Renos Priest Class


: Guardian
Sphere of Influence
: Fire
: Male
: True Neutral
: Prime Material Plane
: Nil

Description: Renos is the Guardian of Fire. It's said he often takes the form of a crimson wolf. He was responsible for all of Amtar's heat, fire, and the sun itself, or so the legends say. Once residing on the Elemental Plane of Fire (known as Zenan to worshippers), he was sealed away in a gem called "Renos' Ruby" and hidden somewhere on Amtar.  Little is known about his personality as he seems largely unconcerned with mortals, the world, and what his followers do.

Priest Alignment
: Any
Flock Alignment
: Any
Minimum Ability Scores
: WIS - 10, INT - 10
Races Allowed
: Any
Nonweapon Proficiencies Required
: Fire-building
Nonweapon Proficiencies Recommended
: Reading/Writing, Religion, Spellcraft
NW Crossover:  General, Priest, Wizard
: Guidance, Marriage.
Weapons Permitted
: Cestus, Dagger/Dirk, Knife, Swords, Battle Axe, Sling
Armors Permitted
: All metal armor; all metal shields
Combat Abilities
: Good
Other Limitations
: None
Major Access Spheres
: All, Fire Elemental, Sun
Minor Access Spheres
: Combat, Divination
Granted Powers
: The priest can pass unharmed through any wall of fire spell. The priest gets a +2 saving throw vs. all spells of the fire type. At 5th level, Summon Fire Snakes (1d4+1) once a week.
: The followers are received at 8th level and consist of three third level priests and six first level priests of the same order, plus five first level fighters to act as guards, one third level mage and two first level mages acting as consultants and ten Normal Men and Women, half with Reading/Writing and half with Fire Starting who act as temple functionaries. The priest may take the following on adventures: Two priests only one of whom may be third level), two fighters, one mage, and two normal men and women of his choice. The priesthood will pay for half of the cost of stronghold construction at 8th level.
: Red Wolf
: Orange and Red
Central Temple
: Pylia (Temple of Zenan)
High Priest:  Elders

:  None
: Worshippers of Renos revere the power and creativity of fire. They view it as a weapon, a tool, a destroyer, and a creator.  They have a close connection to wolves and often treat them as equals.  Although Guardian of Fire, Renos is also seen as a god of passion, anger, learning, civilization, war, technology, life and death.  There are so many different ways to interpret how Renos affects the world.

Philosophies of Flame
There are nine schools of thought regarding fire and how it should be viewed by the followers or Renos; one to correspond with each alignment.

Lawful Good - Flame is a tool that should be harnessed for the better of society.
Neutral Good - Fire should only be used to help people and destroy evil.
Chaotic Good - Fire is the cleansing purge to burn away all evil in the world.
Lawful Neutral - Flame is a tool that must be mastered, or else it will run free, destroying everything.
True Neutral - Fire is simply fire.  Nothing less, nothing more.
Chaotic Neutral - Flame is an all-consuming force of nature--no mortal can possibly contain or control it--nor should they!
Lawful Evil - Fire must be controlled and governed by my will
Neutral Evil - Fire is Power!  Power is everything.
Chaotic Evil - Burn!  Fire is destruction.  Fire is death!  Nothing can stop it!  It will consume us all!

Three Blessings of Renos
1.  Light
2.  Heat
3.  Flame

- Bless/Curse, Combine, Detect Evil/Good, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Detect Snares & Pits, Light, Magical Stone, Purify Food & Drink/Putrefy Food & Drink, Log of Everburning, Sunscorch
2nd - Augury, Chant, Detect Charm/Undetectable Charm, Find Traps, Fire Trap, Flame Blade, Heal Metal, Know Alignment/Undetectable Alignment, Produce Flame, Spiritual Hammer, Sanctify/Defile
3rd - Continual Light, Flame Walk, Locate Object, Prayer, Protection from Fire, Pyrotechnics, Starshine, Unearthly Choir
4th - Produce Fire, Focus, Blessed Warmth
5th - Atonement, Flame Strike, Moonbeam, Wall of Fire, Uplift, Elemental Forbiddance
6th - Conjure Fire Elemental, Fire Seeds, Call Phoenix, The Great Circle, Sol's Searing Orb
7th - Chariot of Sustarre, Fire Storm, Sunray

There are two known sects in the Renos faith.  However, because it is often difficult to organize followers of Renos, many are simply 'lonewolves' who worship on their own without concerning themselves about the church or its dogma.  Acolyte priests of any sect are often referred to as 'cubs.'

