Odessa Vakros
Argumentative Assassin


Race:  Human
Class:  Thief
Kit:  None
Age:  19
Alignment:  NE
STR:  10
DEX:  14
CON:  5
INT:  10
WIS:  10
CHA:  7
Level:  3
Lvl 1:  5
Lvl 2:  10
Lvl 3:  12
Player:  Heather


Appearance:  She looks as if she has never seen the sun before. Her dark brown hair hangs down to about her butt, and it is stringy, as if it fits with her unhealthy appearance. Obviously, she is extremely tall, in which she tries to hide with her clothing, long dark cloaks with hoods, black pants and a violet shirt. She tries to keep her clothing bagging to hide how skinny she is. If one was to look upon her skinny body, they would see nothing but bones with a thin layer of skin covering them. The only color she really has to her is her green eyes. Put against her pale skin, they almost come off as if they glow.

Personality:  She comes off argumentative and  she wants power. She'll do anything to get that power, even if it is just to be in charge of some little useless group of people. She'll tolerate disrespect and snide comments towards herself, for she has always done that. She comes off as a push over in a way, yet not one to be trusted. She trusts very few people if any at all and she is a tad paranoid.  She can be quite sarcastic towards those she does not respect and keeps her secrets well-guarded from others.

History:  Ladron, the city of thieves, beggars, and all other low life scum is just where this young, sickly girl was born. At least it seems that way, for why would anyone have a child on the streets of Ladron? It turns out that it was just an accident. Her mother was nothing more than a common thief who just didnít think. Her father, Cyrus, was on his way to learning to become a thief after losing everything he had from being a mercenary. One thing led to another, one night, and nine months afterwards Odessa was brought into the horrid world. Her mother, not really wanting the child left in the middle of the night, meaning Cyrus was stuck with Odessa.

Cyrus had no real idea how to take care of Odessa, even though he had taken care of his own children before. He didnít even know how to take care of himself this time though, so how could he take care of a child as well? They were both living off rotten food, and they were begging for money just to sleep in a decent bed at night. Because of this lifestyle, Odessa was constantly sick, which is something she never managed to get over. Even now, she gets sick easily.

Despite her health, Cyrus knew that within the streets of Ladron, one would have to be able to defend themselves. As Cyrus was an ex-mercenary, he taught Odessa how to use his long sword. He also taught her how to be extremely alert of things, the slightest of movements, dangerous or not. Not only that, but he also taught her how to speak the language of orcs, for you never know when that will become handy with Renosia. All of this, in his mind, was to keep her safe.

Soon Odessa was growing like a weed, literally. She made few friends, due to her sickliness. She was more likely to be pushed in the mud or worse, though somehow she managed to make one friend. A girl named Alena, for some reason, took a liking to Odessa. She was an aspiring thief, whose dream was one day to join up with the Dark Dragons, if her skills were good enough. She ended up teaching Odessa how to disguise herself to get what she wanted, and almost all of the thieving skills. All and all, these skills turned out to be extremely useful.

As Odessa grew taller and taller by the minute it seemed like, she had to wonder how she managed to get so tall. She was a sick girl, and it was a miracle she was even still alive, but how did she become so tall. Her father didnít know, and she could not as her mother, for she was never around. She was lucky enough to find out that she did have two older siblings though, from when her father was a mercenary. Her brother, Dion, was living with his mother somewhere in Renosia, and her sister Candance was somewhere with her aunt in Renosia. That was about all she could learn about them though.

Finally, when Odessa was about 14, she woke up to find her father had died. It really wasnít much of a surprise considering how they lived, and while it did upset her, she managed to grab her fatherís sword, grab what little possessions she owned, and walk out of that alleyway to never look back again.

