Session 2:
Black Crows

Dungeon Master : Three days have passed. It is now Ruebon 11th, 665; Rockday. After a nice rest, the party members all received notices to return to Morak's office for a new assignment.
(Fri 6:19pm)
Odessa Vakros : stands in Morak's office, waiting for the others patiently, her arms are crossed as she studies the hobgoblin
(Fri 6:21pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : has been spending a good deal of that time working with his new and as of yet unnamed horse in order to acclimate it to Laufa.
(Fri 6:21pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Dungeon Master : It's a rather cloudy day, around 81 degrees. It looks like it'll probably rain later on. Morak sits behind his desk going through some papers.
(Fri 6:21pm)
Elam Buriash : leaves his horse outside and enters the office, sweating a little in his splint mail.
(Fri 6:23pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : he sits in a chair, his cowl hiding his face, pretending the heat doesn't bother him
(Fri 6:23pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Laufa has been tied at the farther end, and Arak enters after Elam.
(Fri 6:24pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : You summoned us?
(Fri 6:24pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Morak : he stands Ah, you are all here. We are still questioning the elf woman, but we believe we can get some very useful information out of here. The Overlord is most pleased. So pleased, in fact, he has decided to trust you all with an important assignment.
(Fri 6:25pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : What important assignment?
(Fri 6:25pm) (DreamAngel)
Morak : He wishes you to retrieve an item for him that would be useful in his victory over the other sectors. It is called the Silver Tongue.
(Fri 6:26pm) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : Sounds like some sort of magical item.
(Fri 6:27pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : No problem. We go and cut who's tongue?
(Fri 6:27pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : smirks at Arak's words, and while that does sound entertaining doubts they are cutting out people's tongues
(Fri 6:27pm) (DreamAngel)
Morak : he nods to Elam Yes, so it is believed. This item is said to give its owner the charisma and oratory skills of a great leader.
(Fri 6:27pm) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : You have information as to its whereabouts?
(Fri 6:28pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Magic, eh? Quirks his brow towards Elam O-ratry...Glances around at the floor and mutters something
(Fri 6:29pm) (Frido)
Morak : Yes. Intelligence says its in the hands of an orc chief. There is a small village a few miles south of here where the Black Crow clan makes its home.
(Fri 6:32pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : glances at Arak Gives you the skill to communicate to others, goblin
(Fri 6:32pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : I see. And what is the Overlords position regarding these orcs? Are they enemies?
(Fri 6:33pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Morak : The Overlord has mostly ignored them at the moment. They are too few in number to draft and until now have not had anything worth taking.
(Fri 6:34pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Shrugs at Odessa
(Fri 6:34pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Amazing that they somehow managed to find such a valuable item with so few resources.
(Fri 6:35pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : How did they get their hands on this Silver Tongue?
(Fri 6:35pm) (DreamAngel)
Morak : How they came about it, we do not know. We just know they have it now, and they have been using it to their own advantage. The new chieftain, Iron Horse, has managed to talk another clan into joining his. The Black Crows have now doubled in size.
(Fri 6:35pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Looks at Morak So we fight two clans?
(Fri 6:37pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : The most important question here is are we to avoid destroying these resourceful orcs? Or is this silver tongue all that matters?
(Fri 6:37pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : looks towards Elam I know their rather pathetic language. I might be of some help.
(Fri 6:39pm) (DreamAngel)
Morak : The Silver Tongue is the top priority. It must be retrieved at any cost. However, the Overlord cannot expend any valuable troops to raid the village. So he needs someone more...covert.
(Fri 6:39pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Suddenly smiles Ah. Yes. Arak knows covert. Covert mean we go and steal. (Ooo... Keith should've been here for this.)
(Fri 6:41pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Indeed.
(Fri 6:41pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Morak : Orcs make good sword fodder, but aren't worth losing the Silver Tongue over. However, if you somehow managed to acquire the Tongue and the Orcs' loyalty...the Overlord would be most impressed.
(Fri 6:42pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : Stealing the Silver Tongue wouldn't be the best way to win their loyalty.
(Fri 6:42pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Ahh, but perhaps stealing it and using it to influence them...Morak, do you know how this item works?
(Fri 6:43pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : after a very long bout of silence, he finally speaks slowly So...we cannot rely on brute strength...but must act more...wisely.
(Fri 6:43pm) (Daos)
Morak : From what I understand, simply holding the item activates its power. The Chieftain is probably using it to influence his own people. He may even try to use it against us.
(Fri 6:44pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Makes a face at Odessa Orcs fight. They only fight.
(Fri 6:44pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : ignores Arak The priest is right. Their numbers are too much for just the four of us.
(Fri 6:47pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Well then, if the situation seems to our favor, we will attempt to enlist these orcs to the overlords cause. If not, we will simply return with the item... and if we leave a few orcish corpses in the wake, the loss is small.
(Fri 6:47pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Morak : Agreed. The village is about 13 miles south of here. Good luck.
(Fri 6:48pm) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : Obviously a direct assault is out, but cut an asps head off and the body is harmless. If we just eliminate the chief when he is vulnerable, we have the item and our primary opposition removed in one fell swoop. nods to Morak We will discuss tactics as we travel. The journey will likely take some time, we should be off.
(Fri 6:50pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : But first, we must take out the chieftain. It will require somehow getting close enough to him to perform the deed.
(Fri 6:50pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : To Elam Don' fink so. Shakes his head as he heads out
(Fri 6:51pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : glances at Elam as she makes her way to the door As I said, I can speak orcish. I believe I could, perhaps gain the chieftain’s trust.
(Fri 6:51pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : begins heading out the door We will have plenty of time for discussion en route.
(Fri 6:51pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : he heads outside with them, taking a moment to look up at the damn sun
(Fri 6:52pm) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : tries to ignore the heat and prepares his horse for travel.
(Fri 6:53pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Ah, I see you got yourself a stallion.
(Fri 6:53pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : looks towards Elam's horse for a moment Nice animal.
(Fri 6:53pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : while working Your plan has some merit Odessa, but I doubt that we could simply walk in and gain a private discourse with the chief long enough for an assassination. Looks to Riadlus Yeah, he will help us carry back loot...and give me a break from walking. looks to Arak I am sure I don't need to remind you to keep Laufa well fed. This horse cost me a fair amount of gold and we want no accidents.
(Fri 6:56pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Speaks while untying Laufa No luck with orcs. They attack when see us. Attack on.. sight. Nods, looking to Elam
(Fri 6:56pm) (Frido)
Horse : snorts
(Fri 6:57pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : just waits for them to get settled
(Fri 6:58pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Smirks at that remark Laufa is trained. Besides, wolf like smaller animals...
(Fri 6:58pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Perhaps an ambush would be more appropriate saddles up If we can't talk to them easily, perhaps we should appear as easy prey for their chief?
(Fri 6:59pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : Working under the impression that the orcs won't fight if their leader is killed?
(Fri 7:00pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : An injured paladin on a tired horse running away from Odessa as she calls out in her best impression of an orcish hunter?
(Fri 7:00pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Hmms as he saddles up as well Burn their stock house. When they busy we go in.
(Fri 7:01pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : I know the act well enough still to pull off a convincing holier than thou.
