Janus is just a small village. It is more run by slaves than anything else."

[Elam Buriash]: "By all means... I certainly won't try to stop you. I just think it a waste of time."

Sorinak shrugs, "Fine.  It is officially a waste of time, but that still leaves us with ...what?"

Ladonna Marche glances at Elam "Do you have any other ideas other than that though? After all, you are the leader, are you not?"

[Elam Buriash]: "Perhaps the best use of our time would be to take a few weeks off?  I would like to try to arrange for a new horse, possibly train with a weapon or two.  I am overdue after all."

[Jaded DM]: Now at this point, I'm going to give you guys some freedom to do whatever you like in the village.  When you get to the point you're ready to move on, let me know.

Elam Buriash looks to Ladonna, "I suppose I lead here as much as anyone can.  There are no official positions, I just speak my mind...and happen to be right, or at least avert disaster enough that the rest tend to listen."

[Trey]: He looks over at Sorinak.  He doesn't say anything, just sort of admires her.

[Elam Buriash]: "Well, what say you then?  Who is for a few weeks of rest and training?"

Riadlus Avon flexes his gauntleted hand. "I am. The seer will have finished by then."

[Ladonna Marche]: "A few weeks is perhaps a bit long, but Janus is my home. I can find something to do, I'm sure."

Sorinak nods.  "Sounds good."

[Elam Buriash]: "Very well then. I, for one, need to arrange for some lessons.  We should meet here daily I think.  Just to brief everyone on our progress. When we have finished, we go. Or at least are ready to go, provided this seer idea, or any other pans out."  He stands up and leaves the tavern to go about his business.

Riadlus Avon keeps himself seated, thinking things over.

Sorinak stays.  She is trying to make a decision.

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (Elam is going to go look for a horse trainer, both to look into the idea of buying a new horse, medium warhorse and to learn the animal training skill.  He will also inquire about a teacher of the medium lance.)

Ladonna Marche looks over to Trey, Riadlus, and Sorinak "What are you thinking?" asking all three of them really.

[Trey]: "I don't care what we do or where we go, really."

Sorinak looks at Ladonna, "Honestly I have no idea what I am going to do during this time off...trying to make some sort of plan."

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): (Unfortunately, as this is a small village, Elam has a hard time finding any of those things.  Most of the horses in this village either belong to the baroness or are being sold by the Grievers.)

[Trey]: "I could think of a few things we could do, Sori."

Ladonna Marche nods. "You could entertain Trey," she smiles sweetly since apparently they are thinking along the same lines. "Who wouldn't want to entertain him anyway?" she says as she glances at Trey.

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (Alright... let me know when Elam can reenter the tavern then.)

[Sorinak]: She looks at Trey, seriously hopes he didn't mean that in the way she is thinking.

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): (Is there anything else he'd like to try?)

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (No, the plan is to see the others about going to Dan'gen.)

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (Wait a sec.  He will go stop by and pay his respects to Morak.)

[Ladonna Marche]: "After all, he was being all heroic with the striges. I think that perhaps he deserves just a little attention."

[Trey]: He grins at the praise.  "Well...I did keep my cool, didn't I?"

Riadlus Avon gets up and vacates the inn. He claps his brother on the shoulder as he passes.

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): All right.  Elam heads toward Morak's office then.  He knows well enough where it is located by now.

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (Morak in there?)

[Ladonna Marche]: "Very much so, Trey." She smiles to him for a moment "And if she doesn't feel the need to pay much attention to you, I'm always around to do so." She pushes her chair back and stands up.

Sorinak looks at Ladonna...the nerve..."Give him all the attention you like, Ladonna."

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): Elam enters the office and finds Morak there, going over a map at his desk.

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): (He's going to head to the shrine. Going to spend the day in prayer and rest.)

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "Hello Morak.  It is agreeable to see you again."

Ladonna Marche smiles to Sorinak "Oh, thank you for the permission." She sounds sincere about it.

[Trey]: "No thanks.  You're not really my type."

Sorinak pets Laufa, and hides a smile at Trey's comment.

(Jaded DM whispered to Riadlus Avon): Riadlus reaches the shrine then without incident.

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): Morak:  "Ah, it's you, Buriash.  Long time no see.  I didn't know you were back in town."

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "Yes, I am.  Everything went well with the overlord as you are undoubtedly aware.  Everything is well here I hope?"

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): Morak:  "More or less.  Pretty slow, since you left, actually.  The Rebel activity has dropped.  No doubt they are laying low."

Ladonna Marche shrugs and says, "Other fish in the sea, so I'm told. Enjoy your time off, both of you." She then moves over to Suldair's group. "I'm feeling left out,” she tells him, pouting.

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "Good to hear then, if perhaps a bit dull for you.  Anyway, neither of us seem to care much for heavy handed words, so I will get straight to the point.  I am hoping to find a halfway decent horse trainer somewhere around here, that and someone who could familiarize me with the use of a medium lance.  I had hoped that with your connections you might be able to recommend someone suitable."

[Suldair Avon]: "Ah, Ladonna.  You can come sit with us."

[Lexi]: She gives Ladonna an expression that says she can't, and then gives Suldair an expression that says to shut up.

Sorinak turns to Trey.  "Would you be willing to give me riding lessons?”

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "I would consider it a favor, and I think that you know I am competent enough for that to be worth something."

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): Morak:  "Horse trainer?  Well, that's a bit of a problem we've had lately.  It's those damned Grievers.  They steal all the good horses and many of our better groomers went to work for them."

[Trey]: "What?  Riding?  I thought you’d never ask...oh, wait.  Do you mean a horse?"

