Ghosthunter Kit


Source:  The Complete Paladin's Handbook

Attached to
:  Paladin

Requirements:  To be a Ghosthunter, one must have the standard Paladin requirements.

Taking/Abandoning:  To take this kit, the paladin must petition his god upon becoming a paladin. To abandon the kit, the player simply must decide to do so.

Description:  The Ghosthunter is obsessed with finding and destroying evil undead, including ghosts, spectres, liches, and vampires. To further his goals, the Ghosthunter's deity has provided him with special powers to vanquish his nemeses and resist their evil magic.

Role:  A Ghosthunter allies with any acceptable adventuring party that seems likely to encounter his hated foes. Given the opportunity, a Ghosthunter will explore every crypt, cemetery, and abandoned castle to search for undead, attacking relentlessly until the last of them fall or the party leader orders him to withdraw. While a Ghosthunter shares all paladins' hatred of evil, destroying undead is his primary objective.

A single-minded Ghosthunter may try the patience of his most sympathetic companion. Often withdrawn and grim, he prefers solitude to socializing. His reticence makes him a poor leader, as he often has difficulty focusing on the party's overall mission.

Symbol:  The Sun

Weapon Proficiencies:  Any.

Nonweapon Proficiencies:  (Recommended) Ancient History, Blind-fighting, Languages (Ancient), Local History, Spellcraft, Tracking.

Equipment:  Standard.

Bonded Mount:  Any

Special Benefits: 

Dispel Evil: At 5th level, a Ghosthunter acquires the innate ability to cast dispel evil once per day. The spell requires no components, but otherwise operates the same as the 5th-level priest spell of that name. The number of times he can cast this spell increases as he advances in level.

Paralysis Immunity: Ghosthunters of all levels have a 95% immunity to paralysis caused by undead. Additionally, all Ghosthunters have the innate ability to cast Remove Paralysis. The spell requires no components, but is otherwise identical to the 3rd-level priest spell of the same name. The number of times he can cast this spell increases as he advances in level.

Ghosthunter Abilities

Level Dispel Evil Remove Paralysis
1-4 0 3
5-9 1 4
10-14 2 5
15-19 3 6
20+ 4 7

Improved Ability to Turn Undead: A Ghosthunter turns undead as a cleric of the same level.

Holy Sword Availability: The Ghosthunter's deity might give the Ghosthunter an opportunity to acquire a sword +3 Purifier at some point before he reaches 6th level. The DM determines the circumstances. Remember that availability does not guarantee acquisition.

Special Hindrances: 

The Ghosthunter has fewer of the special abilities associated with paladins: Wealth Options:  Standard 5d4x10gp for Warriors.

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