Terrah Limani
Girl Next Door


Race:  Human
Class:  Fighter
Kit:  None
Age:  16
Alignment:  CG
STR:  11
DEX:  16
CON:  13
INT:  11
WIS:  12
CHA:  13
Level:  2
HP:  15
Type:  Companion


Appearance:  Terrah is a sixteen year old human with slightly rosy cheeks and a surprisingly pale complexion for someone who grew up on a farm.  She has long, black hair that she partially ties back to keep it from covering her ears.  Her eyes are a dark blue color.  She stands at 5'4" and weighs a mere 110 pounds.  Terrah often wears a simple green dress, black boots, a red sash around her waist, and a black cloak.  Strapped to her back is a simple brown quiver that holds a number of red-feathered sheath arrows.  She often carries a short bow in hand or slung over her shoulder.

Personality:  Terrah is capricious and curious, with a desire to learn more about the world around her and have fascinating tales to tell her children.  However, she is not reckless--in fact, her curiosity is tempered with a sense of caution and wisdom.  Terrah is good at thinking on her feet, mature beyond her years, and good with other people.  However, her lack of understanding about city life can get her in trouble.  She loves to read, as well as write--and in fact, keeps a diary of events.

History:  Terrah was born in the year 649 on the Limani Farm, where she lived her entire life until recently.  Her parents are Faxon and Karise; Terrah was their first daughter and their second child altogether.  Her parents had high hopes for her older brother, Korbin, to one day take over the farm.  However, their only plans for Terrah were to one day marry her off to a (hopefully) wealthy man.

Growing up, Terrah mostly helped her mother with chores like cleaning and cooking.  When Neci became old enough to take on some of these duties, Terrah found herself with more free time.  She taught herself how to read and write out of boredom, but later found out what fascinating things could be learned with this new skill.  When she was thirteen, a couple of bandits sneaked into the farm to steal some chickens.  Korbin managed to scare them off, and one dropped his bow and arrow.  Taking them for herself, Terrah began to practice out in the fields, usually using the poor scarecrow as a target.  Over time, she refined this skill and would assist Korbin in scaring off creatures or bandits from the farm.

When Nero came to the farm, Terrah sided with her mother and thought they should accept his offer.  When the Rebel party arrived, she developed a slight crush on the exotic Mano, finding him to be interesting as he was a slave but freed and thought for himself.  When he died, she withdrew into herself for several months as she realized the world was harsher than she had known.

After the news arrived that the Rebels were 'defeated', Terrah wondered if there was any hope at all for the world.  Learning that the New Dawn had taken their place gave her hope, and she agreed to go with them in hopes of learning more about the world so perhaps she could so something about it.  However, after traveling with them for a short time, she came to realize that death constantly haunted Bloodtooth--that the land itself was soaked in the blood of both innocent and evil men alike.

Campaign Events:  After the party rescued Nari, Terrah killed a man for the first time.  She grappled with this for some time, but she found comfort in Christophe, who seemed to understand what she was going through.  Unfortunately, Christophe was only manipulating her by playing the role of father-figure to earn her trust.  It was the demon within Christophe that hoped to turn Terrah to the darkness.

After betraying the party and leaving them for dead, Christophe returned to the base where Terrah and Nari waited.  He beat up Nari and then attempted to lure Terrah with him.  Confused, she refused him.  Realizing he had failed, Kassaroff/Christophe decided to do the next worst thing and forced himself on her.  He made sure to leave her alive, knowing death would have been a mercy at that point.

No longer an innocent, Terrah locked herself away from the world and withdrew into herself.  By the time she was finally ready to emerge, she was darker and more cynical, and full of hate for what had been done to her.

DM's Commentary: 
I never saw Terrah's fate coming.  It was Matthew's idea to try and corrupt her, but I decided it would ultimately fail because I just couldn't see her going that path.  Plus, the party's numbers were pretty reduced as it was with Christophe leaving, so I did not want Terrah to go, as well.

I had intended to have Terrah teeter on the threshold between light and dark, and let the actions of the party determine where she landed.  Her love of learning had been replaced by a passionate hate toward Christophe, and I had been curious to see whether she could ever forgive him if/when he was freed from Kassaroff's control.

More importantly, I thought she made an excellent example of why it's so hard to grow up in Renosia pure and true.  There were a number of PCs who often acted like they had just been born yesterday, as innocent as babes, and that never made any sense to me.  It is possible to be good and grow up in Renosia...but naive and innocent?

Psyche:  Friendly
Nari'Najya:  Friendly
Christophe:  Friendly (later Hostile)
Lon:  Friendly
Viarra:  Indifferent

Favored Weapon:  Short Bow
Favored Spell:  N/A
Birthday:  Sardonx 13th
Zodiac:  Renos

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