[Ladonna Marche]: "Are you sure? Seems I'm not very welcomed at the moment." She pouts even more as she slides into Suldair's lap.

Sorinak nods, "Yes, riding lessons generally are for horses..."

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "Had a run in with a few of them ourselves.  A problem to be sure."

[Lexi]: She stands up.  "Hey, look it here, Ladonna...that's my man."  It's clear she's a bit drunk herself.

[Trey]: "Well, I'm no professional or anything."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Shouldn't Suldair be the one to decide such things, Lexi?" She tilts her head, polite as ever.

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "Well, thank you for your time Morak.  You will likewise have my ear in the future should something come up."

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): Morak:  "Good luck to you, Buriash."

[Suldair Avon]: "C'mon now, Lexi.  Let's not fight.  We should all be friends."

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "And good hunting to you Morak."  He leaves the office.

[Ladonna Marche]: "Exactly!" She wraps her arms around Suldair’s neck. "I'm not doing any harm after all."

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (Elam will head back to the tavern to try to find the others.)

[Suldair Avon]: "The more the merrier, right?"

Sorinak frowns slightly.  "Perhaps that wouldn't work out so well..."

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): All right.  He makes his way back to the tavern then.  Walking in, he sees Riadlus is gone.  Sorinak and Trey are still there.  Ladonna has made herself comfortable by slipping onto Suldair's lap.

[Trey]: "I would have learned eventually, if I had stayed a Griever.  Part of our training."

Elam Buriash enters the tavern once again, looking dissatisfied.

[Ladonna Marche]: "That is what I've always believed." She gives a small seductive smile in Suldair's direction.

Elam Buriash moves to join Sorinak and Trey once again. "Well, I can gain nothing from this village."

Sorinak looks at Elam. "No?"

[Elam Buriash]: "What say the two of you to Dan'gen for our rest? Could find some decent shops there at least."

Ladonna Marche looks over to Lexi "Are you done being jealous, my dear?"

Elam Buriash turns and looks at Ladonna. "And your opinion here counts as well.  What say you to a trip to Dan'gen? And while I am thinking of this... where did Riadlus go?"

[Lexi]: She just glowers at Ladonna, saying nothing.

[Trey]: He shrugs.  "He just got up and left.  Didn't say."

Ladonna Marche lifts her head to look over to Elam for a moment "Dan'gen?" shrugs slightly "If that is what you wish."

[Elam Buriash]: "Sorinak... Trey?"

[Sorinak]: "Dan'gen sounds fine."

[Trey]: "Didn't we just come from there?  Yeah, I guess so.  Not much else to do."

Ladonna Marche nuzzles Suldair "Have a clue as to where your brother might have ran off to? Seems I'm going to Dan'gen." She smiles faintly. "Perhaps you should give me something to remember you by."

[Suldair Avon]: "Hey, I'm not my brother's keeper.  No telling where he is," he says with a smile, enjoying this attention.

[Elam Buriash]: "Riadlus is probably at that shrine.  I will go find him and bring him back.  We can plan the trip then." Elam Buriash gets up and leaves once again.

Sorinak watches him leave.

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (Obviously, Elam is going to the shrine.)

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash and Riadlus Avon): Elam heads to the shrine and enters.

[Ladonna Marche]: "Well, I could leave to go look for him, I suppose. Depending on if you can part with me that is, Suldair." She enjoys flirting with this man.

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): He kneels before an altar in prayer, doesn't give a sign of registering Elam.

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (Anyone in the shrine except Riadlus and Elam?)

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): (No, it is just you two.)

[Suldair Avon]: "No need for that.  I'm sure he'll be found when he wants to be found.  He's been known to brood, after all."

Sorinak looks around, her eyes falls on the flames in the fireplace. She breathes out a small sigh.

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "Riadlus, I have news.  Hurry up."

[Elam Buriash]: (Alright, I have a request.)

[Ladonna Marche]: "Well, that makes sense after all. I couldn't be able to choose between two handsome twins." She smirks a bit.

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): Gives off the sense that he has been interrupted before answering without moving. "What is it?"

[Elam Buriash]: (David, please just stick with a DM name and just add the name afterward, every time you switch names it screws up the whisper settings.)

[Jaded DM]: (It does?)

[Elam Buriash]: (yep.)

[Riadlus Avon]: (Aye, screwed mine up apparently.)

[Jaded DM]: (Uh...fine then, I guess.)

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "We have decided to take our rest in Dan'gen.  I assume you have no objections?"

[Jaded DM]: Suldair:  "My brother?  Handsome?  I'm sure he'd disagree."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "What's on your mind, Sori?"

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): "When the seer finishes. It will be three days. Why go to Dan'gen?"

[Ladonna Marche]: "More to a man than just his scars." She smirks a bit. "Though, I’d much rather have you."

[Jaded DM]: Lexi:  "Well, you can't.  Why don't you go stand outside by the lamp post?"

Sorinak takes note that he is calling her Sori, smiles slightly.  "This is my longest trip from Pylia..."

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "This village is lacking when it comes to skilled trainers.  I can not, and I assume the others can not learn anything of worth here."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): "The Baroness hoards the talent. Go to her if you need something."

Ladonna Marche continues to look at Suldair yet says to Lexi. "As stated before, that is up to Suldair."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Homesick, huh?"

[Sorinak]: "Missing home a bit, yes."

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "I presume you remember the last time we attempted entry?  As I recall it ended with you on the ground bleeding and a mercenary char broiled in front of our eyes."

Sorinak looks at Laufa and pets her.

Ladonna Marche sniffles a bit. "Your little girlfriend is being mean."

