Usagi Kiryu
Cocky Transmuter


Race:  Kobold
Class:  Transmuter
Kit:  None
Age:  34
Alignment:  CN
STR:  11
DEX:  15
CON:  8
INT:  17
WIS:  5
CHA:  12
Level:  5
HP:  12
Player:  Keith


Appearance:  Usagi stands 3'4" tall, and weighs some 6 stones. He has large orbs of eyes, bright red, the product of infravision, and his hide is a light rusty brown color. His tail has a nice hole in his robe from which to protrude. The little guy smells arcane, it is an odd odor with a hint of ozone, herbs, and some other mixture of unidentifiable substances, it is immediately recognizable, but foreign. He also smells of fairly good for your average adventurer, thanks to the soap he uses when he bathes, and lack of sweat glands. He keeps his teeth in perfect condition, employing the odd twig and such as dental aids. After all, a good-looking kobold is a happy kobold. He is scarred from his ordeal with kobold scale rot, but this is all covered by his robe.

Personality:  Usagi is in a word, annoying. He is the kind of fellow that upon seeing his grave, would tell you that is not a proper grave at all, and dig it another 10 feet for you. He is argumentative, petty, competitive, and a difficult being to work with. He has a soft spot for animals though. All of this of course, is from the view of a human. Were Usagi to return to a kobold setting, he would still have trouble fitting in.  He is an individualist, unable to work in a team.

History:  Usagi Kiryu was born 34 years ago, and his life has been so tumultuous since that day that, he has forgotten his own birthday. He says that it is on Creation Day, that he is the favorite of his God, Zokle, blessed with cunning and speed. He was born with a litter of his kindred, Uginaka, Orochi, Akki, and Nezumi in Rabbah, in a small port city full of kobolds. The city's name was Terashi, and among the kobolds, Usagi had little competition for the most prodigious student award. His father was a simple weaver, and his mother spent most of her time making children. Usagi's brothers and sisters were none too smart, strong, or fast, he basked in the glory of being the best and the brightest, and excelled with little effort in all intellectual fields. He was sought after by each of the two opposing mages of the town, Kumo and Matsu.

To make this very important decision, Usagi flipped a coin, knowing that either way, he would enjoy more of his special treatment. He studied under Matsu, the Transmuter, wearer of pink robes, the one who plays bones against the Gods. Just as he had predicted, he enjoyed being showcased to everyone, and taught by the best there was. At the age of 18, his brother Uginaka set out to adventure, and stole some of the limelight from Usagi. Outraged at this turn of events, and not to be outdone, Usagi snuck aboard an FFG ship, with a fair knowledge of the art of Alteration. He was easily discovered, and put to work, as his master plan did not unfold so well. He picked up the language, and a few handy skills aboard the ship, Fool's Gold.

The good vessel made a trip to Octhania, and its HQ, before heading into Renosian waters. This proved to be the crew's last mistake. A Gontorian pirate, Dak Ralthin, flying Renosia's colors, decided it would be a great time to try out his new ship's mage. Fool's Gold was plunged into a deep fog, and a fireball eliminated their mainmast, faster than you can say "Hey, where the hell did this fog come from?" Pirates swooped aboard the Fangar ship, and Usagi did his best to stop them, but ultimately failed and was taken aboard the enemy ship due to his valuable nature as a mage. Usagi had a new master, a drow female by the name of Tropkol. This arrangement left much to be desired. Tropkol gave him no special treatment, in fact, treated him like dirt and punished him harshly for the slightest error. He was forced to learn the Drow language, and change his robes to the color black. Although miserable, Usagi's talent was honed to a razor edge, and he added a few very handy skills to his repertoire. He never actually aided the pirates though, making 'mistakes' and often paying for them with excruciating pain.

Things continued as they were until Dak's ship stopped at a Renosian port, when Usagi was 24. Using skills and spells, he escaped from the ship and found himself in a harsh and unfriendly land. He was free now, and it felt good, very good. He survived on skill, stealing from the evil, killing the evil, anything to decrease their numbers and increase his ability to survive. Usagi changed during his effort to survive in Renosia, he began to despise Renosians as a whole for being malicious and cruel. He adopted his own color robes, a dark forest green. The opposite of red, and the color of growth, survival, and change. He also adopted his own title, 'He who contradicts nature.'

