Tugh Wolfcloud
Timid Groomer


Race:  Goblin
Class:  Thief
Kit:  None
Age:  18
Alignment:  TN
STR:  8
DEX:  16
CON:  15
INT:  15
WIS:  6
CHA:  12
Level:  2
HP:  10
Type:  Companion


Appearance:  Tugh stands at 3'9" and weighs in at 81 pounds.  She has green skin and yellow eyes and short brown hair that she usually tries to trim as short as she can so it doesn't collect gunk and dirt.  Although an adult (by human standards, she'd be in her mid-20s or so), Tugh does not have much of a figure at all and thus looks more like a boy or a child than a woman.  Her teeth are yellow and it's not common for her to be a bit dirty, as well.  She wears a black wide-brimmed hat on her head that helps keep the sun out of her eyes.  She has a backpack and a pair of leather boots, as well as faded blue breeches with holes in the knees and a gray blouse that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in months.  She wears glass earrings that are shaped like small gemstones.  There's a black splotch on her back where she was burned by Christophe's energy weapon.

Personality:  She's compulsive and capricious and loves animals, especially horses (and to a lesser degree, wolves).  Although she believes in female equality, she has a tendency to let herself be pushed around by stronger males.  She places a great deal of emphasis on buku, a goblin term for the bond between a rider and its mount.  Like many goblins, she is something of a groveling coward--however, she can be quite brave if her horses are in trouble.  She has a tendency to use the expression "Gob!" which is used to express surprise, annoyance, or excitement.  She's very intelligent, although she doesn't always show it, and can speak four languages fluently.

History:  Tugh was born into the Roughlands as part of the Wolfcloud tribe in 647.  There is a legend behind this tribe that states they once were the keepers of the Cloud Wolves, silver wolves that lived in the clouds.  However, D'lokka the goddess of war did not think very highly of goblins and felt they should be confined to the mud and muck of the ground.  So she banished them from the clouds.  However, the tribe believes one day they will return to the clouds and reclaim their heritage as the tamers of the Cloud Wolves.

Tugh's father was one of the most important and richest men in her tribe; his name is Tarik and he was the tribe's official wolf trainer.  It was said he was a direct descendent of one of the original Cloud Wolf tamers.  Tarik was rich enough to afford two wives; Tel and Hawn.  Tel was his first wife; she produced two daughters; Shan and Tugh.  The second wife, Hawn, produced two boys:  Maka and Gotic.  Because she produced superior males, Hawn became Tarik's favorite wife.

When Shan turned 13, she was quickly married off to the tribe leader's son.  The two young boys were in training to become warriors for the tribe.  Tugh was to be wed at 13, as well, but nobody was willing to pay much for her as she was not nearly as attractive as Shan.  Tugh's mother, Tel, convinced her she deserved better and to run away to live her own life.  When Tugh did turn 13, she took her mother's advice and left the tribe, never looking back.

It was shortly after that she ran into the Grievers, a band of horse thieves led by a mysterious man known as the Bone Lord.  She had seen them stealing horses from some travelers and instantly became fascinated with the creatures.  She followed them back to their camp, but was caught in the animal corral.  The bandits brought her to their leader and she groveled and pleaded to be spared, claiming she was only interested in seeing the horses up close.  The Bone Lord seemed to take pity on her, or perhaps just believed she was useful.  In any case, he put her to work as his personal groomer, and she couldn't have been happier with the arrangement.

After she turned 18, though, the Grievers were invaded and destroyed by a party of miscreants led by a fallen paladin named Elam .  Fearful for her life, Tugh fled the base and decided to spend the next few months in the Pride Mountains , living off the land.  She was too afraid to return to civilization because she (erroneously) believed Elam and his men were after her.

One night, she felt a horrible sense of dread wash over her and looked up into the sky to see a massive dark dragon fly overhead.  She hid and watched in terror as it destroyed a cave and carried off a man into the night.  A few hours afterward, she managed to build up the courage to go investigate.  She found five horses scattered about, nearly scared witless.  She calmed them down and brought them back to her cave.  She also found food and some basic supplies in the rubble.  A week later, she was wandering by the sight when there was a flash of light and three humans appeared right outside the cave.  They noticed her, but seemed not to want to hurt her.  They asked her some questions and told her the horses were theirs, but they agreed to let her come with them and continue to care for them.

Campaign Events:  Tugh became the official groomer of the New Dawn and was more than happy to avoid combat or danger.  However, her companions often expected her to fight alongside them anyway.  She was made to lead the party back to the Griever base so the New Dawn could claim it, and later was forced to aid the party in clearing out Solnack's Cave.  It was here she was nearly killed by the demon-possessed Christophe.

Tugh much preferred to stay behind when she could and take care of the New Dawn's horses.

DM's Commentary: 
Tugh was a fun little character to play.  In some ways, she reminded me of Kendril.  She did not want to fight, nor was she any good at it.  But the party still judged her on her combat skills alone, and not her other abilities.  Matthew really hated her, due to some old goblin prejudice back in his dungeon crawler days.

I put Tugh into the game as a default companion, fully expecting her to fade into the background as the party recruited far stronger characters.  Despite this, she wound up playing a rather large role in the game nonetheless.

I had a very minor sub-quest that dealt with Tugh's family and tribe, but it never came up.  Had the Rebels succeeded, she would have retired and become a groomer in Janus.

Psyche:  Friendly
Nari'Najya:  Friendly
Christophe:  Threatening
Lon:  Indifferent
Viarra:  Friendly

Favored Weapon:  Lasso
Favored Spell:  N/A
Birthday:  Topas 7th
Zodiac:  Rabbah

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