Rat King
Lycanthropic Anarchist


Race:  Goblin
Class:  Thief
Kit:  None
Age:  31
Alignment:  NE
STR:  9
DEX:  20
CON:  10
INT:  14
WIS:  12
CHA:  13
Level:  10
HP:  50
OrganizationVermin Plague


Appearance:  The Rat King looks like an ordinary goblin to the naked eye, although perhaps with a flair for dark colors, particularly black and brown.  He wears leather armor and a couple of bandoliers full of black-hilted throwing knives, his signature weapon.  He has yellow eyes and black hair, which is usually well-groomed, despite his constant forays into the city's sewers.  He has the aura of confidence and intrigue that is befitting of a guild leader.

Personality:  The Rat King is swarthy, charming, and very good at escaping.  He hates the nobility, believing that the common man should hold the power.  He's very accustomed to getting what he wants and tends to become angered when things do not go his way.  He is extremely faithful to his primary deity, Shadowbite, who seems to have taken him into special favor.

History:  The Rat King's history is completely unknown.  Not even his true name is known at this point.

Campaign Events:  The Rat King and his guild of thieves known as the Vermin Plague first appeared in the second arc.  Shortly after joining the party, Eskar and Aidan assisted Meschior on a rescue mission after the Vermin Plague kidnapped Loreleii.  The party followed them into the sewers, eventually finding them in one of their many hidden bases.  The Rat King was impressed they survived that far, and explained that he kidnapped Loreleii because she was valuable to the nobility, specifically to Lord Sardis.  Aidan and Meschior were able to negotiate for Loreleii's release, but Eskar then attacked the thieves, causing chaos.  The battle ended with Eskar slaying the Rat King, nearly slicing his head in half.

This was not the end of his story, though.  The Rat King appeared later on, having been raised by the dead by the Nightmaster.  He now bore an ugly white scar down his face and was blessed with the ability to transform into a wererat.  The Rat King swore vengeance upon Eskar after crashing the Monet's party.  Although driven off, the Vermin Plague had proven they were still active, and that their leader was still alive, demoralizing many nobles.

The Rat King then went underground for awhile, for reasons unknown.  The next time he was seen, it was learned he was working for the Nightmaster, and that the entire Vermin Plague was organized by the clergy of Shadowbite as a means to fight the nobles, who are believed to be in league with the Bloody Maw.  The party was hired to assassinate the Viscount along with the Vermin Plague's assistance, forcing the two groups to put aside their differences and work together.  However, the party began to suspect the Nightmaster and Vermin Plague were using them for their own nefarious agenda, and betrayed them by warning the Viscount.  The Viscount's men attempted to capture the Rat King and his assistant, Sonak.  However, the Rat King evaded capture and Sonak was able to escape later thanks to Eskar.

The party then gathered their strength and stormed the Temple of Shadowbite.  They encountered Sonak, and after Aidan paralyzed him with a spell, Eskar slew him.  The Rat King was guarding the Nightmaster, and fell in battle to a berserked Jasmin in the line of duty.  His death was not in vain, however.  He bought the Nightmaster enough time to shadow walk to the Plane of Shadows.

His body was destroyed after this, to insure he was not brought back a second time.

DM's Commentary:
I created the Rat King and the Vermin Plague unexpectedly, just to fill a sidequest.  He was fun to play and seemed to have such potential, that I decided to bring him back from the dead the same way Eskar was--by the Nightmaster.  By that point, I had found a way to work the Vermin Plague into the main story thoroughly.  Again, I was sorry to see him die.  I had plans for him in the third arc, but perhaps the Nightmaster can fill in him for instead.

Jasmin:  Indifferent
Daufer:  Indifferent
Eskar:  Hostile
Aidan:  Indifferent
Siara:  Indifferent

Favored Weapon:  Throwing Knives
Favored Ability:  Transform
Birthday:  Unknown
Zodiac:  Renos

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