Cheerful Liberator


Race:  Human
Class:  Fighter
Kit:  None
Age:  22
Alignment:  CG
STR:  15
DEX:  6
CON:  7
INT:  12
WIS:  8
CHA:  13
Level:  6
HP:  53
Player:  Biz


Appearance:  Nari is 20 years old as of the 16th of Sardonx of the most recent year. She stands a respectable 5’7.” She has a sturdy build and fine body, well trained in fighting with the sword. Her brown, past the shoulder length, hair rests freely. She green eyes shine brightly in most everything she does. She seems to hold herself in confidence.  She often wears a red blouse and black breeches, as well as brown boots.

Personality:  She maintains a belief in the Guardians but has found a place for the God of Light, Azedeth due to Jerros’ recent teachings. She tends to be cheerful and worry-free, for the most part. She usually does not open up to others, although she is often friendly.

History:  Nari’Najya is a young spirited youth who lived in Padora until she was seventeen. She had been raised on a slave farm near the city. Her father, Tanith, was one of the largest slave breeders in the area. Tanith was training Nari in the workings of the slave trade and was even going to give her the business when she turned 25. However Nari’s moral compass was aligned differently thanks to her grandfather, Selmek, a man who had old beliefs that no longer had much face or truth in Renosia. Selmek was a Red Ram Knight who served as the Tyrant's personal guard and then later retired when the Tyrant was replaced by the current one.  After witnessing many horrors in his time, he became a warrior at heart and one that fought for what was right, not what was commonplace. He passed his beliefs on to his granddaughter as there were no grandsons. In addition to beliefs, he passed on his skills in fighting. All Nari knows of fighting she learned from him. Nari began to discover that what her father was doing was not right. It was wrong to enslave a fellow human and so she began to think of a way out of her father’s future.

One day her grandfather made a small remark of how it would be nice to leave Padora. Nari knew that he didn’t mean himself to leave, but her. It took her two years to devise a way out of the city, but she succeeded. She traveled in search of a place where she could do something that would fight the good fight. One of her first stops was the town of Moonshadow, where she attempted to free some slaves from captivity.  However, she only was able to free two--a brother and sister named Ilo and Meria.  This act caught the attention of the Rebels and they soon contacted her.  For about two and a half years she helped them and their fight for justice.

Campaign Events:  A year later, she was promoted to lieutenant and put in charge of her first mission.  Although successful, Nari discovered she did not enjoy the burden of leadership and asked to never be given it again.  In early 666, the Rebels were destroyed by the Mistress of Shadows and Nari herself, along with many other Rebels, were swallowed by darkness.  She came to about a day outside of Mudde in the wild, and made her way to the town where she learned the Rebels were gone and she had been missing for a week.

She took it upon herself to restore the rebellion, and began by trying to incite a revolution in Mudde itself by speaking to the head slave.  She used her Bloodguard armor to influence the Governor and gain herself full access to the slaves.  However, the Governor's brother, Magnus, was suspicious of her and recognized her sword as a weapon of the Red Ram.  He tailed her and discovered her ruse.  For punishment, he slew the head slave and took Nari captive.  She was to be executed, but the New Dawn, the new Rebel offshoot led by Psyche, Lon, and Christophe, rescued her.

DM's Commentary: 
Most of Nari's bio was written by Biz, but once she abandoned the character and it was made into an NPC, I went back and added a couple of details, like the names of her father and grandfather, as well as the idea that her grandfather was a Red Ram.  Biz would every now and again check in on her old character, and would sometimes even offer ideas on how she thought Nari might react to certain events (like Wedge becoming a paladin).

When I played Nari, I would try and base her off of Kaylee from Firefly.  That seemed to work for the most part.  The problem with Nari was she was built exactly like Draven.  Both were warriors who wore heavy armor and carried two-handed slashing weapons.  And since Draven had better DEX and a magical weapon, Nari was often left in the background.  But once Draven was out of the picture, she had a chance to flourish.  I enjoyed working on her relationship with Wedge, even if it was never concluded.

I actually intended to one day have Nari and Wedge get together, although it would have been a bumpy ride due to the difference in their alignment.

Usagi:  Threatening
Psyche:  Friendly
Isthan:  Indifferent
Kestrel:  Indifferent
Draven:  Friendly
Mano:  Cautious
Talthul:  Indifferent
Christophe:  Friendly
Lon:  Friendly
Viarra:  Friendly

Favored Weapon:  Two-handed sword
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (5)
Birthday:  Sardonx 16th
Zodiac:  Renos

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