[Jaded DM]: Suldair:  "Well, she has a hard time sharing."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "What do you miss most?"

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): "You didn't follow proper protocol. You want something there, ask her."

Ladonna Marche shifts a bit in Suldair's lap, making herself more comfortable, flipping some of her long blonde hair over her shoulder "Perhaps I should teach her a lesson in sharing?" she asks, raising an eyebrow.

[Sorinak]: "The people, the pack of wolfs that should be making their way through town about now, the temple....and even the volcano." She says, looking back at the fireplace.

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  “Volcanoes and wolves, huh?  Sounds cozy.”

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "And what reason could she possibly have for allowing us access?  We are nearly enemies.  I have discussed this with the others.  If you want to argue your case, take it to the tavern.  We will decide what to do there.  When you finish we will be expecting you." He turns and leaves once again.

[Jaded DM]: Suldair:  "Ooh, that sounds like a fun lesson from my viewpoint."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): "I'll be finished in three days."

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (He’s going back to the tavern.)

Sorinak laughs. "Quite cozy."

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (Elam did not hear that by the way.)

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): Elam returns to the tavern to find things pretty much how he left them.

Elam Buriash moves to once again rejoin the others.

[Sorinak]: "Find him?"

[Elam Buriash]: "Riadlus is praying or something.  I told him to meet us here once he finishes. He suggests we try searching for talent with the Baroness. However, due to the nature of the last few meetings we have had with her agents... It seems an unnecessary risk to me."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Oh, I'm sure it can be." She turns and looks at Lexi and says softly, "What is yours, will eventually be mine at some point and time." That is her lesson before she turns back to Suldair to brush her lips against his.

[Elam Buriash]: "Probably better quality at a more reasonable price in Dan'gen.  Since the Baroness controls everything here she can make the prices whatever she wishes.  In Dan'gen there will likely be more competition."

[Jaded DM]: Lexi slams her mug down at this.  Golch and Damaramu seem to find it amusing.

[Elam Buriash]: "... well, what say you?"

Ladonna Marche snickers softly before sliding off Suldair's lap "I promise to make it even more fun once I return, Suldair." She blows him a kiss before returning to her own group.

[Jaded DM]: Suldair goes about trying to calm Lexi down, as she starts fumbling for her cesti.  Damaramu bursts out laughing.

Ladonna Marche sits down quietly, looking over to Elam, Trey and Sorinak, highly amused with herself.

[Sorinak]: "It matters little to where we go."

[Elam Buriash]: "Matters to those of us seeking training.  I am of little use to the group if I can not improve myself."

[Sorinak]: "Which is fine.  I simply mean to say I will go to where ever we need to go, so that those who need training can get it."

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): (Who all is in the tavern?)

(Jaded DM whispered to Elam Buriash): Beside Elam, there is Brook, Ladonna, Sorinak, Trey, Lexi, Suldair, Damaramu, and Golch.

Elam Buriash looks to Ladonna "Before you egg her on again, I would remind you that we are hardly prepared for a brawl."

[Jaded DM]: At that time, two men enter the tavern.  One is a handsome man with brown hair, blue-green eyes, and a bow slung across his shoulder.  He looks in his late 20s and is wearing leather armor and a brown cloak.  The man with him is a young man, no older than Trey, with a short sword at his side.

Sorinak looks towards the door and the two men.

[Jaded DM]: The first man, the archer, looks around but his eyes immediately lock onto Trey.  He and his companion approach the party's table.

[Elam Buriash]: "Grievers no doubt."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Lecturing me on my actions? How very...kind, but I know when to quit." She glances towards the young man.

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "What?"  He looks up at the approaching men.  "Oh, Shadowbite save me..."

Sorinak looks at Trey and back to the approaching men. "What?"

[Elam Buriash]: "Apparently you don't...We can not another liability, especially right now."

[Jaded DM]: The archer puts his hands on his hips and sneers.  "So you ARE alive.  I guess that means you weren't killed.  Defected then?  Or maybe you're the one who betrayed the others."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Another liability?"

Elam Buriash looks to the approaching men. "And you are?"

Sorinak looks at Ladonna...she sure doesn't want to be another liability. She turns her attention back to Elam and the archer.

Ladonna Marche turns her attention back to the men who are more addressing Trey.

[Jaded DM]: Archer:  "I am Horance.  And this boy here was under my wife's command...until she and her whole troop were wiped out."

[Elam Buriash]: "And are you begging for coins for a memorial or something?"

[Jaded DM]: Horance:  "I am here to collect his head for his treachery!"

[Elam Buriash]: "You are here to do nothing."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "My head?  Let's not be hasty..."

Ladonna Marche stands up slowly. "Now...Horance wasn't it. Surely there is something else that can be done."

[Jaded DM]: Horance:  He stops at Elam's comment and looks the man over, as well as Sorinak and Ladonna.  "I see.  So you got yourself some bodyguards then, is that it, Trey?  Fine.  I can wait.  You may be safe now, but sooner or later, my arrow will find its way in your throat.  You'll never know what hit you."

[Elam Buriash]: "Perhaps you should reconsider that."

Ladonna Marche really has no idea what is going on at this point and time

Sorinak looks at Horance.

[Elam Buriash]: "I mean... you just made a death threat against one of us, outnumbered, on hostile ground... Unwise."

Sorinak is thumbing the pendant that hangs from her belt.

[Jaded DM]: Horance:  He frowns at this but then looks back at Trey.  "This isn't over.  My wife will be avenged." The two men then walk out.

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "So there ARE consequences for killing your commanding officer.  Who would have thought?"

