Ladonna Marche
Seductive Sorceress


Race:  Human
Class:  Mage
Kit:  None
Age:  22
Alignment:  NE
STR:  7
DEX:  9
CON:  9
INT:  14
WIS:  13
CHA:  15
Level:  4
Lvl 1:  4
Lvl 2:  8
Lvl 3:  10
Lvl 4:  11
Player:  Heather


Appearance:  She has long, shiny blonde hair (much like her father's), sky blue eyes, long shapely legs, and an hourglass figure.

Her hand-made clothing seems to be made to show off her curves. While her favorite color is green, she can be found wearing any other, especially colors that bring out the color of her eyes. Her favorite fabric is silk, but she is usually found wearing cotton.

The designs of her dresses change constantly, but her favorite is a long blue and white dress. The sleeves fall down her arms tightly before flaring out at her wrist and ending at a point just at her middle finger. While the end of the sleeves are blue, it seems to fade upwards until her shoulders which are pure white. The top half of the dress comes down as a V-neck before falling down to hug her body. The lower half of the dress seems to slide down her thighs to about her ankles. Two slits on either side of the dress to make it easier for movement, and to show off her long legs. The color of blue fading upwards on the dress until purest white at about the top half of her dress on up. Occasionally, she wears a simple blue cloak to protect her from the elements.

Personality:  Despite what she wants, Ladonna comes off as a friendly girl towards mostly everyone. She has a habit of changing her personality in order to get to know someone better. Meaning, if she met someone shy, she would act rather proper around them. She basically gives them what they want, so that she can get what she wants in return. In the end, she sees it as a win-win situation. With people she isn't trying to seduce, she still comes off as a bit of a flirt. From time to time, she seems almost fearless, very motivated, and brilliant.

History:  Ladonna was born during the heat of the day on Sardonx 12th to Sable and Vincent Marche of the town Janus. She was the first child of the couple, and some believed she would be the only, for the young couple seemed to be in a loveless marriage. Not that anyone truly cared. It was more of a marriage of convenience than anything else, even though it did have its passionate moments.

Vincent Marche was one of the two Red Ram Knights within the town of Janus. It was his plan to work for the Baroness and perhaps bed the beauty a few times while he was at it. Yet, he came across a poor tailor that had a pure beauty as a daughter. While she was a poor man's daughter, they did have a connection with the Baroness considering the tailor made clothing for her once in awhile. Not only that, but his daughter was trained in the same business. With a bit of persuasion, Vincent managed to convince the tailor to allow his daughter to marry him. Vincent believed this would get him at least a little closer to the Baroness.

Sable, the woman Vincent married, was a beautiful young woman, standing at 5'10 with long, shiny black hair, and exotic hazel eyes. One would say she looked like her mother, but only her father knows what Sable's mother looked like, and even then he wouldn't not dare mention it to his daughter. Because of the mystery, Sable believed that since she was so curious about her mother that was the only reason why her father had her married off. Not that she minded, for Vincent was a handsome man. It also meant she got the family business, and she since knew this marriage was only convenient, she had the freedom to be with whomever she wished, even if that meant Vincent. With this in mind, it is quite possible Vincent isn't Ladonna's true father.

As Sable was a seamstress, it only made sense that Ladonna would learn a thing or two about the business. As a matter of fact, she took a small amount of pride in making and mending clothes. It was a rare sight to see Ladonna wear anything that didn't look new.

Ladonna also learned things form her grandfather, the tailor. From him Ladonna learned a great deal about her mother and about her grandmother. It is because of what she learned about her grandmother that she began to study the art of magic. Ladonna found this rather easy to do considering she was learning how to read and write from the father of the man who would become the scribe of the town.

Another talent that Ladonna picked up was singing. Her mother had a beautiful voice that seemed to enthrall everyone that heard. What Ladonna didn't know was that it was one of the many ways Sable seduced others to get what she wanted. Even so, Ladonna learned to sing so that maybe one day people would be enamored with her the way they were with her mother.

