Bone Lord
Bandit King


Race:  Human
Class:  Thief
Kit:  None
Age:  30
Alignment:  LE
STR:  13
DEX:  12
CON:  9
INT:  9
WIS:  6
CHA:  14
Level:  7
HP:  27
Organization:  Grievers


Appearance:  He stands at six feet tall and is completely bald with green eyes.  However, few have ever seen his face.  He wears the Skull Mask, a cursed mask that creates the illusion that he has a skull for a head with burning red lights for eyes.  He often wears a silk jerkin, black pants, and a black cloak.  He carries a long sword and a lasso.  Those who view his hideous visage and do not save vs. spell believe the illusion and are often frightened, thinking he is a lich.

Personality:  The Bone Lord's true name was never known and little was known about him.  With the use of the Skull Mask, he was able to communicate with wayward spirits, such as the ghost that haunted the Grievers' base, Frilothan.  Frilothan used the power of the mask to manipulate the Bone Lord and force him to serve his own needs.  It was not uncommon for the Bone Lord to have conversations with the spirit in mixed company, leading some to think he was mad.  It was known that the Bone Lord had a weak will, but a strong desire for gold.  He also had a great appreciation for horses, which is what made him an excellent horse thief.

History:  The Bone Lord was only meant as a one-shot villain, and therefore most of his history is unknown.  It's assumed at some point he stumbled upon the so-called haunted ruins of Frilothan's Tower, and found the Skull Mask among the few magical items that had not yet been looted over time.  He put it on, and found he could not remove it--however, it allowed him to interact with Frilothan's ghost.  Overtime, he built up power and money by engaging in horse thieving, using the tower as a base of operations.  He was slain by Trey and the party after they escaped from him.

DM's Commentary:
  I actually first got the idea for the Bone Lord from a webcomic about Ultima Online called Bone Dude and Plate Dude.  Anyway, I just gave him a bone mask that granted an illusionary power over him, mostly to scare the players (and it worked).  Only Sorinak saved against the illusion and saw it for what it was.  When he was killed, Riadlus took the mask and put it on himself, becoming trapped by its curse.

Riadus:  Indifferent
Elam:  Indifferent
Sorinak:  Cautious
Ladonna:  Friendly
Trey:  Hostile

Favored Weapon:  Long Sword
Favored Spell:  N/A
Birthday:  Unknown
Zodiac:  Renos

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