Other NPCs

Adria Ciel
- A 34 year old noble in charge of the city's growth and development.  She is a suspicious, ponderous woman with many enemies due to her ruthless efficiency.  Her husband died a few years ago under some rather shady circumstances, leading some to believe she poisoned him.  Thus she has earned the nickname, "the Black Widow."  She has porcelain white skin, raven black hair, and icy blue eyes.  She was one of the nobles to die at the hands of the Drow in the invasion.

Angry Dragon
- An Orc warrior who volunteered to assist Daufer on the Qavay quest.  He was wounded twice, so eventually sent to the temple's entrance to recover.  He was easy to distinguish due to his mohawk.  He later became one of Bronze Skull's top bodyguards.

Airlen Monet
- The 46 year old noble in charge of the merchant's guilds.  He's also the husband of Arael Monet.  He is a rather dull man with slicked back brown hair, a mustache, green eyes, and a slight bulge in his belly.  He was killed by his wife, who was in reality a tiefling named Lilah.  However, the Viscount led people to believe the Vermin Plague were the ones behind it.

Amber Wasp
- The shaman of the Karik Orcs has long, silver hair and has black eyes.  He wears studded leather and carries a wicked flail.  He can wield divine power from the tribe's goddess, Black Sun.  He often butts heads with River Bear.  After Daufer's death, he became the tribe's top shaman again.

Arael Monet/Lilah
- The 32 year old wife of Airlen Monet, the nobleman who owns the Merchant Guild.  Arael is a friendly, if not prying, woman who often finds her own life rather dull and so often spends time with adventurers.  She is friends with Jasmin.  Arael is quite pretty, with wavy brown hair and brown eyes.  It was later learned that Arael was only a mask worn by Bloody Maw member, Lilah.  Lilah is a green-skinned tiefling with three fingers on each hand, completely black eyes, and a black horn protruding from her head.  She was appointed the task of spying on the Shadow Bats and attempting to break them up as a group.  She was defeated by the party, however, and was dragged into a shadowy portal by a shadow fiend.  She later resurfaced to help the party, as she had betrayed the Maw.  She became a personal servant of Jasmin after the Drow Invasion, serving as a spy, interrogator, and adviser.

- A 23 year old hobgoblin slave of the Karik Orcs.  She belonged to River Bear, who was using her to produce a male heir.  She failed in this, and so was passed on to Amber Wasp instead.  She may have once been pretty, but now she's filthy and malnourished and often sports bruises.  She has yellow eyes and long, unkempt black hair.  She had a daughter with River Bear.  When the Temple of D'lokka was back up and in order, Baska managed to get financial assistance from the church (which sought to aid all of those who had been left broke or crippled during the Insurrection) and dedicated her life to raising her daughter.

Bronze Skull
- The Orcish sub-chief is completely bald and wears old splint mail.  He carries a battle axe.  Inspired by Daufer's sacrifice, he later broke away from the Karik Tribe and formed his own tribe, with he as chief, which still follows the teachings of D'lokka and Dukosh to this day.

- Brun is an aging goblin of 30 summers.  He works the farms of Voxis to pay off his debts to the Viscount, but he has been there nearly his entire life so far.  He has red eyes and short black hair, and wears a straw hat to help protect his eyes from the harsh sun.  He hired the party to take care of Cinder, the fire imp that was burning his crops.  Brun managed to escape to the Temple of Renos and hide out during the invasion.

- Cinder was a fire imp that had been terrorizing the local farmers by burning their crops and other such pranks.  He claimed he had been summoned to the Prime Material Plane by a priest of Renos who wasn't strong enough to bind him.  After Cinder escaped, he made his way to the farmlands to cause trouble.  The party was hired by Brun to dispatch him, and he was banished back to his home plane of  Zenan.

