Draven White
Amoral Mercenary


Race:  Human
Class:  Fighter
Kit:  None
Age:  22
Alignment:  LN
STR:  14
DEX:  11
CON:  10
INT:  11
WIS:  7
CHA:  12
Level:  6
HP:  37
Player:  Kaarin


Appearance:  She's 6' tall and 143 pounds. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She's muscular. When in battle, she tends to wear chain mail and a basinet helmet. She keeps her hair in braids when wearing her helmet.

Personality:  She's moody, sarcastic, and often considers herself superior to others. She strongly sticks to a code of behavior of her own design.

History:  She was born in Dan'gen to a small family of mercenaries. She learned most of her skills from her mother, Elydien. Elydien also taught her how to use the dwarven two-handed axe that was a prize after taking out a group of Duergar. Soon, Draven even surpassed her mother in skill with it.

She was hired as by an Agent to do some mercenary work, specifically to find and kill some Rebels suspected to be in the area.

Her mission was successful, however one of her teammates took all the credit for the endeavor. Upset by this, Draven switched sides and joined the Rebels by tracking them down and offering her services. Although her attitude and lack of passion for the cause left much to be desired, her combat abilities proved top notch, and she eventually climbed the ranks. She is now part of the Mithril cell, although she is not entirely trusted yet by the other Rebels.

Campaign Events:  Draven was an excellent warrior and is responsible for most of the party surviving as long as it did.  Throughout the course of her adventures, she began a relationship with Christophe Viperstaff.  However, the two had problems, in that Christophe was worried about side-effects that might have been caused by her magical axe, Soul Biter.

Soul Biter
had the ability to actually absorb a portion of a person's soul and transfer it into the wielder.  This led to Draven suffering from multiple-personality disorder at times.  In the end, she was forced to choose between Christophe and her axe and she chose the axe, breaking the heart of her lover.

Right before the Rebels were destroyed, Draven was revealed to be carrying Christophe's child.  What became of her after being swallowed by the darkness is unknown.

DM's Commentary:  Draven was often the one to add the Neutral perspective on any moral dilemma brought before the party.  If her bio seems sparse, I should probably mention the last two sentences of her original history were added by me.  Now that's short!  Kaarin abandoned her character early on, so I wound up adopting and fleshing her out.  Ironically, she became one of my favorite NPCs over time.  Between her MPD and her relationship with Christophe, it was easy to develop her personality and history.

Amusing anecdote:  When Kaarin later learned what became of her character, she only objected to the relationship with Christophe.  If anything, she told me, Draven would have been interested in Nari.

I had a sub-quest set up to reveal what became of Draven, but it never was used.  She went into a coma as the other personalities inside her took over and neutralized her mind.  The party would have had to use a magical device to enter her mindscape and fight off her own demons alongside her inner-child.  The entire thing was set up to reveal Draven's backstory (which I largely wrote) and showcase her true self.  However, as the only person who really cared about her had left the party (Christophe), the whole thing probably would have been wasted.  (By the time the party would have found her, the only PC left in the group who actually knew her would have been Psyche).  It was also going to be revealed that Christophe's daughter, Michelle, was in fact the person who betrayed Draven and eventually led her to join the Rebels.

Usagi:  Hostile
Psyche:  Indifferent
Isthan:  Indifferent
Nari'Najya:  Friendly
Kestrel:  Indifferent
Mano:  Indifferent
Talthul:  Hostile
Christophe:  Friendly
Lon:  Indifferent

Favored Weapon:  Two-handed axe
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (5)
Birthday:  Ruebon 29th
Zodiac:  Renos

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