(Fri 7:01pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Grins Easy prey? We are easy prey. No actin'
(Fri 7:02pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : You are still working under the impression the orcs won't fight without their leader. I have a feeling that they really don't care if they have a leader or not.
(Fri 7:03pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Not so easy when we fight on our own terms.
(Fri 7:03pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Then again, they may kill us on sight.
(Fri 7:03pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Yeah. Orcs will fight, leader or not. Orc like fighting.
(Fri 7:04pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Not in the least. If they fight without their leader is inconsequential. I have no intention of fighting them en masse.
(Fri 7:04pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : If you are ready, lets continue on.
(Fri 7:04pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : starts his horse out at a slow trot. We ambush them when they are vulnerable, take what we need and decide where to go from there.
(Fri 7:05pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : he walks south then, hoping the rain comes soon
(Fri 7:06pm) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : If there are too many around the chief, we will just have to steal the item somehow. Still, any who love killing so much must go hunting on a regular basis...Large hunting parties make far too much noise, so that would be ideal.
(Fri 7:07pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Distraction. Burn something important, and when they all take out the fire... We go where we need.
(Fri 7:07pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Tell me Arak, if you were an orc chief and had become powerful by using an item, would you not keep that item with you at all times?
(Fri 7:08pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : shakes her head, thinking about what they could do, finds that an ambush would surely get them killed, a distraction...while a good idea doesn't mean the whole tribe is going to try and put out a fire
(Fri 7:08pm) (DreamAngel) 
Elam Buriash : And would you employ guards who would run off when a fire starts? Or would you use those who would be ever more vigilant when others are distracted? Do not forget this chief found the silver tongue.
(Fri 7:12pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Yeah. Keep on neck, with string.
(Fri 7:12pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : mutters to herself Learning where the chief keeps the item...getting to the chief unnoticed...shakes her head It requires more information than we have.
(Fri 7:13pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : The party travels south for two hours. They still have about another hour to go. Suddenly, the sky groans out in pain and the clouds split asunder. It begins to rain.
(Fri 7:13pm)
Odessa Vakros : pulls her hood up over her head, and pulls her cloak around herself as it starts to rain
(Fri 7:14pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : grumbles, pulling his cowl further over his face to keep dry
(Fri 7:14pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Can distract guards too. Nods But you right.. Need better plan. But can't know without looking first. Looks up at the sky when the rain drops
(Fri 7:15pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Notices the others putting up cloaks and such, then decides to do the same. Indeed, we definitely need more information.
(Fri 7:16pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : The problem is we want to gain the orcs trust...for the Overlord. The Overlord wishes for their loyalty.
(Fri 7:17pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : If only we had a powerful wizard to disguise us as orcs!
(Fri 7:17pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Damn...up ahead. Someone is coming.
(Fri 7:17pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Smiles at the mass of dark clouds up above, then at Elam Bah.
(Fri 7:18pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : sets his maul easily across his lap.
(Fri 7:18pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : looks up ahead a bit to see if she can catch sight of the person
(Fri 7:19pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Ahead of them, another party is approaching. One is a man in spiked red armor on horseback. The other five are on foot. Some strange lizard-like creature is with them.
(Fri 7:19pm)
Arak Red Wolf : Someone? Looks forward
(Fri 7:19pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : pulls her cloak tighter around herself, as they continue forward, trying to look as small as possible
(Fri 7:21pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : (brb minor emergency.)
(Fri 7:21pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Dungeon Master : The second party is heading directly for you. They come to a stop after awhile and patiently await for you to arrive.
(Fri 7:22pm)
Riadlus Avon : (More details on the lizard please. Is it humanoid? A mount perhaps?)
(Fri 7:24pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : continues her walk towards the second party, glances up towards the man on horseback, tilting her head slightly
(Fri 7:24pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : It is about four feet long and red. It almost looks like a baby dragon, but you imagine that couldn't possibly be true. It sits next to the mounted warrior looking bored and annoyed.
(Fri 7:25pm)
Arak Red Wolf : (Whoo. Keith's here!)
(Fri 7:25pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : (Sorry guys, the minor emergency has becomes somewhat more major. You will have to NPC me.)
(Fri 7:25pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Meanders towards the other group. Says with a drawl. Red Ram.
(Fri 7:26pm) (Bewarekender)
Red Ram : the warrior atop the horse calls out to you when you get close enough Ah, we have been waiting for you. Some weather we are having, eh?
(Fri 7:26pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : Better than the heat. says softly
(Fri 7:28pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Slows Laufa down, is silent
(Fri 7:28pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Who are you?
(Fri 7:29pm) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : Rests his polearm butt on the ground and after a bit speaks. What is it we can do for you?
(Fri 7:29pm) (Bewarekender)
Egan : I am called Egan. I serve the baroness. he is a middle-aged man with auburn hair in a braided ponytail and hazel eyes. He has his helmet resting in his arm. He's a handsome man, save for his crooked nose which must have been broken in the past She has learned recently that a woman, two men, and a goblin entered her plantation without permission and snooped around.
(Fri 7:31pm) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : (back)
(Fri 7:31pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Turns his hooded visage so that his gaze may bore into Elam's head.
(Fri 7:33pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Then you need to deal with your inept guards, not with us. The guards allowed us entry and told us all was well.
(Fri 7:34pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Egan : Yes. They are dead now.
(Fri 7:35pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : nods slightly at Elam's words
(Fri 7:35pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Halts Laufa
(Fri 7:35pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : What are the baroness' wishes of us?
(Fri 7:35pm) (DreamAngel)
Egan : She wishes for these men here to kill you. Have at it boys. he grins maliciously
(Fri 7:36pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : The five men with him draw out their swords and approach the party.
(Fri 7:36pm)
Elam Buriash : Indeed... If they are dead, then the matter is clo... Shit! Does a quick dismount and readies his maul.
(Fri 7:37pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Dungeon Master : There are five of them, each armed with studded leather and a long sword. Two are women; one with short red hair and the other with long brown hair. The other three are men; one is bald, one has a scar across his face and the third one looks like his hair is beginning to go grey.
(Fri 7:37pm)
Odessa Vakros : Oh, is that all? pushes back her hood so that she can see and draws her long sword
(Fri 7:37pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : We are in the service of the overlord. Defy us and interfere with his business!
(Fri 7:38pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Dungeon Master : Actions?
(Fri 7:38pm)
Arak Red Wolf : Curses in goblin and turns Laufa around, having her trot back
(Fri 7:38pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : comes upon the woman with long brown hair, and attacks her with her sword
(Fri 7:39pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : We pay for your blunder Elam. Chooses the woman with short red hair and attacks her with his glaive-guisarme, in particular the spiked end.
(Fri 7:40pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Twenty meters or so he stops her and dismounts, returning now to the party
(Fri 7:40pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : slaps his horse quickly to send it out of harms way. Very well then! Grips his maul tightly and prepares to counter the first to engage him.
(Fri 7:41pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : The Overlord with deal with the baroness for interfering with his business, you can be sure of that.
(Fri 7:42pm) (DreamAngel)
Horse : snorts out disapproval and bolts away.
(Fri 7:42pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Dungeon Master : Everyone roll initiative.
(Fri 7:43pm)
Odessa Vakros : The 10-sided die rolls a 6.
(Fri 7:43pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : The 10-sided die rolls a 9.
(Fri 7:43pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : The 10-sided die rolls a 8.
