Meschior Chaleur
Reluctant Adventurer


Race:  Human
Class:  Priest of Renos
Kit:  None
Age:  18
Alignment:  TN
STR:  13
DEX:  11
CON:  9
INT:  12
WIS:  13
CHA:  10
Level:  5
HP:  29
Player:  NPC


Appearance:  Meschior is six feet tall and weighs 164 pounds.  He has short auburn hair that forms into a widow's peak, a few freckles on his nose, and deep blue eyes.  He prefers to stay clean-shaved.  His build is fairly muscular, but he usually hides it under his robes.  Normally he wears his red robes with orange trim and sandals.  In battle he'll don chain mail and a coif and carry a long sword with small shield.  There is a red wolf emblem on the shield's face.

Personality:  Meschior is a quiet and ponderous man, often contemplating the universe and the inner-self.  He is very faithful and dogmatic, insisting on always following whatever procedure his religion demands on any given situation.  Meschior is also very fatalistic, having little belief in free will and attributing nearly everything to the whim of his deity.

History:  Meschior was born to a family in the middle-class.  His father was a blacksmith who made a decent living while his mother was a merchant who helped sell his wares.  However, when Meschior was 12 his house caught fire and both parents perished.  Distraught, Meschior wondered how such a thing could happen.  Orphaned and left to live in the slums, he found his answer at the local Renos shrine.  Learning about the Guardian of Fire gave Meschior a sense of peace and community, and the priests there became like a family to him.  Wishing to learn and understand the nature of flame, Meschior gladly joined their ranks.

Campaign Events:   Meschior was hired by Daufer to replace Astal Kaodic in the Shadow Bats.  Although not as experienced as the others, his cleverness and resourcefulness helped make him a valuable member.  When his mentor, Vandoorm, unleashed a grue on the slums, the party had no choice but to kill him.  When Vandoorm's co-conspirators went into hiding, this left it up to Meschior to run the shrine.

Meschior was still just a novice, only having recently discovered what he called the First (of three) Blessings of Renos.  He really wasn't the adventuring type, but he was easily pressured by the party and so continued with them.  These adventures, however, helped in strengthening him to the point where he could become a full-fledged cleric of Renos.  During his time with them, he began to fall in love with a librarian/sorceress who sometimes aided the party with information named Loreleii.

Their relationship progressed off-screen, but eventually they agreed to marry.  After this, Meschior became much more concerned with his duties as a cleric and taking care of Loreleii--unfortunately, it was now Loreleii who began to adventure with the Shadow Bats!  Eventually, Daufer was able to persuade (read:  guilt) Meschior into returning to the party to help protect his blushing bride.

Fortunately, both survived the final battle, got married, and had three children--all of who grew up to become adventurers themselves.

DM's Commentary: 
As you might have surmised from Meschior's rather...thin biography, I never really intended him to join the party.  Originally, I meant to use him to warn the party that Vandoorm was 'up to something' and then later become an ally (in the same sense that Loreleii was an ally, i.e., a non-combatant) if they helped in taking him out.  Instead, Daufer insisted on recruiting him, so I ran with that, figuring the other clerics would want to get Meschior out of their hair anyway.  Once the Vandoorm storyline ended, I figured that would be the end of Meschior's adventuring life--but no!  The party seemed to have taken a shine to him, and continued to seek his assistance.  As a result, he eventually became a regular.  I did try and phase him out for awhile, but in the end, he was persuaded to help them with the final battle.

His romance with Loreleii was something I cooked up in hopes of invoking some kind of reaction from Aidan.  It did, but not for the reasons I had hoped.

Ultimately, I didn't know what to do with Meschior.  I decided I'd let him be influenced by whichever PC took the most interest in him.  However, Eskar, Jasmin and Daufer all took a shine to him, and I became lost as to which one he should try and emulate.  In the end, he kind of came full circle and back to where he started from.

Eskar:  Friendly
Jasmin:  Friendly (Really friendly at one point, if you catch my drift)
Daufer:  Friendly
Aidan:  Cautious
Siara:  Indifferent

Favored Weapon:  Long Sword
Favored Prayer:  Sunscorch
Henchmen:  None (4)
Birthday:  Ruebon 30, 647
Zodiac:  Renos

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