- Dejo is a 30 year old hobgoblin warrior who was trained by Garek himself.  She is civilized and honorable, but very obsessed with protecting the Viscount.  She is his personal bodyguard.  She has short-cropped black hair and yellow eyes.  The party, after being hired to assassinate the Viscount, decided to double-cross their employer the Nightmaster and reported to Dejo what was going on.  Dejo fought to the death to defend the Viscount.

- Dia is a 52 year old priestess of Renos.  She has short cropped white hair and hazel eyes.  Her skin is a bit leathery, worn with age.  She had two children, who were both sent off to war when they grew up.  She is currently missing.

- An 85 year old Duergar from Kaltarp.  He is the brother of Dommer.  He's bald with a silky brown beard and hazel eyes.  He tends to be nicer and gentler than his brother.  He hired the party to find evidence that he and Dommer were innocent of causing the vermin attacks in the mines.  Dermer and his brother, Dommer, sought refuse inside the Temple of Renos during the Drow Invasion.

- An 80 year old Duergar from Kaltarp.  He's bald with a puffy brown beard and brown eyes.  He seems suspicious and antagonistic, and tends to pick fights with others.  He was rescued by the party after being falsely accused of being behind the strange vermin attacks in the mines.

- Elle was an attractive woman that appeared to be in her late twenties.  She had short-cropped platinum hair and brown eyes.  She often wore black and grey clothes, including leather boots.  She had some sort of magical prowess, as well.  It was later discovered she was a vampire and a member of the Bloody Maw (specifically, Number Four).  She was slain by the party after she used Siara to lure them all into a trap.

- Flaco, the owner of the Mirthful Miner Tavern, is an aging man of 50 winters.  He is well-fed and often smells like mushrooms.  Flaco has brown eyes and receding grey hair.  He's friendly and outgoing and has a tendency to hit on his younger waitresses.  His wife passed on a year ago, and they had no children.  He has a nephew who went off to the war.  Flaco died trying to put out the fires in the Mirthful Miner Tavern during the Drow Invasion.

Garek - An older hobgoblin at 47 years old, he is a retired warrior and soldier who was hired by Lord Sardis to coordinate this year's Wrath Day Tournament.  He has one eye (the other is scarred shut), black hair, and often carries an ornate broad sword.  It was learned he was an original member of the Tainted Hands.  Garek, now the sole survivor of the original Tainted Hands, killed at least 10 Drow during the Invasion.  He is now captain of the guard, led by the D'lokka church once again.

Garn - (Level 5 Fighter) A hobgoblin warrior of 30 years and a retired soldier, Garn had become well known for his combat strength and strategy in recent years. He was a very muscular hobgoblin covered with battle scars.  He fought with black armor and a halberd.  He was sponsored by Garek to enter the Wrath Day Tournament of 666 and won his first two battles against Jasmin (who he spared) and Eskar (who he did not).  His third match was against Cardel, the previous champion, but he lost.  Cardel took his head.

Griselda - Griselda is a 47 year old dancer at the Mirthful Miner Tavern.  She has very long blonde hair that drops down to her ankles and bright blue eyes.  Because she is aging, she's lost a great deal of popularity to Jasmin Labree, AKA the Midnight Flower.  However, Griselda still believes that she still "has it" and will one day attract a wealthy husband to take care of her.  Despite her age, she's still rather attractive.  She hired the party to retrieve a magic potion for her form the Karik Orcs after they stole it from the caravan that was transporting it to her.  The party retrieved the potion (a Potion of Longevity) which made Griselda look like she's 36 years old.  Griselda managed to find refuge in the Temple of Renos during the Invasion.

Grunk - Grunk is a half-ogre bouncer at the Mirthful Miner Tavern.  He is 30 years old and over seven feet tall with brown eyes and black hair.  He has huge muscles, one eye is slightly larger than the other, and has a broken tusk.  He appears quite intimidating.  Grunk is also completely mute and never speaks.  He aided the party a bit during the Drow Invasion, but decided to remain in the Temple of Renos to protect the people there.