(Fri 7:44pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : The 10-sided die rolls a 8.
(Fri 7:44pm) (Bewarekender)
Mercenary : the red haired mercenary goes first, attacking Riadlus, but misses him with a sloppy slash
(Fri 7:45pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf When he gets within thirty feet of the group, he starts throwing darts at three chosen targets
(Fri 7:45pm) (Frido)
Mercenary : the aging mercenary goes next, heading for Elam; he swings but only manages to hit his armor
(Fri 7:46pm) (Daos)
Mercenary : the bald mercenary also goes after Elam but misses
(Fri 7:47pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : (Damn crappy rolls are plaguing me again. )  Odessa's turn.
(Fri 7:47pm)
Odessa Vakros : The 20-sided die rolls a 1.
(Fri 7:47pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Odessa slips in some of the mud formed by the rain and hits the ground face-first.
(Fri 7:48pm)
Odessa Vakros : grunts as she hits the ground but quickly pushes herself up while wiping some mud off her face
(Fri 7:48pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Arak is next. He travels 60 feet away and dismounts. That is his maximum movement rate, so he does nothing else.
(Fri 7:49pm)
Mercenary : the brown haired merc attacks Odessa, but even though she is in the muck, the mercenary still misses...
(Fri 7:50pm) (Daos)
Mercenary : the one with the scar goes for Riadlus; he gets a lucky hit and stabs the priest for 11 damage
(Fri 7:51pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Elam's turn.
(Fri 7:52pm)
Riadlus Avon : (You were saying something about getting unlucky rolls?) Goes down in a bloody mess.
(Fri 7:52pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : The 20-sided die rolls a 2.
(Fri 7:52pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Elam Buriash : Swings at the old man, but his aim is far too wide.
(Fri 7:53pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Dungeon Master : Looks like my luck redoubled its efforts. Round 2 actions?
(Fri 7:54pm)
Odessa Vakros : now that she is out of the mud and can see again, attacks the brown haired woman again
(Fri 7:54pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Swings at his two assailants, one strike each.
(Fri 7:54pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Will lie in a puddle of muddy water and blood.
(Fri 7:56pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : (Cover the distance he should've covered in the last round and throw three darts, one at each guy or girl attacking his fellow party members.)
(Fri 7:59pm) (Frido)
Mercenary : the aging mercenary goes for Elam, but his armor protects him; the red head goes for Odessa, but her attack is deflected
(Fri 8:00pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Riadlus loses 1 hit point.
(Fri 8:00pm)
Mercenary : the bald merc gangs up on Elam, as well, but still can't get a good attack in
(Fri 8:01pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Odessa's turn.
(Fri 8:01pm)
Odessa Vakros : The 20-sided die rolls a 15.
(Fri 8:01pm) (DreamAngel)
Odessa Vakros : The 8-sided die rolls a 7.
(Fri 8:02pm) (DreamAngel)
Odessa Vakros : sees an opening and actually stabs at the woman, her sword going through the woman's stomach, in which she slumps to the ground dead as a door nail
(Fri 8:03pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Arak's turn.
(Fri 8:03pm) 
Arak Red Wolf : The 20-sided die rolls a 9.
(Fri 8:04pm) (Frido)
Arak Red Wolf : The 20-sided die rolls a 16.
(Fri 8:04pm) (Frido)
Arak Red Wolf : The 20-sided die rolls a 4.
(Fri 8:04pm) (Frido)
Arak Red Wolf : The 3-sided die rolls a 3.
(Fri 8:05pm) (Frido)
Arak Red Wolf : One of his darts fly too high. The goblin grumbles and throws a second one, this time it sticks to the red headed woman's forehead perfectly. Then, with overconfidence, he throws his last dart too short and it lands in the mud
(Fri 8:06pm) (Frido)
Mercenary : the scarred mercenary grins evilly at seeing his foe fall; he then turns to Elam, slips in the muck, and lands on his rump swearing
(Fri 8:07pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Elam's turn.
(Fri 8:07pm)
Elam Buriash : The 20-sided die rolls a 16.
(Fri 8:08pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Elam Buriash : The 20-sided die rolls a 1.
(Fri 8:08pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Elam Buriash : The 4-sided die rolls a 3.
(Fri 8:08pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Elam Buriash : The 4-sided die rolls a 3.
(Fri 8:08pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Elam Buriash : Swings mightily and smashes the bald mercenary hard in the chest, then drives an equally powerful blow toward the aging merc but throws himself off balance and falls in the slick mud.
(Fri 8:10pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Dungeon Master : Actions, Round 3?
(Fri 8:10pm)
Riadlus Avon : Will convulse this round.
(Fri 8:11pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : There are two mercenaries left. The aging one and the scarred one.
(Fri 8:11pm)
Odessa Vakros : comes to face the scarred mercenary attacking the now muddy man with her sword
(Fri 8:11pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Seeing Elam falling down he sniggers Don't slip! Arak will throw two darts at the scarred guy and one at the aging guy; But when seeing Odessa is in his way, directs everything to the aging guy
(Fri 8:12pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Grunts angrily and prepares to re engage the aging merc.
(Fri 8:12pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Mercenary : striking while Elam is down, the old man scores a hit for 7 damage
(Fri 8:13pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Riadlus loses 1 hit point. Odessa's turn.
(Fri 8:14pm)
Odessa Vakros : The 20-sided die rolls a 15.
(Fri 8:14pm) (DreamAngel)
Odessa Vakros : The 8-sided die rolls a 7.
(Fri 8:14pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Grinds his teeth at the pain and looks up at the old man with a look of purest rage.
(Fri 8:14pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : slices with all her might at the man's chest, surprised to see him go down to the ground about as bloody as Riadlus Not so Arrogant now are you?
(Fri 8:15pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Arak's turn.
(Fri 8:15pm)
Arak Red Wolf : The 20-sided die rolls a 10.
(Fri 8:16pm) (Frido)
Arak Red Wolf : The 20-sided die rolls a 16.
(Fri 8:16pm) (Frido)
Arak Red Wolf : The 20-sided die rolls a 2.
(Fri 8:16pm) (Frido)
Arak Red Wolf : The 3-sided die rolls a 1.
(Fri 8:16pm) (Frido)
Arak Red Wolf : Again, two of his darts fly too high and too low, but in-between he scores a scratch on the aging merc.
(Fri 8:17pm) (Frido)
Dungeon Master : Elam's turn.
(Fri 8:18pm)
Elam Buriash : The 20-sided die rolls a 6.
(Fri 8:18pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Elam Buriash : Elam stands and lashes out hard with his maul but fails to make contact.
(Fri 8:20pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Mercenary : the mercenary sees his companions are dead and he is outnumbered Damn the baroness...she doesn't pay good enough for this! he runs back to Egan
(Fri 8:20pm) (Daos)
Egan : Ember...!
(Fri 8:21pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Will throw darts after the guy if possible.
(Fri 8:21pm) (Frido)
Firedrake : screeches and breathes a jet of fire at the fleeing mercenary
(Fri 8:21pm) (Daos)
Mercenary : cries out, running around in circles before falling to the ground, charred
(Fri 8:21pm) (Daos)
Egan : Pitiful.
(Fri 8:21pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : His first dart falls from his hands as the flames engulf the man.
(Fri 8:22pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Roars out in outrage He... Was... MINE!