Both of the Renos sects are found in or near Pylia.  It is uncommon but not unheard of for a priest outside of that area to join a sect, and also uncommon for a priest in that area to not join a sect.

The first sect is known as the Zenanish sect.  They are very community-based group that strictly follows the philosophy that 'a village must raise a child'.  The Zenanish sect, named after Zenan (AKA the Elemental Plane of Fire) believe they are the true followers of Renos' teachings and work to maintain the Temple of Zenan, where it is prophesized that Renos will one day return to.  The Zenanish are largely True Neutral, but any alignment can fit in.  To join the Zenanish sect, one must go through many trials and tests, including fasting, deep prayer, and pilgrimages up and down Mt. Ember, the active volcano nearby Pylia.  Once a full member, they are given a special tattoo which is actually burned into their skin to mark them as one of the "Chosen."

The second sect is much smaller, but far more aggressive.  They are known as the Infernals, and like the Zenanish, they are mostly only found in Pylia.  The Infernals are not oppressed directly by the Zenanish, but the two groups conflict quite a bit in ideology, as the Zenanish consider the Infernals heretical.  The Infernals believe that Renos is, in fact, Inferno--the great red dragon that guards Mt. Ember, and that their powers stem from him.  This sect is primarily Chaotic Evil, much like their 'god'.  Inferno himself does not actively support this group (and in fact, is a bit amused), but does not discourage them, either, as they often make sacrifices to him of young virgins (the Zenanish are unaware of this), gold, and other such treasures.

The leader of the official church (Zenanish) is not a single man, but a council of the oldest and wisest members of the sect.  These men and women are known only as "The Elders."

Myths and Legends
Creation - According to ancient legend, Renos, along with the other four Guardians, first forged the world.  Each Guardian played a part in this, with Renos warming up the world's core to make it more malleable and in creating the sun with his fiery breath.  The latter was, in fact, by accident.  Renos, who was far more serious than the Guardian of Lighting (Rabbah), grew tired with his jokes and tricks and shot a ball of flame at him.  The wily rabbit dodged, and the fireball flew into the sky and became stuck there.  This conflicts quite a bit with modern religions, which claim the gods created the world and Azedeth is the sun.

Mt. Ember - It is said that Mt. Ember, the large and active volcano in southwestern Renosia, is the hottest place on the surface of the world.  This is what made it such a suitable home to one such as Inferno the Dragon.  According to legend, the reason Ember is so hot is because within it is a gateway into Zenan, the Plane of Fire.  The Temple of Zenan was built around this gate to protect it.  It's believed by Renos worshippers that the spirits of those who die trek to the Temple and enter the gate, to the next life.  As Zenan is so hot, no mortal can enter it without being incinerated.  The fact that many strange and alien creatures of flame (such as the mysterious Azgar) can be found on and in Mt. Ember supports this legend.

Relics and Artifacts
Fire Runes - These are small, stone tablets shaped like pentagons with a special rune carved on them.  They are made by Priests of Renos, and sometimes they can be found throughout the world, from the days when the Guardian religions were still dominant and active.  These items can be infused into certain objects, such as weapons and armor, which bestows upon them special powers.  Up to three runes can be infused into a single item.  The first rune gives the object the power of 'light.'  The second rune provides the power of 'heat.'  The final rune grants the power of 'flame.'

Lava Axe - The Lava Axe is part of a collection of powerful weapons known as "Chosen Spirits."  These objects bestow upon particular people the ability to enhance their soul's energy, so they can perform multiple soulstrikes without harming themselves.  The Lava Axe, specifically, responds strongly to the traits of passion, courage, and ambition.  It's uncertain who created this weapon, although many speculate it was Renos.  It was hidden in the Temple of Zenan for a long time, but was eventually looted and then lost to the ages until recently, when it fell into the hands of the Overlord of Bloodtooth, Quar'toth.

Ruby of Renos - Supposedly, when the Guardians left the world (for unknown reasons), they encased their essences into gemstones and hid themselves in the world.  The Ruby of Renos is the gemstone that houses Renos' essence.  Nobody knows for sure where this object is hidden, but some believe it may be in Zenan.  However, others will point out that the legend states the Ruby was hidden in 'the world' and Zenan exists outside of the world.

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