One night when he was thirty years old, seasoned, tried and true, there was a little confusion. He had caught a man in his snare, and was threatening the man's eye with a needle, when he noticed a strange hint to the man's voice. A Gontorian accent. He also perceived a strange aura around the man, and when rifling through his belongings found things embossed with the white sun. After questioning the man, he discerned the person's true nature. He was a paladin, working among the Rebels. Usagi cut the man, Elam Buriash, down and demanded that he be allowed to join these rebels, so that he might fight these Renosians he so despised for their cruelty and lack of everything he himself held dear, and also lack of recognition for his own greatness.

After discerning that the kobold's intents were pure, Elam consented and brought him in secret to the rebellion's mobile headquarters. So he joined the Rebels and his talents were quickly put to use. He rose through the ranks as a brilliant strategist and the master of traps. The ambush was his specialty, and he did it well. He did not engage in many battles though, his role was the brains behind the muscles. His talents were greatly appreciated. A man named Jerros joined the Rebels one day, and started making changes, which annoyed Usagi, but he went along because he saw they were fairly good ideas. He was separated into a cell named 'silver', headed by a paladin named Bramrock. He worked alongside a human female mage whom he considered his inferior, Vanessa. After a year of staging successful ambush after successful ambush, and enjoying a kind of euphoria, word reached Usagi's ears that his comrades had fallen in battle and the elf Amakororo was taken captive, he set himself down to plan (which is not to say that he was only beneficial to the Rebels, often he would start fights at inopportune times, and generally cause such trouble that it required his full intelligence to get himself and the Rebels out of). Not only that, but it was the fallen Elam who had stopped Trap and captured Amakororo, which shook his resolve. He, along with the other great minds present in the Rebels, created a plan that would rescue Amakororo.

Due to a horrible bout of kobold scale rot which somehow reached him in Renosia, he was unable to participate in the venture, so Vanessa took his place (much to his chagrin). He was dumbstruck to learn that she was dead or captured alongside Amakororo, ignoring the positive outcome of the invasion. It was the first time a plan of his had failed, and significantly wounded the Rebel forces. The Rebel silver cell was horribly weakened and reduced to a few members and Usagi was transferred to the mithril cell, and given new teammates. Usagi now had to cooperate with a team of people who wouldn't simply follow orders, who weren't as smart as him, who were humans, and who he would have to single-handedly pull through their misadventures, perhaps his biggest challenge to date.

Campaign Events:  Usagi caused his teammates a great deal of grief with his know-it-all-attitude and rude demeanor.  After receiving a number of complaints on how he nearly sabotaged the cell's missions with his tendency to do whatever he wanted and ignore orders, Jerros demoted him.  This led to Usagi making plans to overthrow Jerros and become the new leader.  These plans never came to fruition, however, as Usagi decided to instead abandon the Rebels to pursue his own goals.

DM's Commentary:  Usagi was probably one of Keith's best roleplayed characters, which is unfortunate, as he was designed to be the most annoying.  Although Keith originally wrote him as Chaotic Good, his constant selfish attitudes made me question this.  Eventually, I knocked him down to CN, although by that point, it was too late to really matter.  Keith quickly bored of the character; I believe this was because he realized that for some bizarre reason, not everyone loved and worshiped him (like he 'deserved').  When questioned about making a character who was so troublesome and against teamwork, Keith would respond that Usagi could have got along great with the others, if only they had simply recognized his overwhelming genius.

I actually created a minor sub-quest to reveal what happened to Usagi, but it never came up.  It would have been revealed he was captured by a fire giant while trying to liberate a small village of kobolds so he could use his magic and intelligence to rule over them himself with an iron fist.

Psyche:  Threatening
Isthan:  Threatening
Draven:  Threatening
Nari'Najya:  Threatening
Kestrel:  Indifferent

Favored Weapon:  Blowgun
Favored Spell:  Alter Self
Henchmen:  None (5)
Birthday:  Bludsin 10th
Zodiac:  Crizza

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