(Fri 8:22pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Egan : just barely survived a handful of mercenaries. You would not stand a chance against the baroness' elite troops.
(Fri 8:23pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : turns to look at the charred body of the mercenary, then looks towards Egan for only a moment before moving to the priest's side to try and stop his damn bleeding Damnable priest.
(Fri 8:23pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : re-straps his maul and readies his sling.
(Fri 8:24pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Egan : Here. he tosses a flask at Odessa
(Fri 8:24pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : catches the flash, quickly, looking up at Egan What is it?
(Fri 8:25pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Glances at the downed Riadlus Not dead yet? Then looks up at Egan Who's you again? Also watching Ember semi-cautiously, for signs of erupting flames
(Fri 8:25pm) (Frido)
Egan : A healing potion. Congratulations, you've earned my deepest pity. he grins darkly
(Fri 8:25pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : shrugs, uncorks the flask and gently puts the liquid up to Riadlus' lips kind of pouring it into his mouth
(Fri 8:26pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : Has no choice but to accept the ministrations.
(Fri 8:26pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Keeps his sling ready and backs away, doing his best to gauge the range of that flame attack.
(Fri 8:26pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Egan : he laughs, just as a bolt of lightning flickers behind him You survived, so I must report that to the baroness. Consider this your warning. Do not cross her again. Come along, Ember.
(Fri 8:27pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : You would think an ex-paladin would be better at battle. Perhaps it was the rain. smirks
(Fri 8:29pm) (DreamAngel)
Egan : he rides off into the storm, the firedrake flying after him
(Fri 8:29pm) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : Blinks up at Odessa. Is minorly surprised they rescued him. Brings to memory where his mistake was in that last fight and makes a mental note to never do it again. Pulls his hood back over his face.
(Fri 8:29pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Looks at Odessa and for a moment considers loosing that bullet after all. Paladin...? Paladin?! What is it you think you know of me?
(Fri 8:31pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Approaches the scene of bloodied mud and corpses and begins rummaging their pouches, really not caring about the mud or blood
(Fri 8:31pm) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : I need time. Gets up, gathering his glaive-guisarme as he goes, then leaning heavily upon his polearm.
(Fri 8:32pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Whilst they're talking. Best opportunity.
(Fri 8:32pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Puts his boot on the bald merc he killed, obviously staking his claim to the kill.
(Fri 8:32pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Narrows his eyes at Elam, but steers clear from the bald merc
(Fri 8:33pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : looks towards Elam for a moment You mentioned earlier that you can act still holier than thou, and I do remember that elf stating that you were a chosen, once, of Azedeth.
(Fri 8:34pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : What of the Red Ram? After taking a deep breath and letting it out, then looking around. Goblin. Do not make the mistake of thinking I cannot see what you're doing.
(Fri 8:34pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Works quickly from corpse to corpse then stands up and looks around Your horse?
(Fri 8:34pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Perhaps you assume too much...
(Fri 8:35pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : after explaining, loots the two people she did kill
(Fri 8:35pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : looks around for his horse.
(Fri 8:35pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : Perhaps...but your reaction to being called such might say otherwise.
(Fri 8:36pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Bah! I had better retrieve the damn thing. goes off to retrieve his horse.
(Fri 8:36pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Finds the scarred mercenary and kneels beside his corpse.
(Fri 8:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Didn't hear Riadlus? Maybe it's the rain? Heh. Arak grins at Elam Hope Laufa is not hungry?
(Fri 8:36pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : ignores the commentary
(Fri 8:37pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : looks at Riadlus The Red Ram ran off with...his fire breathing lizard.
(Fri 8:37pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : That was intoned as a question, though it probably wasn't. He begins walking back along the road, looking for Laufa
(Fri 8:38pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Returns with his horse and begins looting the bald man.
(Fri 8:38pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Proceeds to pull out his surgical kit and mutilate the scarred one beyond belief. His movements are quick and efficient. After a few minutes the fellow is unrecognizable. Packs up.
(Fri 8:39pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : cleans off her sword as she waits for the others to get settled
(Fri 8:39pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Packs away the bald mans possessions onto his horse.
(Fri 8:40pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : After finding Laufa, he returns mounted upon her. He then slips off and goes to carve out the healthier looking bodies for liver and heart. Wraps them in their own wet and now sliced clothing and sets them in Laufa's bag
(Fri 8:41pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Finishes up and walks his horse over to Riadlus. Can you stand?
(Fri 8:41pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Doesn't touch the scorched body
(Fri 8:42pm) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : Reaches his hand up to his face and touches something there, it comes away with blood. Stands and looks at Elam. I am able to move, we should continue.
(Fri 8:43pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : We are both injured. We will take turns with the horse. When you are able, your healing will be needed. points to his wound.
(Fri 8:44pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : After forty-two seconds. I am unable this day. Starts off down the road.
(Fri 8:45pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : Perhaps we should find a place to rest and figure out what to do with these orcs. That way the priest may rest up and regain his strength, you as well, Elam.
(Fri 8:46pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Indeed. winces a bit.
(Fri 8:47pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : waits for the others to start down the road before she finally makes her way as well
(Fri 8:47pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : lets Riadlus ride first.
(Fri 8:48pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Refuses to ride at all, the pain is nothing to him.
(Fri 8:48pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : shrugs and mounts the horse himself.
(Fri 8:49pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Mounts again and heads after them Make camp near theirs. Maybe a spot we can watch 'em from?
(Fri 8:50pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Perhaps more caution is warranted... at least until we are in fighting condition again.
(Fri 8:51pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : nods slightly Not too terribly close to their camp, but it does make sense. We can gain the information we need.
(Fri 8:51pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : Heads to an area that is some sort of stone as opposed to mud. Is very careful not to track any mud onto the area on which he lays down to see to his wounds.
(Fri 8:51pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : How far are we?
(Fri 8:53pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Turns his horse around I will return shortly. heads the short way back to the battle site and dismounts.
(Fri 8:55pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : shrugs slightly at Arak's question, has no clue how far they are, but sits down under a nearby tree if there is one
(Fri 8:55pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : There aren't any trees nearby. It's mostly just flat land.
(Fri 8:57pm)
Odessa Vakros : well sit down in a patch of wet grass if there is at least grass nearby, watching absently as Riadlus tends to his wounds
(Fri 8:57pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Returns to the group I searched the battle site as best I could. There was little of interest.
(Fri 8:58pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Cleans the wound, then satisfies his hunger and thirst. Finally lays down for some rest, not enjoying it, but knowing it is necessary.
(Fri 8:58pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : How many miles did the hobo said?
(Fri 8:58pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : 13 miles, goblin.
(Fri 9:00pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : tends to his horse and ties the reins to a nearby tree.
(Fri 9:00pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Hehs So we have ten more, maybe. Grins
(Fri 9:01pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : glances around the open space, frowning We should find some shelter. Sitting out in the open isn't exactly bright.
(Fri 9:02pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Sure. Sure. You have shovels? We dig out shelter in no time. Grins at Odessa
(Fri 9:03pm) (Frido)
Dungeon Master : The rain continues to come down. It's around 3 bells by now.
(Fri 9:04pm)
Odessa Vakros : rolls her eyes at Arak, looking towards the warrior and priest
(Fri 9:04pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : Says after a two minutes. Set a watch then Odessa Vakros.