Vincent, while he did not love Sable, did love his daughter, and even he noticed how beautiful she was growing up to be. Because of how she looked, Vincent decided Ladonna needed to learn how to defend herself. Little did he know, she had magic to defend herself as well. So he first taught her how to ride a horse, just in case she had to get away from something. Secondly, he taught her how to use darts, just in case she happened to be in a fight. Believing all this useful, Vincent believed Ladonna could defend herself rather well.

From just watching the way her parents acted, Ladonna learned that seduction was a great way to get what she wanted. Not only that, but it proved to be fun as well. After all, Ladonna, by no means, was a shy girl. As she grew, she could be found in the tavern flirting with the normal, handsome locals, or just some stranger making his way through town. Though this might have earned her a few nicknames by jealous barmaids, in reality she never slept with a man until she was seventeen years old. Even she had standards.

Ladonna has always had her eyes set on becoming the next Baroness. Perhaps that was the only woman she has ever been jealous of. For she had money, slaves, and handsome knights who were extremely loyal to her. If anything, Ladonna wanted worshippers. She found that if she seduced the Baroness' loyal Red Ram Knight, she would be able to get some useful information on how to get rid of her. Egan proved to be quite a challenge though. While he did have the honor of being her first, he knew what she was up to. That explains why he is so cautious towards Ladonna. Perhaps he fears he will betray the baroness, or perhaps he considers Ladonna dangerous.

Egan wasn't her only conquest though. After Egan, the young scribe Emanuel was her next adventure, so to say. Considering the young man was a bit on the shy side, she found it easy to get into his bed. She only did so mostly because she was attracted to him. He had a thin, strong body and an intelligent look about him with his dark hair slicked back. She still maintains a relationship with him, although it means much less to her than it does to him.

Despite her plan with Egan not working, she slowly tried to develop it. She knows she has to get on the Baroness' good side to become trusted. She figures a way to do that is to go through Egan, which means earning his trust, or even better, his love. Once she has both of their trust, she must turn them against each other. A little lie here, a little lie there. With luck, that will put her in the hot seat, and then she can move on to better things like becoming an Overlord or starting her own cult where people worship her and the Gods, for she wouldn't want to anger them.

Luckily enough, she had heard rumor that one of the men-at-arms had information that could help her get to the baroness. She knew of the man who was called Kovan, rather well, and she knew that he liked to flirt with women all the time. To get what she wanted to know out of the man, she didn't sleep with him just once, but three times. It was important information that she needed after all, yet was somewhat disappointed to learn that it was just an early warning of the hunting contest the baroness planned on having.

Her father is still a Red Ram Knight who tends to patrol the village of Janus for troublemakers and enforces the Baroness' laws. Her mother has long since retired and is now four months pregnant.

Ladonna later joined a group of mercenaries when they came through Janus to participate in a hunting contest.  Ladonna was able to impress the party with her magical powers, as well as her superior charms (two things the party was lacking).  However, later the party came to fear this power.  Using a mixture of her sorcery and her charisma, she hired Kovan as her bodyguard and later charmed Midnight the Blade to serve her.

She proved key in the party's capture of Frilothan's Tower, the homebase of the horse thief group, the Grievers.  She was last seen there, pregnant with the child of an unknown father (narrowed down to Emanuel , Kovan, Horance and Trey) as her teammates were plotting to abandon her and form their own party.

DM's Commentary:  Everything that was wrong with Odessa was right with Ladonna:  She played to her strengths (charisma and magic), she made sure to build up her political power in the party before smarting off to the psycho murders that were her teammates, and she proved herself invaluable to the party.  She also had the foresight to make an alliance with Riadlus (knowing he could not break his word to her without losing his powers) and Trey.  By the end, she had most of the party under her thumb, which is no doubt why Elam wanted to break away and form another party.  Overall, this was the only character in this campaign I actually liked.  You can be certain she'll return again in the next campaign at some point.

Riadus:  Cautious
Sorinak:  Indifferent
Elam:  Cautious
Trey:  Friendly

Favored Weapon:  Darts
Favored Spell:  Flaming Sphere
Henchmen:  None (7)
Birthday:  Sardonx 12th
Zodiac:  Renos

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