[Elam Buriash]: "Might have been wise to take them in.  But not now.  Best to heal up first."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "This is great.  Now I have a price on my head..." he seems to think this over.

[Elam Buriash]: "I dropped in to see our old friend Morak today.  He mentioned some difficulties with the grievers.  I have a feeling they are a bit less welcome here."

Sorinak rolls her eyes.  "We'll have to keep an eye out for them now."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Hmm...actually, I might have a good idea."

[Elam Buriash]: "Trey, enemies come, enemies go... usually with a caved in chest.  Part of the territory.  Look at it this way, the Grievers are increasingly unwelcome here it seems, and afraid of Dan'gen."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  He gets up and paces the room for a minute.  "I think I have a job for you guys."

[Ladonna Marche]: "What might that be?"

Sorinak looks at Trey.

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Take out the Grievers for me, and I'll be safe again."

[Sorinak]: "All of them, or just those two?"

[Ladonna Marche]: "I’d much rather go for the leader, as it seems there might be too many grievers to take out."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "The whole group.  Think of it.  The Grievers have money and valuables.  And I know where their base is and its weaknesses."

[Elam Buriash]: "This seems to be a personal vendetta, best to just deal with that idiot should he return. If we steal from the grievers, they might start sending real attacks against us.  As it is... it is just one angry man and his friend."

Ladonna Marche looks at Elam for a moment then back to Trey.

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Not if we take over.  Take out the Bone Lord, and you become the new leader."

[Elam Buriash]: "If we do decide to take on the grievers though, it certainly should not be a decision made in fear Trey... and certainly not until we are properly outfitted."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Properly outfitted?"

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "I'm not afraid...I just think it's wise to nip it in the bud.  Besides, it will make you guys rich in the process."

Elam Buriash sighs "I need a decent horse and weapons training.  Why go in without every advantage? Regardless, I am not opposed to the idea, so long as it is thought out and thought out well."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Hey, you can have your pick of horses.  The Grievers have some good ones they keep to themselves.  They only really sell the poorer quality ones for an increased price."

[Elam Buriash]: "That is all fine once we are done.  I can think of a great many ways of putting the wealth to good use... none of which would benefit me if I die in the process due to an ill-conceived attack... what the hell is taking Riadlus so long?"

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "I can help you come up with a plan.  I've been to their base, and know how it works."

[Ladonna Marche]: "I'll go get him if you wish."

Sorinak smiles.  "Praying I'm sure.  Did he say when he was coming back to the inn?"

[Elam Buriash]: "Not that I know of.  I just told him we would wait for him. Anyway, Trey, we may decide to go forth with some move against the grievers, but all I can say is that I will be against it whole heartedly until I have had the time to properly prepare."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "If I'm still alive by then."

[Elam Buriash]: "After that, I will be happy to consider the idea fully. Trey... simple numbers.  Go to Dan'gen, and at worst you run into some idiot with a grudge and his friend.  Go to the Grievers camp, and run into how many?"

Sorinak smiles...applied math for Trey...

Ladonna Marche pushes herself out of her chair and walks out of the inn, going to the shrine since that is mostly likely where he would be.

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Horance is no idiot.  He's a lieutenant.  He has an entire band working for him."

(Jaded DM whispered to Riadlus Avon and Ladonna Marche): Ladonna leaves the tavern and reaches and enters the shrine.

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): She looks around the shrine for a moment and calls out "Vance....Riadlus?"

[Elam Buriash]: "He was dumb enough to walk into a tavern and make death threats against a group that outnumbers and outarms him.  He is no genius."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "He looked outnumbered and outarmed.  Don't be so quick to take things at face value.  We are talking about professional thieves, after all."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): Happens to be praying at an altar, does not move as she calls his name. "Ladonna."

[Elam Buriash]: "There are a lot of 'what ifs' in the world Trey.  You could be right of course, but if we chase down every hunch we are likely to be running from our own imaginations most of our lives. Suffice to say, the actions you suggest are no less dangerous than those I suggest."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  He walks to the window and looks out.  "He'll probably gather his gang together...wait to ambush me as soon as I leave town."

[Elam Buriash]: "In fact, I believe we could be ambushed far easier headed toward Griever territory than toward Dan'gen, where they are not as strong."

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): She waits for a few moments while he is praying before approaching the alter.  "I honestly do not mean to disturb, as praying is very important to you, yet I do believe the others are growing a bit impatient."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "They'd have to know we were coming.  And the Griever base is much closer than Dan'gen is."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): He considers her words, then responds. "I told Elam I will not leave Janus until I hear from Kyosa."

[Elam Buriash]: "Trey... do what you will.  I am tired of this.  I have stated my case, and I think you are being foolish. You can kick your heels all you want, but if you decide to go on your attack, you will do so without me unless you somehow manage to convince all the others that you are right."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Or you can convince the others that going to Dan'gen for your sake is a better option than actually making some good coin."

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "I don't believe Kyosa is going to come seek you out. Perhaps you should go to her."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): He sighs. "Yes I will. At the appointed date. In three days."

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "Did you mention that you must wait three days to Elam?"

[Elam Buriash]: "The others have their own minds.  You are obviously not using yours.  You are so terrified of your enemies that you are likely to get yourself and anyone foolish enough to follow you killed.  I have my reasons for going. I can not fight without the proper means.  If I can not fight at full advantage, I am weak.  If I am weak, I am not nearly as useful, and those that rely on me will be put at risk."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "I mean, really, those are the options presented.  We can do what I want, and not only keep me on this mortal coil, but also make some gold, reputation, and maybe even some power.  OR, we can do what you want, and go to Dan'gen and twiddle our thumbs while you run some errands."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): "Yes."