Julia - Julia is a 28 year old priestess of Renos.  She has long red hair pulled back into a pony-tail and brown eyes.  Julia was Vandoorm's lover and is currently missing.

Nabal - Nabal is a human male of 21 years.  He has brown eyes and coppery red, messy hair.  He is capricious but level-headed.  He often wears brown clothes and boots and a dark green apron.  He was charmed by Elle and used by him to gather information on those who passed through Nikola.

Nightmaster - The title of the high priest of Shadowbite in the city of Voxis; his true name and age are unknown.  It's believed he's quite old, though (for a goblin) as his voice is raspy and his hands (the only part of him not obscured by black robes) are gnarled and wrinkled.  He is the most powerful priest in the city and wields a great deal of political power, even though he is not a noble.  He hired the party to assassinate the Viscount in exchange for bringing Eskar back to life.  The party, however, instead chose to betray him and stormed his temple.  The Nightmaster was the only cleric to survive that night.  He shadow walked, taking Eskar with him.  He later imbued the dwarf with his own dark power, but later revoked it when the dwarf proved unsatisfactory.  It was learned his real name is Zikar, and he was one of the original members of the Tainted Hands.  He died fighting against Teheth-Obz.

Proud Wolf - An Orc warrior who volunteered to assist Daufer on the Qavay quest.  He helped himself to a helmet from a defeated skeleton.  Proud Wolf was one of those who joined Bronze Skull's new tribe.

Raizhen - Loreleii's grandfather and the former librarian of Voxis.  He died a year before the events of this game began.  He was later learned to have been an original member of the Tainted Hands.

River Bear - The former chief of the Karik tribe stands at six feet and is very muscular.  He has red eyes, black hair, and white war paint on his face.  His body is covered in tattoos.  He wears rusty chain mail and carries a maul.  He was usurped by Daufer.  When Daufer died, he took control of his tribe again.

Romain Labree
- Romain is a 40 year old miner and the father of Jasmin Labree.  He has brown hair, a wispy beard, and brown eyes.  He's fairly muscular, except for his protruding beer gut.  Romain is pessimistic and a terrible wastrel.  He spends most of his free time either getting drunk or gambling away what little coin he has earned from the mines.  Recently, he was shaved completely hairless.  He was slain during the Drow Invasion, too drunk to fight back.

Ryak - (Level 1 Priest of Shadowbite) A young goblin, 18 years old, who had only recently joined the clergy.  He was rather carefree and a bit of a prankster, not taking much seriously (including himself).  He was killed defending the Temple of Shadowbite from the Shadow Bats.  He was burned to a crisp by Jasmin's fire breath and then finished off by Siara.

Sardis - A noble in charge of the city's entertainment and tourism.  He is a charming man and quite handsome, with black hair and green eyes.  He also has a small but well-trimmed beard and mustache.  Sardis is known as a bit of a recluse, rarely leaving his mansion at all, but rather relying heavily on servants to deal with the outside world.  Sardis vanished during the Drow Invasion.  Whether he fled, was killed, or taken prisoner is unknown.

Scarred Spider - An Orc warrior who volunteered to assist Daufer on the Qavay quest.  He was easy to distinguish due to his scar.  He joined Bronze Skull's new tribe.

Silent Mouse - An Orc warrior who volunteered to assist Daufer on the Qavay quest.  As he was the youngest and weakest of the four Orcish warriors who accompanied Daufer on this mission, he was left outside the temple to guard the mule.  He also joined Bronze Skull's new tribe.

Sonak - (Level 5 Thief) Sonak is a 25 year old goblin assassin who participated in the Wrath Day Tournament of 666.  He is 'shadow-kissed', a rare condition among goblins that grants them black skin, the ability to conjure globes of darkness, and the ability to see in pure darkness without penalty.  Sonak faced Eskar in the tournament, and used his darkness ability to his advantage when Eskar went invisible.  Despite this, he still was defeated--although Eskar spared his life.  It was later learned that he is a member of the Vermin Plague.  He was killed in the storming of the Shadowbite Temple.  Aidan paralyzed him with a spell, and Eskar ran him through when the battle ended.  Sonak was helpless to stop him.

