Other Races

The following is a collection of lesser races found in Renosia that range from uncommon to rare.

Half-Drow:  Half-drow are the product of humans and drow.  Their skin is dusky grey, their hair bleached white.  Their ancestry is obvious to all, and they typically find no solace or sanctuary in either elf or human communities.  Even worse, the drow will often seek out the individual in order to expunge the blot on drow honor.  Thus, half-drow usually migrate to a sector other than Legar in order to avoid detection.  (Stat-wise, they are treated as regular half-elves.)

Gnomes:  Gnomes are rare in Renosia, but the occasional one can be found. 
Gnomes seem to be the only race that are totally unaffected by the Dark Mist of Kulak.  They do not become corrupt or warped any faster than normal when in Renosia, even for centuries or generations.  Gnomes in Renosia generally do not travel in groups, as it's dangerous for their people to come together, as they provide an easy target to the darker races.

Azgar:  The Azgar are a race of dwarves that are said to dwell near Mt. Ember.  The name "Azgar" is dwarven for "Fire Men."  Little is known of them, and some speculate they are not from this world, but from Zenan, the Realm of Flame.  They rarely leave their volcano home, and guard it fiercely from intruders.  Some Azgar even serve Inferno as servants.  (This race is not playable.)

Segno:  Typical halflings are almost never found in Renosia, and for good reason.  They would be slain on the spot by an angry mob.  Long ago, a small colony of halflings appeared in Renosia.  Nobody quite knows where they came from or why they came.  The Dark Mist seemed to be particularly effective against them, however.  The Segno became notorious for being insane, man-eating savages; they would often raid small villages and engage in acts even the Drow would find in distaste.  In recent years, there have been no reported Segno sightings in a long time.  Many believe they were driven to extinction somehow or another--but they haunt the nightmares of the superstitious, and they often appear in bed-time stories meant to scare children.  (This race is not playable.)

Gnolls:  There are very few gnolls found in Renosia, but it's believed a small colony is settled somewhere in western Bloodtooth where they attempt to eke out a life.

Sprites:  As sprites are fragile creatures and deeply connected to nature, very few survive in Renosia.  The Dark Mist is like poison to them, and even if they are not killed by evil races and creatures, they sometimes simply fall over dead, for no apparent reason.  As such, only the hardiest sprites exist in Renosia, and even then--only to try and restore nature.

Kobolds:  There is a small colony of kobolds living in Bloodtooth, but they are very different from their Rabbah cousins.  Renosian Kobolds, also warped by the Dark Mist, are often cowardly, docile, subservient, and even pathetic.  They are often enslaved.

Bugbears:  Generally speaking, bugbears do not favor Renosia's hot, tropical climate.  However, they otherwise fit in rather well (particularly in Bloodtooth) as soldiers, mercenaries, or warlords.

Lizardmen:  Lizardmen once existed on Renosia's mainland in high numbers, but were banished centuries ago to Hell Island.  They dwell there--thrive, even--where any other species would wither and die.  Only a handful of Lizardmen ever leave the island, as they generally have little to no reason to.  (This race is not playable.)

Orcs/Half-Orcs - Unlike most orcish cultures, Renosian Orcs are mostly isolationist and withdrawn.  They live in primitive tribes throughout Renosia, although they themselves are not primitive.  They simply choose to reject modern living.  While the occasional half-orc has been known to appear, they generally have a very difficult time in Renosia, except for in Bloodtooth, where they can earn some respect as soldiers.  (These races are not playable.)

Ogres/Half-Ogres - Ogres mostly stick to the mountain areas, usually living in a tenuous peace with the Duergar; although the two races have been known to have minor wars from time to time.  Ogres are very primitive and stupid, even in Renosia. Half-ogres are even rarer than half-orcs, but they sometimes can make a name for themselves in Bloodtooth as warriors.  (These races are not playable.)

Fiends - Fiends of all kinds often appear in Renosia, but usually seem to congregate in the Daemon Sector.  Not all fiends are evil or even powerful; they range in size, color, alignment, and ability as widely as the mortal races do.  (These races are not playable.)


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