Mano (AKA Maffer)
Street Talking Fugitive


Race:  Human
Class:  Thief
Kit:  None
Age:  18
Alignment:  CG
STR:  9
DEX:  14
CON:  6
INT:  14
WIS:  9
CHA:  11
Level:  1
HP:  5
Player:  Keith


Appearance:  A shaved head, skin black like the night, eyes that are deep and dark brown, white teeth; this is Maffer. He is average height, and usually keeps his dark brown cloak covering all aspects of his being. He wears long dark grey pants, tucked into his soft boots, and a tight dark brown shirt with long sleeves, finally topped off with dark brown leather gloves. He is of average musculature, but due to a case of pneumonia when he was young, he catches ill extremely easily and has trouble physically exerting himself for long periods of time.

Personality:  Mano is fairly easy-going and laidback, not often taking an interest in anyone else's problems.  He constantly speaks in Thieves' Cant, the secret lingo among criminals, often confusing anyone else around him.

History:  Maffer was born to a desperate family enslaved to a wealthy tobacco farmer named Bremm Sparkfist, in a time of crisis. His pregnant mother, father, and brother sped away into the night, the sound of hounds echoing in the distance. As they ran, his mother's water broke. To his proud and protective father there was but one option, that was to sacrifice himself for his family. He ran off and the pursuers never caught his wife and two sons.

Maffer was born into Renosia in heavy debt to the memory of both his parents, his mother having died in childbirth. There was only his sixteen-year-old half-brother (father's side) to care for him. The brothers managed to stay alive and doggedly avoid pursuit as they finally reach Dan'gen, the infant being cared for by his brother and on the verge of death. His brother, Wyand, slipped past the gate guards and the two of them had made it to both prison and sanctuary.

Wyand had to nearly sell his soul to a local thieves' guild, Whispering Ink (renowned for their forgeries and blueprints), in order for them to take the two in. Wyand was able to keep both of them alive, and getting by on his thieving skills. Maffer grew breathing, drinking, and eating thievery. He developed a mild case of kleptomania, as stealing became second nature.

As soon as he was old enough to be put to work on the streets without being a liability (12), Wyand deemed him old enough to know his own history. The tale instilled Maffer with a crushing guilt and only added to the debt he owed his brother, nay, his parents. The urge to take vengeance upon those who would own slaves came upon him. It lasted for an entire year before he saw the futility of a head-on fight.

One night when he was thirteen, Maffer sat up thinking long and hard. His dilemma seemed unsolvable as he spun elaborate plans to free his people. The answer hit him suddenly, and literally, as a copper coin smacked him hard in the head. He looked up to see Wyand with a grin on his face. Maffer reached down slowly and retrieved the coin, and he has kept it in his left shoe ever since as a constant reminder of his decision. He would buy his brother's freedom from the Whispering Ink, and buy the freedom of all of his kin. Money was the answer to everything.

The years progressed as Maffer grew up alongside his brother, but Wyand was growing annoyed by his brother's altruistic ideals. Wyand believed the venture hopeless, and one night the arguments between them got so terrible the Maffer fled.

He decided to try and find his long lost cousins, in hopes of acquiring some shelter and allies. However, along the way, he was ambushed by a pack of hobgoblin slavehunters.

Campaign Events:  The Rebels happened by and rescued him.  Although suspicious of the young man, Meria recognized him as her cousin and reluctantly vouched for him.  He accompanied the party for awhile, hoping to find riches while traveling with them.  When the party confronted the evil wizard, Nero, at the Limani Farm, Mano was dropped by a sleep spell, which prevented him from escaping the massive fireball that came next.  He was fried to a crisp, along with his cousin.  A faithless, his soul was destroyed by the Evyitim.

DM's Commentary:  Mano was only in four sessions before he was killed.  It was his death that made me decide to change my rules so that new characters did not have to start at level 1, but at 1/2 half the XP of the character before them.  I wrote the personality myself as Keith refused to write one himself.

Unlike some of Keith's other characters in this game, Mano was more tolerable, if not flighty.  His tendency to constantly speak in Cant (as well as make up new words with numerous meanings) made communication with him very difficult.  However, in the short time I saw him in the game, I was somewhat skeptical that he was of good alignment--he seemed more neutral to me.

Psyche:  Indifferent
Nari'Najya:  Indifferent

Favored Weapon:  Lasso
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (4)
Birthday:  Topas 12th
Zodiac:  Rabbah

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