[Elam Buriash]: "Take it to the others Trey, you are barking up the wrong tree."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  He grunts and turns and heads toward the fire and sits down, staring into it.

Elam Buriash fights off a sudden urge to push him into the fire.

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "Perhaps it is wise for me to mention that Trey has a job for us. You've heard of the grievers, yes?” she asks, tilting her head. "He wishes for us to take them out, which would apparently leave us rather rich not only with coin, but probably with a bit of power as well. At least, that is what I heard before I left the inn."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): "That, too, will wait three days."

[Sorinak]: "Either current path will end us in the same direction. If we wait and lick our wounds from our last encounter, we will be stronger.  If we jump headstrong right now, it may be following a more dangerous course."

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "Quite the stubborn one, aren't you." She smiles faintly. "Very well, perhaps I can convince her to speed things up, if allowed that is."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): Riadlus still hasn't moved. "As you wish."

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "You wish to join me, or do you wish me to fetch you when I am done?"

Elam Buriash looks to Sorinak. "Either course requires that we heal, I think.  Making the trip to Dan'gen or an assault against the Grievers would both be inadvisable in our condition."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): "If you convince her, you may bring it to my attention."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Might as well.  We'll probably be waiting here for days at the rate Riadlus prays."

[Elam Buriash]: "...He does seem to be taking his time."

Sorinak shrugs. She smiles at the two of them complaining, says more to herself,  "No patience...."

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "Very well, Riadlus. Sorry to disturb your praying, once again." She turns, accidentally brushing her hand along his shoulder before walking out of the shrine.

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "He must pray the way he speaks...with long gaps of silence between sentences."

(Riadlus Avon whispered to Jaded DM): He shivers once after she leaves, then continues praying.

[Elam Buriash]: "Patience can be an ally... and an enemy as well.  Perhaps we should check on him.  We do have enemies running about after all, though I doubt that they are foolish enough to ambush us in the town itself."

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): She walks towards Kyosa's.

[Sorinak]: "Bothering him may just make the wait longer.  Besides, I believe Ladonna went to find him."

(Jaded DM whispered to Ladonna Marche): Ladonna enters Kyosa's house where the old woman's servant greets her and shows her to the waiting area.  Once she is let into Kyosa's office, she finds the old woman peering into a crystal ball.

[Elam Buriash]: "I suppose so.  Most likely just Riadlus taking his time."

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "Ever mysterious, Kyosa." She smiles faintly. "I have a question to ask."

[Sorinak]: "Probably."

(Jaded DM whispered to Ladonna Marche): Kyosa:  "Ah, dearie.  What can I do for you?"

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "Riadlus Avon has apparently sought your advice. It will take three days, I understand?"

(Jaded DM whispered to Ladonna Marche): Kyosa:  "Depends on when he decides to pay me."

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "How much does he owe?"

Sorinak stands.  "I think I will do a bit of praying myself.  I won't be as long as Riadlus though." Heads out.

(Jaded DM whispered to Ladonna Marche): Kyosa:  "Two hundred."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Oh...guess I'll just stay here then."

[Elam Buriash]: (What time is it?)

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): "Being that he is a Priest of D'lokka, I would assume he would pay his debt to you. Is there any possible way that I could do something?"

[Jaded DM]: It'd be around 14 bells (2 PM) by now.

(Jaded DM whispered to Ladonna Marche): Kyosa:  "Afraid not, dearie.  I should have finished researching his question in a day or two.  Then if he pays me, I'll deliver his answer."

Elam Buriash whiles away the time by performing basic maintenance on his gear.

(Sorinak whispered to Jaded DM): She’s just going to go west two blocks and pray next to those trees that are about two blocks north.

(Ladonna Marche whispered to Jaded DM): She sighs softly "Very well, Kyosa, I will not push the issue. Have a nice afternoon." She makes her way out of the woman's house and back to the inn.

[Jaded DM]: Okay, I'm elapsing time three days ahead.  Anyone going to do anything special in that time?

[Ladonna Marche]: (no)

[Elam Buriash]: (nope)

[Sorinak]: (no)

[Riadlus Avon]: (No)

[Jaded DM]: Fine.  Three days pass and everyone recovers 9 HP from all the bed rest.  It is now Sardonx 1st.  The party meets again at the tavern.

[Ladonna Marche]: "So what has Kyosa said, Riadlus?" She asks as she absently runs her fingers through her hair.

Riadlus Avon stands before answering "I have not seen her. That is matter we all must attend to."

Sorinak looks at Riadlus.

[Ladonna Marche]: "All of us?" She stands as well.

[Elam Buriash]: "Would be more interesting than anything else we have done over the last few days."

Riadlus Avon turns and begins walking out of the inn. "All of you."

Elam Buriash gets up and says something under his breath.

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Great.  We get to visit that old coot."

Ladonna Marche glances at Elam "Not likely, but then again she has been known to be a seer." She follows after Riadlus.

(Elam Buriash whispered to Jaded DM): "Except watching Trey wet himself."

Sorinak gets up and follows.

Elam Buriash follows the others to the seer.

[Jaded DM]: The party reaches Kyosa's house and are invited in by her manservant.  He leads them to her office, as if accustomed to such visitors.  Kyosa the sage sits behind her desk, peering into her crystal ball.

Elam Buriash wonders if he is in the home of a con artist.

[Jaded DM]: She looks to be in her mid 60s with long grey hair and green eyes.  She's very short, only about 5'2" with wrinkled skin, gnarled hands, and a bit of a hump on her back.