(Fri 9:04pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : We go forward, maybe there we find a cave. Or trees. Something for cover.
(Fri 9:05pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Turns to Riadlus How long until you are in condition to practice your healing arts?
(Fri 9:05pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : looks at the goblin You could always go scout ahead for some cover.
(Fri 9:06pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : It is useless, Red Wolf Goblin. The forest is further east. Says all this while laying down, answers Elam after a while. It will be hours yet.
(Fri 9:08pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : You all take your rest. I'll take over the watch. stands and moves to where she can watch not only the road, but Riadlus, Elam, and Arak as well
(Fri 9:09pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Glances at Riadlus I know my forest. Talkin' 'bout there. Points south, the road they're using. Then spurs Laufa into action and moves. But since it's a flat land, he sticks to the side of the road itself rather than riding in the middle. Rides along the road, but at some distance from it at the side
(Fri 9:10pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : gets back up on his horse and tries to rest up there where he will at least be out of the mud.
(Fri 9:12pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Will scout forward
(Fri 9:13pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : sits back down, pulling her long legs up to her chest, her hood now covering her hair again as she keeps watch for anything
(Fri 9:13pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Riadlus gets some sleep then while Odessa takes first watch. Time passes without incident. After six hours, the wounded receive 1 hp. The rain has stopped now, although now the air is muggy. It is around 9 bells.
(Fri 9:14pm)
Riadlus Avon : Wakes up and stretches some. Stands up and beckons Elam over with his gauntleted hand.
(Fri 9:15pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : yawns, chews absently on some food while she waits for the others
(Fri 9:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : sits up and looks over his newly scabbed over wound.
(Fri 9:18pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : When his summons go unnoticed walks on over and lays his gauntleted hand on Elam's chest. Elam, this will hurt.
(Fri 9:19pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : As long as it gets the job done.
(Fri 9:20pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Prays silently and like before the gauntlet turns molten red. The feeling of one's blood being aflame would follow, along with the healing.
(Fri 9:22pm) (Bewarekender)
Riadlus Avon : The 8-sided die rolls a 5.
(Fri 9:22pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Just sits there, wondering what sounds the baroness' neck will make when he gets a chance to strangle her.
(Fri 9:23pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : Everyone get enough rest?
(Fri 9:24pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : When Arak returned almost six hours ago, he informed Odessa who's the only one awake, about what he saw.
(Fri 9:24pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Grinds his teeth a bit, then notes that he is nearly fully healed.
(Fri 9:24pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Removes his gauntlet, a little disappointed at the lack of screaming. Repeats the process on himself, just riding it out.
(Fri 9:24pm) (Bewarekender)
Riadlus Avon : The 8-sided die rolls a 5.
(Fri 9:25pm) (Bewarekender)
Riadlus Avon : Continues on down the road then, feeling much better.
(Fri 9:27pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : thinks for a moment, then whispers back while the other two are busy
(Fri 9:27pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Am I the only one to note that our last two fights have been ambushes by our enemies?
(Fri 9:28pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : nods slightly pushing herself up Seems we have ourselves a bit of a problem. walks towards Elam and Riadlus
(Fri 9:30pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : You are at fault for the last assault. Don't make the mistake again. Halts and turns to face Odessa.
(Fri 9:30pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : How is it they seem to know exactly where we are?
(Fri 9:30pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : When Arak wakes up, sleeping with his wolf-mount, he rubs a groggy eye and listens in
(Fri 9:31pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Am I, Riadlus?
(Fri 9:31pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : crosses her arms, glancing at Elam for a moment The orcs seem to be getting prepared for a war.
(Fri 9:32pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Because I seem to recall everyone practically singing my praises after I got us in. If I got us in by negotiating with their guards, what do you think they would have done had your bluff worked?
(Fri 9:33pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : What is done is done, lets deal with the matter at hand.
(Fri 9:33pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : Leans forward at Odessa's last words. Speaks quickly. Most excellent, we will proceed immediately.
(Fri 9:33pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : Proceed immediately, what do you have in mind, Riadlus?
(Fri 9:34pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Yes...lets.
(Fri 9:34pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : In an even more croaked voice than usual as he's waking up They always look like in war. Too much orcs. We be dead before we...reach the village.
(Fri 9:35pm) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : Holds his gauntlet out for Odessa to see. I am an acolyte of D'lokka. Turns and heads down the road again.
(Fri 9:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Perhaps we should capture one and see if he will suggest a means for getting in? I doubt they would be overly concerned at a missing watchman... so long as they find the body mauled by a wild animal. Looks at Laufa.
(Fri 9:37pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : smirks The Goddess of War could be of a huge help to us. I'm sure the orcs would love to have a priest on their side. looks over at Elam I learned from following one of your plans from last time that they aren't well thought out. at least, not all of them, so follows after Riadlus
(Fri 9:39pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Glances at Laufa as well, and strokes her head They go in groups, I bet.
(Fri 9:40pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : laughs and wandering into the orc camp and peddling a cleric is well thought out?
(Fri 9:41pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : Not thought out, no, but has more merit than your little ambush plan that will surely get us killed.
(Fri 9:42pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : I am sure we wouldn't have been assaulted by the baroness' troops had Riadlus managed to bluff his way in before too. Why I bet they would have been happy to see us.
(Fri 9:43pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Too busy making progress down the road to deal with the buffoon.
(Fri 9:44pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : Bitter aren't we, Elam. We aren't getting anything done, now are you coming or not?
(Fri 9:45pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Oh but of course I am. I wouldn't miss this for the world. Spurs his horse into motion, following along.
(Fri 9:46pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Dungeon Master : After some time, the party gets closer to the village. It's too dark for them to really see anything, but they can make out the distant torches. Arak can see the village decently, however.
(Fri 9:47pm)
Odessa Vakros : finds Elam a bit amusing, glances over to Riadlus, says softly This isn't going to end up like with the guards is it?
(Fri 9:48pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Stretches and yawns, then mounts and goes with them See? Lots of orcs.
(Fri 9:48pm) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : If we are fortunate, it will not. Drawls back lowly to her. It strikes me as a bad idea to try to sneak inside.
(Fri 9:50pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Any closer, they can see us too. Ones without torches.
(Fri 9:50pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : nods slightly to Riadlus, glancing at Arak If they are any good at what they do, they already know we are here.
(Fri 9:52pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : just sits in his saddle, watching and waiting.
(Fri 9:52pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Is far less concerned. Has a fairly quick way to escape, he and Elam
(Fri 9:53pm) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : Halts to ponder things.
(Fri 9:54pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : crosses her arms
(Fri 9:55pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : What now then, oh wise leader?
(Fri 9:57pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : We will wait until day, then approach them. For now we will back away some hundred yards and sleep.
(Fri 9:58pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Might I suggest that we send Arak when we do contact them? If I am not mistaken goblins would be better received than humans. He can also get away quickly.
(Fri 9:59pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Looks to Elam with a somewhat terrified look Mistaken you are! But... Grins They like women. Points at Odessa All women. Goblin, hobo, and especially human.
(Fri 10:01pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Bad blood?
(Fri 10:01pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : looks over to Arak for a moment, almost laughs Seems you are mistaken, Elam.
(Fri 10:01pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : Starts heading away from the village. Odessa Vakros, will you lead the way at daybreak then?
