Renosia Locations

The following is a guide to the different cities, towns, seas, and other locales of Renosia.

Padora: Considered the capital city of Renosia, where the Tyrant resides. It is something of an impenetrable bastion.  It is commonly referred to as "The Hill", which stems back from an old Renosian maxim that states whoever has the highest ground has the best advantage in a battle.  Since Padora is considered to be the best strategic position any warlord could possibly possess, it is therefore 'the highest ground.'

The city of Padora resides in the Pride Mountain ring, surrounded by natural defenses.  There's a rumor that nobody can cross the mountains without permission from the Tyrant, on account that the mountains actually move around in an attempt to get any potential invaders lost or even crushed.  Few have actually seen the palace itself, but it's said to be carved from stone into the mountains themselves and protected by all sorts of hell beasts and magic.

Ladron: Sometimes known as the City of Thieves. Ladron was originally founded by ex-cons who escaped from other kingdoms and hoped to build a new life for themselves. One of the most powerful thief guilds in existence, the Dark Dragons, are based here.

Dan'gen: A hobgoblin city founded by the legendary Dan'gen Bloodtooth, a revered hobgoblin general.  It is the largest and holiest city in the Bloodtooth sector, and where the Temple of War (headquarters of the D'lokka clergy) is found.  The Overlord of Bloodtooth also makes his home here within the walls of his stronghold, found in the center of the city.

Diagoras' Coliseum: The largest fighting arena in all of Renosia, this was once a center of worship for D'lokka and a holy land for hobgoblins everywhere. Now, however, it's in Legar hands and is used more for profit than anything else. There is always at least several events being held here at any given time, including monster vs. monster, warrior vs. monster, and warrior vs. warrior. An entire city has sprung up around the coliseum, profiting on the tourists and spectators.

Slums:  Once it had a real name, but no one can remember it. It's now simply called the Slums. A huge city, it was long ago abandoned by the upper and middle classes. Now falling into disrepair, it is populated by renegades, urchins, and beggars.

Pylia: A small village of cultists that worship the long forgotten Guardian of Fire, Renos.

Voxis: Voxis is a mining slavetown that sits right on top of the Voxis Mines. These mines produce primarily iron ore, but also some copper and zinc. This has made the town rather wealthy and boosted its population and size threefold in the last 20 years. The town not only mines the ores, but also smelts them. As a result, there is an unusually large number of Renos worshippers who aid in this smelting process.

Feluka: A lumbering slavetown right near the mysterious Gloomwing Forest. Because of the high concentration of monsters and strange mist found deep within the forest, most people never go beyond its outer edge.

Shadow Spire: This tall, onyx structure is the home of the Overlord. Due to elven magic, it's said the entire tower is protected from all sunlight and is bathed in perpetual night.

Koz: A farming slavetown that supplies Legar with most of its food.

Kaltarp: A Duergar outpost built into the mountains. It's used for trade and commerce, as the Duergar have access to the legendary mithril ore, as well as superior smithing skills.

Trymmal Stronghold - A military fort near the Necros border.

Alia - The (un)holy city, dedicated to the gods of evil, particularly Kulak. It is just south of the Kallow Marshlands, a rather dangerous area known for the legends surrounding it that claim people who walk through it tend to vanish forever.

Oltima - A freecity, and the center of trade and commerce in Legar.

Scurvy Sea: The northwest sea of Renosia.  It's said to be full of pirates and buccaneers of the worst sorts, waiting to poach any merchant ships that try and pass by.

Legar Sea: The sea to the northeast of Renosia.  All sorts of monsters and blood-thirsty sea demons dwell in these waters, so only the most accomplished and bravest of sailors dare enter it.

Lava Sea: The sea south of Renosia.  This sea is unusually warm and tends to hold very little life.

Pride Mountains: A ring of mountains in the center of the continent that branch off a bit to the southwest.  Padora is in the middle of the Pride Mountain ring.  The branch off helps separates the Bloodtooth and Daemon sectors.  The Duergar make their home within the mountains, while the Ogres usually dwell upon them.

Mt. Ember: A huge and active volcano in the far southwest corner of Renosia.  This is the dwelling place of Inferno the Red and the legendary Gold Dragon Armor that he guards.

Lance Lake and River: A large lake south of Padora and the river that connects it to the Lava Sea.  As it is a major source of freshwater, it is often warred over by the Daemon and Legar sectors.  There are also many rumors that the waters contain magical properties.

Hell Island: A large island, mostly swampland, south of the Slums in the Lava Sea.  It's said to be very dangerous as a vicious exiled demon known as Kassaroff had been banished there.  Those who dare defy the Overlords' awesome power are often sent there as punishment--which is considered much more cruel than death or even torture.  If a prisoner ever returns alive, it's believed they have earned their freedom.  The island is believed to be inhabited by mostly lizardmen.

Carnage Channel:  The large channel of water that separates the Legar Island from the mainland.  It's said the two land masses were once connected, but the god-beast, Carnage, split the two apart with a single attack back during the Carnage War.  Many believe the channel to be cursed and filled with vile, mutanted creatures and monsters.

Legar Island:  A very large island to the east of Renosia, separated by the Carnage Channel.  It's believed the drow make their home there.  Legar island is considered cursed and it's said anyone who dares enters it suffers grave misfortune for the rest of their lives.

Roughlands - An area on the eastern side of Bloodtooth that consists primarily of large boulders and hills.  Most of the stones used to build Renosia's strongholds and castles were harvested from this area.


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