Arak Redwolf
Wolf Rider


Race:  Goblin
Class:  Thief
Kit:  None
Age:  16
Alignment:  NE
STR:  9
DEX:  12
CON:  8
INT:  8
WIS:  8
CHA:  4
Level:  3
Lvl 1:  6
Lvl 2:  10
Lvl 3:  13
Player:  Eyal


Appearance:  Arak stands 3'10", not the tallest of goblins for certain, and weighs around healthy 80 lbs as far as one can tell on a goblin. His appearance is mostly normal for a goblin, with a flat face and big flaring nostrils, and skin which is green and almost rubbery in appearance. His eyes are bright red, glowing with a predatory eagerness, and his seemingly sharpened teeth contribute to this look. In this hot climate, this goblin wears clothes that would seem half patched half in tatters, red dyed cotton shirt with frays where the sleeves once were making it into a sleeveless shirt, a baldric running across his chest, holding numerous darts in place at a quick reach of hand. His trousers, also frayed at the knees, are held by a simple leather belt and a simple pouch is tied to it. His shoes are ankle high simple leather shoes.

Personality:  Arak, much like his looks, is somewhat predatory. Although he is mostly a scavenger by definition of food and other materials. He doesn't have qualms about eating his enemies, fresh or cooked, and even carrion might not be past him when the need is dire. He's the kind who'd scratch and bite to survive when all hope is lost, or grovel if it might seem promising. Compassion seems to be lost on him, and he finds humans and their behavior odd at times in regards to abstract notions similar to compassion and love.

History:  Arak was born into the already formed clan, and so his family was broad. His brothers are his clan-mates and his parents were the wolf trainers as he was chosen into training, as he showed no promise in the physical area or in battle. And so he was raised to be a wolf trainer, learning how to make traps to capture wolves as well as training them to become mounts, and perform labor tasks or specific tasks. While growing up he picked up the Renosian quite quickly, and often ventured into town. The clan decided to urge him since he knows the Renosian language to become a trader, and so he did. And for two years he functioned as one, these last two years before he reached 16, and learned the market value of items as he traded supplies from the clan. The trade picked up its pace when the town's smithy burnt down, and more goblins joined in. This is when Arak felt like he had enough and decided to seek employment as he heard mercenaries are needed.

Arak was hired as a mercenary by an Agent of the Overlord along with some humans.  He mostly just proved to be a headache, up until he was slain by a band of Rebels that were trying to free a captured friend of theirs.

DM's Commentary:
Arak is the first, and so far, only goblin player character in any of my games.  He wasn't, however, in the game for very long, so it's hard to judge accurately anything about him.  I guess we'll never know how he would have developed had he lived.

Riadus:  Cautious
Odessa:  Threatening
Elam:  Indifferent
Sorinak:  Friendly
Trey:  Indifferent

Favored Weapon:  Short Sword
Favored Spell:  N/A
Henchmen:  None (1)
Birthday:  Chrysote 20th
Zodiac:  Renos

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