Odessa never really had an idea on what she wanted to do with her life. After her fatherís death, she ended up just roaming the dangerous streets of Ladron, hoping to find something. From time to time, she would find herself within a tavern, using her razor ring to get money off of people, and buying herself a room to sleep in for the night. It wasnít all that thrilling to her though, she was doing what she had to do to live. It was hard though, for most people stayed away from her, due to her ghost like appearance. After all, she looked like she had never seen the sun before. Her brown hair was long (down to her rear), and stringy. She didnít smell, but she was extremely tall and if one could notice under all of the clothing she wore, they would notice that her bones seemed to stick out of her skin. The only color she had to her at all were her green eyes, and when put up against her pale skin, it almost seemed as if they glowed. This was enough in itself to keep people away from her. To her surprise though, someone did take notice to her.

Demona was an assassin, known for killing her victims after sleeping with them. She could even disguise herself as a man to kill her female victims, yet she needed someone to watch her back, someone she could teach before The Black Shroud got a hold of them. Odessa was perfect.

Odessa caught on quickly to the ways of an assassin. She knew that there was a certain art to it, that every assassin has their own style to killing their victims. Demonaís was sleeping with the victim before hand, and Odessa knew that she would never be able to do that. Even though she had been with her share of men, she knew that she could not charm them enough, for her appearance was too ghastly. She had to develop her own way.

Demona taught her how to perfect her thief skills, to use them to her advantage. She also taught her how to use a hand crossbow, something Demona was very proud of, how to mimic voices, and how to ride a horse. All of which were extremely important to Demona as an assassin.

When it came to Odessaís very first kill, she was 17 years old. She had never killed anyone before. She did know though that if she wanted to be feared and respected that she would have to do this. So had learned everything about the man she was supposed to kill, even when he would be alone. So when it came time for the kill, she hid within the shadows, took aim, and froze.

Demona told her the first time was always hard, but it got easier with time. Odessa just had to turn off her emotions. She couldnít look at her victims as people, but as things that got in her way. Her victims were just annoying little insects that deserved death. When Odessaís second chance came about, she did exactly as she was taught. She killed a man in front of his daughter without a second thought in her mind. He stood in her way of being paid, of being feared and respected, and he had to die.

Before long, Odessa was doing things on her own. She had picked up a few items suck as plant dye and black oil to cover the shine of her sword. Her eyes were set on power, and she knew that she had to gain someoneís attention to get that power. She finally decided that she would try to gain the attention of an Overlord. They had an insane amount of power, and many of them had assassins working for them. She knew of one assassin, and if she planned things right, she knew she could probably kill him, so she studied the man, mostly what he did on his free time, and he learned that he was attracted to women, especially when he was drunk. She knew that if done right, she could actually kill this man like Demona has done too many of her own victims. She decided to disguise herself as a beautiful, extremely tall woman with long sleek hair and deep green eyes. Perhaps the man was too drunk too notice how skinny she was, but she managed to do what she set out to do, and before the man could get her clothing off, he was dead.

She then proudly took the head of the man to the Overlord, announcing her deed.  Quar'toth was intrigued, and hired her on a trial basis.  Her first task was to go to Janus and meet with his Agent, Morak.  Morak was going to hire some mercenaries to work for the Overlord, and Odessa's job was to pose as one of them and make sure they did not seek to betray him in anyway.

Odessa did just that, but in a twist of irony, she was assassinated by the mercenaries Elam and Riadlus, who feared she may prove a threat to their own goals.  Her body was left in the roughlands for the carrion eaters.

DM's Commentary:
Heather originally wanted Odessa to take the Assassin kit, but lacked the ability scores to do this, so she did the best she could.  She did not play Odessa to her strengths, however, and this led to the character's death when she took on Elam and Riadlus in armed combat.  Overall, I didn't much care for this character, but she would be replaced by Ladonna, who was far superior, in my opinion.  I admire that the player didn't let her low stats discourage her, but it's clear that when dealing with back-stabbing scalawags, one should toss about insults so easily unless she can easily defend herself.

Riadus:  Threatening
Elam:  Threatening
Sorinak:  Indifferent
Arak:  Cautious
Trey:  Indifferent

Favored Weapon:  Long Sword
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (3)
Birthday:  Topas 16th
Zodiac:  Rabbah

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