Stanley - Stanley is a 15 year old miner.  He's an orphan, so works the mines in order to support himself.  He has brown eyes and black hair that was recently shaved off.  Stanley was rescued by the party after being knocked unconscious.  He was homeless, but now works for Jasmin and Gaheris as a manservant.  Stanley remained Gaheris' servant, having taken refuge in the Temple of Renos during the Invasion.

Teya - An original member of the Tainted Hands and the former lover of Kricket; she was also Liam's mother.  She died in the wadi fighting a fire lizard.  Shortly after this incident, the original Tainted Hands broke up.

Travik - (Level 5 Thief) A hobgoblin thief, 24 years old, with short black hair and yellow eyes.  He was a member of the anarchist group, Vermin Plague.  After his leader was slain, Eskar captured him as he attempted to escape.  Betraying his own men, he showed the party where the secret stash of treasure was in exchange for his life.  He was later killed by Eskar after being captured again, this time by Aidan.

Togg - A large half-ogre, standing over seven feet in height, Togg is the miner foreman of Voxis.  He has brown eyes, a sloping brow, a large jaw, and blond hair; although he keeps his head shaved.  He's fairly optimistic about life and usually tries to keep the morale of his men up when he can.  However, he is often seen as 'too nice' and lets the miners get away with too much.  He is unmarried but often flirts with attractive women and has an addiction to lotus weed.  Togg took refuge in the Temple of Renos during the Drow Invasion.

Tyler Peur - A 40 year old noble in charge of the city's taxes and revenues.  He is a nervous, stuttering fellow who often glances over his shoulders for would-be assassins and enemies.  He owns the second largest mansion in the city.  He never married, being as afraid of women as anything else.  He has short blond hair and beady brown eyes.  When frightened, he has been known to shriek like a girl and faint.  He once hired both the Shadow Bats and Tainted Hands to rid his home of ghosts, but it later turned out to be gremlins.  Tyler was killed during the Drow Invasion, screaming the whole time.

Vandoorm - (Level 5 Priest of Renos) Vandoorm is the caretaker of the local shrine of Renos, which also doubles as the town's smelter.  He's in his mid 30s with blue eyes and black hair.  He also sports a braided goatee.  He conjured a grue using a powerful scroll he received from a stranger in black.  It had been his hopes to use the grue to 'cleanse' the slums of all heretics.  The party destroyed the grue and slew Vandoorm.  It was also revealed that he was responsible for conjuring Cinder.

Videl Labree
- Videl is a 25 year old former soldier who is missing his left arm.  He has brown hair and eyes.  He is cynical and moody, having lost his faith and his livelihood after his arm was ripped off by an umberhulk in the wars.  He wears tattered grey clothes and a thick cloak.  He swears often.  Videl later married Ruby and had three kids with her.  He never restored his arm, but lived a happy, rich life nonetheless.

- The leader of the city of Voxis, the Viscount is an average-looking young man of 25 years.  He has green eyes and long, black hair that often covers his eyes.  He's naive, dreamy, and rather lazy.  He originally was the son of a poor miner, but was sent off to war.  When he returned, he challenged the previous Viscount to a duel and won.  During the Drow Invasion, he was killed by the Shadow Dragon.

Vonali - A beautiful Drow with long white hair and menacing red eyes.  She is 89 and stands only at 4'11" while weighing in at a mere 87 pounds.  She is from the House of Rat.  The Drow sent her as a representative to find out why the people of Voxis were late in their iron ore shipment.  She created a 'treaty' with Voxis after the Drow Invasion, making the party its new nobles.


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