(Fri 10:02pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Heh, green skin here, green skin there. Heard of them working together before. And dear Odessa, I may occasionally be mistaken, but at least I offer options to us... Unlike some.
(Fri 10:04pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Chuckles They like to rape women. Only way for her to get to chief is sleep with chief.
(Fri 10:05pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : I don't think they like women that way Riadlus.
(Fri 10:05pm) (DreamAngel)
Odessa Vakros : It is a way to offer...peace to the chief, giving me as a gift.
(Fri 10:05pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : I see...Will you consent then?
(Fri 10:06pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Snorts at Elam comment about green skins Orc look more like human. Tall. Like ugly humans.
(Fri 10:06pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : looks between them all for a moment Very well. at Elam I've offered a few options. simple as that, and will leave it at that
(Fri 10:07pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Perhaps my goblin friend. Still, I think it would be best if you told us all you know about these orcs. Do we need to keep you out of sight when we run into them?
(Fri 10:07pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : Yet what am I to do once I am given to the chief? tilts her head Wait for my heroes?
(Fri 10:09pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Ahh, and a great option at that? Selling you off.
(Fri 10:10pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Shrugs S'what goblin say. They just fightin' folk. They fight you and me the same. Maybe they not gonna fight us...
(Fri 10:11pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : And I was criticized for poor planning...
(Fri 10:11pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Elam, continue to look for trouble and you may find it.
(Fri 10:12pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : looks at Elam You are exactly opposed to the idea, are you?
(Fri 10:13pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Riadlus, we have plenty of trouble ahead of us as is. If I am to march right down its throat, I intend to point it out... As it was pointed out to me. The door swings both ways. I am opposed to the idea of going in there with half of a very risky plan.
(Fri 10:14pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : There is a line between criticism and insult, see that you do not cross it. Looks at Odessa. Kill him and take the item. Be sure it is at night.
(Fri 10:15pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Ahh, but we have already crossed that line several times over haven't we. I say what I think. Right now I think that we need a backup plan.
(Fri 10:16pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Settles down for camp a good distance away from the village. Present any machinations of your mind.
(Fri 10:17pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Watches them talking, idle
(Fri 10:17pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : Oh, and how do you suppose I get out with an army of orcs just outside the chief's tent?
(Fri 10:18pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Exactly the question we need to be asking. Bah... What exactly is the plan so far? We send her in as some sort of gift, hope they don't disarm her before she gets used by their chief, then expect her to improvise an escape?
(Fri 10:19pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : A distraction of course.
(Fri 10:19pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : And how do we time this distraction?
(Fri 10:20pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : Elam, will you please calm down. You insistent chatter isn't helping me think much.
(Fri 10:20pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Some sort of signal once she is done? It would have to be something the orcs would not know to be a signal.
(Fri 10:21pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Hmms. Looks at the arsenal they're carrying.
(Fri 10:21pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : I am quite calm. This is a matter of planning, and I am best Odessa impression he can manage only offering options.
(Fri 10:21pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : All in due time. Odessa Vakros, can you simulate the call of a bird?
(Fri 10:21pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Also, we need to plan this distraction as well. I believe Arak suggested setting fire to some of their buildings. Unfortunately we do not yet know what buildings there are, or where they are.
(Fri 10:23pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Any one has fire stone?
(Fri 10:24pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : doesn't have a bow, has a long sword, though while they are talking about this pulls out a kind of oil looking stuff and starts rubbing it upon her sword to hide the shine No, I don't believe so.
(Fri 10:24pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : I have a small supply of lamp oil that could make things easier.
(Fri 10:25pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Elam, one thing at a time. Takes out his flint and steel and holds them up. Can you whistle then?
(Fri 10:25pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : nods
(Fri 10:26pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Dismounts and takes the flint and steel. Then turns to watch the village
(Fri 10:26pm) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : After a moment. Whistle twice once you have killed the chieftain. We will cause a distraction. Fire seems to be a favorite, so it shall be.
(Fri 10:28pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : It has to get the attention of the chieftain’s guards.
(Fri 10:28pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : One thing no one has yet mentioned. How exactly do we intend to introduce Odessa to the chieftain without some other orc claiming her as his own?
(Fri 10:29pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : You make me sound like some sort of catch. smirks
(Fri 10:30pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : A nearby building then. Rest now. I will watch first.
(Fri 10:31pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Also... what if this chieftain proves formidable?
(Fri 10:31pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Formidable? Turns to look at Elam
(Fri 10:32pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : What if I can't kill him is what he is getting at.
(Fri 10:33pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Well, should he survive the initial assault and have time to call for his guards... Or if Odessa is outmatched.
(Fri 10:33pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : There are times when a woman may catch a male completely off-guard. May even count the ribs through which to slip the blade.
(Fri 10:34pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Also, how do you intend to get a weapon through?
(Fri 10:34pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Cut throat when he sleeps. If he wakes up, no voice to call guards. Uh... Glances at the village, then back at Elam Weapons inside.
(Fri 10:35pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : The oil I just put on my weapon almost hides it from view in a way. It can easily blend in with my cloak.
(Fri 10:36pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Yes Arak, but if she is going in as a... treat for the chieftain, I would imagine she would not be allowed to take a weapon with... And probably wouldn't be wearing enough to conceal one.
(Fri 10:36pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Takes a knife from his boot and holds it out. Something smaller perhaps.
(Fri 10:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : The oil may keep it out of sight, but what if you are searched?
(Fri 10:37pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : takes the knife absently Then keep a hold of the sword, a knife will do, but if I am to be a treat as you put it, what of clothing?
(Fri 10:37pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Uh... weapon of the chief?
(Fri 10:40pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : I would imagine they would search you when you are brought in to his tent or wherever. They may miss a cleverly hid knife, but I have a feeling that in order to get him to sleep... you would have to do things that wouldn't be easily accomplished fully clothed. smirks
(Fri 10:40pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : What is to stop her from retrieving the weapon from her clothing afterwards?
(Fri 10:41pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Places the flint and steel in Laufa's bag for now So we going with her to give her away? Maybe first try normal way then offer her?
(Fri 10:41pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : They will want to know why you are offering me to the chief.
(Fri 10:42pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : I suppose you have a point Riadlus. She would stand a good chance of that indeed.
(Fri 10:43pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : It is quite simple. We offer you as a sign a friendship and I offer my guidance as a priest of D'lokka, the two of you are aids or perhaps mercenaries.
(Fri 10:44pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : So the plan is offer me to the chief, you give the chief some guidance, he then has his way with me, and then I kill him while he sleeps.
(Fri 10:45pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Alright, now we have two major things remaining to deal with.
(Fri 10:46pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Do any of you speak orc?
(Fri 10:46pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : First, we need to figure out how to set up this distraction. Second, we must prepare a backup plan incase they don't go for this deal at all.
(Fri 10:46pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : laughs slightly I speak Orcish.
(Fri 10:46pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : Backup if attacked or backup if they don't want? Hmms I go inside the village, start fire on something that looks important or couple o' tents.
(Fri 10:49pm) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : In what manner of receptacle is the oil stored?
(Fri 10:49pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : If you mean my lamp oil, all I have is a single flask of it.