Elam Buriash turns a skeptical eye about the entire room.

Ladonna Marche looks over Kyosa again. "And we meet again."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "Ah, you brought friends, too.  Have they all come to have their fortune read?"

Riadlus Avon stares at the old woman. "No. They have come to hear mine

Sorinak blinks at what Riadlus has said...

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "Dooom!" she says, shaking some kind of rattle at him.

[Elam Buriash]: "Oh?  Is that all?"

Ladonna Marche tries not to laugh, "How unimpressive."

[Riadlus Avon]: "I am waiting."

Sorinak looks at the woman.

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "As am I.  Where is my payment?"

[Riadlus Avon]: "If your information is useful I will pay you."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  She gives Riadlus the 'stink-eye.'  "If you pay me, I shall divulge what I have learned."

[Elam Buriash]: "While that was an excellent 'Dooom!' I think the performance was a bit lacking for payment."

Ladonna Marche crosses her arms.

[Riadlus Avon]: "I will give you fifty gold now and if the information is useful, the rest."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "Do not assume I am stupid because I am old.  I did not get this far in life by trusting people."

[Elam Buriash]: "Nor did we."

[Sorinak]: "You are not stupid, can we continue?"

Ladonna Marche finally speaks up, "Half of what he owes you now perhaps? Either way, you still win."

[Riadlus Avon]: "If your information is useless there is no reason to pay you."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "And if I tell you the information, what's to stop you from just turning around and leaving, eh?  I see into the future, after all.  I can see things.  It was I who let you live, remember?"

Ladonna Marche glances at Riadlus.

[Elam Buriash]: "If you can see into the future, you should know whether or not we would pay you."

[Riadlus Avon]: "Half now and half later. Your luxuries are expensive."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "Huh!  Luxuries, indeed!  No money, no information.  Simple as that, son of Zaran."

Ladonna Marche sighs softly, “Kyosa, it is a fair trade. You still come out with money in the end, even if the information he has requested is useless.”

Riadlus Avon shrugs and turns to leave.

Elam Buriash repeats himself. "If you can really see into the future, you would know whether or not you can trust us to repay you for your services can you not?"

Ladonna Marche grabs Riadlus' arm gently, "Wait a moment."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "Yes, I can.  And I can see when someone is thinking of betraying me.  The Avon twins have never been trustworthy."

[Elam Buriash]: "And he is planning to walk off without paying now? Because I think that unlikely."

Riadlus Avon turns back at Ladonna's request. "You're a fraud. Using Suldair as your basis for a guess."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "What?  What are you talking about?"

[Riadlus Avon]: "I have every intention of paying you."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "Lies!  If this is so, then show me the money."

Elam Buriash waits patiently for the next phase of the scam.

Sorinak is getting tired of standing.  She finds a place to sits on her knees so that she can see the woman.

Riadlus Avon retrieves handfuls of gold coins from several pockets in his robe. Places them on the table. "You may keep it if your information is worth anything."

Ladonna Marche smiles faintly, watching Kyosa.

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  She quickly goes through the coins, counting them with a speed of a true merchant.  "You are fifty short."

Riadlus Avon looks at his group. "Additions are appreciated. I have asked that she locate magical items for us."

[Elam Buriash]: "And you trust her, or at least have arranged for a suitably horrible demise for her should she be lying?"

Sorinak looks at Riadlus, and shakes her head slightly. She looks back at the woman.

Ladonna Marche looks at Kyosa, "What can you give him for 150 gold?"

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "I am not a liar, son."

[Elam Buriash]: "That remains to be seen."

Riadlus Avon nods.

[Elam Buriash]: "As for this though, tell us what we are buying."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "Information.  He has requested information regarding any magics in the nearby area."

[Ladonna Marche]: "As he has paid you most of it, perhaps give us some information, and if we find it useful, we will pay the rest in return for perhaps the most important piece of information you might have?"

[Elam Buriash]: "I mean specifically.  You can tell us what objects you have found, and then you can provide the locations once we have paid."

[Riadlus Avon]: "I have not paid a penny yet. She wished to see the gold, there it is."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "I have found three possible areas where one can find the magic you seek."

[Elam Buriash]: "That is useless, we must know the nature of the magic."

[Riadlus Avon]: "Pay her."

[Ladonna Marche]: "That is information, Elam. Not important information. She needs the rest to know specifics."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "The magic varies in each location."

[Elam Buriash]: "It is useless in determining worth.  We could be chasing useless baubles."

[Sorinak]: "Or an object we already know of..."

Ladonna Marche looks at Elam "Any magical item can be worth something." She says, the mage in her speaking. "Like you, Elam, I must grow in power to be useful. Perhaps there is a spellbook or something of that sort."

[Elam Buriash]: "True enough Ladonna. The question is not of the worth of the magic, but of the worth of her information."

[Riadlus Avon]: "That is so. Is one of those three items my brother's spell book? If so that would be useless information."

[Ladonna Marche]: "I believe she can be trusted."

[Elam Buriash]: "If we are chasing down objects that will not benefit us, then we had best not waste our time chasing it."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "My information is worth it."  She looks at Riadlus.  "Your brother's spellbook is quite useless.  But that is neither here nor there.  Remember, Son of Zaran, you owe me your life."

[Riadlus Avon]: "Just pay her Elam. I will repay you if the information is useless."

Elam Buriash is surprised Trey isn't screaming bloody murder over the concept of going elsewhere than off on his suicide mission. "And why is it my gold that is to be spent?"

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  He has been mostly distracted by Sorinak and hasn't been paying sharp attention.

