Cuttin' Cager


Race:  Fire Imp
Class:  None
Kit:  None
Age:  Unknown
Alignment:  TN
HP:  20
Type:  Summoned Creature


Appearance:  Charr stands at 4'10" and weighs around 90 lbs.  His face has exaggerated features, including a hooked nose, pointed ears, wide eyes, and a protruding chin.  His skin is reddish-orange and his hair is made of a constant licking flame.  Two black bat-like wings protrude from his back, giving him a rather demonic appearance.  Charr, like most imps, is a very snappy dresser.  Usually he is seen in silk-like clothes, including a cloak, that do not seem to catch fire.  These clothes tend to include colors such as red, black, orange, and gold.  He sometimes will sport a very small amount of blue, like in a belt buckle.

Personality:  Charr considers himself a worldly Cager who knows the chant of the multi-verse.  He is arrogant, condescending toward those he deems ignorant, flamboyant, and mischievous.  He enjoys playing pranks on those he does not like and showing off to those he does like.  He acts tough and important when he can, but if confronted by an obviously superior force, he becomes a craven toady.  He constantly speaks Cager Cant, mostly to make any Primes around him feel stupid.

History:  Charr lived in Zenan, the Plane of Fire, although he did make the occasional trip to Sigil.  Despite his claims to the contrary, this was only because his master, an efreeti named Marul, would send him there to run errands.  Charr, however, was freed from this slavery only to wind up under another master.  He was summoned to the Prime by the wizard, Frilothan, some 40 years ago.  Frilothan's apprentice, Bolero, infused Charr to his mandolin, thereby keeping him trapped in the Prime.  Frilothan used Charr as a guinea pig on his many experiments to learn more about Zenan and its secrets.

Right before Frilothan engaged the ritual that he believed would give him the power of Zenan, he locked Charr into his mandolin.  The ritual went awry and Frilothan and all of his students were killed by a massive fireball.  Charr remained sealed in the mandolin for over four decades until Viarra released him by playing it.  He now considers Viarra his 'mistress', only because he is enchanted by her beauty.  He actually hoped to use the party for his own needs and trick them into releasing him from his prison.

Campaign Events:  Charr, like most extraplanar beings, cannot be killed unless he is on his home plane.  When he drops to 0 HP, he is sent back into the mandolin to rest.  While the party was fighting the golem in Solnack's Cave, this happened.  As a result, Viarra did not summon him often after this event for fear of him facing further harm.  Thus he played a small role in the game from that point on.

DM's Commentary:  I just dreamed Charr up on a whim, and thought he might be fun to play.  It was quite a challenge, as my grasp on Cager Cant, as well as Planescape mechanics in general, was still quite loose.  But since Charr was not a real Cager, I figured if I used the cant wrong I could just later attribute it to the fact that Charr didn't really know what he was talking about half of the time.

Shannon would talk about finding a way to free Charr, but it never happened before the game ended.  I had a secondary plot set up that would deal with Charr's origins and possibly a chance to free him, but I never had the chance to use it.

Psyche:  Indifferent
Christophe:  Cautious
Lon:  Indifferent
Viarra:  Friendly

Favored Weapon:  Claws
Favored Spell:  Magic Missile

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