(Fri 10:51pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : removes her sword, looking it over for a moment, seems to be trying to prepare herself for all of this
(Fri 10:52pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : Arak, I mean if they attack us on sight rather than listening to us bargain. And that flask is made of thin metal. Digs through his pack for a moment then produces the flask
(Fri 10:53pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Place a rag inside the flask and set it aflame, hurl it at a building. That is a distraction. A backup plan. Well, we could always try diplomacy.
(Fri 10:53pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Attack? We run away. What else? Takes the flask with a suppressed grin
(Fri 10:55pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : I was referring to something more along the lines of an escape route.
(Fri 10:56pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Back where we come from. Nods sagely
(Fri 10:57pm) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : That is where you and I will come in. We will see to it the gates are not closed.
(Fri 10:57pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : listens to the rest of this plan
(Fri 10:59pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : I doubt we could hold an entire tribe of orcs for long... if at all.
(Fri 10:59pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Elam, your head is for housing your brains. Don't waste the space.
(Fri 11:00pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : I am not the one who suggested holding the gates against the orcs.
(Fri 11:02pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : That is not what I am suggesting at all. We need merely see they open during the distraction.
(Fri 11:03pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : I'll climb over the wall if I have to.
(Fri 11:05pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : I was referring to our backup plan. Where we are presumably ambushed once we are inside the gates, or otherwise attacked before the assassination can be completed.
(Fri 11:05pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Any suggestions?
(Fri 11:07pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Yawns and sits down, guiding Laufa to do the same
(Fri 11:07pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Perhaps in the initial meeting someone should be prepared to cause the distraction before we actually meet. That way, if things go bad, a fire could buy us a bit of time.
(Fri 11:08pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : After three minutes. You heard him Arak. Now rest.
(Fri 11:09pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : nods slightly at that back up plan, then looks at Elam Hold on to my sword and backpack for me?
(Fri 11:10pm) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf : I want to cause the destruction! Waves a hand idly
(Fri 11:10pm) (Frido)
Elam Buriash : Just put it on the horse. I intend to leave him out of this anyway.
(Fri 11:11pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Stands up to take watch.
(Fri 11:12pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : nods slightly, going to keep an eye on it all tonight though, going to hold on to all of her things tightly as she makes her pack a small pillow and wraps herself in her cloak to get some rest
(Fri 11:12pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : Ruebon 12th, Seaday. The party wakes up around 7 bells without incident. The wounded regain 1 HP.
(Fri 11:14pm)
Elam Buriash : Finds a good sleeping spot and unrolls his bedroll. Wake me when my watch comes.
(Fri 11:14pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Nudges them all awake and mentions to Elam. If a fight breaks out, I can make you a better fighter than you've ever dreamed. You must accept it though.
(Fri 11:16pm) (Bewarekender)
Dungeon Master : It's still fairly muggy out and looks like it could rain again soon.
(Fri 11:16pm)
Elam Buriash : gets up, stretches, and looks at Riadlus.
(Fri 11:16pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : wakes up slowly, rubbing some sleep out of her eyes, afterwards takes a few drinks of her water and eats a few bits of her food afterwards moves to places her stuff on Elam's horse
(Fri 11:16pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : How so? Repacks his bedroll
(Fri 11:16pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : It is the grace of D'lokka. An ability all of the faithful share.
(Fri 11:18pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : How nice for them.
(Fri 11:18pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : How am I going to be...presented to them?
(Fri 11:19pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : Rope, anyone?
(Fri 11:19pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : After having a bit of food and water himself, and feeding Laufa he gets up and stretches, ready I go in first?
(Fri 11:20pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : And where would the best place to hide the knife?
(Fri 11:21pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : I should think.... You would know.
(Fri 11:22pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Boots work well.
(Fri 11:22pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : doesn't use knives, so really wouldn't know, but hides the knife carefully within her right boot, sighing softly
(Fri 11:22pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : Starts off down the road.
(Fri 11:24pm) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : sticks close to Elam, since he is the biggest of them all, can look like she was...captured if she sticks near him
(Fri 11:25pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : ties the horse to the nearest stable object then proceeds along with the others.
(Fri 11:26pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Rrr... Hesitatingly leaves Laufa with an order to stay
(Fri 11:26pm) (Frido)
Dungeon Master : The four proceed on foot to the village. Once they get close to the defensive trenches, several orcs approach with their swords ready. One of them shouts at the party.
(Fri 11:28pm)
Orc : Fru kuac drana? Fryd tu oui fyhd?
(Fri 11:29pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : tries to look as small as possible, keeping her head down, her hair falling in front of her face as she walks says softly to Elam They want to know who we are.
(Fri 11:30pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : Let's Odessa answer, stands still and makes no sudden or threatening acts. However, does hold himself high and does his best to look formidable which really isn't all that hard for him.
(Fri 11:32pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Tries to look as subservient as possible to Riadlus and does a mock bow and point at him Riadlus
(Fri 11:32pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : tries to look as scared as possible Drao fecr du cbayg du ouin lraev. Bneacd uv T'muggy.
(Fri 11:34pm) (DreamAngel)
Orc : he turns his attention to Odessa Fryd? Fro oui cbayg du lreav? Oui cbeac?
(Fri 11:36pm) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : Be sure to mention I am an acolyte D'lokka.
(Fri 11:36pm) (Bewarekender)
Arak Red Wolf : Looks around at all the orcs, saying nothing. He stands behind them.
(Fri 11:36pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : Hu cbeac. Du bnuja bayla, E ys y kevd du ouin lreav. softly to the others He is asking if you are spies.
(Fri 11:38pm) (DreamAngel)
Orc : Oui cinnahtan faybuhc. Lusa fedr ic.
(Fri 11:38pm) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : I think the appropriate answer is obvious...
(Fri 11:38pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : Give up your weapons and walk with them Yc oui fecr.
(Fri 11:39pm) (DreamAngel)
Orc : the orcs circle the party, surrounding them to form an honor guard; they come up to take the party's weapons
(Fri 11:40pm) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : Hands his weapon over, though not readily.
(Fri 11:41pm) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : reluctantly allows them to take his maul.
(Fri 11:41pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Orc : they take the glaive, the maul, and the goblin's short swords and baldric of darts Drec fyo. he and the others lead the party around the trenches and into the village, up to a large wooden cabin
(Fri 11:43pm) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : Now that you are in the village, you get a decent look at it. It's small, smaller than Janus, even. It's composed of mostly tents and shanties, although the cabin is by far the biggest structure there. There's also a field for crops and an animal pin for livestock.
(Fri 11:44pm)
Odessa Vakros : They said, this way. follows up next to Elam taking a look around as she walks
(Fri 11:44pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : There are no walls around the village; it seems the trenches are their only protection outside of man-power.
(Fri 11:45pm)
Elam Buriash : Feels somewhat naked without his weapon of choice.
(Fri 11:45pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Dungeon Master : Inside the cabin, they are led to an orc sitting on an elaborate wicker throne.
(Fri 11:46pm)
Odessa Vakros : glances towards the orc on the throne, really starting to feel kind of sick about having to do this
(Fri 11:46pm) (DreamAngel)
Dungeon Master : The chieftain stands at 6'1" with greyish-green skin, red eyes, and pointed ears. He's muscular and his head is shaved bald. He's actually somewhat handsome for an orc and has an aura of power and authority. He's wearing furs, chain mail, and carries a feathered spear. To his side is a younger orc and a female.