[Elam Buriash]: "I am saving my coin for a very real purpose, one I intend to pursue."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Elam, I will pay you back instead, for I would do it myself if I had the money. "

[Sorinak]: "I have no gold."

Riadlus Avon withdraws thirty more coins from his robes and places them on the table. "Twenty more."

Elam Buriash sighs. "Fine then." He removes twenty gold, tosses them on the table.

[Ladonna Marche]: "Thank you, Elam."

[Elam Buriash]: "I still wish to proceed to Dan'gen before anything else.  That is where I intend to make use of my coin."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  She cackles at the sight of all the gold.  "Very well.  I shall now tell you what I have divined.  As I said, there are three nearby locations with some kind of magic."

[Elam Buriash]: "Hopefully, I will not come up short."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "The first is the baroness' mansion.  Ah, but to retrieve the magic within would be no easy task."

[Sorinak]: She listens attentively.

[Ladonna Marche]: "Truly, no surprise that the Baroness holds magical items."

[Elam Buriash]: "Hang on Ladonna, we are getting our moneys worth here,” he says sarcastically.

[Riadlus Avon]: "Useless."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "The second is the Tower of Frilothan.  It was once a wizard's stronghold, but now it is but ruins.  While most of the magic there has been destroyed or looted, there is still some potent items remaining."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  Color drains from his face.  "Guh...Tower of Frilothan?"

Ladonna Marche eyes widen, “Oh, the magic that must hold, ruins or not.”

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  “That’s where the Grievers base is.  I didn’t know there was magic there.  The Bone Lord must be hiding it. All that talk about ghosts and spooks must be true then.”  He shudders slightly.

Ladonna Marche looks at Trey for a moment before turning back to Kyosa.

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "The third is also ruins.  However, it is buried underground.  It is an ancient temple of Renos, that has been long forgotten.  The power there is left untouched by mortals, but...only because all who have gone there have never returned."

Elam Buriash looks at Sorinak.

Sorinak blinks.

[Riadlus Avon]: "Where is that ruin?"

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "My books tell me that the Tooth of Renos is hidden there.  But whether that is true or not...remains to be seen.  The temple is southwest, in the Deadweed Marshes."

[Riadlus Avon]: "What does the Tooth do?"

[Sorinak]: "A sword of flame....'

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  She looks to Sorinak.  "Ah, you are correct, young lady."

Elam Buriash shrugs, not a fan of swords.

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "However, there are other, lesser treasures there, too, no doubt."

[Riadlus Avon]: "How would we find such a lair?"

Ladonna Marche looks at the rest of the group for a moment. "Do any of you know how to use a sword?"

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "According to my books, only a devout priest of Renos can open the temple."

Sorinak smiles.

[Riadlus Avon]: "That has nothing to do with finding it."

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "I would not recommend going there, though.  It's quite dangerous."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Perhaps we should seek it out once we are ready for such a thing?"

[Elam Buriash]: "Unlike the other choice vacation spots you recommended?"

[Jaded DM]: Kyosa:  "Your choice is your own.  Fate is in your hands for now.  What you decide to do with this information is no concern of mine."

[Riadlus Avon]: "Take the coin." Turns and leaves.

[Ladonna Marche]: "Thank you, Kyosa." turns and makes her way out after Riadlus.

[Elam Buriash]: "Money well spent... An obvious place, a place we might have headed anyway, and a place of extreme danger that contains something we can not make full use of."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "Creepy."

Sorinak nods her head towards Kyosa before standing, "Thank you." She follows everyone out.

[Elam Buriash]: "And what about this 'dooom' we heard about earlier? Just something to amuse the tourists?"

[Ladonna Marche]: "You'll get your money back."

[Elam Buriash]: "Isn't about the coin."

Riadlus Avon heads for his horse. "Kyosa predicts my doom at every turn."

Elam Buriash decides not to bother and heads out to get his own horse.

Ladonna Marche laughs faintly.

Elam Buriash turns to Ladonna as he goes. "The coin matters very little as I said."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "So now what?"

[Elam Buriash]: "I would consider it just as good if you assisted me with the merchants... getting a reasonable price."

Sorinak will get her horse too if we are all leaving... the biting fiend....

[Elam Buriash]: "There will be plenty more coin in our future I think, but there is only one of me, and so long as I get what I need to be of full use, so much the better for all of us."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Assist you with the merchants? I'm sure I could do that."

Riadlus Avon is just going to head to Dan'gen and wait for whatever Elam needs to do. He will occupy his time praying and perhaps learning.

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "So you're going to drag us all the way to Dan'gen so you can do some shopping?  What are the rest of us to do?"

[Elam Buriash]: "I assume that others have training as well? As for you Trey, feel free to spend the time hiding from your own shadow."

[Ladonna Marche]: "My training consists of spells I do not have as of yet. That tower which is in ruins now would be most useful to me."

[Elam Buriash]: "It also contains the bone lord, whom Trey seems so intent on attacking. As for me, it seems a reasonable choice."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "I can understand if you're too afraid to face him, Elam.  He's killed lesser men."

Sorinak is being quiet...thinking things over.

[Elam Buriash]: "Trey, don't mistake prudence for fear.  You are after all the one who is being led by your fear of a single man with a taste for vengeance."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "All I see is, you call me a coward, quivering in my own shadow.  But I'm the one proposing we face him, while you're the one proposing we get as far away from him as possible."

[Elam Buriash]: "I am proposing we prepare instead of rushing in like a bunch of stupid children. Try to grasp the concept of a plan Trey.  It isn't like they haven't already had three days to set up any ambushes they plan. I doubt the Bone Lord even cares about us.  So far we have one man with a grudge, and you are acting like there is an army out there dedicated to your destruction."

Ladonna Marche looks at Elam, "What is it you wish to do, Elam? Specifics, if I may ask?"

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "One man with followers and a lot of influence."

[Elam Buriash]: "I wish to go to Dan'gen, spend enough time there to train properly, come up with a good plan for whichever one of the missions we choose, and then go for it. I have no objection to assaulting the Bone Lord so long as we do not rush into it foolishly."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Train...with what exactly. A new weapon perhaps?"

[Elam Buriash]: "Yes, indeed.  I intend to give our group the advantage of a mounted charge. A lance, the ability to use it, a trained warhorse, and the skills to make it a better one. As for the rest of you, I would be surprised if you did not have similar plans."

Ladonna Marche smiles "The Bone Lord, as mentioned before, surely has all ready trained warhorses at his fingertips."

[Jaded DM]: Trey:  "A mounted charge?  Brilliant!  We'll be invincible then," he says sarcastically.

Riadlus Avon turns to Trey and Elam. "Shut up. We're going to Dan'gen. If you have a problem, you're free to run off. If you have something to prove, we can gut you and see if your liver is white. If we have to, and it isn't, at least we'll know you’re not a coward."

Elam Buriash chuckles. "And yes, I am sure the Bone Lord has plenty of good horses.  However, I think that is even more of a reason to be prepared."

[Ladonna Marche]: "That isn't exactly true though, for it takes time to train a horse to do these things. Time is something we might not have, as Trey's life is on the line here. You've came in contact with the grievers before, have you not? " tilts her head "With good planning, we can do this without a mounted charge."

[Elam Buriash]: "I am curious as to what this massive yet unnamed advantage to an early attack with less skills and less resources has?"

[Ladonna Marche]: "You assume we have less skills, Elam."

[Sorinak]: “I agree with Elam and Riadlus, we should go to Dan’gen.  Trey's life is only in danger as we travel as the Griever's should find it a bad idea to attack within either Janus or Dan'gen.”

[Elam Buriash]: "Ladonna, if there were two of me, one with more skills and resources, and one without, and they both fight, who do you think would win?"

[Riadlus Avon]: "Elam. Silence... please. Worrying a wound, though fun, won't close it."

[Elam Buriash]: "As for Trey’s life, I find myself caring less and less about it.  Regardless, it is in danger either way."

[Ladonna Marche]: "If the weaker one uses his mind, then he has about the same chance as the stronger one. Strategy. Though, if the group really wishes to go to Dan'gen, I will not complain."

[Elam Buriash]: "They are both the same person Ladonna...  Same strategies made by both, one is just stronger."

[Ladonna Marche]: "Good thing we aren't fighting another you then."

[Elam Buriash]: "And better yet that we aren't fighting another me with a lance and the ability to use it. Elam Buriash turns his horse to the road to Dan'gen.

Ladonna Marche will make her walk to Dan'gen then.

[Jaded DM]: Trey grunts and mounts Firefly.

Riadlus Avon considers something, then thinks better of it and will just steer Vinokur to Dan'gen.

Sorinak is on her horse...that has no name right now.  Laufa follows.

[Jaded DM]: Now, should I elapse travel time, or would that cause protests?

[Elam Buriash]: (no objection here)

[Sorinak]: (ELAPSE!!)

[Ladonna Marche]: (No protests)

[Riadlus Avon]: (Go right ahead.)

[Jaded DM]: Several days pass, more or less without incident, by some odd stroke of luck.  The party arrives in Dan'gen on the fifth of Sardonx, Flameday, at around 12 bells.  The bustling city is much like they remember it.

Ladonna Marche looks around Dan'gen curiously, realizing her feet hurt a bit.

Elam Buriash looks to Ladonna "No sense wasting time then.  Ready to go?"

[Ladonna Marche]: "Of course. Lead the way, dear Elam."

Sorinak looks around.

Elam Buriash heads off to find the various merchants he needs.

Ladonna Marche follows after Elam.

[Jaded DM]: The party easily enough finds a stable where some horses are being sold.

Riadlus Avon doesn't bother with Elam's new horse. He finds an inn and sets himself up there. He replenishes his food and water supply and stables his horse 

[Elam Buriash]: (Just a thought, but I think we could easily handle all this with a text block once we work the prices, time elapse, and other characters training out.)

[Jaded DM]: That in itself will take some time.  I'll need a few minutes. So, everyone just tell me what you plan on doing. Because I figure Elam will want to stay a few weeks.

[Jaded DM]: Okay, between the four of you, this could actually take me the rest of the session to figure out.  I didn't expect you guys to turn around and head back to Dan'gen, so I don't have all that much info on it.  It might be best to just end the session here, so I can work out all the tedious parts off the clock and we can begin again next week.

[Elam Buriash]: (Fine here, I guess.)

[Ladonna Marche]: (While I don't like the idea of quitting this early, I don't have much of a choice)

[Riadlus Avon]: (I suppose so. Will it really take another 2 hours?)

[Sorinak]: ( I really should turn the whisper off.)

[Jaded DM]: It could.  But even if it doesn't, at least three of you would be sitting there for a long time, waiting, while I attend to the fourth.  It will be very boring and eat up a lot of time. So, yeah, this is probably for the best.  Everyone just post in their forum what you want to do, and I'll work on that.  Next week, we'll be ready to leave and start our next adventure.

[Elam Buriash]: (Are we done here?  Or you want me to leave it up?)

[Jaded DM]: Yeah, we're done.

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