(Fri 11:47pm)
Elam Buriash : looks toward Riadlus
(Fri 11:48pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Iron Horse : What are you humans doing in my domain? the orc just oozes charisma and respect, and the party find themselves fighting to remember not to fall for it
(Fri 11:48pm) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : Allow me to introduce my most gracious master, Riadlus, who has come bringing gifts. points toward Odessa.
(Fri 11:50pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Looks around for tongues made of silver
(Fri 11:50pm) (Frido)
Odessa Vakros : steps forward a bit, looking up at Iron Horse only a moment before looking back down at her feet
(Fri 11:51pm) (DreamAngel)
Elam Buriash : then does another mock bow toward Riadlus trying his best to look reverent.
(Fri 11:51pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Speaks faster than he normally would, not wanting to irk the orc. We have brought this woman to you as a sign of friendship. And I have come to aid you.
(Fri 11:51pm) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : Gifts? he looks to Riadlus What is your intention then, human?
(Fri 11:52pm) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : really does hope that perhaps Riadlus mentions the Overlord
(Fri 11:53pm) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : I am a follower of D'lokka. It is my duty to attend war on all sides.
(Fri 11:54pm) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : Aid me?
(Fri 11:54pm) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : really hopes he doesn't get caught in a fight without his maul.
(Fri 11:55pm) (Matt_ice0777)
Iron Horse : You bring us war then?
(Fri 11:55pm) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : No. However, one never knows when such things will occur. Foresight is a valuable.
(Fri 11:56pm) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : frowns, rubs at his bald head So what's in it for you then to aid us?
(Fri 11:57pm) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Glances around, to see if anyone's eyes are set on him. Test to see if he can slip away
(Fri 11:57pm) (Frido)
Dungeon Master : Aside from the chieftain, the female, and the younger orc, the honor guard is still surrounding them. They are keeping a close eye on the party, also.
(Fri 11:58pm)
Riadlus Avon : I am merely serving the Great Mistress.
(Fri 11:58pm) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : You are saying you live only to war? To fight and enjoy victory while defying death and defeat?
(Fri 11:58pm) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : And to oversee war, yes.
(Sat 12:01am) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : he throws back his head and laughs I like your attitude, human!
(Sat 12:01am) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : lets out a soft sigh
(Sat 12:02am) (DreamAngel) 
Arak Red Wolf : Relaxes just a little bit
(Sat 12:03am) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : No outward sign of anything can be seen from Riadlus. A rasping chuckle can be heard though.
(Sat 12:03am) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Tries to look a bit more relaxed, but isn't.
(Sat 12:03am) (Matt_ice0777)
Iron Horse : We know of your D'lokka, human, but we call her the Great Crow Who Feasts on Our Enemies. Perhaps your appearance here is an omen.
(Sat 12:05am) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : Lets excitement slip into his voice. Do you march to war?
(Sat 12:07am) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : We were not planning such...but perhaps we should. he looks to Odessa You offer me this?
(Sat 12:07am) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : takes this moment to stand up straight and looks towards Iron Horse
(Sat 12:08am) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : She is yours.
(Sat 12:08am) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : looks her over Rather she good in bed?
(Sat 12:09am) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : She is. Turns to face Odessa.
(Sat 12:11am) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : isn't going to answer, the question wasn't directed towards her
(Sat 12:11am) (DreamAngel)
Iron Horse : Good. he turns to the female and speaks to her Ku huf. Drec syh picehacc.
(Sat 12:12am) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : The female nods dully, her expression showing she is confused. She walks out of the room and goes into the back.
(Sat 12:12am)
Odessa Vakros : hides a smirk
(Sat 12:12am) (DreamAngel)
Iron Horse : So now...a war. Whom shall we war against? The humans? The goblins?
(Sat 12:13am) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : Looks at Arak after hearing that last comment.
(Sat 12:14am) (Matt_ice0777)
Riadlus Avon : Looks at Elam. What do you think Elam?
(Sat 12:14am) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : How about the resistance?
(Sat 12:15am) (Matt_ice0777)
Arak Red Wolf : Doesn't seem overly concerned about the notion, but looks up at Riadlus
(Sat 12:15am) (Frido)
Iron Horse : Re-sis-tance?
(Sat 12:15am) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : Elves and Gontorians.
(Sat 12:16am) (Matt_ice0777)
Iron Horse : Elves...elves too strong. I know not what "Gontorian" is.
(Sat 12:16am) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : Do you know of the Overlord, m'lord? speaks softly, as if she feels like she is out of place
(Sat 12:17am) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : An enemy we can find I think would be better. The goblins... After defeating them we could add the living to our numbers.
(Sat 12:17am) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : frowns Your female is chatty. Goblins...yes...they have resources in forest.
(Sat 12:18am) (Daos)
Elam Buriash : Decides to just let Riadlus handle this.
(Sat 12:18am) (Matt_ice0777)
Iron Horse : But you have goblin with you. Is he prisoner?
(Sat 12:21am) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : We pay him. He is a good scout.
(Sat 12:21am) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : Hmm...then tonight, we shall feast. Tomorrow, we prepare for war. slaps Riadlus hard on the back
(Sat 12:22am) (Daos)
Arak Red Wolf : Watches Iron Horse now
(Sat 12:23am) (Frido)
Riadlus Avon : Rasps out a laugh. Most excellent.
(Sat 12:23am) (Bewarekender)
Odessa Vakros : keeps quiet, watching them all
(Sat 12:24am) (DreamAngel)
Iron Horse : You four will be my guests tonight. You, human, he says to Riadlus can help us with our war strategies.
(Sat 12:25am) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : Answers quickly, and sounds like he'd enjoy that. Excellent indeed... But our weapons?
(Sat 12:26am) (Bewarekender)
Iron Horse : Hmm? Oh, yes. Nadinh draen faybuhc. he looks to the party Drao femm hud padnyo ic. Fa uidhispan dras.
(Sat 12:29am) (Daos)
Dungeon Master : The orcs nod and return the short sword, darts, maul, and glaive-guirsame.
(Sat 12:29am)
Iron Horse : This is my son, Black Snake. He is also studying to become our witch doctor. He will show you to your room.
(Sat 12:30am) (Daos)
Riadlus Avon : Feels much better once his weapon is back in hand.
(Sat 12:30am) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : takes his maul back and straps it across his back.
(Sat 12:30am) (Matt_ice0777)
Black Snake : a young and rather skinny orc, he's 5'7" with greyish-green skin, brown eyes, and pointed ears. He has little muscle in his arms, but his legs look quite strong. He wears loose-fitting black robes and carries a staff with a snake rattle attached to one of the ends This way, humans.
(Sat 12:31am) (Daos)
Odessa Vakros : looks over to Black Snake for a moment
(Sat 12:31am) (DreamAngel)
Riadlus Avon : Follows Black Snake.
(Sat 12:31am) (Bewarekender)
Elam Buriash : Follows as well
(Sat 12:32am) (Matt_ice0777)
Odessa Vakros : waits for even the goblin to go before she follows, really isn't sure she is suppose to follow
(Sat 12:32am) (DreamAngel)
Arak Red Wolf
: Follows
(Sat 12:33am) (Frido)
Dungeon Master : Okay, we'll stop here for the night.
(Sat 12:32am)


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